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Simple and delicious recipes

Simple and delicious recipes

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- what to cook Breakfast for the entire family is difficult — a lot of time that morning no one. For the modern busy man and created the recipe for the spinach omelette — cooking takes very little time and effort, but the day will start with a proper, wholesome meals, not sandwiches or heated fast foods.

For anybody Not a secret that a breast of chicken little who loves to cook and increasingly consume it in a daily diet is that the athletes and those people who adhere to a particular type of food. Why? Yes just by the fact that often it becomes quite dry and/or tough. Therefore, the time has come to reveal the secret of making a truly succulent breast, which will not leave indifferent any household members or guests. If to follow simple rules, exciting result in the form of delicate, rosy breast will appreciate not only its aesthetic beauty but also great taste!

Christmas table takes women a lot of time on thinking, because whenever nearing the most awaited celebration of the year, I want to do something interesting, unusual, and delicious! It should be pleasing not only to his household and guests, but the ruler of the coming year. Fiery red Cock does not accept poultry dishes, so the task is a little more complicated, and many women now think about the question – what to cook on New year 2017? the Holiday meal is always beautiful serving, so the salad recipe of the cocktail in the glass, be sure to prepare, at least for the sample. The result is in any case positive.

Oatmeal cookies is the sweetness, which he loves almost everyone, because oatmeal cookies always sweet, delicious, fragrant and soft or crunchy for everybody. Many love him very much, but not all allow even one bite because oatmeal cookies are very nutritious and contains many ingredients that may not be acceptable in the diet of athletes, so you have to make a choice in favor of his appearance.

It's not very complex, but tasty and beautiful dish. The loaf was good and hot, and cold. If you should come visit, then a roll can be served as a main dish, and the next day, the loaf can be thinly slice and serve as appetizer. It's even better ham.

To date, hardly any other national cuisine can boast such a wide variety of soups, which can be found in Russian. All of these traditional Russian soups are shrouded in their history and have many cooking options.

Many of us have heard the name is very popular in Central Asia dishes – manti, someone tried, but rarely you meet a person, able to skillfully prepare this delicious dish. Most Housewives, mistakenly believes that it is very difficult and need special skills. Hurry to dispel this myth and bring to your attention the recipe of real Central Asian Manty. Start.

In Italy, pasta is pasta, which is prepared on the basis of water and wheat flour. In different regions prefer different kinds of pastas. Depending on the province and the city, pasta everywhere are prepared in different ways, taking into account the local gastronomic and cultural traditions. Our website today will tell you how to prepare homemade Italian pasta Carbonara.

Dishes from the category of "quick and tasty" good for the reason that they are never boring. The combination of "potatoes with chicken" for a wonderful menu for any occasion. Our culinary Internet magazine will tell you today how to prepare chicken with potatoes in sour cream. So do not miss this unique opportunity to surprise your loved ones are another yummy.

Dumplings with frozen cherries – one of the most appetizing and delicious dishes in the summer. And to cook such a yummy and extremely simple. Your family will be super-stoked about this dish, especially because it is made from available ingredients. In our today's material you will find an easy recipe for dumplings with sweet berry.

Asian cuisine for quite some time does not seem unusual and distant. All kinds of dishes of this cuisine today can be enjoyed in the many restaurants, or even cook yourself at home. Knowing some of the subtleties and tricks, delicious Asian cuisine will cook any hostess. Today we will prepare 2 dishes: one Japanese, the other Chinese.

Today, the rolls and sushi are loved by many – they are nice to have lunch at work, or eat out in the evening in the family circle. Their great pleasure to eat, guests and friends. Simply put, this dish is suitable for absolutely any occasion. Today our website will give the answer to the question: How to make sushi at home?

It is No secret that appetizing and delicious dessert very easy to prepare even the most ordinary ingredients, taking the marshmallows and biscuits. Here the main thing — the imagination, because a beautiful and original presentation of dishes so very much! Today we prepare a cake of marshmallows and biscuits you want to bake.

Of fresh cheese, you can cook a lot of incredibly tasty dishes, including all kinds of desserts, will satisfy many a sweet tooth. Cottage cheese is one of the few foods on the menu everyone who tries to eat right and follow the figure. Today we will prepare delicious curd dessert with fruit, the preparation of which much time would be required.

Mulled wine is a delicious wine with different spices and herbs, heated to warm (even hot) temperatures. In the cold winter mulled wine homemade red wine is almost indispensable. It invigorates, tonifies and warms. Drink mulled wine can be a ritual, after long working, working in the fresh winter air or the Sunday cross-country skiing. Drink mulled wine - a wonderful occasion to invite close friends to spend the evening in a warm and pleasant company.