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Staff Gocomma carefully selected products for rebranding. Until I am completely satisfied with all that I have with the logo Gocomma. This camera is also not an exception, moreover, I've logged that now with Dafang is my favorite. Why? It's a good picture, interesting pieces like a turn behind the object in the frame, it works at the cloud Yi, short videos when you move files in the cloud a week for free, plus there are plans for more serious cloud storage... Read more

Greetings lovers of the noble drink, without which many cannot imagine their day. For me, the morning started without a Cup of strong coffee spoiled the mood for the whole day. And during the day is useful and nice to have a break and enjoy the fragrant drink that will invigorate and lift your spirits. Now, thanks to WinkGo coffee can be done anywhere: at home, in the office, on vacation and even on the road. Coffee maker size like a normal thermos and she knows how to make a proper espresso with foam, providing pressure up to 15 bar. Read more

Homtom C2 is a modern entry-level smartphone. What is it? A cursory examination — this attractive and affordable device with basic characteristics that contribute to the performance of the phone in simple, everyday tasks. Initially, the smartphone really liked it and I wondered how stepped forward to state employees over the last couple of years. But the more I delve into the intricacies, the more tempered his enthusiasm. Here and there — found is standard for this class of smartphones ailments associated primarily with the reduction of production costs. I will try as much detail as possible to tell as about the pros and the cons of the model, but where in the header to put a comma, each for himself will decide in the end himself. Read more

Available lights on the powerful led's are proven and more than once helped in a home-country-auto. But a significant drawback from MY point of view is the presence of a bright illumination at the center of the light spot. Focus on it, while the less illuminated part out of the sight of, and if you want to see in the dark wide stretch of space, it creates discomfort. More appropriate for such purposes, found the light with homogeneous, uniform illumination. Even less long range, but gives a soft diffused light with a wide light spot. Read more

Today's review focuses on lightweight sneakers (the devil knows what to call them, sneakers, sneakers, chuvaki?) for spring and summer. I've been thinking between the two models, I chose a cheaper model. Rather, it was not quite so. In the store there were 2 lots of the same model at different prices. Their price was significantly different. There was another model that I really liked. Between the two models I doubt. I thought ‘Wow, to get those two that are cheaper. And as I was able to find lot at this price’ Although the motives of the seller, the seller 2 lots of the same model at different prices nobody knows. Okay, it was Ali with his scammers, but this one seems like a reputable site Tmall. In the end, I fell for a supposedly low price of the lot and...

At the moment SJCAM there are several lines of action cameras, as they say — for every budget. There is quite a budget camera, there are 4K cameras entry level and there are advanced camera. The new line SJ8 consists of 3 cameras: SJ8 Air, SJ8 SJ8 Plus and Pro. Today we will be acquainted with the highest model SJ8 Pro chipset Ambarella H22 S85 with sensor SONY IMX377. The camera can shoot in 4K/60FPS, has a high-quality IPS display with touch control and WiFi module for quick and convenient access to the captured material. Read more

The Culprit of today's review is a car power splitter from UGREEN combining as a charger with the usual two USB ports and two lighter socket. the following device will help to make life easier in a situation when the cigarette lighter is one, connect is required, for example, video recorder and telephone, i.e., the gadgets have different power connectors. Briefly, the device was pleased with the workmanship, as expected from UGREEN, at the proper level. For more details, I invite under kat. Read more

Continuing the theme of mini computers, today we will talk about Vorke V5, which with equal success can be used for both home and for work. Last time I talked about the computer Alfawise T1 and understood by the reaction that many such devices very interesting. However, in the reviews, most users were dissatisfied with the small amount of memory (4Gb), and most importantly — the inability to increase it. Today's computer does not have these disadvantages, if you want, you can install 32 Gb of RAM. And other features look interesting, such as more powerful graphics. This affordable, economical to use and almost noiseless (can be used in an active — passive system cooling). The article will often be compared with the previous mini-computer to the N4100, it...

Is Really a vest with the actual USB heating — this is not a joke, if that. In the review of measurements of the size discrepancy, a partial parse to the giblets and other interesting things. the more page and the description of the shop is not obviously anything. Who wants spoilers, I will note some small schools, and General suitability for the intended use — for people who spend a lot of time on the street, for fans of winter fishing or hunting, and for those living in Northern latitudes. Winter is coming, look for the USB light to see how it works. Read more

XDuoo finally managed to release a great player without actually having the disadvantages. This is definitely their best budget player, and he is bound to succeed. The company has listened to users and implemented many of the ideas which lacked predecessors. In addition to the classic playback via headphone and line output, the player is able to play music via bluettoth, and with the support of the codec AptX. In addition, the player can act as an external sound card via USB and even as a bluetooth DAC. But the main thing is of course the sound, which in my humble opinion is not inferior to the flagship models with a higher cost. Read more

Ugreen CM108 can solve any problem regarding the transfer sound via bluetooth, because the device is versatile and can work in 2 modes — receiver and transmitter. Of the reasons why you may need to sound transmission in the air can be many, here are just a few examples. In receiver mode, you can give a second life to old speakers, which wirelessly will be possible to connect a smartphone, tablet, tv box, computer, etc. you Can make wired headphones wireless (night watch movies at high volume without disturbing others rest). You can play music in the car from your smartphone on an old radio. Well, in transmitter mode, you can add bluetooth to any devices that originally don't support it. Output sound to your speakers or bluetooth headphones with TV...

Bosch GO caused a "wow" feeling all around me and seen it live. But part of her tried to have a sense of "wow" there. This is an original Bosch, although with Gearbelt all the decorum and quality, but in its very functionality, there are some specific points and not for all tasks it is suitable. two words, it is rather a mini-screwdriver or very evil so powerful rechargeable screwdriver, I it drove/wrenched roofing screws through aluzinc T14 0.48 mm and the screws 50+ mm in wood drove in. At the same time, to disassemble small electronics, or some other delicate things I'd rather do a conventional screwdriver than GO Bosch. Read more

Hi All. Today I want to talk about the laptop Chuwi Lapbook SE, which is the brainchild of one of the largest companies in the Chinese market for the production of tablets and laptops. The old Acer is gradually dying and it's time to find a replacement. For a long time looked after the device is in local online stores, but nothing interesting (for adequate money) on eyes did not come across. I want to note that the need for a laptop there is a periodic (rare trip) when the tablet and smartphone do not save. With a choice especially not in a hurry, as the urgent need for the device is not felt (at home there are a few stationary PC). Helped with the selection of a daughter who is hanging out in social networks stumbled on the action. He ran, and was very...

Hello dear friends. Today's review is dedicated to hybrid clock Casio G-Shock GBA-800-1A. Quite a long time wanted to buy a G-SHOCK, long chose, looked, in the end the choice fell on the model Casio G-Shock GBA-800-1A. And if the model I decided long ago, by the time of purchase, a new question arose: where to buy? It was originally planned to make a purchase in a local brand store, but the price monitoring with this idea goodbye, because the cost to online stores were much lower. Found Read more

Cooking thermometers with probes I use mainly for the purposes of brewing and winemaking. In the process of distillation at the top of the column I use a thermometer with alarm 032-DTH-99 — those who are familiar with the technology several distillations know what primary distillation thermometer was not needed at all, and in secondary it required me personally a couple of times, because I already know the parameters of his columns and an induction plate, and consequently understand for what values of heat in any modes Read more