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Greetings to all! Today I hold in my hand one of the new TV set-top boxes on the Android operating system 8.1 – TV-box from the manufacturer Wechip R-TV S10(K10) PLUS. the device has a Quad-core processor RK3328, the dedicated video and not a new graphics controller ARM Mali-450MP2. TV-box S10+ plays video formats with resolution up to 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) at 60 frames per second. R-TV Box S10+ is one of the first TV set-top boxes running on the latest Android axis 8.1 Oreo. Built-in memory: 4 GB of RAM 32 GB of flash memory. Wireless adapter Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n single band. There are three USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port. a Distinctive feature of novelty is the fact that the console performs the function of wireless charging standard Qi. Enough to put...

Greetings to all readers in the pages of the site! , Many hams have heard or already using LCR testers or transistor testers, and hardly call these devices useless. Interpretations of the mentioned testers today there are many is the designer, and the finished module is powered from the crown, and modules with lithium batteries, and the same model, but in the case of Plexiglas/acrylic, etc, etc. Today in our Studio just a designer, tester YD-CS. The build will get not only the cost elements, functionally and structurally complete device, because the set contains the elements of the case. to Whom this interesting topic, I invite under kat. Read more

Mouse RAPOO MT750 I bought at last year's 11.11 sale. Use for more than six months. And I am completely satisfied it is large, comfortable. Now decided to hold its more compact little sister MT550. Both models can work in two bands — Bluetooth and 2.4 G. Moreover, capable of storing in memory three Bluetooth devices and switch between them. the Most obvious difference, besides the size –the older model of the laser, and the younger optical. Have MT750 powered by a rechargeable battery, and MT550 from batteries. Despite its compact size, I model MT550 seemed quite ergonomic. Read more

A Variety of affordable wearable devices in the sale now, you can find a lot for every taste and budget. It is no secret that the leader by quantity of sales in this industry is the Xiaomi MiBand with my 2 (and now Mi Band 3), which hardly anyone will surpass in the near future. And every small Chinese electronics manufacturer wants to repeat their success, developing and producing its own model of smart gadgets. Some even manage to make interesting models that can be used. One of these gadgets, fitness bracelet or smart watch from a NoName manufacturer, called CV08. Why I still have not decided on the name of the device? Yes, because the function is a typical smart bracelet, but is made in the form of classic watches with a round dial. I will focus on...

Welcome to the site! On my computer installed the card reader and it even had Bluetooth. However version 2.0, but in most cases it was enough. The greatest inconvenience, especially in recent years began to deliver two USB ports on the front panel. Their just was not enough. External USB hubs not rassmatrival, for the same reason why I left wired headphone – domestic aggressors will sever the cords, tear meat nests, etc. etc. (there is a sad experience)). to Dive to the rear of the computer and feel around for them every time ports also enjoy below average. the final appeared in the hands of the 5.25 Media Dashboad, including card reader, eight USB ports (two of them 3.0), SATA connectors, E-SATA socket under earphones and a microphone, and probably a bonus...

Old and well known top model from Manker fluder MK34 12 LEDs. Only Cree is no longer cold, and warm/nice looking light from Nichia 219S with a maximum of 6500 LM. Sooo much light and the angle of glare is very pleasing, but the turbo only 20 seconds, and if 3*18 650 total weight of the lamp is a pound. And most importantly, the price is too close to folk models, meteor. In the review of many emotions, many examples of light (including a comparative with other lights), and few technically useful data. Read more

Hi all. Today fro a new smart watch company SmartWear X2 Plus. A week ago I was acquainted with their L3. As in the model chic krupnitskiy screen, so I want to call this, sorry, misunderstanding. The size of the desktop screen 2*1.5 cm, but, actually, this caveat proved themselves in practice good: bright picture, the optimal size and font, viewing angles and visibility at different times of the day good. Definitely, plus new X2 is protection from moisture, which I lacked in the previous version, and something else. Read more

Hello, dear friends. Today's review is a continuation of a series of reviews on robotic vacuum cleaners from the company's iLife. This review focuses on the latest models that I sent my friend working in a major Chinese company dealing with advertising. Surprisingly, at the time of receipt of the goods I even failed to find a link to any store that would deal with the implementation of this model (or official or third party), moreover, even on the official website there was no information (and given the fact that the parcel was flying toward me about a month). In General, the store link will be added in the process of writing the review. Read more

Large and heavy flashlight JETBeam SSR50 with the supplied battery, built-in charger and USB port for the return charge. As the indisputable advantages 1*Cree XHP70.2 3650LM, repotage termostat down and thermosta-up (!), quick access to the very angry gate, uncontroversial cons — this is not a standard battery and ports are under a rubber plug in the positioning of the flashlight as a search/for extreme conditions of use. But inside the post a complete overview of the JETBeam SSR50 with many photos at different locations. Read more

After 8 pairs of shoes Li-Ning in my life, I decided to check out how they have succeeded in the manufacture of clothing. And if not already sent the parcel from America, the pants would (of course into another firm), I probably ordered there. But since the pants I needed, and kg send from America is expensive, it was decided to buy the pants on the Chinese Taobao. Other Chinese firms, I am not particularly familiar, so I decided to look up what offers in this segment of Li-Ning. Chose pants of any cut, decided on the color (in my case it would be much more practical to buy dark colors, but very much liked the grey one), found the best price and place your order. Read more

What is Makibes HR3? The first line of smart wristbands Makibes who knows how to do more than just count steps. In any case, as indicated on the manufacturer's website. It is claimed that all information about heart rate, distance, route, calories burned and other recorded and processed in real time. Additionally, monitored the sleep mode, owner, and there are call alerts, SMS and messages of the messengers. How it works and how is as claimed, I will tell you in this review. And Yes, again-again-Oh-till-when it's over. The title alludes to the objectivity of the review, but to evaluate, share experiences and compare — it seems to me that the meaning of reviews? Read more

Who works with a laptop — knows how inconvenient to drag it in a regular bag. Another thing is a convenient backpack, which will keep your hands free and will make getting around more convenient. Besides the laptop there easily fit the documents, personal belongings and other devices, without which we cannot imagine our today's life. Backpack in the market for a while, but today I decided to remind about its existence, especially marketplace DD4 lowered the price of the sale to a record low and now it can be purchased for $23 with free shipping. The sale will operate for 5 days or until the number of promotional products. Read more

I think not everyone has heard about the headphone manufacturer Knowledge Zenith (abbreviated KZ), and those who still hear, speak pretty well about them. They release so many models on the market that can be easily confused. My review will focus on new ZS10. This is the flagship model from this manufacturer with a hybrid 5-drivers to improve system and price less than 50$. And in order to appease the audiophiles, I left them at night with music playing in order to warm up and get "even better sound". Read more

I Have to use it a large variety of wired headphones. But wireless, as it tried to avoid. Since I am an ardent adherent to the fact — that for really good sound, fit only wire (with time the situation may change) But in the headphones is important not only sound which is able to reliably convey all the details of the song. But a large value can have the ease of use of headphones, as well as the presence of additional features. Additional features G-BW-ANC1 and became a decisive factor when choosing the wireless headset. Read more

Hello! I Want to share information about TV box, which drew attention to their appearance (with similar characteristics with many similar devices), but not in the aesthetic and constructive manner. Many TV boxes have a square, rectangular and quite thin body that is not the best way affects the ability to implement a decent cooling system. R10 has a round case with a diameter of 12 cm and a height of 3 cm, and half of the side wall of the housing is made of perforated metal, that gave hope for a good cooling of the processor. For more details, I invite under kat. Read more