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Hello Decided my something on the farm house update, and one of the items to update was the shower head. Old, although type and advanced multi-mode, already has become very bad, the buttons to switch modes hard-hitting and switched them quite unpredictable. It was decided to take something not very expensive, but the quality, the multimode in the list of priorities is not included — as in our experience, this is a pretty useless option. Next, please read my review. Read more

Review is dedicated headlamp flashlight Olight H1 Nova novelty and the first l-nalobnik from Olight. To date with products Olight I was not familiar, their lights in my use was not. Universal "batonical" as-that too has passed. Therefore, the review will be as objective as possible and not comparing to other models of the company. I Also want to mention that the lights on the powered by CR123/16340 I somehow do not survive. But this kid has all the chances to stay in the pocket and Read more

Hi. I hasten to tell you about the pot, which is taken a second time, only this time a slightly different shape, with straight sides and a smaller Ob EMA. The first is the ability to preserve the temperature and decided to take a second to work. In fact it can brew not only coffee, but tea, but I like to observe unfolding of tea leaves in the glass and once used I use it for coffee. Although this is a matter of taste. the Package rushed for 18 days Read more

Packaging Came the backpack was folded in half. This is not surprising, because the backpack big, I would say enormous. At least, this hefty I have ever had. The backpack was Packed into a huge zip-lock package inside a piece of paper with the SKU and model number. Shop 4 colors of this model: black and dark grey Read more

Hi. I really like knives, whatever they were: ceramic, Japanese kitchen, folding extraordinarily small size. At home I you can find a lot of different knives and this is not the limit. Buying another knife, I plan to buy another. Today I will tell you about the ceramic knife set in black. Black the knife not only cutting edge, but the hilt. This is my third set of knives. The first was my parents, the second I use myself, and one knife from this set I'll take on Read more

My wardrobe has accumulated a lot of canvas bags and backpacks. I prefer canvas because it is practical, durable and beautiful. This is the bag I wanted for a long time and chose her solely for her appearance, and when it was discovered that its size allows to carry A4 documents, joy knew no bounds. got the bag to the destination in around 3 weeks. Packaging simple package, and a thin sheet of paper placed under the valve. That drew attention to themselves, it carefully Read more

Automatic wrist blood pressure monitor with 90 memory measurements — CK 101. In the overview you will learn how to accurately measure this type of blood pressure monitors and specifically this model, the comparison of the readings with a shoulder medical tonometer in the measurement of people of different age groups (children, adults and elderly) Read more

Good day Today, I will discuss the protective glass NILLKIN purchased ($ 8.51) for smartphone Xiaomi Mi5, which I recently described here. In short — very high quality, although not cheap glass, the complete set of accessories for high-quality gluing, responsible seller. Details please read further in my review. Read more

Interesting advent calendar for kids — buggy. The main idea of this advent calendar is that, the child every day from December 1 until December 24, opens on the same window where he was waiting for various figures, men and decor for the game in the new year. Every day will be a little surprise. Great idea for gift and create the new year mood. More is suitable for girls Advent Calendar 41131 from the friends, and the boys LEGO CITY Advent Calendarr 2016 60133 from the city. Read more

Hi All. Today review more smartphone Bluboo Maya Max. The smartphone is endowed with a 6-inch screen with HD resolution, a fairly good amount of both operational and internal memory, battery 4200mAh, and a relatively new processor. Everything else — smartphone metal. But as you know, if "paper" all is well, it doesn't mean that the reality will be the same, especially when it comes to Chinese smartphones and other technology. Read more

Hello got on Aliexpress in category Burning products, interesting and inexpensive brooch, in the form of a parrot. Perfect for a gift or as an everyday decoration for women. Who doesn't like a lot of letters — you can buy who are interested in the details please under cat. Read more

Hello. In today's review I talk about the ozone generator. This ozonizer is designed to handle vehicle and has a connector for connection to the cigarette lighter socket. But can also be used for other purposes, when applying a power supply sufficient power. If you are wondering what is this Assembly and why do we need it – welcome under kat. Read more