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First platform designed for high-performance desktop systems, and the second for workstations and servers. Record the New portion of rumors about the high-performance AMD systems X390 and X399 appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

The Head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia created the conditions for the functioning of payment systems and banks in case of disconnection of the country from SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) or other restrictions. Record the Banking system of Russia is capable of disabling SWIFT appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

When we talk about frequencies of about 3 GHz or above, it often comes about CPUs — these figures are still not available much more complex graphics cores, which sometimes consist of more than 10 billion transistors (12 in the case of NVIDIA GP102). But if this overclocker was able to achieve 2.5 GHz — albeit under liquid nitrogen, he will try to conquer the next vertex. The winch Lucido (Vince Lucido), better known in the PC world under the alias Kingpin, and more precisely, the K|NGP|N, enthusiast, without a doubt, real. And he managed to set a new record with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition, breaking up the graphic processor of this new product to 3024 GHz. Of course, for cooling used liquid nitrogen, but curious fact that the champion was...

Analysts at Forward Insights, summed up the supply on the market of solid state drives for all of 2016. Despite the lull before the introduction of new types of flash memory (even 3D NAND is still far from mainstream use), the percentage in the supply of even the largest players varied in the course of the year quite strongly. So, Samsung Electronics at the end of the year got 21% of the total pie, although the first quarter has reached 34%. This South Korean company has remained in leading positions. the Second place was held by Kingston Digital: with its 16%, the company shipped during the year SSD 10.1 million from a total of 63 million units. In the first quarter, the manufacturer achieved 19% of the total supply. In third place far behind is SanDisk...

We Continue to explore the range of shops Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store on the subject of interesting software solutions. This time in our field of view were developments that can make life easier for motorists Record New article: Ten useful mobile apps for drivers appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

Reuters reports that Japanese mobile operator SoftBank has invested $ 300 million into unknown to most of the younger company WeWork, which deals in a highly original business. WeWork creates workspaces for startups and small companies. This is done as follows. WeWork at a reduced price rents office space, then divides them into small areas, and leases start-UPS or small companies that do not require large areas. In the end, WeWork to make a difference in the cost of rent, and young companies get a small office where themselves be to rent it, could not. The advantage in this case is the door to young companies. Indeed, despite the fact that they can go in completely different directions, they are United by stage of development, which are these companies. In...

In this issue: the AMD Ryzen 5; Intel for $15.3 billion acquired component developer for autopilot MobilEye; Bosch and NVIDIA jointly develop auto-pilot systems; systems with processors Kaby Lake and Ryzen no longer receive updates on Windows 7 and 8.1; Samsung Exynos 9 Series turned out to be more productive Snapdragon 835 Record New article: the Main events of the past week, 13-19 March 2017 appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

PlayStation Now will soon be a game with the PlayStation 4. Quake Champions will shareware game. In Moscow opened an eSports Studio for League of Legends. Blizzard, perhaps preparing a reissue of the original StarCraft. Appeared fresh details Guardians of the Galaxy. About these and other events of the week read the news digest Record New article: Game industry for the week. 13-19 March 2017 appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

Became known date of the Android release of the first game in the series Nintendo Mario for mobile Super Mario Run will appear on this system on March 23. In order to learn about the release of the game, you can pre-register in the Google Play store. Simultaneously, Super Mario Run iOS which Feb downloaded over 78 million times, will get an update to 2.0.0. It will add a new playable characters, and will unlock the first four worlds in the free version by doing one of the tests of Bowser. At the moment the trial version of mobile platform game available only the first three levels. Record the Android version of the Super Mario Run will be released next week appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

Lower prices, the variety of devices and expansion of their application potential will cause a significant increase in demand for VR and augmented reality. According to a study by IDC, shipments of such devices will grow ten times — from 10.1 million shipped in 2016 helmets to 99.4 million in 2021. According to the research company, the device augmented and virtual reality will be able to offer business users new possibilities in terms of productivity. It "will allow employees to see and interact with the data instead of looking at a static image on the screen." Record IDC: by 2021, the supply of devices of virtual and augmented reality will grow ten times appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

Presents USB flash drive Silicon Power xDrive Z50 that is suitable for both PCs and mobile devices, in this case smartphones and tablets of Apple. The new housing of zinc alloy with sand-blasting treatment, which prevents dust from getting inside and scratching the outside. USB Flash drive Silicon Power xDrive Z50 got two connectors, USB 3.1 Gen1, and Lightning, and the latter is thrown out of the case. Such a design will allow the use xDrive Z50 not to remove the case from your smartphone, which otherwise could interfere with the connection. The novelty is certified under the Apple MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod). The polyurethane cap has an eyelet for attaching to a keychain. the product is available in volumes of 32, 64 and 128 GB, the dimensions are...

Latest game in the Hitman series recently turned one year. In honor of that, Square Enix and IO Interactive have decided to show the players some interesting statistics about the project. In the infographic from IO Interactive says that the players performed in Hitman more than 70 million tests. Also, for example, only 2 % of users have killed the lawyer of Ken Morgan in Bangkok using coconut. Even more fun fact — 70 people were killed in the same puddle, performing one of the many available jobs. Record Hitman: 70 deaths in a puddle, the toy Bicycle to escape and other data in the infographic appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

Nissan Motor Company in conjunction with the administration of the Japanese city of Yokohama has announced the launch of a new careregular service called Choimobi Yokohama. Recall that car — sharing is a service short term car rental with per-minute billing. The customer can take the car to one of the Parking lots, and at the end of the trip to leave at any Parking space within the zone of service. Record In Japan earned service car-share ultra-compact electric vehicle Nissan appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

Guide Xiaomi is preparing another pleasant surprise for their fans. Harbinger of the coming announcement was the agreement signed between the Chinese developer and owner of three major record labels — Warner Music Group. The latter owns the rights to Atlantic Records, Warner Bros. Records and Parlophone Records. The Xiaomi is considering the music industry as one of the most attractive and profitable kinds of activity. Therefore, a contract with Warner Music Group, meaning access to the largest digital audiophiliac, on the one hand will expand the musical horizon of the users of gadgets running MIUI, and on the other promises a good profit in the future. Record Xiaomi entered into an agreement with the record Warner Music Group appeared first on computer...

Experts known to us by DxOMark tests cameras smartphones. But the new review does not apply to this type of mobile devices. Instead, DxOMark decided to test the camera drones. Those who are not familiar with the settings cameras the drones might think that tests of such devices less interesting than the comparison cameras smartphones. However, with drones even more difficult. While smartphones are used in purely CMOS image sensors have drones there are camera with different sensors that not only... Record DJI Zenmuse X5S — best camera for drones for version DxOMark appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.