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Protected by military standard MIL-STD 810G smart watch Amazfit T-Rex was presented at the international exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2020, held in January. At the presentation they impressed me with their brutal design and good protection from all kinds of external factors, so at the first opportunity I purchased it. After the receipt has been about 2 months and all this time I've used them on full-time basis. Well, now I want to share with you a belief that was formed from long experience of use. Read more

Mixcder is the brand - "upstart", which appeared out of nowhere and quickly gain a foothold in the budget segment. And it didn't require any kind of special promotion and advertising, the rumor broke in the opinions of listeners and user reviews. The manufacturer won customers with the sound of his headphones, but considering the low cost of production, the brand's popularity will only increase. I have had the opportunity to evaluate their new E10, and now decided to listen to their bestseller E7. Read more

Today tested laptop Chuwi HeroBook Pro, which expanded lineup of affordable entry-level devices and is an advanced version of last year's Heroobook. The main feature of the previous version is the low price — just $199. Actually this is a very affordable device for the Internet — a netbook. The demand for the model was high, but it was also a lot of criticism. Basically, the device was blamed for a horrible TN screen with a small HD resolution and processor series Atom, which does not even have hardware support for the codec VP9, which is critical for Youtube. And now, after a year, meet - advanced version notebook Chuwi HeroBook Pro where the manufacturer has eliminated most of the shortcomings. New set of higher quality IPS screen with FullHD resolution...

In its fresh model travel suitcase, the company's designers Ninetygo 90Fun, which is one of sub-brands Xiaomi, tried to take into account the needs of modern man and to save him from having to carry numerous mobile devices in a separate bag. New 20-inch carry-on bag index RMST09XZ has not only a special Department for convenient storage of gadgets, combination TSA lock and durable case, but its size will fit the parameters of hand Luggage for a large number of carriers. Read more

Today will be a small overview of the two different on the outside but almost the same inside routers from a little-known Chinese brand KuWfi... These devices, in my opinion, is designed to solve the problem of the "last mile in areas where wired Internet will not be soon, and the radio access is still expensive. The principle is simple to impropriety – to 3G, 4G (WCDMA or LTE) Internet services from the mobile operator and to distribute it via Wi-Fi. You can do the usual smartphone, using it as an access point, and you can purchase additional SIM card and a router with a slot under it. Here are some of these devices will be discussed below. Read more

DUNU is one of the most famous Chinese companies in the segment of personal audio. And earned that title not only is it the release of the next “killer of all”, but also for its history: starting out with OEM production (including, for example, Sennheiser), it generation after generation increased and improved its lineup. So, let's say many people remember the DUNU Titan 1, which at the time naturally created a furor than secured the continuation in the face of the Titan 3 and Titan 5 — less than historic, but still very good headphones. But today we will focus on another line: DN/DK, which since the days of the DN-1000 was part of the flagship, as one hybrid model. So, a complete overview headphones DUNU DK-2001! Read more

Lead an active lifestyle, travel frequently and I can't imagine a day without favorite music? Mixcder E10 then you may be interested in. Headphones offer: good mellow sound, no wires, long operating time, comfortable fit, excellent sound insulation and active noise cancellation to boot. The model is quite popular and highly appreciated by users: the total rating of 4,8 out of 5 and 94% positive reviews. Let's see, what did they do to deserve such high marks and know whether they are that good. Read more

To Choose a good TV console now is not simply, because the seemingly identical characteristics, they work in completely different ways. Unpleasant surprises may await anywhere: weak WiFi, lack of support for multichannel audio, no autorenseite, high heat under load and throttle, unstable software and lack of updates. All these drawbacks are found in all the pits, and in the most unexpected combinations. Personal experience shows that the ideal console that will be "all and all" is just a utopia. Therefore, it is necessary to approach to choice and responsibility start from the personal queries, because what for one person is of no value, for the other is vital. UGOOS AM6 often touted as the ideal box, which has virtually no downsides. Today we will...

At least as they were conceived by the manufacturer. One has only to look at the clock and it becomes immediately clear where the ears grow. But in reality, Apple Watch-Series 5 hours RUGUM DM20 similar only design and work. Otherwise, it is an independent device that can be described as "smartphone watch". They are equipped with Quad core processor, support 4G and work on the full Android OS, therefore have merely a huge number of features and capabilities. Try to understand that they can and will be for someone useful. Read more

In the world of android tablets for several years there is definitely stagnation. With one hand propped up increasing in the diagonals smartphones, on the other hand, the increasingly thin and light laptops. The producers themselves also do not rush to invest in the development of powerful tablets, releasing at best the model is extremely outdated and wasteful processors, like Helio X20, and in the worst case is it may be some MT6737. But the tablets needed, and the demand for them is. For example, according to statistics, sales of Apple each year is only growing. And they grow not because Apple is so cool, and because the competitors in the background look a complete bottom. But not as bad. Teclast company dared to release a tablet T30 on a new productive...

R HA T20 Wireless is the next evolution in the line of headphone T20, from a very famous manufacturer of audio equipment from England. If the previous model with index T20i differed from its predecessor only by the presence of remote and microphone, the hero of today's review of innovation much more. The main innovation as you might guess from the title this is something that the headphones are wireless. Even the undeniable advantages include finally, an opportunity to connect charging cables. Read more

Hello! Today I want to tell you about a large mouse pad. This accessory is not strictly necessary for PC users and how many mats I never used. The mouse was just sitting on the table. Because of the texture of the countertops occasionally lags, and at some points we had to carefully position the cursor to adjust in games. Not that I am an avid gamer, but with this Mat the process is really much easier, the cursor is precise, the mouse glides easier and virtually silent compared to the top. Game focus determines the large size of the rug and attractive lighting that you see for the first time. Read more

Wrist watch is an important accessory for men and it is good when they can perform not only a decorative function. Watch SCOMAS is interesting primarily for the fact that with its low cost feature round real IPS screen. You can choose one of a dozen preset dials, to change strap, and of course in hours there are smart functions, without which it can not do any one watch or bracelet: notifications about calls and messages, different activity tracker, pedometer, heart rate monitor, etc. Read more

Want Mate 30 for $65? Easy! Only naturally, this is not Huawei, but a little-known Chinese brand XGODY, who decided to try his luck in the market of budget smartphones. However to do this they decided the wrong way. Instead of developing its design, the use of actual toppings and optimization software in the company copied the design of the popular model Huawei Mate 30, but used the cheapest components. Periodically, these smartphones fall into my hands, usually the producers themselves distributing samples for review. It happened this time. I thought, "what if a decent smartphone? We need to give them a chance, because everyone starts somewhere!". But after a few days of use I realized that it was time to open the category "GAME". In General today you get...

In November last year I bought a console Beelink GT King Pro and after some time found out that the manufacturer of processors Amlogic reduced maximum clock frequency in new revisions of his S922. Instead of a maximum of 2.21 Ghz frequency was 1.8 Ghz. I was lucky and my console frequency was not reduced, but others were not so lucky. A couple months later I ordered the Junior version consoles Beelink GT King, which, of course, already spread with "smothered" by the processor. Buy a new console, I came to unexpected conclusions, actually I want to share them with you. The review will talk about Beelink GT King, compare it with Beelink GT King Pro, as well as analyze the impact of reduced frequency on a variety of everyday tasks. The results may surprise...