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The Creators of the famous game announced "the conquest of new territories. Now Rovio will develop their products in Russia. - We are satisfied with our partners, located on the territory of the Russian Federation. They work in very difficult conditions, but still a great show... Read more →

Russian buyers GOG serves as an interface and support in their native language, and games adapted for the domestic market prices. Now in the directory service is a little less than a thousand names. Basically, in represented a classic, but the company plans... Read more →

Computer network, the State Department began to wane after hackers, who may be from Rus. Expected a scheduled outage for cleaning. On Friday, the U.S. State Department has closed some of its not a secret mail servers to clear that according to sources, was a source of malicious software inserted... Read more →

Facebook bought search engine for goods and services "TheFind". The terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The giant social network claims that the technology will help to make Advertising on Facebook more relevant to consumers. “We are very happy welcoming TheFind in Facebook. Talented team TheFind created successful... Read more →

Security Error in the popular WordPress plugin has been fixed, preventing from potential burglary in all settings of the blog. Yoast, the producer of the popular plugin "wordpress-SEO" for blogging platforms, said fixed request forgery cross-site, making blind SQL attack. This may have allowed the hacker to change... Read more →

Online payment company PayPal, eBay Department, founded the center for cyber security in Israel and bought a local start-up CyActive to help in early development. PayPal, which is going to split from eBay this year, did not disclose financial details, but the Israeli media claim that the acquisition... Read more →

Facebook has removed a controversial smiley "feel fat" after thousands of people have begun to prosecute. Smiley, which showed full cheeks and a double chin, was previously listed as a possibility for status updates. It has recently drawn criticism due to the Change Read more →

The Intercept argue that researchers CIA tried to hack the iPhone for many years. Former CIA employee Edward Snowden confirmed that the researchers CIA almost ten years trying to break through the protection of phones and tablets Apple. Famous top-secret U.S. documents, which States that... Read more →

The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that runs the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia, reported that the privacy of users have been compromised and that they go to court to try to fix it. Wikimedia filed a lawsuit Tuesday in U.S. District court for the District of Maryland against the Agency's national... Read more →

Baidu, the Chinese search engine on the Internet, often referred to as the Chinese Google, can present its own Autonomous car this year, Bloomberg reported, citing the head of Robin Lee that Baidu, study your own smart car. Baidu has previously commented that the car still needs a driver... Read more →

While Amazon is known primarily in the technology space as the creators of the Kindle Fire and Fire TV, Amazon also has its own game Studio. We played with some of them in the past (To Fury, Saber''s Edge), waited impatiently for them... Read more →

Facebook will soon remove all the ‘likes’ received from accounts that have been deactivated or belonging to dead people. The removal process of ‘likes’ should begin in a few weeks. According to data from an independent source "Facebook will delete only the likes of those accounts that have been deactivated... Read more →

The Founder of Facebook and CEO knows that the experience is not all. The Council is a valuable commodity when it comes to studying leadership. But according to Mark Zuckerberg, sometimes listening to yourself is the most important tip. But one of the most insightful moments from the Q&A came... Read more →

Just when you thought that you may safely use your computer after last year's mistakes called Heatbleed, and other computer errors, threatening your privacy, researchers have found another security flaw that threatens millions of Internet users. This error... Read more →

Dark network and deep network is sometimes referred to as parts of the Internet where You can't Google. But the British firm cybersecurity has developed its own search engine for a dark Internet, as well as for IRC (mainly chatrooms). Alistair, Peterson, General Director of the Digital Shadows, says,... Read more →