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To Describe the sound quality as pointless as taste, color or odor, so it is very subjective things. As this review will be about the headphones, no emotion from elastic sound darbuka or crystal transparency of the euphonium, which give these ears you will not hear, the more I don't even know what it is. Read more

Good day! I recently bought this organizer for storing underwear — the link to the review in the hope that he doesn't like and that's all to end... But not there. So give You another review. Read more

Winter evening I was sitting at the computer and flipping through Banggood in finding power supply 12V at a good price, when I saw this vacuum cleaner. I would have passed, but the price made click on the picture — $19.99 this is not the usual price for such devices. They usually cost around $150. Read more

Coolpad Cool 1 already and in 2016 you could find at a price of 160-170 dollars. Now and 2018, the price of 117 dollars and the same 652 Snapdragon Octa-core 1.8 GHz, with 3/32 memory and now ubiquitous dual camera, slightly increased battery 4000mAh and a diagonal of 5.5". So this is a sad old thing and a clearance sale? Or is it still a decent smartphone zanedorogo? Let's take a closer look at it. Read more

Welcome Homowo and those who want to know what kind of a beast. Speech will go today about the "smart" IP camera, which was released relatively recently and still raises many questions among users. We all know that Xiaomi is primarily oriented to the domestic market, hence a lot of problems with localization and customization. This device is no exception, but everything in order. Read more

Hello! Long ago there was the idea to complement the set of his instrument this kind of device. Originally accustomed to relatively inexpensive devices, and was always interested in how they are working. In this review I will try to understand the "capabilities" of this instance. Read more

Tronsmart Mega Phonics element is not weakly shook the Internet. Joke? — declared total power is 40W, which is actually equivalent to a portable disco. And this is evidenced by the company's official website and specifications in the product description. But the size and the stated capacity well does not comparable. One who is versed in the sound — understands what the size should be a column with honest 40W. However, almost all of her praise and I could not resist the temptation zatestit. I use it daily since December, and now I want to share with you my thoughts on the speakers. In the network, in principle, have quite a few reviews, but to disassemble it still has not been resolved. This is not surprising, because you can do it without having to ruin the...

As the saying goes, "Prepare sleighs in summer, and in winter the cart" and it was decided to pre-buy shoes for the upcoming spring season. I Wear sport shoes and so the choice fell on this model of shoes. a Couple of months ago I had been walking around on Taobao and by driving the 2 sacred words — Li Ning and putting a maximum price of 100 yuan, began to look at what we Chinese offer of a normal Shoe for very little money. the Crosses from this company, I have not the first and are very long. And then came across this model from Read more

Wonder what time we live in. This is a smart thing, rather than an intelligent interlocutor. Of course I exaggerate a little, but at the expense of smart things – the truth. Smart bracelets, different gadgets, robotic vacuum cleaners – a lot of things I've seen, and there's a possibility of another on the smart scale to see. Picooc Mini Scales can not only measure your weight, but also some other parameters that show the health of your body. Libra is silent, but I think, soon begin to loudly Express their "stop eating!". Read more

Not long ago slipped the coupon from the store rosegal, that thank glitch or planned action from the store was doing a discount of$ 11 from any amount. At the "purchase" of the goods for a 9.96$ had to pay only 0,01$ + shipping, which can be easily removed in the mobile app. Now the fashion for all sorts of different 3D lighting especially 3D they are nothing and no, but the 3D effects manifested at night. In this review offer more detail to get acquainted with lamp 3D death Star from Star wars. Read more

Hi All. In today's mini review we will focus on the pads on rear view mirror for Toyota Camry XV40. A feature of these pads is that they have a slot for the installation of repeaters of turns. By the way, the repeaters were ordered along with the pads. so, the place of purchase as pads, and repeaters became the Chinese tmall. The straps were purchased on the link above, and this is the link to the repeaters. Excluding the cost of shipping a pair of pads and a pair Read more

This USB tester recently started flickering in the comments under the reviews and I decided to take the version with wireless connection to PC (UM24C). There is a version without the Bluetooth module, which is slightly cheaper (UM24). Took the official store of the manufacturer on Aliexpress. Read more

Good afternoon, When it's bleak and overcast, I want bright colors in the interior and in clothes. Shades of red, for example, wine, purple, often found in my wardrobe. They charge my energy, from flavors, faster, higher, stronger, so to speak. But shoes in such colors I did not have. Now there is. Today it's winter short boots Bordeaux colors. Read more

Smart watch is a full-fledged Android, with the ability to install any app directly from Play Market — sounds interesting. And the filling have hours comparable with a modern smartphone: MT6580 Quad-core processor, 1Gb RAM and 16 Gb of internal memory, support 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. And it all fit in the case of the clock, providing a fully circular OLED screen. Of course shell is fully adapted to specific tasks, because in the first place before us the assistant, which displays notifications and events on the screen, but actually the scope is only limited by your requirements and imagination, because when necessary the hours are phone, Navigator, mp3 player or a sports coach. Read more

Despite the fact that tea is one of the main beverages in my house, I have never ordered tea in China. It was the usual type Hyleys tea or Lipton – where he writes of course, that the tea is harvested on plantations in China or Ceylon, but somehow still is not very clear why it is Packed in Ukraine. And here – bought tea, which is grown and harvested and even Packed in China. Authentic tea industry! Read more