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I wanted to change the classic "Soviet" recipe "Mimosa", make a salad more "easy" : I replaced the canned fish, boiled fish, don't use potatoes but added apples and cheese. I think that this version of the salad even more useful than potatoes and canned fish. 06.03.2017

Loaf of pita bread with Korean carrot is a good option for quick home meals or snacks for a picnic. It's more a winter version of the rolls of pita when there are fresh herbs and fresh vegetables as you need to cook crispy snack. For thrill-these rolls fit in any time of the year. 27.02.2017

Pancakes this recipe came out of "openwork". Feature pancakes from the dough in the fact that they are unsweetened. If you put sugar in the dough more than 35%, the dough runs the risk of not be suitable, and sweets it will give quite a bit. These pancakes are very good with savory fillings. 16.02.2017

Wonderful, delicious cheese casserole "bounty", a real Paradise for lovers of coconut. Serve the casserole with coconut should be warm. The chocolate sauce is especially good Supplement this exotic curd yummy. 06.02.2017

Moderately sweet, fragrant, with raisin, pumpkin porridge with rice milk. Very tasty porridge in a pot. Recipe oatmeal simple, if you know some peculiarities of cooking in pots. All the products are laid raw. Porridge is light and healthy. 01.02.2017

How to cook chicken nuggets at home? Slices of tender chicken in a crispy crust - is authentic, homemade nuggets, cooking recipe which is not complicated. At home you can cook chicken nuggets even tastier than McDonald's. This dish will serve you well for a children's party or picnic. 26.01.2017

I think a holiday table (especially Christmas) should be easy, so after the festival everyone was in a good mood and feeling great. Offer a selection of recipes for delicious, inexpensive, easy to prepare holiday meals. Dish do not the ingredients and our imagination, good mood and desire to surprise your loved ones. 29.12.2016

A Simple and delicious carrot cookies with oats and raw carrots. Carrots to cookies is necessary to take sweet, delicious. Combined with lemon icing these cookies can be a favorite cookie of your family. Cookies are useful, with a small amount of butter. 20.12.2016

One of the most delicious chocolate cake, the sachertorte cake (Sachertorte). Rich chocolate butter cake, a delicious fragrant layer of apricot jam and a beautiful chocolate glaze - these are simple components of this elegant dessert. 14.12.2016

Simple homemade cake sour cream , but with a complicated sour cream, and fragrant Apple cream. You always want to make the cake less fatty, baked apples in cream not only reduce fat, but also give the cake a pleasant acidity. Highly recommend. 28.11.2016

Culated Pie, tart Tatin, upside down cake, French cake, pie, tarte Tatin ... All this Russian title of this wonderful cake, where very little dough and a lot of apples. Bake this cake once and you will fall in love as I fell in love with it. 25.09.2016

Suggest the appetizer recipe of eggplant that can be served as a salad, as a filling for snack buns and lavash, as well as a side dish to meat dishes. This is a wonderful vegetable dish on the grounds of the eggplant in Korean. It's spicy, fragrant and delicious with fresh carrot, pepper, onion and garlic. 18.09.2016

Great homemade Apple cake with nuts. The apples make the cake moist and give a slightly sour taste, and the pecans complement the flavor and make the structure of the air layers. Fragrant, moist, delicious and very easy to make a cake for a family tea party. 08.09.2016

Nice to open a jar of delicious salad, put it in a bowl, or directly into the dish, and immediately to eat. For this you need to spend a little time preserving and then enjoy. This salad is created on motives of "Lecho", but other than sweet peppers and tomatoes in it, I add onion and sometimes carrots. Yes, more finely cut peppers. 23.08.2016

How easy it is to preserve tomatoes for the winter without salt, sugar, vinegar and something else? Now I'll tell you about it. Tomatoes - very self-contained berries, which are very well and keep its flavor with proper heat treatment. The tomatoes in this recipe retain its fresh aroma and taste for which they should be preserved that way. 10.08.2016