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Hello! the second stage of the sale on JD. At 19:00 GMT today on the page the link of the post will open the category of goods that can be bought for 0,99$.It will be products from Saami and some other famous companies you can use promo codes for 10$, 20$ and 50$. Products available only 10 units, so will need to be nimble. And will count with the possibility of obtaining coupon 10$-5$, which can be used on all items on the page from the category of things to buy. Read more

Car air compressor is a good thing and sometimes necessary. Plus he's in the car will not be in General, and the compressor Baseus, in particular, thanks to its compact size and space is not much. the Feature of this compressor is that it is automatic and when a certain tire pressure will turn off itself. In addition, the compressor has two preset cars and SUV or CAR and SUV. All you need to do to the owner is to plug the gadget into the cigarette lighter and the wheel, select vehicle type and start the compressor. Read more

My acquaintance with the brand Xiaomi began with the purchase of a very popular at the time headphone Xiaomi Piston 2 (by the way, the second caps so far in my use). Then there was the Piston 3 (liked them less than a second) and Xiaomi Hybrid, which was disappointing. I Soon ceased to follow the production of Xiaomi earphones. But the need for cheap TWS and more than three hundred pages of discussion on one popular forum, forced to pay attention to Redmi AirDots. Quick impression about the product. Redmi AirDots interesting headphones which have some not very nice features, but still totally worth the price. A great choice for those who need inexpensive headphones TWS, and who not to buy cats strange nonam. Read more

What is the laptop for the average user? It's reading the news over a morning Cup of coffee, this vidosic on YouTube at lunchtime, it's a favorite show in the trip for work or pleasure. Cartoons for child, what would your parents get some rest. And it assistant in the school for student and working tool for an office employee. For each is "it" — his own. But one thing unites them all in common — to perform most daily tasks don't require a mega powerful CPU or gaming Read more

Unfortunately, are addicted to the harmful habit of Smoking. Eerily tired and occasionally looked to the side adapted for the evaporation. However, the complexity of the process in the form of batteries, rewinding of coils, fleece, and also a certain pretentiousness in appearance somehow pushed away from the transition to hovering. apparently I'm not alone and progress in the field of soaring reached the POD systems, it greatly simplifies the process. just compact appearance, easy operation and inspired to try an electronic cigarette MOTI. Read more

Released some time ago, as part of the line xDuoo, X3II DAP remains one of the most popular and functional budget audio players HiRes. At the time of release it was not possible to see with this product, but now it becomes interesting to understand why X3II not lost its popularity and not far behind new competitors. the Advantages of physical buttons, responsive user interface, sound quality, good audio components, power. the Cons - no LDAC, the screen could be better. Read more

Each year, Xiaomi releases a new version of the popular Mi Band and every year bracelet is becoming more practical and functional. I can't imagine my life without this little helper, which reports on calls, messages, wakes up in the morning and helps to keep yourself in shape. It should be noted that already 2 years I use Mi Band 2, but my wife last year bought a Mi Band 3. And we still love their bracelets, considering that it is just a unique product. When Mi Band 4 went on sale, not even thinking I ordered it and waited. I got it for a long time, about a month use and now I want to share with you the opinion of "aged", to talk about the new after prolonged use, and of course compare it to its predecessors. Read more

On the market audio is a fierce struggle for the buyer. Which is primarily affects young producers. Many of them can not compete, and closed within one year. to stay afloat, manufacturers use a variety of techniques. Someone decides not to go to the big leagues, and aimed exclusively on ultrabudgetary market. Someone inflates the product line to several tens of models. Well, someone actually scored on the sound and takes a purchaser only a striking design. IN IKKO decided to go the most correct (in my opinion) way. Instead of releasing many medium headphones that are quickly lost among the competition — they created the only, but really good headphones. IKKO OH1 combine otlichnyy sound, impressive appearance, good ergonomics and a reasonable price. will be...

10 Years ago I first saw in teleshopping presented some miracle steamer. In a matter of seconds, wrinkled shirt was perfectly ironed, and her owner with a Hollywood smile told me how easy it was. Stroked there and dresses made of silk, and curtains and so much more, but the result remained the same — perfectly ironed thing without much effort. I then of course did not buy, but thought in my head about the usefulness flashed. The thing is very strong, it is a fact. And recently, wandering the expanses of the Internet I stumbled upon an inexpensive steamer. Well, why not? — questioned an inner voice that sounded like a leading teleshopping. Will be very impressed! Well, tell your opinion about steamers in General and specifically this model. Read more

Overview 3 axis stabilizer for action cameras (GoPro Hero 7/6/5/4/3, Sony RX0/SJCAM/YI and other action cameras with similar size and weight). the review will be a comparison of the stabilizer a bit with my outdated Gopro Hero 3+ and is much more feature-rich Gopro Hero 7 companion with built-in stabilization. Even a clear answer, will replace this accessory is a need to update an old. the updated stated at 30% more powerful motors and added a button-trigger for rapid regime change. Read more

If you are looking for a functional urban backpack for a reasonable price, I recommend to pay attention to the product brand Tigernu. Urban backpacks Tigernu very sturdy, practical, and fully meet the needs of modern users. Today we will talk about models Tigernu B3143, the main features of which are: protected compartment for notebook with a diagonal of 15.6", the many pockets and compartments, secret compartment for valuables, a double zipper with possibility of using a combination lock and a durable water-repellent fabric. Read more

P3 is a hybrid with three drivers, two balanced anchor, working at medium and high frequencies, and one dynamic driver, showing the low transmission range. People often complain about the use of 2-pin cables of different sizes, which complicate the search for suitable third-party alternatives. P3 is equipped with a standard MMCX connectors, so no problem to replace the cable, easy and simple. Advantages - comfort and ergonomics. — great for long listening because of their soft, non-fatiguing response. — the Possibility to modify sound in the bottoms, making a simple mod(electrical tape to help). the Disadvantages of the Lack of extension in the upper range that restricts the rest of the sound is in the details, air and definition. Read more

Lamp Heng was designed primarily as a piece of furniture — a beautiful accessory that will fit into any modern home and will delight the eye with its unusual design. In 2016, this lamp was the winner in the international design competition Red Dot Award, which takes place in Germany. In addition to interesting design, the lamp offers an unusual method of inclusion — with the help of the levitating balls that are attracted to each other. The lamp shines a soft, dim light which will approach as a background or night lighting and fill the room with warmth and comfort. Read more

The Era of push-button mobile phones is long gone and in their place came modern smartphones. However, a small demand for these devices exists and people continue to buy ordinary dialer for several reasons. The first category buyers are elderly people who cannot and do not want to deal with complicated appliances, and the devices they need just one function — a classic voice. The second category of customers — users of expensive equipment that just doesn't have the sense to take somewhere fishing or hunting. CECTDIGI T9900 fit for some and for others: strong body, long runtime from a single charge, large buttons and logical controls, as well as loud speaker and 2 bright practical flashlight. That's the headline, but the details await you below. Read more

Li-ion batteries 18650 format has already reached capacity 3500mAch, but despite this, continue to produce models with a smaller capacity. This is done for two reasons: the first is the cost. The new technology is more expensive, which naturally affects the price of the final product. Not all and not always need banks with a maximum capacity. Sometimes much more important is the ratio of capacity to price. The second reason is the discharge current. Vysokooktanovyh cans on 3500mAch no, but it's not about high currents of discharge. Read more