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As Christmas is now over and many of us are now struggling with the effects of an eight-day eating "all at once" without much analysis. However, there is still a whole year, many other special reasons to get together... "Russkoe radio" will tell you how to protect yourself from defoliation at the holiday table.

The Soloist of group "the City 312", Light Traveler, recorded a solo song called "Remember me when it's gonna rain" and starred in a very sensual video for her. The music for the song was written by Igor Matvienko, the words — the lead singer of "My Michelle" Tania Tkachuk.

New year holidays behind us, although soon the Old New year — a holiday that many also meet at a rich table. Most of us try not to eat too much and make the dishes less oily, but sometimes very difficult to resist the extra piece or an extra spoon. To not allow yourself liberties and enumeration in food, let's try to think through a strategic plan: what to eat, how to eat and when to eat.

In the Moscow concert hall "Izvestia Hall" November 4, held "evening concert" – a large solo performance Quest Pistols Show, which was presented to the new disc. Album under the touching name "the Boo" is the debut for the updated composition of the group.

Group "Marcel" from St. Petersburg and the Duo Artik & Asti from Moscow presented to the public a video for a collaborative song called "don't give". The first thing that probably surprised fans of: the action of the movie takes place in the star mode of transport – the train.

In St. Petersburg on 24 July in the framework of the big celebratory concert "Blue eternity", organized by "Crocus city Hall", EMIN will present an exclusive program: the best singles, legendary hits, and duets with Ani Lorak, Polina Gagarina and the famous music producer David foster (David Foster). The concert will take place in the heart of the cultural capital, on the Palace square, and the entrance will be free.

IOWA Band presents the video for the song "140". This is the third single from the upcoming album, which is scheduled for early November this year. This song, along with a new clip capable of, even three minutes, to snatch us from the bustle of everyday life and return to an acute thirst for life and travel.

Which Ended yesterday the championship of Europe on football was another bitter disappointment for the Russian fans. Today all the talk about the game of our team are that you need to find young, football obsessed, ambitious players who will prove to the world: Russia is the real football.

Yesterday, the guest of evening show Alla Dovlatova visited Natasha Koroleva, who had just returned to Moscow from Miami, where he was saved from allergies to blooming Linden trees and birch trees. But on forced leave Natasha did not sit idle, and continued preparations for her solo concert in the Kremlin, dedicated – hard to believe! – 25-th anniversary of creative activity.

Singer and songwriter Ilya Zudin launched her own line for the production of fluids for the steam generator (in other words, for electronic cigarettes). Does this mean that the famous singer and performer decided to end his music career and focus solely on the business?

Former participants and creators of the Quest Pistols are back together: Anton Shulepov and Nikita, Goruk, Konstantin Borovskiy, who left the mega-popular team a few years ago, merged into a new group – "AGON" and released their first album – #buduruvagala

The Main supplier of dance rhythms of Russian pop — group Disco "Accident" again surprised their fans. Pop hip hop team has extensive experience of cooperation with famous Russian artists: duets with Christina Aguilera and Zhanna Friske, joint projects with the circus Edgard and Askold Zapashny, and in the video for the song "Aram-Zam-Zam" starred many stars from Nyusha to Lion Leshchenko.

Yesterday released the second Studio album by popular young singer MONATIKa, which was named "Sounds". The album has 16 songs together, including the brightest hits ("Output", "Wet" — feat. Quest Pistols Show, "Hush" — feat. Anna Sedokova, "Now"), and also completely new pieces ( "Swirls", "Path", "UVLAYOUT", "one", "Eternity", etc.).

In Varna ended international pop music festival Discovery-2016, the successor to the legendary "Golden Orpheus": the artist of the Producer center of Grigory Leps Sharif (Sharip Umkhanov) won in the nomination "Best male vocal" and became the owner of perhaps the most important for every artist prize — a prize of spectator sympathies!

Singer Sogdiana, not so long ago after a break returned to active creative work and has released a collaborative song with Avraam Russo "nothing is impossible" preparing for a big solo concert, which is scheduled for autumn. Its immediate future plans, the singer shared with the "Russian Radio" during the next qualifying round of the musical contest "Higher test".