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Hello! Today we will focus on the Bluetooth receiver-transmitter with the stated on the product page Aptx. Some interesting results, I invite under kat. Since transmission and reception of audiorama, in particular music via Bluetooth now frequently discussed, the review will focus on this component. so, today, we are the Bluetooth receiver-transmitter WT-029 (hereinafter BRT). will Briefly remind you that this type of device allows a Read more

In a series of reviews about the multimeters. Found another interesting device in the vastness of Taobao. Produced for the Chinese market. Although outwardly still adapted to the European user. Caught the inscription True RMS and spacing of measurement abilities for the different switch positions. Another detailed review. I admit that many will be boring. Therefore, I invite under kat true "foodies". Read more

The Company has recently needs no introduction, because today is the largest manufacturer of graphic accelerators in China and is well known beyond its borders. I've done a few reviews on the graphics cards of this brand and in this article I suggest to get acquainted with another model from the line of graphics cards from Colorful called iGame 1080 U-8GD5X. Read more

Hello. In today's short review, I will talk about the screwdriver set Ninth World honestly acquired me a single penny for the shares Freebies on Aliexpress. This is the third I received a freebie. Related to the previous – was also published here. Welcome to under the cat. Read more

In a series of reviews about the multimeters. Try to choose devices that no one has tested it. All of the devices has its own nuances. This multimeter is no exception, manufactured exclusively for the Chinese market. And I found it only in the vastness of Taobao. There is a copy (at least one), but under a different brand. So the room for maneuver is now available. a Review written on a standard template. Therefore, I invite under kat not everyone, only those who are really interested. Read more

Rare animal in our area — car charger AERMOO C1. The benefits of adequate price and compliance with specifications, 2 USB port and on one there are QC 3.0 (9-12V), to separate the pros-head of cullet on the plus contact. The cons of selling only through offsite or through the regional sites of Amazon. Read more

Famous Chinese online store Cafago announced the coupon on ultra-thin smart bracelet, using a coupon, you can purchase this bracelet for only 11.20$ is 17.52$ — Coupon:CAZY642 — Valid until 31.01.2018 — the Discount will be 6.32$ Fitness bracelet (although it looks more like a smart watch) has a very extensive functionality: -step counter, — a measurement of distance, is the tracking of calories consumed, — sleep, — reminder Read more

This model is very simple and easy to assemble and is perfect for initial familiarization with poster modeling of children have not previously had the skills to build scale models. At the same time, it is not sketchy and not simplified but well detailed and also functional. Read more

Lantern Lumintop SD26 as if created for those who want to have maximum autonomy in terms of urban life with an emphasis in vyzhivaemosti. This can indirectly justify the format of the "barrel" under 26 650 with built-in charging and work almost exclusively in the medium range. To review some of the discoveries and measurements of non-standard behavior of the flashlight Lumintop SD26 in stressful situations. Read more

Brand TFZ (The Fragrant Zither) was founded relatively recently, in 2015. During this time he managed to develop his own style, and release a dozen models. Series 4 my first headphones from the manufacturer TFZ. the Familiarity was successful. TFZ Series 4 pleased with the quality and sound (though not without some nuances). Read more

Mini-review not cheap minimalist TV-box Ugoos UM4. In the pros the compact size and the ability to hide behind the TV, of the main characteristics — RK3328, 2/16GB, USB3.0, Dual Band 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, h.265 and 4K video. Cons strange seventh Android and the likelihood of problems as out of the box. Take a closer look at the Ugoos UM4. Read more

Just a cheap Chinese sneakers. Got the size, a little disappointed in the quality however, is nothing new. At the same time test the work of the mediator on purchases from Taobao/tmall and add to the review of the OVERARCHING information from your life experience =) Read more

Remember, in my childhood was this game, "Throw a ball": it was necessary to throw a spiral to the top of the cone in turn three steel ball so that they all hit the hole — "volcano" is at the top? Since then, much has changed, and puzzles has reached a new level – or rather, on a 3D level. Read more

Cheap "tactical" flashlight Sofirn C8A, which indeed many lumens and sometimes even eligibility tactical flashlight. But the double edged sword in my opinion with a capacity guys substantially overdone (5A consumption 1*18 650 — well this is no joke). Read more

South Korean animated series "Robocar Poli" — entertaining, informative and educative – is broadcast in many countries around the world. Positive and kind, he is well known and loved by children of preschool and younger school age. On the wave of popularity of the cartoon is growing interest in themed toys created by his motives. In the first place – the toy depicting his characters. Read more