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She left the destroyed tank in the line of fire. Despite the injuries and the furious attacks of the enemy continued to fight until the approach of infantry. The famous thirty "Fighting girlfriend" Maria October — the country's first female tank mechanic and driver — built on personal savings. Mary October In the history of the great Patriotic war will be forever inscribed the names of 600 000 brave women who fought alongside men. But Mary October in the men's ranks was not alone: all the hardships of life at the front she shared with his "Fighting friend" was the name of the tank, built on personal savings and become a legend of Soviet ground forces. Mary October met the June 41 th in his native Crimea. In the early days of the great Patriotic along with...

1. Self-deception the Losers that constantly cheat on your account. You can succeed, being completely dishonest in relation to others, but it is impossible to lie to yourself takes place in life, about how things are, and move forward. 2. Neproizvodstvennoj In this life, the interest you accrue on invested capital, monetary or human. Success purchased at the price of perseverance and the result of daily laborious work. Losers can live and not having learned this truth. "Nothing in the world cannot replace persistence. It can not replace talent — nobody will meet as often as talented loser. It can't replace the genius — unrecognized geniuses almost became a proverb. One education is not enough — the world is full of educated derelicts. Only persistence and...