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Not everyone is a fan of quality music is familiar with the company's products Simgot that is actually not surprising. The company was formed in 2014 in China, where we are development and production. On the CIS market came with several models of dynamic hybrid headphone category, Hi-Res, but this does not mean that the range of products the company is small. Today, model range of the company represented the majority of types of various headphones Read more

Chuwi has released a budget laptop with a screen size of 14.1", which is able to work up to 9 hours on internal battery. Chuwi HeroBook this laptop is entry level, so expect in terms of performance a lot of it is not worth it. Its main advantage in other: thin, light, quiet, very comfortable and capable for long periods of time without outlet. About such it is accepted to speak, the working stiff. It is ideal as a "typewriter" for working with texts and spreadsheets, specialized programs (e.g. accounting, database software for car diagnostic, etc), a good helper he is also a disciple or student. While its regular price is around $200. Read more

Manufacturers of cheap smartphones persistently continue to produce the same type of models among which the already and the devil himself a leg break. Most often, they have basic characteristics and the same type of design "like the Iphone". However, the demand for such smartphones is because they are cheaper than their famous counterparts, and most often buy them either as a first smartphone to a child (or Vice versa for parents) or undemanding users who need a smartphone only for calls and Internet. Not strange in this niche, too, comes a serious struggle and Homtom which year continues to stay afloat, offering a little more than others... and That's with Homtom H5 the situation is the same. On the one hand is the most that neither is a typical budget...

Today we check B200 from Brainwavz. The original version of the B200 was released in early 2017 along with B100 and B150. BUT the difference B200 from a budget brothers was to use two balanced armatures.In 2018 B200. Passed the technological phase, which was used in conjunction with B100 and B150. Standard production technology of the buildings had been replaced by a 3D printed device, very similar design and shape that was used for the successful B400. Fixed cables have also been the subject of the past, since the B200 is now equipped with detachable cables, equipped with MMCX. How does the current generation B200. Let's take a closer look! Read more

In connection with the release of the smartphone Samsung S10, the prices of previous models have fallen significantly, especially cheaper Samsung S8 and S8+, which is what I decided to use it. Buying a Samsung S8+ after some time I decided to purchase a wireless charger that I want to post in the workplace, and throughout the day to conveniently charge your smartphone without wires and unnecessary movements. While I'm working at the computer — the smartphone is charging at the same time I can quickly take it out to take a call, respond in the chat or even to go about their business. Standard charging method using a cable now only use at night or when you need in a short period of time to quickly replenish the battery. Read more

In an interesting time we live in. More recently, the computers cost a lot of money and was available to a few, and now buy a full computer for simple home tasks for the price of a cheap phone. It will be about a miniature computer Beelink Gemini N, which is based on a fresh Intel Celeron processor N4100 and can equally be used as a nettop (Internet, documents, Amateur photos and undemanding games) and media player (video playback on the big screen, online services and Internet TV). He is very economical to electricity (consumes no more than 10W under load), completely silent (you use the passive cooling system) and has miniature dimensions. And importantly, thanks to the 2 HDMI outputs, it can perform 2 tasks: using the first HDMI connect a monitor and...

Today I will talk about the console T95X2, which is based on Amlogic S905X2 and perfect for watching Youtube, IPTV, online movies, as well as for such everyday tasks like browsing or simple games. Amlogic S905X2 is a new SOC, which came to replace the outdated Amlogic S905, S905X and S905W. The new processor has a higher clock speed and built on a modern process technology is 12 nm, which has lower power consumption and less heat dissipation. Ie, he became more powerful, faster and thus heats up much less. Read more

Today will consider headphones that over a relatively short period, has become an iconic model in its price segment. Whizzer A15 gained a lot of fans. But all good ever ends. Whizzer A15 is retired. On sale, which now goes to AliExpress, you can buy a Whizzer A15 of the last party. Will be no more. Coupons can bring down the price to a little over $50. the link above seems to promise some other headphones as a gift (it can be seen in the pictures on the store page). But this is probably the first eating. Read more

Welcome! I'm sure many have wondered why there are almost no tv boxes models with powerful processors and powerful graphics accelerators. Smartphones full tablets too short, but what about consoles? It is more logical to play on a small smartfonchik, poking his fingers into a virtual keyboard and a big screen TV with a comfortable controller. All this of course, as a bonus to the player that easily plays all video content up to 4K resolution + different online services (IPTV, Torrent TV, etc). In fact, such devices have had one of them today I'll introduce you. Console Magicsee N6 Max is based on the flagship 6 core processor Rockchip RK3399 and is one of the most powerful on the market TV boxes. Read more

In the small car tool to monitor tire pressure with external sensors. Surely all motorists to periodically inspect the wheels before travel from time to time to get the gauges or go on the tire to check the pressure in the wheels. Now the procedure can be automated to display information about the pressure and temperature of the air in the tires on a small screen device placed in the vehicle. the Gadget was tested, impressions are purely positive, both in terms of cars I'm lazy. Details under the cut. Read more

Portable batteries have become commonplace in our lives. A trip on vacation or business trip it is hard to imagine without a Power Bank that recharges the gadget in the case that access to the socket is limited. And in the course of the working day can be great help, if you need a lot to move around the city, and the charge is running out... And most often there is a need for the maximum charge your device for a short period of time, because the use of battery, which charging current 0.5 A — 1A is not much. Tronsmart Trim 10 000 can quickly charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop thanks to the support of modern technology quick charge PD 3.0, 3.0 QC and VoltiQ. Read more

Lemfo has released a new model of smart watches LEMFO LEM8 running full Android operating system. Novelty equipped with a gorgeous AMOLED screen, and made it completely round, getting rid of the infamous "beards". Watch LEM8 received modern technical stuffing, such as: a powerful 4-core processor, a large (for hours) memory — 2Gb/16Gb and a slot for SIM cards with support for 4G LTE. Traditionally there is WiFi + BT module, GPS, and various sensors for sport (heart rate monitor, pedometer, barometer). Read more

To improve the quality of content on your channel, it was decided to purchase a video capture device Ezcap261. Now, in order to show a TV box or any other device, I don't need to remove your TV to the camera, I can record video directly from the start screen. In addition, such a device will definitely be useful in the economy, in fact, they can write video from any device with an HDMI output: photo/video cameras, game consoles, media players, etc. Read more

Second review about re-ordering things with Tao. once I came across a shop with a very original t-shirts. Most of them resemble color patterns Japanese tattoos. I chose black and white t-shirt with a dragon and then wrote a review about it. the Main feature of the shirt is a nice silky fabric, reminiscent of viscose. In the summer it is not hot, the cloth is easily blown and dries quickly. I was very pleased last t-shirt and ordered another one. this time with a pattern for a traditional Chinese painting. Read more

All smartphones, the company Poptel is protected by standard IP68 and have a NFC module for contactless payments. It is a kind of business card of the brand. At the time, I had the opportunity to test their model P9000 Max (emphasis on autonomy) and P8 (available with a IP68 smartphone in the line). Today I'll tell you about the new smartphone Poptel P60, which is the most technologically advanced in the company and in my opinion the most balanced. In addition to the traditional protection IP68, model-protected MIL-STD-810G (US military standard). The smartphone is equipped with a capacious battery capacity of 5000 mAh (supports wireless charging), NFC module and an impressive amount of RAM and internal memory. Read more