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Beijing is popular among tourists. Every year millions of people come here to get acquainted with city life, traditions and history, but also visit interesting and exciting excursions. The capital of China – town travel for attractions, there are many objects that are worth seeing. Moreover, what I love about Beijing, so it's a combination of the monuments with centuries of history [...] the Post the Sights of Beijing: TOP 10 interesting places for the tourist, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Kingdom of Brunei is a monarchical state, ruled by the Sultan, to whom belongs all power. Brunei is the only country in the world with absolute monarchy. Tourists coming to Brunei, have little interest in the form of government, most of the attention awarded to local attractions, the blessing, they are there. Although the country has a very small size, neither the nature nor the architects have not stinted on the establishment [...] the Post top 10 attractions of Brunei is worth seeing with your own eyes originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

South-Eastern part of Asia was always famous for its beach resorts. Tourists from all over the world especially fell in love with Thailand, Indonesia, and southern China – infrastructure there is very well developed for tourists all conditions, there are thousands of tour programs. Such popular destinations as Vietnam, Thailand, China – frankly speaking, “hackneyed”. Those who have visited these countries at least once, to go [...] the Post Brunei – a small but interesting country and TOP 5 reasons to go here originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Genting highlands – the most visited place in the highlands of Malaysia. Hotels, entertainment, shopping centers, restaurants, attractions – is a true Paradise for the traveler. The mountainous part of West Malaysia consists of four key resorts, located on the Titiwangsa mountain range. There is a lesser known mountain resort in the district of Larut (Maxwell hill) near Taiping. The first four of the resort is [...] the Post Genting highlands – incendiary Las Vegas in Malaysia originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Trekking – an extreme entertainment for lovers of amazing landscapes, thrills, incredible experiences. But it is not only challenging trails, but also the opportunity to explore the culture and history amazing places. Today I will talk about the best routes for trekking in the mountains. I have to say – is the destination I discovered recently, but already knew – [...] the Post Mountain trekking: TOP 21 iconic route for trekking around the world, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Malaysia is a country inferior in the flow of tourists more visited Thailand or Vietnam, but travelers who are tired of the “classics” are going for a holiday in Malaysia. Local resorts exotic charm, originality, beauty, enchantment of the senses... In Malaysia you can not only enjoy a relaxing holiday surrounded by beautiful nature, but also to attend educational tours at its historical sites. High popularity of this country [...] the Post the Best resorts in Malaysia: where to go for a fantastic vacation in Asia? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Thailand is of great interest to tourists, and explore this amazing country you can in several ways, including and independent travel, which, incidentally, is even more interesting those that are planning the travel Agency. In Thailand, the tourist offers a lot of opportunities in this country a lot of interesting resorts that are worth a visit. But how to move to Thailand? In fact, [...] the Post Transport in Thailand: how to travel around Thailand cheap? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

If you are thinking about staying in Southeast Asia, the first thing you need to think about visiting Cambodia. The country is attracting increased attention from tourists due to the fact that the rest of it is very cheap. Relax there will be able to attend. In Cambodia there are beaches that are almost in no way inferior to Thai or Vietnamese. Unfortunately, it [...] the Post a Unique holiday in Cambodia tours to dream in 2019 was originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

To date, one of the most popular among tourists from all over the world is St. Petersburg- a city-Museum, city-tale. It was in St. Petersburg you can see the old sights and to visit the Royal estates, palaces and parks. Affects this city and its unique architecture. And its very location is considered a landmark and a rarity because it is located on the Islands. Most tourists gives [...] the Post Which hotel to choose in Saint Petersburg in 2019? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Each young lady from a very tender age dream to meet a Prince, and always beautiful, and make your wedding unforgettable with him. Romantic wedding in Greece – the opportunity to combine the wedding and vacation, and honeymoon. When organizing a wedding, many have fantastic celebrations in restaurants, buy fabulous wedding dresses, call for a celebration of all friends and relatives. [...] the Post Beautiful wedding in Santorini – a romantic getaway for couples originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Gold-domed Moscow is a city of contrasts and great opportunities, for tourists there's a new world with incredible tours and attractions, from breathtaking. So where to go in Moscow at the weekend? What to see? Tourists of the capital often do not have time to visit the main historically places in the city. If the trip is with a guide, stay [...] the Post the Best tours in the capital: where to spend your weekend in Moscow? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

The Philippines has always had a reputation as a great place to stay. Interestingly, this state combines the nearly all unique traits of the other countries of South-East Asia. In the Philippines, as many of the exotic, as in Cambodia, the same tourist infrastructure as in Thailand, and the same friendly locals, as in Myanmar. The country is rich in diverse flora and [...] the Post the Paradise Philippines Islands for vacation in 2019, as in a fairy tale originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Kiev – a beautiful tourist city, the capital of Ukraine, alluring attractions for tourists from all over the world. They come here for a rich excursion program for the rich history, relaxed and fun holiday. To go to Kiev is during the winter months to a couple of days to spend in this city, and then to move to the ski resorts of Transcarpathia. What is not intense and active? However, [...] the Post travel: what to see and where to stay tourist? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

More and more of our compatriots to stay choose one of the countries of South-East Asia. Resorts of this region are famous for their beaches, unique nature and original local traditions, extremely good-natured and smiling service. In Asia, tourists from around the world find a large number of different possibilities for a perfect and, most importantly, affordable vacation. The most popular destinations are Vietnam and Thailand – [...] the Post Vietnam or Thailand: which is better in 2019? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Laos is a small country in Asia which can boast of gorgeous beaches, as there is landlocked, but has plenty of attractions. To go to Laos is ideal for a short time – a few days is enough to explore the most colorful and interesting places. I have been in Laos during my last trip to Southeast Asia, [...] the Post the Amazing Laos – attractions, that are 100% need to see originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.