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Smartphone nowadays most enjoys is "smart" machines, let them is not always inside the most modern filling. But an even more convenient smartphone when it is equipped with a means of integration with desktop PC or laptop. It is well understood in Apple, and starting with Yosemite, OS X has the ability to answer phone calls directly from the operating system. However, it is only on Apple's smartphones and dominate the market, as you know, Android, from smartphones and from the Windows desktop operating systems. It looks like the receiving a call the new version Windows 10 Record Windows 10 Insider Build 16199 includes advanced integration with a smartphone appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

The Process of selling new or used cars is hard to call exciting and no less difficult to make it original, given the serious financial risks for the buyer and his desire to spend time checking for cars. However, creativity in any business plays an important role in attracting potential customers. Unconventional approach I decided to show the owner of the dealership from Singapore. To impress customers, he will take the format of his store, goods which are used cars. REUTERS/Thomas White Record Instead of cookies — Bentley: how vending inspired Autobahn Motors to create a unique showroom appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

The Developers from inXile Entertainment have released a big update for the role-playing game Torment: Tides of Numenera, which added a new partner and an advanced code. This update partially fulfills the promise made by the author during the collection of funds in the system Kickstarter. Just before release we found out that instead of nine companions that you can take in the party, in the final version were only six. Well, now their number increased by one — a new hero is Oom. This creature from another dimension resembles the bladder of unknown origin (whether alive is a creation or a construct?), it can be found and recruit in your starting location, on the Cliffs of Sagus. Adding him to the team, not only do you get another character with unique...

Speaking at the Google I/O conference in mountain view in front of 7 thousands of participants, the Executive Director of the company Sandar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) said that in the beginning of the week the number of monthly active users of the Android platform has exceeded 2 billion, cementing her status as the most popular mobile operating system in the world. The increase amounted to 400 million users since the last statistical summaries in September 2015. For comparison, in January 2016, Apple announced that one billion devices (not users) that are running iOS. Record the Number of regular Android users reached 2 billion appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

Valve has announced that it is going to deal with "criminals who exploit the algorithm of the store for financial gain". In particular, the company is aimed at developers who are using fake accounts and using Steam trading cards earn games-pacifiers. According to Valve, after appearing in Steam trading cards "the demand for them was so significant, that there was economic opportunity, which did not fail to take advantage". Developers have begun to create a fake game with no content or with small the quantity, and add them to digital storefront via Steam Greenlight. Record Valve will fight counterfeit trading cards on Steam appeared first on PC Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

According to the source, Apple may introduce at the upcoming WWDC in June 2017 updated laptops MacBook. the Professional models of the MacBook Pro will get Intel's new processors Kaby Lake, expected. In addition, Apple will update its the most compact laptop. The MacBook will get a better CPU the Intel Core m instead of the current. will Also be updated and old MacBook Air 13. The source claims that the sale of this PC has been surprisingly strong, so Apple is not going to write him off. The laptop will also get a new CPU. some major improvements can be expected. Maybe except the CPU copertina increase the amount of memory or storage in some models. New mobile PC, the company is not present. Tags: Apple comment Record At WWDC in June 2017 Apple will unveil...

Today Nvidia introduced the GeForce GT 1030 based on GP108 GPU with 384 CUDA cores. Of course, the partners announced their own versions of the news. In fact, the reference sample does not exist. the Company EVGA has added to their website only one version of the new GeForce GT 1030 SC. However, other resources include photographs and other models, which is strange. The 3D map, which is available on the website of the manufacturer, is low profile and features a compact active. GPU frequencies are 1290/1544 MHz. Looking ahead, apparently, this is the overclocked version of all GT 1030 in the market. The memory frequency itself corresponds to the recommended value 6000 MHz. Set of ports includes DVI and HDMI. as for the other adapters that EVGA for some...

