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Filipp Kirkorov – a legendary figure on the contemporary Russian stage. The title "King" he won the hearts of the audience many years ago and never ceases to prove it to every new song and every live show. This year was a landmark for Philip: he celebrated the Golden jubilee – 50 years – a series of enormous concerts in the Kremlin. Last weekend, 12 Nov Philip got his 22nd award "Golden gramophone" – one of the main evidence of people's love.

November 2017 has become particularly important for the popular artist Ani Lorak. Because in this month she had to say goodbye to a very important part of my life. From the 3rd to the 13th, it was the final performances of the singer with her acclaimed show "Carolina". With him, Ani has toured the last 5 years.

Mitya Fomin realized his dream. Recently he made his debut as a theater actor. Mitya played one of the main characters in the show called "Family Fanny". Although, in the words of the artist, in this production minor roles there.

Singer Svetlana LOBODA, has evolved over several years into one of the main favorites of listeners and viewers not only in Russia but also in CIS countries, has reinforced his success is indisputable: the fifth album of the singer called "H2LO" went triple platinum.

Premiere of the concert program Natalia Vlasova was held in Vegas City Hall on 2 November. The air of "Russian Radio", which became the information partner of the show, the singer promised several premieres. First on the scene performed eight new songs. The singer has pleased fans with absolute hits, and met with them the New year.

Tour schedule popular singer LOBODA is so densely painted that the artist is physically no time to visit beauty salons. Despite this, the singer always looks great. In a recent interview LOBODA told me how she did it.

Magnificent physical form of the Creator of project A-Dessa Stas Kostushkin the envy of any representative of the stronger sex. In a recent interview, 46-year-old actor explained how he manages to be always on top. Secret visual appeal of Stas in regular physical activity, the singer visits the gym 4-5 times a week, proper diet, visits to a cosmetologist, and to do everything with pleasure.

Many fans of the singer Ani Lorak constantly waiting for good news about a possible addition to her family. However, while Ani Lorak in no hurry to please them, but not so long ago shared with subscribers of the social network details the maturation of his daughter Sonja.

Vera Brezhnev and Konstantin Meladze celebrated their second wedding anniversary. Recently, the singer posted on his account on the social network Instagram a touching photo, which, according to the assumptions of fans Brezhneva, was placed on the wedding ceremony itself.

Popular singer Stas Kostyushkin (project A-Dessa), which this year marks 46 years, always in excellent physical shape. To keep your artist help regular exercise, gym and work with a personal trainer.

Grandiose rock band "Night Snipers" and the orchestra "New Russia" took place on 20 October in the Kremlin Palace. The creative tandem of Diana and Yuri Bashmet, who combined creativity on one stage, has already called a major rock show of this fall.

Singer Alsou is one of the most consistent in the selection of the external image and style of Russian stars. For many years, Alsou has not changed the hair color, experimenting only with their length and shape, and also with the outfits — always different, but the base is elegant and feminine.

Recently, immediately after the closed premiere in the capital, held a wide release, the sixth Studio album of one of the most successful young Russian artists Matvey Melnikov, for the large army of his fans better known under the pseudonym of the ILO.

Despite the recent news about the breakup of singer Katie Topuria with her husband, the artist is not discouraged and is not going to mourn his personal life. Moreover, last week Katie impressed everyone at the show spring / summer collection from designer Alexander Arutyunov in the chic Metropolitan hotel The Ritz-Carlton.

Nikita Alexeev, acting under the pseudonym Alekseev, a year ago blew up the charts with the track "Drunk sunshine". Despite the runaway success that befell the singer, he retains the role of one of the most enigmatic artists of the modern stage, and the press of his private life little is known. At the same time, the number of fans you have grows every day.