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Enjoy a traditional, ancient recipe of the cake for Easter. Dough for Christmas bread and Easter cake is a festive bread at Easter, must be Mature. When ripe it acquires a dough a unique flavor and taste. Cakes even without additives is very tasty and can be kept long, at the same time becoming more tastier. To prepare this kind of Easter cakes is 3 days before Easter, during this time, cakes are "ripe". The traditional recipe for the Central part of Ukraine and, of course, already sovremennoy the use of yeast. 23.04.2019

This recipe for apricot jam was an accident. I had a small amount of the apricot, the space in the pan and a small amount of cherries. The result is very pleased with its color, aroma and flavor. Gorgeous apricot jam with cherries. 11.07.2017

A Very simple recipe zucchini with meat, it is minced in the pub "Penechki". The thus prepared courgettes with minced meat easy to eat because the stuffing is added to the cups from the zucchini, the dish turns out neat, juicy, tasty and beautiful. 07.07.2017