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Good day, our dear regular readers, and those who were attracted by an interesting topic of today's conversation. Jelly – a dish typical of our mentality. It invariably enters into the composition of various diets and therapeutic menu. In alternative medicine there is even a separate methods for the treatment of serious pathologies, with this tasty (if you cook it accordingly) dishes. To find out how useful jelly [...] Record how useful jelly: health drink appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

The Word ""super "" has long been used by people for a healthy diet. And it can be heard from vegans. Meals consisting of plant components rich in many essential nutrients – just delicious. If you include them in your daily diet, the body will be filled with all the necessary minerals and vitamins. As for the number Superfoods, their sufficient. Therefore [...] Record Six recipes: wholesome, hearty and delicious breakfasts and snacks with Superfoods appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

If you like to cook in the kitchen, especially baking something delicious, but don't know what to think of the new, we offer to your attention an unusual cake Krapfen. We came to this recipe from distant California. A distinctive feature of this dessert is the layering. Agree, it is extraordinary? But beyond that, it is filled with various fillings ranging from caramel cream, finishing [...] Record Create a culinary masterpiece for Easter: hot cross Graffin appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

Preparing culinary masterpieces, the hostess is very often faced with various problems. And there is nothing surprising, because cooking is a whole science. For mastering it will take a lot of time and nerves, but it is not all the strength. This article is about how to quickly prepare a salad, which includes beets. To cook was fun, we invite [...] Record of Useful life hacks and how to quickly prepare a salad, which includes beets appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

The First week of Great Lent — how to spend it, what can I eat, what should be the menu? All of this should paint the days to temperance in food, not turned into mere hunger strike or dieting. 19 Feb 2018 begins lent, which lasts 7 weeks. One of the conditions of abstinence in this time is a severe limitation in food of animal origin. Walk this way provided knowledge of the rules [...] Record the First week of lent, 2018 — how to spend and how fast appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

Welcome! Chocolate shake is a great drink for those who have a sweet tooth, but for some reason can't or doesn't want to eat chocolate. If you have these simple ingredients, a blender and 5 minutes, this cocktail will be a boon for you. Gentle, creamy and rich chocolate taste with a hint of vanilla. His wealth will satisfy the cravings [...] Record Chocolate shake appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

Welcome! Today we offer you to cook tasty and tender winter fruit parfait. Parfait (from the French. parfait — a perfect, beautiful) — cold dessert, known since 1894, is Prepared with cream, whipped with sugar and vanilla, and then frozen in metal form. Sometimes in the parfait add the beaten eggs. Originally parfait — French cuisine. In addition to French parfait [...] Record Winter fruit parfait appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

Welcome! I want to share with you a new recipe that you and your guests will just love it! Truffles from tomatoes is a wonderful, fragrant creamy-nutty treat. They are not only suitable as an appetizer or healthy snack. These truffles will be a great light lunch and is ideal for a picnic. Just imagine the aroma of tomatoes and [...] Record the Truffles from tomatoes and guests will love it! appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

Welcome! This dessert is homemade gelatin cubes with honey and turmeric — surprise not only for its pleasant taste but also healthy effect on the body. It helps in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Do you have problems? Can't cure the common cold? It doesn't matter. Hard to cope with arthritis symptoms? Will easily cope with this task. You have back pain? [...] Record Homemade gelatin candies with honey and turmeric appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

Welcome! Strawberry is a gorgeous berry, which can be savored forever. When it comes to the season, then I do not want just a strawberry, but to vary your diet, make it as much different delicacies. Today we offer an incredibly simple recipe, as the mint-strawberry smoothies that will fill you with energy, essential vitamins, and cheer, adding freshness. Ingredients: Strawberry — 200 [...] Record Mint-strawberry smoothies appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

Sure to try to cook buckwheat pancakes with chocolate and oranges, which combines the taste of homemade pancakes, a traditional bitter chocolate and a fabulous aroma of orange. Moreover, the dish is very good for the body as it is made of buckwheat flour. Separately prepare a sauce for buckwheat oladushki, and for the topping you can take orange marmalade or slices of fresh orange and [...] Record Buckwheat pancakes with chocolate and oranges appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

Welcome! As strange as it sounds, but quinoa is a rare guest on the tables of the inhabitants of the CIS. And unfortunately, this fact is absolutely unfair. We with the great pleasure eaten corn, potatoes, rice, and that's a wonderful rump hail from Latin America few know. In order to fill this gap, in this article we will talk about [...] Record How to cook quinoa properly or to meet a guest appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

Propose to cook a delicate vanilla-cherry risotto with coconut for Breakfast or a light dinner. Spicy tender rice is complemented by the fragrant cherry sour, you can use either fresh or frozen. Serve vanilla cherry risotto with coconut in the form of heat, spread out in portioned bowls. Also we recommend serving sprinkle with coconut flakes and add fresh cherries. Ingredients: Dry rice — ½ [...] Record Vanilla-cherry risotto with coconut appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

In Winter the body is most lacking fresh foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Come to the aid of winter spices! Spicy subtle flavors of allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, anise will have a beneficial effect on the digestion and will keep you warm in the cold season. Blend of Oriental spices are the perfect complement to pies, breads and desserts, but they are also excellent companions for [...] Record the Best winter spices appeared first on IVF prescriptions with taste.

Welcome! The recipe for this salad came to us from Asian cuisine in which preference is given to vegetables, numerous spices and fast frying of small pieces ingredientov main dishes. We offer you to try eggplant salad Asian-for which aubergine must first be prepared. Separately, prepare the filling, in which the salad should infuse before serving for a couple of hours in the fridge. Serve [...] Record Eggplant salad Asian style appeared first on Eco recipes with taste.