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One of the most famous tourism destinations in the world, South East Asia, for a long time has earned the title pet travel agents. There people come from everywhere, from all corners of the world to see the enchanting beauty of nature, epic sights, enjoy the unusual dishes of local cuisine. Southeast Asia – the direction of expensive, even the flight will cost a lot, but the universal love of Thailand or Indonesia, [...] the Post Southeast Asia – a list of the best holiday destinations in 2020 was originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Meeting dear guests, in Georgia they say “Gamardzhoba Genatsvale”! In Tbilisi you will be such a welcome guest that offers the magnificent beauty of the majestic mountains, delicious cuisine and a heady temperamental wine. The heart of Georgia and part of his capital welcomes guests with interesting sites, tart wine in the local restaurants and, of course, the beauty of nature – still, Georgia – [...] the Post What to see in Tbilisi – places to see originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Resort Nha Trang is probably the most famous and popular resort area in Vietnam, you can say that this is the real tourist center of Vietnam, which, incidentally, is often called Vietnam Mediterranean for stunning white beaches and the wonderfully mild climate. Nha Trang – beach capital of Vietnam, a city whose development has been invested huge amount of funds to tourism infrastructure to meet international standards. [...] the Post the Picturesque Nha Trang – the tourism center in the heart of Vietnam originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Vietnam is a country of ancient civilizations, thick pristine jungle, wide mountains and exotic cuisine. This country is located in the southeastern part of Asia, on the Indochina Peninsula, loved by tourists for the incredible beaches, excellent cuisine and picturesque resorts. On the Eastern side, Vietnam is washed by the Gulf of Beibu and the South China sea, with the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand. In the form of government of this state [...] the Post Holidays in Vietnam in 2020 – the most beautiful beaches and best resorts originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Despite the fact that the natural resources of East Timor provide excellent opportunities for recreation, this area is still undiscovered for most tourists. And it is absolutely vain – the trip here in 2020, I definitely recommend. Southeast Asia is usually the two popular destinations – Vietnam and Thailand, although, of course, tourists from Russia like Cambodia, [...] the Post East Timor – the most underrated country in Southeast Asia, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

South Korea is one of the most mysterious and interesting countries in Southeast Asia, tourists come here from all over the world to relax and enjoy the marvelous nature, to have fun, to spend time actively and to get a powerful positive charge. A well-planned stay in Korea – a pledge that you will spend time fun and useful. I made a selection of entertainment in this [...] the Post the Most interesting entertainment in South Korea – from martial arts to the ski slopes and originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Malaysia is a country very rich in attractions. One of the leading positions in popularity is the Batu caves – a mysterious, interesting and beautiful place. Malaysian Batu caves are limestone and extend under forest area Gombak. This creation of nature is located near Kuala Lumpur. Near the caves is the village of bath and the river of Sungai Batu. In fact due to the names of villages and rivers [...] the Post Batu Caves – the most mysterious landmark of Malaysia originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Along with many attractive places to stay on the coast of Thailand, which in themselves represent a unique attractions, this country is ready to reveal to its guests the countless treasures of the previous centuries, which will introduce tourists to Thailand, as a country of Oriental culture. Not to be particularly close to the heart perceive negative messages about holidays in Thailand from [...] the Post the Attractions of Thailand – be sure to look at the rest? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Philippines is a unique nature, warm sea and white sand, volcanoes, mountains and underground rivers. Here a party atmosphere, and the locals will amaze with their cheerfulness. Sites in the Philippines so much that impressions last long, for the most part not outstanding architecture and man-made objects, and natural decorations, charming at first sight. Philippines is a wonderful place [...] the Post TOP 10 cool places in the Philippines that are worth visiting, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Built in the heart of Brunei capital of the magnificent Istana Nurul Iman, whose name in the Russian language can be translated as "the Palace of light and faith," belongs to the Sultan of Brunei, included in the list of the richest people in the world. The Palace of the Sultan of Brunei – residence, the construction of which was completed in the mid-eighties of the last century, was built by the project of Filipino Leandro Locsin, specifically as a residential [...] the Post the Most beautiful sight in Brunei – the Sultan's Palace, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

In our day trip to Sri Lanka is quite a popular pastime. It is worth saying that the journey to this beautiful and small country can be rather expensive, but a pleasant experience all more than compensate. The image funny and romantic country attracts every year a huge number of tourists. Today you can find a considerable number of travel agencies that can arrange [...] the Post What you need to know when travelling to Sri Lanka – travel tips originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Brunei is a small country located on the North-Western part of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Despite its small size (the entire Brunei according to this indicator, as two of Moscow), the country is considered one of the richest on the planet because of the huge oil deposits. Leg domestic tourists set foot on the land of Brunei is very rare, but the number of tourists from Russia all the time [...] the Post Holiday in Brunei: should I go to the Sultanate of Southeast Asia? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

The Capital of the Republic of Indonesia is Jakarta, located on Java island. But so far the Old city of Jakarta is often called the old Dutch name of Batavia. One of the main attractions of the region are the museums – there are more than 10. Along the Grand canal (Kali Besar) in Jakarta, a curiosity stretch the typical commercial offices and residential houses of the late colonial [...] the Post TOP 10 most popular museums in Jakarta + ticket prices originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

The Famous Cambodian temple of TA Prohm is one of the most monumental structures, located in the Hindu of Angkor. The ancient temple, which today is in a dilapidated condition, surrounded by dense thickets of the jungle. Thousands of tourists from around the world, visiting the temple of TA Prom in Cambodia, have the opportunity to see the awesome power of nature, which seemed to be "choking" the structure created by human hands, in his arms. A huge [...] the Post the Temple of TA Prohm in Cambodia – the incredible sights of Asia originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Beijing is popular among tourists. Every year millions of people come here to get acquainted with city life, traditions and history, but also visit interesting and exciting excursions. The capital of China – town travel for attractions, there are many objects that are worth seeing. Moreover, what I love about Beijing, so it's a combination of the monuments with centuries of history [...] the Post the Sights of Beijing: TOP 10 interesting places for the tourist, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.