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Recently actress Elena Zakharova is finally pleased fans with great news: she became a mother. The name daughters and other details, the actress has not been disclosed. For a long time, Elena does have a hidden fact of her pregnancy. She refused to work and attending social events, but once again my stomach is not stressed in social networks "pregnant" photo contrary fashion is not published.

End of 2017 was marked for fans of Gregory Leps the new album of the artist. The album, which, according to the Leps, absolutely new music, which Gregory V. had ever sung before, got the ironic name "why so serious". The album is presented across all digital platforms, and was released on physical media specifically for the concert series of the same name.

Various issues related to the preparations for the new year celebration, now occupied the vast majority of us. And popular personality — not the exception. Many of them is complicated by the fact that you need to have time for new year corporate work, and spend at least part of the magical time of the holiday season in a circle of close people.

Anita Tsoy became the Ambassador of the House of Fans of Russian Olympic team at the Olympics-2018 in Pyeongchang in South Korea. The actress was in the capital for the Games in a very important and dramatic for our country, when all the fans were counting the hours before the announcement of the final decision on the admission of the Russian team for the competition.

Nutritionists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have found out what diet is optimal for maintaining the health of the brain. It turns out that the incredible benefits in this plan are able to bring Scandinavian diet or as it is sometimes called, "the diet of the Vikings".

Experts from the National Institute of health and medical research of France, said that the consumption of walnuts in adolescence will help to avoid memory problems in old age. And attributed this beneficial effect to the fact that walnuts are rich in compounds that are vital for the developing brain.

Svetlana Loboda admitted that the main achievement of his life, believes his daughter me, was really exciting. "Eva is a terrific, erudite girl. She speaks Russian and English, knows by heart the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva and Boris Pasternak. And recently learned the "Debut" Brodsky" — boasted star mother. According to Svetlana, Evangeline "absolutely not childish feels poetry".

A busy touring schedule, numerous TV and photo shoots, radio is an integral part of the life of a charming, refined and elegant singer Zara. This year the honors and awards of the actress were added to the honorary status of Ambassador of the world Championship on football — 2018. Despite the enormous employment, Zara embodies the image of the ideal mother for their sons — 7-year-old Daniel and 5-year-old Maxim.

When choosing a life partner many of us dream in the first place, that partner was correct. But is it possible to determine the loyalty of the chosen one in advance? Of course, accurate to one hundred percent of the answer you will not be able to give even himself, but there are some external features, often playing a role in this matter.

Popular singer, beauty Nastya Kamenskih fans not only constantly attributed novels, but trying to see if she was pregnant. Anastasia does not like to comment on the events of his personal life, however, she shared with fans his thoughts about maternity.

In November, the Kremlin has died down the most authoritative, popular and biggest music ceremony of the country — "Golden gramophone". On the scene performed the main song of the year. One of the statuettes went singer LOBODA for the song "Your eyes". For singer this is the second "Golden gramophone".

After a long silence and the birth of first child the graduate of the popular talent show has become a successful solo artist, Rudy announced his return to the stage. His plans for the actress shared with subscribers of the social network and presented to the public his new song.

On 12 November, took place the XXII ceremony of the national musical Prize "Golden gramophone". On the Kremlin scene was presented to all the major hits of the year. Best songs, favorite artists and of course the incredible atmosphere of the music festival — that's the calling card of this event. Among the hits performed on stage of the Kremlin sounded the song "Soprano", the Duo of Mota and Ani Lorak.

Anna S. called for the Sambo world championship, which performed very important and the whole country mission. The artist was honored to sing the national anthem of Russia together with the Kuban Cossack choir in front of the representatives of state delegations and athletes from around the world.

Recently in Moscow hosted the season's final performance of "Romeo and Juliet" directed by Ilya Averbukh. Ice show with great success and was presented in Moscow with the informational support of "Russian Radio" and now to conquer St. Petersburg.