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Anita Tsoy has begun preparation of its jubilee show. The new program has received the mysterious name "10/20", and know nothing about it until it was, perhaps, only the date and place — October 27, "Crocus city Hall". How will the new show Anita Tsoy can only speculate... and dream! "Dream! Dreams tend to come true. It is about my new show. Your dreams will one day become my reality" — so formulates the main idea of his anniversary show herself Anita Tsoy.

Musician Alexei Vorobyov, whose song "Crazy" is not losing ground in the hit parade "Golden gramophone" and this week it is 17-th line, will soon unveil its new Director — a clip on them are written for Nastya Curls song Bad Boy. In the clip starred Cam Gigandet, the star of the movie "Twilight," "Burlesque" and "Never give up".

Recently completed a musical trip of the artist, which started with a joint concert in "Crocus city Hall" with Gregory Leps and Sergey Lazarev 7 and 8 March and is already a solo show EMIN'and in three Russian cities: Kirov, Izhevsk and Nizhny Novgorod. On the basis of a successful spring tour artist had already outlined a plan to visit 50 cities of Russia!

The plot became different from each other the stories of three friends — a lawyer (Slim), the perpetrator (Guf) and Hollywood stars (birdy), which are United by one thing — the desire and belief in the ideal world of the near future, which represent members of the group A STUDIO.

In the days of Abraham Russo and singer Sogdiana presented their first joint music video "nothing is impossible". The video was filmed in Armenia Director Joram by Meloyan. And the shooting took place on the famous "Cartoon" (the equivalent of our "Mosfilm"). In the story Abraham and Sogdiana observe unusual stories of people, stories, touching them deeply.

Today on the air of "Russian Radio" appeared music new – song "Girl of the year". Fulfills its OLEYNIK, aka Vadim Oleynik, certainly known to our listeners as the lead singer of the band "dio.movies". He began a solo career, written by himself and the track "Girl of the year" was his first independent work.

Took Place the first solo concert of group "Gradusy" in Moscow after the announcement of the musicians on the return to creative activity. "16 tons" announced the complete sale of tickets a few days before the concert. Before entering the club on 11 March, the people asked for a spare ticket, and the most enterprising successfully sold bought stock.

Three years after the success of the album "Not like the" enduring romantic Denis Klyaver releases a new lyrical album called "Love lives 3 years..?" It includes 13 songs, both well-known and even award-winning (for example the song "Strange dream", received in 2014 the "Golden gramophone"), and new ones, which only have to earn the love of the audience, including the song "Start again", which at the moment occupies the 4th place of the hit parade of "Russian Radio".

About the joint project CENTRE and A STUDIO, became known in the end of 2015: the track "Far away" "leaked" to the network and literally blew up the Internet. The Agency for music management MUSIC.ROUX, in support of the release, had to contact the social network "Vkontakte" and block the single on the pages of impatient fans.

Vladimir and Sergey Kristovskiy, soloists of group "Umaturman" in the near future will more often be seen in his native Nizhny Novgorod. Musicians together with supermodel and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova, as well as players Denis and Dmitry Chersevani become official ambassadors of Nizhny Novgorod for the FIFA world Cup — 2018.

45-year-old actress has decided on an important step in your life. Recall that Anita recently celebrated her birthday, followed by the legislation of the Russian Federation it was necessary to change all documents. So, with the change of the passport of Anna S. Choi officially became Anita Sergeyevna Tsoy.

At the presentation of the clip "the Bitch" of the group KRUGERS gathered so many distinguished guests that frequent the club "Mumiy Troll" genuinely surprised, as did the team just beginning the conquest of the Russian show business. Listen guys came Vladimir and Sergey Kristovskiy (Uma2rman), Elena Temnikova, Zhenya Milkovsky, Jukebox Trio and Valery Maryanov, Anton Yuryev ("Russian Peppers"), Sergey Baldin ("Russian media group"), Alexander Kushnir, Vladimir Kornienko (Roots) and many other musicians and industry professionals.

A Group of "lube" celebrated defender of the Fatherland Day two sold-out concerts on 23 and 24 February in Crocus City Hall. The audience on hurrah accepted as time-tested hits and brand new songs. Moreover, it should be noted that many of the old songs of the group "lube" not only has not lost its relevance, but became more topical.

Not long ago, Victoria talyshinskaya and Alexander show visited the "Russian Peppers" and spoke about the great tour "1000 dreams", in which the Duo went after a rather long break. And that tour is in full swing. However, today the "Russian Radio" became known about a small incident during a concert in Ozersk: Victoria talyshinskaya was forced to leave the stage at a concert in honor of Defender of the Fatherland Day on 23 February in the city of Ozersk, because he felt that he was losing consciousness.

On 21 December at the State Kremlin Palace hosted the Grand final of the second season of the TV project "Main stage". The winner was Arseny Borodin – singer and musician, who until recently the majority of the audience was associated exclusively with a group of "Chelsea".