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Balanced intermediate version of ZTE — cheaper than the flagship Nubia expensive and more powerful Z17 Z17 Nubia mini. The processor is not the flagship 800 series, but above the average of the segment — Snapdragon 653. Inside drive, 64-GB eMMC 5.1 (but not UFS 2.1), and the amount of RAM in flagship almost 6 GB. despite the fact that black and gold are always a winning combination obtained at the output of balanced stylish smartphone. This review may add a little pain to the owners of "folk" models of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. Read more

I had a multimeter unit 830, purchased 20 years ago. In General, me it is largely organized and the readings are not confused, and compact. It would have lived longer, if in the heat of passion while you fuss with yet another scheme, I would not burn it. However, all that does not happen, all the better. the unit Multimeters long been on everyone's lips thanks to its reliability, range, accuracy, and completely loyal to price tags. Nostalgic for 830 mu, as a reliable workhorse, and pick up a couple of pieces of other multimeters, still glancing in the direction of the UNI-Ing. In the end were in the hands of unit UT890S+, simple, skilled, affordable, high quality, easy to use and useful in the household multimeter. Some interesting details, I invite under...

Welcome. it happened that almost all headphones that I happened to meet recently was from a new (to me) brands. This review was no exception. I have another newbie. Sometimes one gets the impression that the liners are meant to be similar to each other. fortunately, even though rare but there are instances which look like everyone else, have their own memorable style, and not falling into Bucuresti. the advantages of the subject does not end there. There are good removable wire, and sound quality. More information under the cut. Read more

Hello, dear friends. Today I want to tell you about the AP60 audio player hidizs ' (second revision). After the recent updates of mobile phone, the daughter was faced with the problem – the lack of a standard mini jack. All her favorite headphones to her turned out to be literally useless. The offer to use my old xDuoo x3 was received categorical refusal... earned the child a new player... and I was very interested to test the new device, compare the sound quality with the same xDuoo. Read more

Hello, dear friends. Today I want to tell you about a new Cubot x18 plus. New, it is certainly too loudly, rather it is a modernized version of the earlier model Cubot x18. What's new in it? Maybe with the exception of the design. First of all I want to say that GearBest took sale, and the price on this phone was around 76$ (which in my opinion is very reasonable). Now the cost of the smartphone is a bit large, and you have to expect that in the near future there will be price correction. Read more

The Amplifier on the basis of the operational amplifier OPA2107 was purchased on the basis of two considerations. I sometimes do not have enough volume when watching movies on the computer while listening to the sound through headphones. You can buy a higher quality sound card or external DAC with amp, but I decided to do "little blood". the second aspect, sometimes I think my portable player can't "rock" headphones. So was wondering will the sound better when using an amplifier. Based on the second aspect, was chosen the portable version of the amplifier with power from the internal battery. Read more

The Modern market audio equipment and accessories, provides a wide range of expensive (and very expensive) devices designed to satisfy even the most demanding audiophile. But in the market there is also an even greater number of products targeted for the mass market. Yes, these products are budget — and not allow you to implement what you can of their expensive counterparts. But they and other tasks are more mundane, but no less important (for example, to play the role of the headset) . In this review, we met with yet another new product from Chinese manufacturers — headphones HYPERSENSE Eclipse HEX02 Read more

I Hope everyone remembers the last mile problem, which is actively decided in the beginning of zero? Today the issue is considered closed, but... Like me. Live now the private sector. There is only one provider with constant glitches, equipment repairs, server migration, cliffs and got better cables (just so you understand – the street is a normal twisted pair for internal works) and so on. No other service provider does not want to us their communications, so normal Internet is huge ... strained. Read more

Greetings to all! some days testing A5X MAX. The device attracted the attention of relatively low price and normal characteristics for the future. "Rockyboy 64-chutny processor is quite good, though running on 4 cores and loses in performance OCTA-core counterparts, but does its job well, and memory is set to the eyeballs: 4/32GB — bond for good middling good and it should be enough for a long time."-I thought. However, whether all so smoothly? On the one hand, single-band Wi-Fi and network connector Gigabit + video card not the new — Mali-450, although it supports the latest codecs H. 265 and VP9, as well as plays back 4K video in 60 FPS and other formats. On the other hand, the router in the apartment, where it will also be used single band, generally the...

The Last time THAT your Sivkov held in July last year. Under the replacement went the oil, air filters and cabin filter. Oil and air the engine was able to find the original cabin filter I bought a InterParts. Since then passed nothing at all – 4 thousand km, but I noticed that the salon began to penetrate odors. And our city is not polluted and the filter of the coal, but in the private sector with stove heating and minibuses with diesel engines ride was not comfortable. raised the question of early replacement of the cabin filter. What came out of it, I invite you to see under the cut. Read more

The Desire for compact size in modern electronics was the cause of the M. 2 standard. This form factor at the initial stage was called NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor) and came to replace the mSATA and Mini PCI-E connector and used a physical dimensions PCI Express Mini Card. The M. 2 standard allows for a variety of module sizes, both width and length and is most commonly used for solid-state drives based on flash memory (SSD) in a compact devices such as ultrabooks and tablets. Read more

Often, for power electronics projects require a separate power supply. Personally, I have stockpiles of low-power transformers has ended, modification of the ballasts of energy saving lamps in the power supply does not always give a satisfactory result, and tinkering with them sometimes takes a lot of time. the way out can be buying used power supplies, with quite decent characteristics. Today the culprit would be the PSU at 12 Volts at 2 Amps load. Who are interested, I invite under kat. Read more

Moonshine I'm doing a little more than a year and several times during this time did moonshine from grain mash, but I cooked them in the so-called method of cold saccharification (Hawes). With a hot saccharification (STATE) chose not to contact because of their fishing experience I know that to cook a lot of porridge in a large pot without burning very difficult. But if the porridge will burn, the taste of the final product will go bad and fix it, even multiple distillations would be virtually impossible. So what is hidden under the obscure abbreviations Hawes and STATE? Read more

Continue to overlook the headphones from a new (to me) brands. But this time it's SGZ-DN1, BGVP. As is known — in hybrid headphones, low frequency replies a dynamic driver, but for high reinforcement. For the medium frequencies can respond to both dynamic and armature driver — dependent model headphones, and their genre orientation. But it's not enough to just cram into one body radiators of different types. We must also be able to customize. This leads to the fact that hybrids are starting to reach their potential with $100 and above. In the budget segment, so the headphones have not sweet. In most cases, they lose the sound good dynamic lugs for the same price ($30, $50, etc.). But this does not always happen. Sometimes manufacturers release products that...

Many will agree with me that in the winter to use a smartphone or tablet extremely uncomfortable. Even a simple response to the call makes to remove his gloves. What to speak of the situations when you need to write something in the social. network short discomfort quite a lot. Here on the stock in November and ordered from XIAOMI gloves for capacitive touch screens. Decided for the winter to be prepared in advance, thought in the end of December should have them, but in the real world received in late February. Probably drove drunk Chinese Santa :) Read more