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How not to be deceived, correctly reading the tags on jewelry? Quite often we have to answer the question: "How to deal with what is written on the tag jewelry with natural stones? What are all these alphanumeric abbreviations?" This question is of interest to many and is heard quite often. A small tag attached to the product with precious stone, contains [...]

Famous music producer Yuri Aizenshpis (15.07.1945 — 20.09.2005) in Soviet times, was twice convicted of foreign exchange transactions. In total he spent 17 years. But the talent Manager Aizenshpis implemented in the area. In the first run he has started production on the construction of the KrAZ, and the second was led by the sawmill. Aizenshpis remembered that intelligent man lived well even [...]

From time immemorial women different ways to remove excess body hair: pull out, burn, shave. Waxing is not immediately became so comfortable as in our days. We offer you a selection of facts about how it all began. 1. Women began to remove excess hair on the body long before our era it is believed that in 4000-m B. [...]

On the background of the crisis in the country, gaining momentum in the microfinance market. Moreover, in recent years, the Russians prefer not only to borrow money from microfinance institutions, but also bear them their money, hoping for high interest that they actively promise. The most alarming Amateur of risky investments are pensioners and the poor. In the end, experts warn very soon to the streets [...]

How was the Soviet national anthem Soviet national anthem, which the current Russian inherited the music and the overall meaning of the text is considered to be one of the most solemn and pathetic among all the available in the world. Therefore especially curious that after his appearance from some citizens of the Soviet Union a new national anthem as a surprise, while others – rejection. The story of why the people saw [...]

Hard to find a more popular word than "OK". It is like no other, knows no borders and nationalities. In different countries it is used as consent and the question of how praise and joyful interjection. Naturally, such a generic and common word could not fail to attract attention from the point of view of finding out its origin. There are several dozen versions, [...]

Japan is an amazing country, there remain untouchable national costume, almost remained untouched interior, religiously observed the tea ceremony, with its many rules. In this country honor the Kabuki theatre, literature has remained the Japanese language, and all this splendor is surrounded by the innovations of civilization, harmoniously combined with each other. There are many rituals and ancient traditions, which are used to read, [...]

To live, go to work, to create large companies or can lead small trade, not knowing what Parkinson's law, but this does not mean that they at this time do not work. They are universal and relate to everything in life – from the organization of bureaucracies to the above taxes, saving electricity and creating a strong family or a successful business. [...]

Despite the fact that the banks jointly with payment systems constantly improve the level of protection for card products, the attackers also are on the alert and showing an enviable ingenuity in their methods. Here the main weapon against fraudsters, as in many other cases, is information! Knowledge of safety measures and rules regarding the use of a plastic card — the key to success in this never-ending struggle. The Council [...]

The People who had a hand in the collapse of the Soviet Union, did virtually everything in the mass consciousness of Andrei Sakharov became almost an icon of Russian democracy, the most popular among the public in the USSR and the Russian Federation's moral authority. The image was created of a genius-Martyr who fought against the Soviet totalitarian system. However, as the illusion of "democracy", "freedom" and "market" [...]

The participants of the duel of Lermontov and Martynov vs hid from the investigation the fact of gross violation of the dueling rules, in which the poet died. But it could not be decisive in determining the court penalties that the defendants had been prosecuted merely for participating in prohibited by the law of the duel, and the responsibility for the deviation from the unwritten rules of the "fight two" the law is not provided. 15 Jul 1841, about seven o'clock in the evening near the city of Pyatigorsk held a duel of Lieutenant tenghinka infantry regiment Mikhail Lermontov with a retired major Nikolai Martynov, culminating in the death of the poet. Less than five years ago Lermontov responded to the death of Alexander Pushkin, streamsage with a French...

As a prototype of Ostap Bender was built in the legendary Chelyabinsk tractor plant Chelyabinsk became famous as Tankograd due to its tank plant. In the construction of the enterprise took an active part Osip Shor is the man who is recognized as the main prototype of Ostap Bender, hero of the novels "12 chairs" and "Golden calf" Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov. "Russian planet" 've collected details of the biography of Osip Shor, who do not look pale even against the background of the adventures of the great schemer. the Odessa Scam — for a Long time it was believed that Osip Shor was born in Odessa, — says the correspondent of Poland historian Boris Oxenkrug. But then there were documents, which were able to establish that his birthplace — the small town of...

Since the Middle ages in history it is possible to find the occurrence of painful bleeding wounds on the body some of the followers of Christ. These wounds appear on areas of the body where they were with Christ during his crucifixion on the cross (hands, feet, head, upper quadrant). Neither science, nor religion, nor the bearers of such wounds called stigmata, can't answer the question of how and why they are there. the passion of the Christ the Word "stigmata" is literally translated from the Greek word for "wound", "sign", a "prick". For the past 800 years there are not many people who has such markings, approximately 406 cases, but are recognized by the Catholic Church only 60. There are even statistical data on this mysterious phenomenon. For example...

Penile enlargement is in high demand among men of all ages. In the modern world men want to have a large sexual organ and, if nature has not endowed him by several inches, then he tries to get them by other methods. About the most common methods of penis enlargement, and also about the myths and realities associated with them, we will tell below. Smear, RUB it and wait for the effect... But it was not. About the benefits or harm about the effectiveness of creams, gels and ointments for penis enlargement there are a lot of myths. Manufacturers of the miracle drugs a few days guarantee You an increase in penis not only in length but also in diameter. Your "friend" should increase due to the stimulation of the cells of the tissues of the penis, that is, it...

During a recent press conference of the foreign Ministers of Russia and Saudi Arabia, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lavrov calls someone a "retard". No, it was not demonstrative remark, it was the cry of the soul break out in a low whisper. Iron self-control of the Minister could not resist the impenetrable stupidity and Lavrov quietly but clearly said into the microphone "morons...", adding obscene word. the foreign Ministry declined to comment, but the semi-official media have put forward two versions: First. A minute before foul phrases, the Minister pulled out his phone and reads the received SMS. It is possible to assume that such was his emotional reaction to the text message. the Second. Sergei Lavrov does not like Intrusive photographers who try...