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Homtom S99 is an affordable entry — level smartphone, the main feature of which is the impressive battery capacity of 6200 mAh. This smartphone does not look huge brick, and a modern screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 allows you to comfortably use it with one hand. The model is equipped with a solid amount of built-in RAM and works on Android 8 support Project Treble. And indeed, on paper the device looks almost perfect. But it is only on paper, because the miser numbers can tell You about the real state of Affairs and I can. Camera think are worthy and if not demand much from him, he can become a good assistant in daily life. But be aware of its shortcomings also need, then that would not bite your elbows. Read more

Greetings to all visitors of the site! Today in the review of another gadget from the sector of Bluetooth receivers – transmitters (hereafter GRT), which came into my hands. the Former three devices was nameless, only the name of the models. Today we will talk about the gadget from the manufacturer UGREEN. On the products of this company met with positive reviews and for example monitored BRT can and my two cents to add to his credit. In short, the AptX is declared and the device quality. For more details, I invite under kat. Read more

Today on my review will be quite an interesting device. Which combines features — like bluetooth receiver and transmitter. what it may need. Option (1): Receiver you Have a phone (player, laptop). It stores music. You want to listen to it through wireless headphones (or wireless column). But the problem is — that you do not have any wireless headphones or speakers. Option (2): Transmitter You want to output sound from speakers (computer, TV, player), on wireless headphones. Headphones (or column) at this time you have. But the radio (or other device) is not equipped with built-in bluetooth module for audio transmission. the Hybrid BW-BR3 will help to solve two of the above tasks. Read more

The Company DIGMA is not new in the industry of automotive accessories and electronics. In its Arsenal a huge list of different devices, such as Parking systems, car amplifiers, car speakers, inverters, pre-chargers, recorders, and of course radar detectors. The company is well established in the market and constantly updates the range of products. So, just recently released a new signature radar detector DIGMA SafeDrive Read more

I was quite skeptical about lotions such as light sensor, rain sensor and other Parking sensors and reversing camera. But good to get used quickly, it is nice that the light turns itself on, do not think in which position the transfer lever to control the speed of the wipers. Convenient to Park, knowing that there is an electronic "meeseeks", which will be able to see the column — hunter bumpers. The same is the case with the pressure monitoring system in the tires, at first glance, the first thing is not necessary, but with an eye on the normal price of rubber and prices, modern TPMS, it's easier to install it than to get on a couple of wheels the Inner world, finished and the installation of more Read more

Decided to experiment and took the mouse from T-WOLF. Increasingly, I was attracted by the opportunity to charge the mouse directly from the built-in microUSB input, this little feature frees you from having to waste your time searching for new batteries when the old one, unfortunately, is dead at the most inopportune moment. In addition, it has quiet buttons are not annoying loud “klats, klats, klats, klats” middle of the night. Communication with the computer via radio, that includes a miniature USB adapter. Read more

Hi All. Continuing the summer series of publications about watches, today I introduce you with this smartwatch SmartWear L2. This watch has a metal case, classic metal band and asks for a suit. Watch the Amateur. Itself much need a classic accessory "in the office" don't need, can easily wear under a suit sports a stylish watch, but beware, in any case, not Vice versa! Briefly, about these I will say, the build quality, screen full-length, responsive, good self on the Russian language, perform the functions of a smartphone, sport bracelet, working from one battery something in the area of 1-1. 5 hours, and surprisingly the design, are protected from moisture. so, who is interested in a simple design with stout body, asking in the detailed description. Read...

About this "thing" I dreamed of the moment when I got my first action camera. And this was in August ' 16. Then I looked at the cool pictures from a GoPro taken at the same time and under the water and out. To do such I tried constantly. The thing that was needed in the model to position the plane of the lens of the camera so that the water would be exactly in the middle. It is very difficult, because the lens diameter of about 1.5 cm And then I stumbled on the Internet on accessory that can perform this function and it was called underwater housing (spherical). Is it specific to certain cameras, or you can choose the size and layout of the buttons on the case. This same box was chosen under the SJCam SJ6 Legend, suitable to model Air. Although I more and...

