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Another review holiday-themed, but rather a New Year. Suit for serving Cutlery, use maybe a little, but outwardly on the Christmas table looks quite nice. Took the sample I think will appeal to you even buy the next new year. Read more

Well, a very topical overview of the holiday, Christmas costume for bottles. Looks nice, well made and inexpensive. I been thinking about this in advance and ordered, would like to diversify the holiday table, and I think it turned out. For our people this holiday is associated with magic, and I want the table to make the occasion memorable with a good hand. Read more

Such adaptors herbette sold a lot, simple take, and then decided for another test to take on XiaoMi. Moreover, Type-C begins to survive its predecessor Micro USB, but the adapter can help out, I probably have all the bags already crammed such adapters for all occasions. Read more

Based FiTorch MR35 — lantern for medium-long distance, up to 1200 lumens with built-in micro-usb charging and under 18 650. However, there is still the red-green-blue+UV light, and the lantern is easily converted into a camping lamp. And I haven't even mentioned thermoception, and did not mention accurate indication of charge level. But remember the old wisdom: the more a thing combines functions, the more modest its effectiveness for each individual "thing". Read more

Sometimes have the odd small electronic dismantling, of such magnitude that the older tools are not particularly accessible. A few sorts of discount plastic cards are already broke, until I saw this set 9 in 1. Will show more detail. Or even review small things Read more

Similar sets for over a month herbest sells mostly for $1.99, but I have a couple of these sets managed to snatch as much at $0.99, what do you consider almost nothing for such a tool. Such use not once rescued and took really expensive. Read more

Review decent tactical flashlight Led VG10S with an average price tag of around 20$. Feared that all tactics will be in name only, turned out to be a lot of things done right and as it should be in the light for extremely aggressive environments. At the same time, the desire for cheapness affected the picking (or rather lack of it) and some structural disadvantages. Review of Thorfire VG10S flashlight will also be useful for those who want to choose the right tactical flashlight, but not confident in their knowledge on the subject. Read more

Buy this bag for $89.99 I didn't know what exactly the smartphone will be there actually. But just know that you will not regret it, especially as I had stock points, which I knocked the price down to $63.59. For the money can take only budget smartphone from not the best manufacturer, and then Xiaomi. Read more

Famous Chinese shop CAFAGO announced a great - 45.98$ Christmas discount on a fairly powerful Quad JJR/C H47. Applying coupon CAZ867R you can buy a quadcopter just 34.59$ For ordering available in two color variations - blue and coffee. Before describing the main characteristics of this quadcopter, I would like to start with its main features is the ability to easily and simply control the copter with a special Read more

Digital television has firmly entered our lives, replacing the analogue broadcasting and, of course, very popular a variety of devices that can receive digital signals. In this review I will a little tell about one of such devices-tuners, which already is not new and has been in the market for quite a long time, but nonetheless, still very interesting and allows you to turn almost any computer or tablet into a TV. Read more

As to be found during their delivery, and in honor of the New Year, the price is much higher (in the order were 9.99), and then to potential buyers, did a decent discount — see for yourself on the website. let's start. The delivery took a little over a month (and this despite the fact that the delivery was attended by the company sdek) Read more

Many fear to go to the standard Type-C, as many fear the QC charging. But technology is just moving forward and nothing can be done. Mini-review a nice mini adapter to Micro USB Type-C will be still some references to my previous posts and a few useful tips on buying gearbeitet. Read more

Apparently with the release of the second version of the robot, Saami gave the command to sell off stocks with the first version. a Review of "folk" — robot vacuum cleaner — Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum robot vacuum cleaner review and comparison of the cleaning with ILIFE XIAOMIVAC coupon price is now $259.99 free shipping to Russia and Ukraine with the Russian version of the site. If you order English the shipping will be $10. TO NG gifts just will not come, but Chinese new year is quite Read more

A Similar set of firm Bosh from the category of small household repairs at my household for a long time was, all he I was basically satisfied, with the exception of the stout and short in the handle of a screwdriver, but over the long years of operation and a few global repairs in the apartment, the bits rusted that it broke down Read more

Hello. In today's review I will tell you about the socket set complete with a key with ratchet mechanism 28 in 1 Bosi Tools of production. Hexagon socket head (FLANK) — made from chrome-vanadium steel with a hardness of 48 HRC, and the bits from S2 steel. Key ¼ ratchet — 72 tooth and feature a quick release mechanism. Translated into dollars, the price is approximately $ 9.95. If you are interested – welcome under kat. Read more