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Japan is an amazing country, which will give you a huge amount of interesting places and incredible attractions that I recommend to see. Stay in Japan will leave you awesome experience, and in this country there are some places that simply must visit. I have prepared for you the special TOP of the best sights of Japan, who personally saw, which is not guaranteed like you! [...][Newline]the Post the Main sights of Japan – where to go to tourist on vacation? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

A Holiday in Phuket in Thailand is a treat for the exotic beaches with white sand and, of course, a rich excursion program with a visit to picturesque attractions. When planning your vacation, you should pay attention to the famous resort of Phuket. Here tourists will be able to have a good time and enjoy the local beauty. They should include a luxurious waterfall called Ton SAI. The best period [...] the Post the Best holiday in Phuket – where to go and what to see tourist? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Sochi is a Russian resort city, which is famous not only for its wonderful beaches, luxury hotels, ski resorts and entertainment centers, and memorable attractions. In this city tourists will definitely find something for everyone in both summer and winter. Sochi boasts advantageous geographical location, rich history and high tourism potential, thanks to [...] the Post What to see in Sochi – sights of Sochi and the surrounding area, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

National Park, Jiuzhaigou nature reserve North Sichuan province Central China. Known for its multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes, declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1992. Belongs to the category V (protected landscapes) on the systematization of protected areas IUCN Jiuzhaigou Valley is at the southern end of the mountain range Minshan, 330 km North of the provincial capital Chengdu. [...] the Post national Park China, Jiuzhaigou was originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Representatives of many professions have to wander across Russia and neighboring countries to solve current issues. Every major city offers many travel options, but to choose a really decent housing is difficult. Why it is so hard to find a good hotel for a business trip? The reason is not so much in poor quality of services, how many in a wide variety, which just run away [...] the Post the Trip — how to choose a good hotel for a business trip? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Czech Republic – country lakes, country woods, country ancient cities and castles, where every stone under the feet of the traveler is of historical value. Castle necessarily ancient. The bridge is very beautiful. This is the Czech Republic... Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. And it is the biggest attraction of the state. On the Prague streets you can wander for hours and not cease to be surprised, each time revealing something [...] the Post What to see in the Czech Republic — the best sights originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Thailand is a Mecca for diving, for those who can not imagine their life without the search for new emotions and exciting adventures. The best-known diving centres are at Pattaya and Phuket. Excursions in Phuket can be booked on-line. Water temperature of 28-32 degrees, very comfortable for swimming and diving, especially for inexperienced divers, who want to [...] the Post diving in Thailand — where to see the exotic world? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Good afternoon, readers of my blog! Today, in the age of Internet technology, most potential tourists looking for attractions. Moreover, to do all that you can, not leaving the house, spending quite a bit of time. Purchase tickets online — the benefits of Why travelers prefer to purchase tickets over the Internet? Causes of online shopping are a few: it's convenient — no need to go somewhere, stand in line; this is advantageous [...] the Post How to buy a ticket via the Internet: life hack originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Malaysia is still a pristine nature, where carefully preserved traditions. For travelers, there is a Paradise: pristine beaches and high level of service. This is a fantastic country, rich in sights, has remained virtually untouched by modern people. In Malaysia, you can find luxury hotels, interesting diving and delicious cuisine. But if you want to party at night here is unlikely to enjoy. Because [...] the Post the Attractions of Malaysia: description and photos originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

You will be able to better feel the spirit in a strange country, if you will walk on the streets in the crowd of the locals and enjoy the flavors of the local cuisine, combining sightseeing with a visit to the cafe. If you go to Thailand, be sure to spend a couple of hours to stroll through the streets of Thailand and to try new Thai dishes. After a busy sightseeing day full of impressions, traditional [...] the Post the Cuisine and sights of Thailand originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Tourist trips beginning on December 24 and ends after January 1, new year's rounds are considered. At this time Catholics traditionally celebrate Christmas, and then all over the world comes the New year. The Russians are also not averse to relax during the new year holidays, and in travel they travel with the children. Christmas is a time when waiting for a miracle even as adults, therefore, such [...] the Post Tours for the holidays: where to spend Christmas? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

The Mount Kailash located in the South of Tibet, it is one of the most mysterious places of our planet, disputes and discussions around which do not cease to this day. The place of worship of the population and an insurmountable obstacle for the population — is a sacred mountain in Tibet, Kailash. Kailash looks like a pyramid, faces of which are arranged exactly to the cardinal. Mysterious mount Kailash has an interesting landmark on the southern slope are located a vertical crack crossed by a [...] the Post Kailash mountain in Tibet — the secrets and mysteries of the planet originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

7 reasons to travel to Nha Trang In Nha Trang stunningly beautiful Bay. In the vicinity of Nha Trang there is an opportunity to choose the beach from the crowded city to a quiet, white sand, surrounded by jungle. A huge number of quality hotels (from budget rooms to villas with a private pool). A whole island of entertainment Vinpearl with a three-kilometer cable car over the sea. Excursions, boat trips, diving, snorkeling and other [...] the Post the Hotels of Nha Trang-Vietnam originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

There are in Southeast Asia, which until recently was almost completely closed for visits by foreign nationals. It is called Myanmar, although some people know him better under another name – Burma. Years of international sanctions and isolation have left behind, and gradually a trickle of tourists becomes a real river, because this mysterious country with its ethnic diversity, [...] the Post Travel to Myanmar: places worthy of a visit. originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Transport in India can be described in one word – "chaos." Despite the fact that the government is investing heavily in the construction of modern roads, high-speed rail lines, and airports, most of the country is still far from a civilized transport system. But let's look at everything that includes the geography of transport in India, and will describe how best to travel [...] the Post Transport in India today and its features for tourists, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.