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Lead singer of IOWA celebrates her birthday and she was 30 years old. In a landmark for the girls the day her husband Leonid Tereshchenko prepared a surprise. For the birthday girl, who flew on holiday to France and forgot all the shoes, he was invisible by the way.

The other day there was a solemn and beautiful wedding of the former soloist of the popular female of the band SEREBRO, Daria Casinoi, and member of the popular TV show, singer Vani cabanova. The couple have long been preparing for this day, and the ceremony turned out just fabulous.

Anna Sedokova confirmed the information about the breakup with her fiancé. The father of her son Hector have long made the artist an offer, but to formalize a relationship, it never came. In recognition of Anna, the last time they fought a lot, but the main thing — the beloved did not believe in her as a talented artist, often hinted that she should change this "dirty" profession for something more modest, such as a gallery opening.

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova does not give the audience to forget about yourself for a minute. Her splits in the most skimpy outfits and in the most unexpected locations of the whole country follows the first year. If any of the popular people puts the pictures in the splits in a social network, it instantly gets the status "parody Volochkova".

In 2000, singer Avraam Russo won the Russian audience from the first song. Bright appearance, romantic song repertoire, soulful voice and a soft Eastern accent brought Abraham a lot of music awards and an army of fans in our country.

Native cult actress Audrey Hepburn, known for the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's", shared her recipe for harmony. Star do not limit themselves and loved Italian food. Nutritionists believe that, with proper formation of the diet, it is possible to regularly indulge ourselves with pizza and pasta.

Sasha Zhulin, daughter of the famous figure skater Tatiana Navka, presented a romantic summer video for the song "fell in Love". This bright, sensual story that every girl dreams of, is doomed to success. Besides sponsoring the aspiring singer have such experienced colleagues as Maxim Fadeev and Olga Seryabkina.

If, for one reason or another, you are forced to spend the summer in the city, watching the happy beach pictures of their friends and colleagues in the network, absolutely do not despair. Summer creates a lot of important arguments "for" urban space and opportunities to spend in the three warm months.

14 Aug singer Alain Sviridov has noted a significant date — she was 55 years old. Looking at always this energetic artist, it is difficult to believe the accuracy of this information. However, for Alena the event of the retirement age, among other things — is just a reason for pride. But to be proud of really is it!

Artik & Asti for several years, remains one of the most frequently touring bands in our country. The main person of the project — Artem Umrikhin and Anna Dziuba — familiar with more than seven years, but despite the difficult work schedule, able to build relationships, which she calls Anna is practically family.

In late July, the musician Nikita Presnyakov — the eldest son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov, and also the grandson of Alla Pugacheva, played a magnificent wedding with his beloved Alena Krasnova. Despite the fact that the ceremony took place just a few weeks ago, the mother of the young head of the family — Christina Aguilera — already looking forward to grandchildren.

That, besides the sun, is able to deliver maximum pleasure on a hot summer day? Of course, a nice, refreshing dessert. In the summer in any case do not neglect the opportunity to eat fresh, "their" fruits and vegetables and getting them vitamins. No fruit from supermarkets at the end of the season will not bring your body much benefit.

Almost every one of us every month saving up for certain things and goals on journey, household appliances, car, apartment or loan repayment. At the same time, indulging in the simple pleasures of life, we create a serious challenge to his will power and the nervous system.

Summer — vacation season, when all the stars suspend concert activity and depart from Moscow at the most beautiful, prestigious and luxury resorts around the world. However, nothing human is alien VIPs. So several mishaps befell Pauline Gagarin during her visit to the Cote d'azur.

A Few years ago Rodion Gazmanov took the decision to move from the Russian capital in a private house in the suburbs. Artist, recently returned from an eventful Crimean tour, extremely happy with my suburban life and willingly shares his impressions.