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Recent model compact EDC flashlight from FENIX — UC30-intensive led XP-L-HI V3. Built-in micro-USB charging complete battery of 18 650 with a decent current to 1.2 A. the Kit is not cheap, but ready to work straight from the box and users will appreciate not wanting to understand the details phanariotes topics. Read more

Hi All. In today's review I want to share with you my impressions about a leather sheath for steering wheel Toyota Camry XV40 in the body. Place of purchase this thing has become Taobao. Since the acquisition of the car I was embarrassed by the condition of the steering wheel. no, nothing critical, just skin over the years was erased and has turned into something slippery, hard and shiny. No good feeling, the steering wheel did not cause did not look in the best way. As in most cases, I began searching Read more

Mechanical keyboards have many advantages over film. If you work with them you get so tired your fingers, and they can customize to fit your needs and your hands up to build from scratch. But they have one rather significant drawback. They are very noisy when typing. Read more

Shop Cafago announced a coupon code for a portable, ultra-thin wireless charging INCHOR. by Applying coupon: CAZ187P1 receive a discount of $ -3.31, and the cost of the charger will be $ 22.50 . the Coupon is valid until 28.02.2018. Specifications: wireless charging Standard: Qi Model: C2 Color: black, silver, blue, pink, gold (optional) Material: PC + ABS + aluminum alloy Interface: USB Type-C Input: voltage: 9V / 1,67 A, 5V Read more

This review focuses on the Olight R18 on the led Cree xp-l Hi. the Flashlight was provided for review an official distributor for Olight in Russia. At the time of writing the price of the lantern not specified... a Little information from the box: Led – Cree xp-l Hi the Maximum brightness of 920 lumens the Maximum illumination range is 300 meters Protection — IPX7 Protection against falls from height – 1 meter head Diameter – 27.5 mm Length – 119,5 mm Weight – 127 g with the battery. Read more

Two books from the publishing house Alpina publisher and both are definitely hard to read. Because one is the military memoir of a journalist about the events of the Chechen wars and the second about the history and essence of the largest epidemics in human history — the history of pandemics. Read more

Desktop weather station KKMoon very generously endowed functions. Here are the readings of temperature and humidity station wireless sensor arrow trends, and time synchronization by radio signal exact time, and constant backlight when operating from the power supply, and the indications of the atmospheric pressure trend, history, weather forecast and adjust values... Read more

This product the most should be of interest to fans of various preparations of the gifts of nature (fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, berries), as well as lovers of wine-making and brewing, as they have to work with large volumes of raw materials and, respectively, with unconventionally large pots. You can certainly use and what adapt the type of sawed-off handle of a shovel or articles made from steel, but not all like Amateur work, and access to the stainless steel and does have a few. to Me it needs to replace a fleet of such gadgets Read more

Post more about my personal "dream" to have their plant on solar panels and trying to do it all without spending much by choosing the components with the possibility of alternative use. Funny idea and it worked for me, albeit the benefits of this do not much. Read more

ZTE's managed to make a unique smartphone in the budget segment, for the musical possibilities it surpasses many of the flagship, who are asking more than one hundred dollars. Smartphone with excellent stereo speakers, excellent sound with headphones, you can say replacement for a good MP3 player. As ZTE state that the design of the devices has worked on the company DesignWorks, part of the BMW group. And of course the NFC support in a smartphone for the same amount it is very pleasing. Well, let's get everything in order. Read more

A while ago I was looking into a smart tooth-brush, the more about them I read, the deeper into the jungle to climb, what is the brush of choice. In the end I opted for a joint creation and Xiaomi Huami called Amazfit Oclean Smart Sonic electric toothbrush which they recently released. Huami, the Chinese manufacturer gained popularity among users worldwide due to the quite successful cooperation with Chinese giant Xiaomi. The result of the work the two companies have become popular worldwide smart watch Mi Band. Read more

New from Fitorch model lamp P26R powerful svetodiodeHNR70.2 with a maximum aperture of 3600 LM 1 item 26650. Fill light in low modes convenient at close distances, and for distant turns on the turbo and you can cover even the whole nine at once. Bonus is the built-in charging and the ability to use an external battery for other consumers (smartphone charge). Read more

In the second half of 2017, the company Xiaomi has launched a table lamp Yeelight, which in turn is divided into two versions: YLTD01YL, powered by USB, and YLTD02YL with built-in battery 2000 mAh. In this review I suggest to look at the older model. Read more

Long been eyeing the Chinese clothing, but always stopped from buying or the absence of any feedback, or, on the contrary, user photos different from the photo of the seller. The reviews for this jacket were pretty good photos, which it was obvious that she, like as not different from the photo of the seller and I decided to take it. The main incentive was the fact that offline very little wear size S, so I decided to see what there is in China. Read more

Hello! Today we will focus on the Bluetooth receiver-transmitter with the stated on the product page Aptx. Some interesting results, I invite under kat. Since transmission and reception of audiorama, in particular music via Bluetooth now frequently discussed, the review will focus on this component. so, today, we are the Bluetooth receiver-transmitter WT-029 (hereinafter BRT). will Briefly remind you that this type of device allows a Read more