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Travel to Southeast Asian countries is the dream of millions of tourists. However, rest is not as perfect as touted in travel agencies. Cons of Thailand is also significant and for them it is better to know before you travel in order not to be disappointed. In my articles I have repeatedly shared their positive impressions of the rest in South-East Asia. What is really to be honest, this has long been my favorite, [...] the Post the Cons of Thailand, which I will not say at a travel Agency – personal experience 2019 was originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

London — a city with ancient history and unique traditions. He charms everyone who enters here, there are plenty of places for fun and entertainment, and sights at every step. London attractions consistently entice travelers. The UK capital's many historic and modern places, which are worth a look, is the West end, Hyde Park and the shopping centre Harrods, and [...] the Post TOP 10 London attractions: best tours of great Britain originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Hong Kong – the center of tourism of China, which is visited by a huge number of travelers, which is not surprising, because in this state of the art and never sleeping city has lots of interesting places. Hong Kong is famous for its skyscrapers, vibrant business activity and markets. But in spite of actively bubbling life here in the city there are parks with ancient monasteries – places of peace [...] the Post Hong Kong – attractions and entertainment in the center of world tourism originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Thailand is a country in which every tourist can find something of their own. Fans of contemplative rest delight luxury white sand beaches and turquoise expanse of water, those who do not get tired to admire the beauty of nature, staggering landscapes, crystal clean rivers and waterfalls. Lovers of ancient monuments will certainly be interested in Buddhist temples and classic architecture of Asia. Have a great time and those [...] the Post the Best hotels in Thailand – how to choose and book a hotel? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

With the onset of cold weather, many domestic tourists wanting to go on holiday to country where is warm and Sunny weather. But when it's a hot summer, some want to escape from it into the country with cool weather. European countries for an exotic winter holiday not suitable, but if you consider the resorts of South-East Asia, the time of their use, you should choose [...] the Post When is the best time to go to Southeast Asia? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Someone said that is better to relax than walking in Istanbul, we couldn't find never. And this is the real truth. Wherever you go, you will always be sure to pull in this city. Despite its fame due to its good location, the second Turkish capital attracts more attention than other Turkish cities. Here you will find beautiful, majestic [...] the Post things to do in Istanbul – TOP 5 of interesting things for tourists originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Batu Caves is one of those places that I want to explore the millions of visitors to Malaysia. Therefore, this attraction is one of the most visited places in the country. Are the Batu caves in the woods a short distance from the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur. Near these limestone caves on the river Sungai Batu. In fact thanks to her, and the girl with [...] the Post Batu Caves Malaysia – the main attraction of Kuala Lumpur was originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

These travelers try to try everything that offers them a country in which they rest, including drinks with local food. In Thailand gastronomy a wide selection for every taste, age, the situation. Drinks in Thailand are characterized by their diversity, in particular of all beverages served in restaurants to the Thai dishes, you can write a separate thesis, so [...] the Post Drinks in Thailand: what is certainly worth a try on vacation? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Many tourists, including Russians who go to China for treatment, because Chinese medicine has been known since ancient times and during its existence has gained incredible knowledge of the healing properties of minerals, herbs and other tools used in medicine. Chinese medicine is not only, in fact, the restoration of health, but also a philosophy. Qualified doctors, [...] the Post Treatment in China – reviews, prices, secrets of Chinese medicine, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Sun-Drenched Greece is rightly called "the cradle of European civilization," the pearl of which is its capital – Athens. It is the birthplace of the Olympic movement, democracy and Sirtaki. The importance of its historical and artistic monuments of recognized worldwide. Athens was built at the height of Hellenic culture, glorified by Homer. It is the birthplace of Olympus, where a seated Zeus, Apollo and Artemis. Antique ideal of beauty. City, [...] the Post Athens: attractions Sunny Greece, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Before going abroad, will not prevent prepare for your own holiday. First of all, you need to choose the direction depending on their preferences. So if you prefer a beach holiday on the sea without any extra effort, you can just contact any tour operator, and he will have solved the remaining problems. Many do just that – they bought package tours [...] the Post 10 life hacks, how to plan a vacation in 2019? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Japan is an amazing country, which will give you a huge amount of interesting places and incredible attractions that I recommend to see. Stay in Japan will leave you awesome experience, and in this country there are some places that simply must visit. I have prepared for you the special TOP of the best sights of Japan, who personally saw, which is not guaranteed like you! [...][Newline]the Post the Main sights of Japan – where to go to tourist on vacation? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

A Holiday in Phuket in Thailand is a treat for the exotic beaches with white sand and, of course, a rich excursion program with a visit to picturesque attractions. When planning your vacation, you should pay attention to the famous resort of Phuket. Here tourists will be able to have a good time and enjoy the local beauty. They should include a luxurious waterfall called Ton SAI. The best period [...] the Post the Best holiday in Phuket – where to go and what to see tourist? originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

Sochi is a Russian resort city, which is famous not only for its wonderful beaches, luxury hotels, ski resorts and entertainment centers, and memorable attractions. In this city tourists will definitely find something for everyone in both summer and winter. Sochi boasts advantageous geographical location, rich history and high tourism potential, thanks to [...] the Post What to see in Sochi – sights of Sochi and the surrounding area, originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.

National Park, Jiuzhaigou nature reserve North Sichuan province Central China. Known for its multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes, declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1992. Belongs to the category V (protected landscapes) on the systematization of protected areas IUCN Jiuzhaigou Valley is at the southern end of the mountain range Minshan, 330 km North of the provincial capital Chengdu. [...] the Post national Park China, Jiuzhaigou was originally published in the blog "Touring Asia" – tourist magazine.