As promised, today Nvidia introduced the GeForce GT 1030. We already knew everything about it, so it remains only to summarize and fill in small gaps. so, the new graphics card based on the GP108 GPU with 384 CUDA cores, 32 texture units and 16 ROP units. Memory bus width is only 64 bits, a TDP of 30 watts. This is the first few years, the budget non-gaming graphics card Nvidia, get a new GPU current generation. the Frequency of the kernel are 1227/1468 MHz, and memory is 2GB running at a frequency of 6000 MHz, which provides a bandwidth of 48 GB/s Recommended value adapter — $ 70. That is the price that a competitor card Radeon RX 550, which costs $ 80, but still a stretch can be used as a very budget gaming adapter, but the new Nvidia clearly not focused...

The Operating Director of "Sberbank factoring" Leonid Kultygin announced at the meeting of the RSPP Committee on banks and banking activities of Sberbank's decision to allow Alfa-Bank to the software platform based on blockchain technology that is used for verification of the factoring documents. Record will incorporate Sberbank Alfa-Bank to the platform based on blockchain technology appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

Global HMD intends to revive the former glory of the brand Nokia using the Android platform. The company was pleasantly surprised users at MWC 2017 at the beginning of the year, presenting three smartphones Nokia, running Android. However, none of them belongs to the category of high-end to be able to compete with the best Android smartphones or iPhone. Multiple leaks confirm the preparation of the Finnish company a couple of smartphones — Nokia 9 Nokia and 8, which will be presented this year to compete in the premium segment with the iPhone 8, and Galaxy S8. Record the First possible competitor to the iPhone from Nokia appeared in the "leaked" video first appeared Repair of computers, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

Today, among other things, were presented and server processors AMD Epyc, which we know under the code name of Naples. unfortunately, as in the case of Threadripper desktop CPU, AMD solutions Epyc details about the characteristics, range and pricing was not revealed. AMD boasted that in comparison with direct competitors (which, not specified) new server processors the company will offer 45% more of the engines 122% more memory bandwidth and 60% more throughput interfaces I / o. the maximum configuration CPU Epyc will get 32 cores. Thanks to the support of SMT processors can handle up to 64 data streams. You can also select eight-channel memory controller and the presence of 128 PCIe. Here we would point out that data on the number of PCIe lanes is in the...

The Company ESET announces a new cyber attack that is implemented by a criminal group Sednit, also known as APT28, Fancy Bear and Sofacy. Sednit is valid at least since 2004. This is the group credited with attacks on the national Committee of the US Democratic party, the German Parliament and the French channel TV5 Monde, as well as hacking the database doping Agency WADA. Record Disclosed the new cyber attacks that exploit vulnerabilities zero-day in Microsoft appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

The Chinese company E-Lead has recently exhibited a display on the windshield that forms an image that is visible even through the sunglasses. when viewed through sunglasses on an actual display on the windshield, the image changes colour, and even becomes invisible. the secret of the new display in a special film embedded in the laminated glass. Usually automotive glass — laminated glass consists of two layers of glass bonded with polymer film thickness of about 1 mm. Specialists E-Lead has replaced the tape its on a plot size of about 10 x 10 cm, used to display information. The image on this site is projected with a liquid crystal panel. Driver it is perceived as being at a distance of 2-2,5 m. In the dashboard display takes up about as much space as...

Producers do not wish to rest on our laurels and continue to increase the size of the displays, often forgetting to increase the resolution. But in the case of today's hero is not forgotten about anything: we have tested a huge model LG 38UC99-W a new standard UWQHD+ with a frequency of 75 Hz and the technology AMD FreeSync Record New article: the Review and testing of 37.5-inch monitor LG 38UC99-W: more and more appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

New Prey has no relation to the old, but the worse this gets. It is the successor of the ideas of System Shock 2, and strongly reminiscent of BioShock, and Dishonored, and Deus Ex and many other games. What is the taste of such a rich hodgepodge? Record New article: Prey — nothing can be trusted. The review appeared first on computer Repair, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.