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There are in Southeast Asia, which until recently was almost completely closed for visits by foreign nationals. It is called Myanmar, although some people know him better under another name – Burma. Years of international sanctions and isolation have left behind, and gradually a trickle of tourists becomes a real river, because this mysterious country with its ethnic diversity, [...] the Post Travel to Myanmar: places worthy of a visit. originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Transport in India can be described in one word – "chaos." Despite the fact that the government is investing heavily in the construction of modern roads, high-speed rail lines, and airports, most of the country is still far from a civilized transport system. But let's look at everything that includes the geography of transport in India, and will describe how best to travel [...] the Post Transport in India today and its features for tourists, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Tourism in East Timor is underdeveloped and sights to see mostly natural phenomena. Historical monuments there is also a little. On the other hand, if you want a relaxing holiday in the nature, then this is the perfect option. Entertainment East Timor: festivals, tourism, sightseeing best time to visit the country is carnival Carnival de Timor. His conduct [...] the Post East Timor – the place is nice and quiet, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

East Timor is a small mountainous country in South-East Asia, with strong Portuguese features, as a consequence of the colonial past. East Timor is a popular tourist destination, especially compared with the renowned neighbors: Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is plain the state does not have unique historical monuments, a well-organized infrastructure and as a result, great demand among tourists. However, [...] the Post the Mysterious and unexplored lands of East Timor was originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

In the news we often hear about North Korea, whose leader once again threatens his enemies, at the same time, South Korea – a state which is not publicly declares itself in the world community, but it begins to gain popularity among tourists from all over the world. Has to offer this country newcomers-tourists and jaded professionals? Let's face it. Climate, location, [...] the Post Travel to South Korea – the jewel of Southeast Asia, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

South Korea is a country famous for its natural attractions and cultural heritage. Here closely adjoin to the highest skyscrapers of business centres with ancient palaces, temples and the original Eastern markets. The country will appeal both to fans of quiet rest, and those who have an active lifestyle. What to see in South Korea? Cultural heritage scattered throughout the country, however, [...] the Post Tourism in South Korea: briefly about the most important originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Philippines this is not the typical country in the ordinary sense of the word, but a real Alliance of the Islands, which number more than 7 thousand. Philippines is, indeed, the 7 wonders of the thousand scattered in the Pacific ocean at the junction of the three seas. Wildlife of the Philippines in General unique, because many species of flora and fauna found only on these Islands and nowhere else. [...] the Post the Philippines is a tropical Paradise lost in the Pacific, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Exotic island of Koh Samui is part of Thailand, but differs markedly from mainland climate, history and lifestyle of the people. Come here for a relaxing vacation in Paradise. On the banks of the stretches of gorgeous beaches, but there is a time for entertaining excursions. Start the journey to Thailand — geography and weather Koh Samui (Koh Samui) is located near the mainland, [...] the Post the Island of Koh Samui, the sea pearl of the Kingdom of Thailand, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

International air transport Association (ICAO) , without accreditation not is not one of the flight sets its own rates, above which the airlines do not try to raise the price level. Since the information about these rates publicly available, applied to them the term,the fare is published by ICAO, Is the basis, the same rates listed in reference and available in all the reservation systems, each airline. [...] the Post Airfares — open to all and invisible to the world. originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

China is a country of amazing and original. In all spheres of modern life the oldest civilization of the planet has its own distinctive features, it is not always clear to the representatives of other States. But this is a mosaic combination of millennial sanctuary of wisdom, an irresistible tradition, the immutable archaic way of life of China with the most contemporary trends, an exit in leaders of world production. Naturally affected by this trend [...] the Post Transport in China originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

In the modern world there are very few people who has not heard of a country like Brunei under the leadership of the Sultan. This area became world famous in the XV century, but was quite different names, for example, Puni, Polo or Poly. In the sixteenth century Brunei from an unknown city into a flourishing metropolis, under whose control were now of the earth [...] the Post a Journey through South-East Asia: Brunei, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

If you are thinking about staying in Southeast Asia, the first thing you need to think about visiting Cambodia. The country is attracting increased attention from tourists due to the fact that staying here is very cheap. Relax there will be able to attend. In Cambodia there are beaches that are almost in no way inferior to Thai or Vietnamese. Unfortunately, it [...] the Post an Unforgettable trip to Cambodia was originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Thailand has long acquired a reputation as one of the most promising tourist destinations in South-East Asia. In this Kingdom there is all necessary for excellent rest. There everyone will be able to enjoy the superb beaches, to explore the unique cultural traditions and see the many attractions. Bangkok is the capital of the Kingdom. The city is also of great interest for tourists. Because of such vivid contrasts, as [...] the Post the Sights of Bangkok originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Northern Thailand is fundamentally different from the Central and southern lands. These differences of climate and landscape. Northern weather is pleasantly surprising coolness, especially if you have time to get tired from the heat. Also evident is the difference in national composition: here the Thais were ousted by the Chinese, Burmese and Laotians. It's a completely different world that has little in common with our usual ideas about Thailand. [...] the Post Northern Thailand originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Vietnam is a country of ancient civilizations, thick pristine jungle, wide mountains and exotic cuisine. This country is located in the southeastern part of Asia, on the Indochina Peninsula. On the Eastern side, Vietnam is washed by the Gulf of Beibu and the South China sea, the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand. In the form of government of this state is a Republic, headed by the socialists and includes [...] the Post Holidays in Vietnam originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.