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Currently, the Indian mini-movie with its bright colors and traditional dancing takes place in the new music video Natalie "I Have only you." Saturate video genuine Oriental flavor its founders have, without leaving the suburbs. And Natalie herself very carefully prepared for shootings in the movie: working on creating a flawless figure, the singer dropped more than 10 extra pounds.

Singer Mitya Fomin, perhaps, safely be called one of the trendsetters in the Russian show business: very few people still manage to look so organic in any manner, wearing fur and colorful costumes, and always successfully to change hairstyles. Love for creative experimentation in music and style has long been a "calling card" of the artist.

Matvey Melnikov, better known under the pseudonym of the ILO, continues to publish on their pages in social networks touching photos and words addressed to his wife model Maria Melnikova. In the comments to such posts fans began to celebrate all of the great similarity between Mary and Matthew.

Meladze Brothers on a modern Russian stage — the stronghold of the gentleman, nobility and charm. Their colleagues and fans often the question arises, how Valery and Konstantin manages to keep good relations even with ex-wives, as well as to build such a comfortable new alliances.

One of the most successful Russian musicians continued to collect stadiums at concerts across the country, the rap artist, Busta gave a special gift for the birthday of his native city of Rostov-on-don. Now to hear the voice of a favorite artist can be in one of the most popular navigators.

It is No secret that the star flamboyant stylist Sergey Zverev has a son, who was also named Sergey. However, they communicate infrequently, so the news about the star spawn appear in the media rarely. Recently it became known that the beast Jr. is again going to marry.

One of the main Russian artists, in love which are recognized by millions of listeners and dozens of "colleagues", — Grigory Leps started his own account on the most popular social networks — Instagram. Your first post Gregory V. posted on 1 September, and dedicated it to, of course, his beloved family.

No matter How perfect the figure of the possessed woman, she will always find yourself with extra pounds and start hard to reset them. Whatever it was, in fact, choose the right method for weight loss is very important. Many refuse to believe, but not necessarily in the process of getting rid of excess weight is to limit its power.

Throughout the summer Russian pop stars are sharing on social networks with photos from holidays. Someone is — the mountains, others the ocean. Singer Alsu this year decided not to go to foreign lands, but instead returned to the village where she spent her childhood.

In pursuit of fashion, we often forget to think about a more important — about their own health. We give money for popular accessories before starting to sort out in my head the pros and cons of your purchase. And this is a serious error, which allows today, the vast majority of people.

In January of this year, the singer Pelageya picked up the baton of baby boomers, who covered the Russian show business. The singer and her husband, hockey player, Ivan Telegin, had a charming daughter. What surprise of fans when after a couple of months Pelageya already looked as though pregnancy was not in sight.

One of the record for the number of statues of the National musical Prize "Golden gramophone" Nikolay Baskov will take part in the filming of the television series "Glee". 12-the serial film will be broadcast on Central channels. Who will play Nikolay Baskov in the musical melodrama, not yet reported.

The soloist of the group SEREBRO Pauline favorskaya that came to her three years ago and replaced Elena Temnikova, left the band. An official statement about the change in the composition of the group published a producer and composer Maxim Fadeev, posting a snippet of the new song of SEREBRO "In space" and calling it "parting with Pauline".

To Obtain the flowers are nice in any season, at any age and not only on holidays. Even after the event, the flowers continue to create a happy mood and maintain a festive atmosphere. Here are some tips about which flowers will stay in the vase longer. Especially these tips will be useful to students and their parents who are going poradovat teachers September 1 and teacher's Day.

Singer Victoria Daineko in recent times makes fans worry. Recent events in my personal life girls associated with divorce process Dmitry Kleiman, definitely, did not add peace and harmony in the life of the singer. The other day Victoria felt ill at the airport on the way to Kazakhstan.