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Has Long been known that Android OS is not as perfect as we would like. It has a number of shortcomings that significantly affect its work. For new versions of the operating system typical errors of various types. And the phenomenon of fragmentation becomes a frequent problem. The list is large and long you can continue to list. Because almost nothing is [...] Record the Shortcomings of Android appeared first on programming Languages.

Utility network configuration ifconfig - a powerful utility for configuring network interfaces Options: the name of the device (network interface eth0,eth1...) IP address interface subnet mask Example: ifconfig eth0 172.16.1.X/24 up route - configuration utility routing table Options: add adds a route to the routing table-net - add a route to the network-host - add default route to a host [...]

The exception handling Mechanism in PHP is borrowed from C++. As in C++, the programmer can define exception classes to throw exceptions programmatically using the throw statement. Exception classes should inherit from the Exception class. When an exception occurs, the script execution is interrupted and control is transferred to the nearest enclosing the try/catch block that can handle the exception. If no such block in the current [...]

The Concept of "overload" methods in PHP is fundamentally different from the concept of "overload" in other programming languages. Usually (for example, in Delphi, C++, C#, Java and other similar languages) "overload" refers to the ability to create the same methods (functions) - but with different number and types of parameters. But in PHP it is not! Here overloading refers to the ability to dynamically choose properties and [...]

Cloning objects and object inheritance in PHP. Examples of cloning (clone) and inheritance (extends). Overriding method in the derived classes. Cloning objects When you assign the object in PHP can only be assigned an object reference is: Well, if you need to reference the object, and copy it? In PHP there is a special mechanism - cloning objects. Cloning of [...]

Constructors and destructors in PHP are "magic" methods that are called when you create or destroy object. An example of a class with constructor, destructor. Constructors a Constructor in PHP is a magic method named __construct (), called when an object of a class using the new operator. It allows you to set the initial values of the class fields, and perform other actions necessary for the creation of [...]

In this example, I decided to create a little program that will process an array in C# (C sharp). For this I need to create a WindowsFormsApplication project. Next, a little spirit of the form itself. Since the program will be called "Processor arrays", then I'll write it in Text box the appearance of the form. Now select CenterScreen at StartPosition and Maximize put in [...]

Behavioral factors, which include bounce rate, stand on the first place with search engine promotion. Also they are also important for the conversion because the more site like people, the more they perform the target action. What is bounce rate? Failure is a situation when the user leaves the page after the link is clicked. Search engines consider this as an appropriate [...]

Have You ever wondered why some blogs attract thousands of readers, while others will have almost zero attendance? Of course, were asked. We all want to have a blog with a lot of traffic and become popular. Since you're reading this blog, you probably already have and your. You think its the best and want to let other people believed it as well. [...]

Installation management system WordPress (WordPress) to consider does not make sense, but the basic setup of WordPress better. The article will cover the basic cases, the most appropriate configuration of the content management system WordPress. At the beginning of go into General settings and set the date - the date format is better put in the form of "2015-04-18". It is the recommendation of the Council. Very often found under the settings [...]

The Date of birth of this Android operating system is considered to be September 2008. Some sources tells that the primary task was to perform this set of programs is the management of surveillance cameras. In other States that it was written immediately beneath the Communicator brand T-MobileG1. However, after the successful results of the implementation of the game began numerous experiments that have continued to [...]

Class Inheritance C++ allows you to define a derived class as an extension of the base class. In this case, all the base class members exist in the derived class. But not all of them are available, as are access rules. Again, unlike other object-oriented languages (Java, Delphi, C#), C++ is not common to all classes of the base class. Each class, for which [...]

Constructor in C++ is intended for initialization of objects of this class (it is initializing and not create) an object can be dynamically allocated memory, but also on the stack (as a local variable of the function). Feature of C++ constructors in that they are invoked when the object is not created yet until the end. Therefore, there are limitations to the appeal from the constructor to other [...]

Collection in C# classes and interfaces that implement (extend) interfaces ICollection or ICollection. They are used to represent sets of (linked) data. Basic collection interfaces ICollection ICollection includes only the most common properties and methods for working with collections - that is, almost no. This interface describes the Count property, which allows to obtain the number of items in the collection. [...]

Typically, the interfaces are used in programming as a fully abstract classes, i.e. classes that contain only abstract methods and properties and does not contain any fields. Interfaces are a common replacement for multiple inheritance in programming languages like Delphi, do not contain multiple inheritance. But unlike other programming languages, a feature interfaces in Delphi is that they are closely [...]