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Simple and delicious recipes

Simple and delicious recipes

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Hodgepodge of two species of fish the First dish of this kind costs a little expensive, if you use all these products. If you want to save, it will be enough for the broth and fish scraps or head, for example, carp. But the main "highlight" soup – a combination of white and red fish must be. If both fish are low-fat, to the broth turned out to be nourishing, be sure to add the fish oil a bit.

How to choose the right honey to bring home a really healthy treat, armed with information. Here and further in the article allocated to specific ways of determining the quality of honey marker in the form of a circle. Lack of time to read the full version, remember the main ways. Check the sugar before you honey or not is quite simple: you need to hold a tablespoon of product in the fire.

The Use of fish for human health fish – a vertebrate animal, with limbs in the form of fins and breathing with gills. This concept of the fish gives the dictionary Ozhegova. Currently there are approximately 33,000 species of fish, of which Russia is home to about 3000. Mother nature tells us the culinary path, giving our country a huge number of rivers, lakes and seas. Who is there to not only meet: omul, pike, Kaluga, sockeye salmon, chum salmon...

How useful lemon? the Lemon is a real storehouse of vitamins and useful substances. However, many people do not know that lemon can be used in different ways, and, depending on the cooking method, you can get completely different vitamins. After cleaning the lemon, many people throw away the peel. And for good reason! It is still quite useful in cooking and has a strong aroma. The peel of the lemon should be grated on a grater, but it is better not to touch the white part because it can be bitter.

Meat Pie meat Pies should be able to bake every good hostess. So treat you and family to feed, and guests to meet. The dough is prepared in several ways. This option is one of the easiest. The cake turns out very tasty, with a crispy crust. Inside the visible air bubble on the dough, baking breathes. When cooking, attention should be paid to test. The process of kneading should be done correctly, without changing the proportions and composition.

1. Depression. Bananas contains tryptophan in large quantities, which produces in the body serotonin so-called the hormone of happiness. Therefore, they help fight depression, improving mood. 2. Banana is a fruit that never causes Allergy, it is this it is given to young children.

Tips for choosing chicken Chicken have been present on the market of our country. Even in times of stagnation in the stores were always in stock broilers from China. Such prevalence of chicken meat because of its low cost, and therefore, the ability to be on every Russian table.

Ukrainian borsch There are many different borscht recipes, but I will tell you about the one that is most fond of our family, namely the classic recipe of Ukrainian borsch. so now we shall begin the preparation of borscht! First, put to boil the broth. To do this, wash the meat under running water, put in pot, fill with plain water and set on fire. It is very important that the meat for the soup was oily, that is why I recommend this recipe to use pork shank. Otherwise, the soup will not be Ukrainian. When the water starts to boil remove all the foam formed, the broth was clean and clear. Then make less fire, cover with a lid and allow to simmer for about 60 minutes. The meat is ready when it easily away from the bone.

Useful properties of coffee Drink, without which your morning is not most of humanity! Open daily for thousands of food service establishments! And without which there is not one working day in offices all over the world! Coffee is a berry, fruit or legume? Still people don't come to a consensus. The most consumed beverage on the earth is coffee, well of course not counting water. Every day around the world consumed more than a billion cups of this divine drink!

Simple and fast Charlotte All ingenious is simple even in cooking. Without basic skills it is possible to bake tea is lush, fragrant, delicious biscuit with Apple filling, which is called the word nice and cozy Apple pie. In order not to lose time, turn on the oven and left to warm up to 200 degrees.

Stuffed peppers Sweet pepper belongs to the vegetables extremely tasty, useful and rich in vitamins. And stuffed with rice — a delicious dish that will adorn any festive table. There are many recipes for stuffed peppers. Here include the recipe is very simple, but the taste of cooked dishes will not leave anyone indifferent.

Just a two-layer cake Homemade cakes very delicious treat, especially if she's sweet and beautiful. A good hostess always tries to spoil my family with something tasty. This recipe is a two-layer cake will be loved in many homes. For air, light, fragrant products all products found in every kitchen.

Benefits of black currant As you know, the black currant is a veritable treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. This is why fresh berries should be present in your food menu every person. Thus, you will provide the necessary support your body, protecting it from invasion of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Dumplings with potatoes the stores are a riot of packaging that says "Dumplings". But a good hostess not even looking in this Department. She doesn't need it. After all, to make delicate, hearty, delicious dumplings with any filling may itself. the dough Recipe is very simple. All the products are quite affordable, there is always the kitchen. To prepare the dough are best made with milk, so it will be much softer and whiter than water.

Spaghetti under the new NHL season is summer it is considered that most mushroom sauces or gravies suited to different dishes from potatoes. This sauce from the new NHL season will be a perfect choice for potato cutlets and vegetable puree, and garnish to the rice, and pasta. While we prepare the spaghetti.