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In the small car tool to monitor tire pressure with external sensors. Surely all motorists to periodically inspect the wheels before travel from time to time to get the gauges or go on the tire to check the pressure in the wheels. Now the procedure can be automated to display information about the pressure and temperature of the air in the tires on a small screen device placed in the vehicle. the Gadget was tested, impressions are purely positive, both in terms of cars I'm lazy. Details under the cut. Read more

Portable batteries have become commonplace in our lives. A trip on vacation or business trip it is hard to imagine without a Power Bank that recharges the gadget in the case that access to the socket is limited. And in the course of the working day can be great help, if you need a lot to move around the city, and the charge is running out... And most often there is a need for the maximum charge your device for a short period of time, because the use of battery, which charging current 0.5 A — 1A is not much. Tronsmart Trim 10 000 can quickly charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop thanks to the support of modern technology quick charge PD 3.0, 3.0 QC and VoltiQ. Read more

Lemfo has released a new model of smart watches LEMFO LEM8 running full Android operating system. Novelty equipped with a gorgeous AMOLED screen, and made it completely round, getting rid of the infamous "beards". Watch LEM8 received modern technical stuffing, such as: a powerful 4-core processor, a large (for hours) memory — 2Gb/16Gb and a slot for SIM cards with support for 4G LTE. Traditionally there is WiFi + BT module, GPS, and various sensors for sport (heart rate monitor, pedometer, barometer). Read more

To improve the quality of content on your channel, it was decided to purchase a video capture device Ezcap261. Now, in order to show a TV box or any other device, I don't need to remove your TV to the camera, I can record video directly from the start screen. In addition, such a device will definitely be useful in the economy, in fact, they can write video from any device with an HDMI output: photo/video cameras, game consoles, media players, etc. Read more

Second review about re-ordering things with Tao. once I came across a shop with a very original t-shirts. Most of them resemble color patterns Japanese tattoos. I chose black and white t-shirt with a dragon and then wrote a review about it. the Main feature of the shirt is a nice silky fabric, reminiscent of viscose. In the summer it is not hot, the cloth is easily blown and dries quickly. I was very pleased last t-shirt and ordered another one. this time with a pattern for a traditional Chinese painting. Read more

All smartphones, the company Poptel is protected by standard IP68 and have a NFC module for contactless payments. It is a kind of business card of the brand. At the time, I had the opportunity to test their model P9000 Max (emphasis on autonomy) and P8 (available with a IP68 smartphone in the line). Today I'll tell you about the new smartphone Poptel P60, which is the most technologically advanced in the company and in my opinion the most balanced. In addition to the traditional protection IP68, model-protected MIL-STD-810G (US military standard). The smartphone is equipped with a capacious battery capacity of 5000 mAh (supports wireless charging), NFC module and an impressive amount of RAM and internal memory. Read more

Controlled WiFi smart socket currently moved into the category of quite ordinary devices, so some manufacturers began to attract attention to your products an introduction to the design of additional functionality. And the reviewed socket is further provided with two USB ports for charging devices. This decision in itself is quite interesting, but as usual there are a lot depends on the implementation. So if you are interested in how things work in this particular case, I suggest to read the review. Read more

The biggest drawback of modern, smart watch, this is a critically small time work and the need to regularly to charge them. Some pieces even manage to sit down for the day. For someone to put in the evening additional device charging not a problem, but not for me. Sometimes I forget, and sometimes just laziness, so autonomy for me in the first place. And so I fell in love with Amazfit Bip, which is today considered one of the best. However they have the disadvantage of the design. It is of course good in its own way, but not everyone likes excessive sports focus and square design. I like it, but I love different watches and wanted to have something similar, but with a design "classic." When I saw GLIGO E-Ink, I knew immediately that I wanted them. Even for...

Staff Gocomma carefully selected products for rebranding. Until I am completely satisfied with all that I have with the logo Gocomma. This camera is also not an exception, moreover, I've logged that now with Dafang is my favorite. Why? It's a good picture, interesting pieces like a turn behind the object in the frame, it works at the cloud Yi, short videos when you move files in the cloud a week for free, plus there are plans for more serious cloud storage... Read more

Greetings lovers of the noble drink, without which many cannot imagine their day. For me, the morning started without a Cup of strong coffee spoiled the mood for the whole day. And during the day is useful and nice to have a break and enjoy the fragrant drink that will invigorate and lift your spirits. Now, thanks to WinkGo coffee can be done anywhere: at home, in the office, on vacation and even on the road. Coffee maker size like a normal thermos and she knows how to make a proper espresso with foam, providing pressure up to 15 bar. Read more

Homtom C2 is a modern entry-level smartphone. What is it? A cursory examination — this attractive and affordable device with basic characteristics that contribute to the performance of the phone in simple, everyday tasks. Initially, the smartphone really liked it and I wondered how stepped forward to state employees over the last couple of years. But the more I delve into the intricacies, the more tempered his enthusiasm. Here and there — found is standard for this class of smartphones ailments associated primarily with the reduction of production costs. I will try as much detail as possible to tell as about the pros and the cons of the model, but where in the header to put a comma, each for himself will decide in the end himself. Read more

Available lights on the powerful led's are proven and more than once helped in a home-country-auto. But a significant drawback from MY point of view is the presence of a bright illumination at the center of the light spot. Focus on it, while the less illuminated part out of the sight of, and if you want to see in the dark wide stretch of space, it creates discomfort. More appropriate for such purposes, found the light with homogeneous, uniform illumination. Even less long range, but gives a soft diffused light with a wide light spot. Read more

Today's review focuses on lightweight sneakers (the devil knows what to call them, sneakers, sneakers, chuvaki?) for spring and summer. I've been thinking between the two models, I chose a cheaper model. Rather, it was not quite so. In the store there were 2 lots of the same model at different prices. Their price was significantly different. There was another model that I really liked. Between the two models I doubt. I thought ‘Wow, to get those two that are cheaper. And as I was able to find lot at this price’ Although the motives of the seller, the seller 2 lots of the same model at different prices nobody knows. Okay, it was Ali with his scammers, but this one seems like a reputable site Tmall. In the end, I fell for a supposedly low price of the lot and...

At the moment SJCAM there are several lines of action cameras, as they say — for every budget. There is quite a budget camera, there are 4K cameras entry level and there are advanced camera. The new line SJ8 consists of 3 cameras: SJ8 Air, SJ8 SJ8 Plus and Pro. Today we will be acquainted with the highest model SJ8 Pro chipset Ambarella H22 S85 with sensor SONY IMX377. The camera can shoot in 4K/60FPS, has a high-quality IPS display with touch control and WiFi module for quick and convenient access to the captured material. Read more

The Culprit of today's review is a car power splitter from UGREEN combining as a charger with the usual two USB ports and two lighter socket. the following device will help to make life easier in a situation when the cigarette lighter is one, connect is required, for example, video recorder and telephone, i.e., the gadgets have different power connectors. Briefly, the device was pleased with the workmanship, as expected from UGREEN, at the proper level. For more details, I invite under kat. Read more