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Simple and delicious recipes

Simple and delicious recipes

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Many people do not like liver because of the specific taste, because in everyday kitchen this product is not very popular. But there are dishes that are simple to prepare and taste favorably even meat dishes. One of these dishes is liver patties.

Salad - the most famous Russian salad, which is suitable for every holiday. In the country there is a tradition to do it on the holidays. No New year will not pass without this delicious and unforgettable salad. Many do not know that he was named the first half of the 19th century Frenchman Lusiana Olivier in Russia. Russian cuisine, this dish is no other salad cannot be beaten for its taste and elegance.

Ramson, perhaps, the first spring greens, which can be used for cooking different dishes as a spice. Wild garlic is sometimes called bear's garlic or bear's onion - flavor of this herb really like garlic, but still it is a bit softer and softer. Therefore, unlike onions or garlic, ramsons leaves such a horrible smell and it can be eaten fresh. In its volatile properties of this herb is even better than the garlic, and vitamin C in spices ten times more than even lemon or orange - this fact is very important since the winter of beriberi.

Tea Leaves are usually collected from the tea plant in China, India, Africa. Flavored drink is not only a wonderful taste, but a number of useful properties. If you do not use a fake from tea substitutes, tea is not grown in the zone of ecological disaster, made without infringing technology was not stored near chemicals, it has a beneficial effect on humans.

Despite spicy touch that adds a salad, crushed garlic, salad turns out very tender. Airiness salad add carrots and cheese. Carrots need to grate and immediately put, not light, to the dish. The cheese is rubbed directly on the salad that she lay fluffy "carpet".

The one who will try this bright orange dish, like full sun sparks will join the army of adherents of a healthy diet. It turns out that wholesome food can be not only pleasant to the taste, and delightful, commendable gourmets. Attractive appearance and soft texture unusual porridge will appreciate the kids and their moms will note the extremely low cost of absolutely all of the ingredients specified in the recipe.

Beautiful with bright orange flesh of the pumpkin is one of its kind improves mood and configures and give positive emotions. Ripening in late autumn, it resembles a hot summer sun, and most importantly contains a vast amount of useful substances. Possessing good taste, pumpkin has taken a leading place among vegetables how to cook, and it is no coincidence.

Every country has its own national cuisine. Cuisine of the coastal States must include three components: seafood, fish dishes and, thanks to the warm southern climate, the abundance of fresh vegetables. Greek cuisine, in addition to these three required components, also includes dishes of cheese.