This review I wanted to do for a long time, as the market appears a lot of devices, which facilitates the video shooting from mobile phones. And I wanted to find out can be cheap stabilizers for mobile phones or still a lot of devices from$ 100+ ?! So I chose two 3-axis stab with less famous brand and the cost of each at that time did not exceed 80$. The first brand — Wewow, was already familiar to me and I even did a review on their stabilizer for action cameras, the second — Soocoo producing quite not a bad action camera. So no doubt in the final product, during the search I had. In fact it turned out to be disappointment of the century and I decided not to do 2 of the review, and to sentence them in one. Read more

Most of all, smartphones cost about $100 buying 2 categories of users. The first category — users, which are limited in finances and are not willing to spend money on expensive models. But to a smartphone are certain requirements and complete no-name stuff they don't agree. It can be students, teenagers and simply pragmatic people who are accustomed to look for the most beneficial and balanced solutions. The second category is not demanding users who do not care how many cores and what is the result of antuco. These people set the smartphone a certain task, and the rest they don't care. For example, I want cool design and nice screen, but the performance I don't need, because I don't play games. And there are many, because not all are addicted to and...

Hi All. Today share their impressions from Dating with Chinese hand cleaner Proscenic P9. For a very long time have similar of a different brand and was overall very satisfied: it is always at hand instead of a broom. Girlfriend as soon as I saw that – since jealous. Why not buy? The husband has essentially refused, because 5 minutes before the advent of our he gave her a cool, huge washing bandura. She begged, and now do not use (too bulky, heavy, uncomfortable, sluggish, according to her), in addition to all the kid broke him in the brush, and to replace it is good. In General, it costs them under the stairs. So my husband and I decided to make a gift to your favorite Busecca (thanks to a generous seller from China). will not believe, now I envy her...)))...

Hello, dear readers. Today's review is devoted to a new budget tablet from Teclast company. I want to say that this is quite an interesting company which have long been actively developing the Chinese market, however, the popularity we have received. The company produces tablets, laptops, powerbank's, RAM, SSD drives, monitors and much more. Apparently, the moment came when the company decided to go beyond China and Read more

Xiaomi has released an updated version of my wristband, called Mi Band 3. He, like the second part, immediately became a bestseller, giving no chance to smaller producers. As shown, the changes compared with the predecessor, the new version got a bit. The bracelet reworked the design, made larger and more informative screen and added a few useful chips. The first time the price was high enough to pay for a minor upgrade was ready to just hardcore fans. But now the price fell to more appropriate and buying a bracelet made sense for a wider range of users. The article will review the main features of the device and compare with the predecessor Mi Band 2, which I use for a long time. Read more

Imalent HR70 — known in narrow circles of the lantern. As is clear based on the title, inside of small body nalobnik installed a real monster in the form of XHP70.2 (updated version), which is capable of 3000 lumens. In order not to catch some by surprise, I must say that this warms up the brightness of the lamp head for a second, and even faster. So of course, without stepdown there has not been. Is there a point in nalobnik for the purpose will be to understand (or see) on. All interested welcome. Read more

Greetings to all! Today I hold in my hand one of the new TV set-top boxes on the Android operating system 8.1 – TV-box from the manufacturer Wechip R-TV S10(K10) PLUS. the device has a Quad-core processor RK3328, the dedicated video and not a new graphics controller ARM Mali-450MP2. TV-box S10+ plays video formats with resolution up to 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) at 60 frames per second. R-TV Box S10+ is one of the first TV set-top boxes running on the latest Android axis 8.1 Oreo. Built-in memory: 4 GB of RAM 32 GB of flash memory. Wireless adapter Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n single band. There are three USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port. a Distinctive feature of novelty is the fact that the console performs the function of wireless charging standard Qi. Enough to put...