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Birthdays public people are usually under the gun photo and video cameras, in a big company of friends hero for the day. But Vladimir Kristovskiy the hype surrounding his private life was unacceptable, and carefully guard the space around his family.

A music video directed by Leonid Kolosovsky "404 Song" is a graphic illustration of what can bring love. In this avant-garde work reveals the opposite "dark" side of feelings when accidental love brains throw a system error and sound "constantly in my head this song is about you...".

Likes, comments, reposts, views, sasami, Skype, vine, ins – modern world is not easy! However, it is cyclical and full of twists and events that can be traced back to well forgotten past, when the only means of communication with another person was friendly look and live the present communication.

On 20 December, the day of the big charity concert of ethnic music, popular artist was attacked by hackers. From 9 a.m. representatives of the management of the company Sati (five people, whose contacts are on the official site) the calls started coming in. Yes calls are not simple and regular!

Pop-duet "There" finished shooting the video for "That woman". The Director was music video Director Alexander Syutkin. Movie filmed in the genre of light romantic Comedy: the main characters of "being" a girl who constantly gets into absurd situations. Video premiere is scheduled for the end of December. The main role of "female trouble" sang beauty Vika from the TV series "Mom" on STS – actress Alexandra Bulycheva.

Group "Bravo" invites its fans together to celebrate the New year in Moscow club "16 tons". "Moscow beat" and "Old hotel", "Love girl" and "I Believe", "Road to the clouds" and "This city", "the Wind knows" and "Love burns" – all the hits of the most resilient groups in the country necessarily sound alive after midnight!

Today on iTunes-the new album of Anita Tsoy "Without of things". With the New year, the disk will appear on all other cifrovih platforms. Disc "Without of things" is the sixth Studio album Anita. The previous album of the singer "Yours_a" was released in 2011, and six months later Anita started working on the new album.

On 17 December at the Grand hall of the people in Beijing held a Grand closing ceremony of the Year of friendly youth exchanges between Russia and China and the opening of Year of Russian and Chinese media, in which participated the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Along with his colleague, Premier of the State Council people's Republic of China Li Keqiang – he was a guest of the gala concert, which featured performances by artists from the two countries.

Garik Burito, familiar to listeners of "Russian Radio" songs, "Mama", "You know" and "While the city sleeps", was the Director and screenwriter of the clip of "Mayakovksy" for the song "Gangsta". Got a little action! About how work was going, the musicians said in a short interview to "Russian Radio".