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XDuoo finally managed to release a great player without actually having the disadvantages. This is definitely their best budget player, and he is bound to succeed. The company has listened to users and implemented many of the ideas which lacked predecessors. In addition to the classic playback via headphone and line output, the player is able to play music via bluettoth, and with the support of the codec AptX. In addition, the player can act as an external sound card via USB and even as a bluetooth DAC. But the main thing is of course the sound, which in my humble opinion is not inferior to the flagship models with a higher cost. Read more

Ugreen CM108 can solve any problem regarding the transfer sound via bluetooth, because the device is versatile and can work in 2 modes — receiver and transmitter. Of the reasons why you may need to sound transmission in the air can be many, here are just a few examples. In receiver mode, you can give a second life to old speakers, which wirelessly will be possible to connect a smartphone, tablet, tv box, computer, etc. you Can make wired headphones wireless (night watch movies at high volume without disturbing others rest). You can play music in the car from your smartphone on an old radio. Well, in transmitter mode, you can add bluetooth to any devices that originally don't support it. Output sound to your speakers or bluetooth headphones with TV...

Bosch GO caused a "wow" feeling all around me and seen it live. But part of her tried to have a sense of "wow" there. This is an original Bosch, although with Gearbelt all the decorum and quality, but in its very functionality, there are some specific points and not for all tasks it is suitable. two words, it is rather a mini-screwdriver or very evil so powerful rechargeable screwdriver, I it drove/wrenched roofing screws through aluzinc T14 0.48 mm and the screws 50+ mm in wood drove in. At the same time, to disassemble small electronics, or some other delicate things I'd rather do a conventional screwdriver than GO Bosch. Read more

Hi All. Today I want to talk about the laptop Chuwi Lapbook SE, which is the brainchild of one of the largest companies in the Chinese market for the production of tablets and laptops. The old Acer is gradually dying and it's time to find a replacement. For a long time looked after the device is in local online stores, but nothing interesting (for adequate money) on eyes did not come across. I want to note that the need for a laptop there is a periodic (rare trip) when the tablet and smartphone do not save. With a choice especially not in a hurry, as the urgent need for the device is not felt (at home there are a few stationary PC). Helped with the selection of a daughter who is hanging out in social networks stumbled on the action. He ran, and was very...

Hello dear friends. Today's review is dedicated to hybrid clock Casio G-Shock GBA-800-1A. Quite a long time wanted to buy a G-SHOCK, long chose, looked, in the end the choice fell on the model Casio G-Shock GBA-800-1A. And if the model I decided long ago, by the time of purchase, a new question arose: where to buy? It was originally planned to make a purchase in a local brand store, but the price monitoring with this idea goodbye, because the cost to online stores were much lower. Found Read more

Cooking thermometers with probes I use mainly for the purposes of brewing and winemaking. In the process of distillation at the top of the column I use a thermometer with alarm 032-DTH-99 — those who are familiar with the technology several distillations know what primary distillation thermometer was not needed at all, and in secondary it required me personally a couple of times, because I already know the parameters of his columns and an induction plate, and consequently understand for what values of heat in any modes Read more

Alldocube a fairly long-standing player in the market, as in 2005, the company first released in China mp3 player with a color screen. After 4 years Alldocube has already released its first tablet. Moreover, Alldocube has been producing laptops Windows-based with good performance offering a low price tag. The company also has its research centers and more than 370 stores across China. That is, we face a very serious brand, which is trying to break out Read more

Now many use TV set-top boxes, because they significantly extend the capabilities of even a simple TV. I spend time on a small box and enjoy free movies and channels from the Internet. But some manufacturers are trying to anticipate the desires of users and equip such devices with additional functions. Today will tell you about console with wireless charging, which is appreciated by the owners of iPhone, the flagship smartphones of Samsung and other smartphones that support wireless charging standard Qi. To me, this idea seemed interesting, and I'll show you how it is implemented in the console S10 Plus. And, of course, will answer the main question — is heated? On the permissible temperatures and temperature regimes of the model will be discussed...

Today, talk about interesting IP camera Xiaomi Dafang, which in spite of its low cost, has broad capabilities and in my opinion ideal for home use. Application scenarios can be different, ranging from security, ending surveillance of animals or children (live sitter). The main feature of the model is the swivel mechanism which allows you to rotate the camera 360 degrees. In addition, there are interesting pieces, like the "object tracking", an infrared light for shooting in the dark, microphone and speaker for feedback, etc. the Camera integrated into the ecosystem of "smart home" of Xiaomi and is managed through the application MiHome. At initial connection and setup, the unskilled user can cause problems, so the difficult moments I will tell you. Read more

There is a tendency that more and more people start to use electric toothbrushes for brushing teeth every day. But, according to studies, many people still use the wrong cleaning method even with an electric toothbrush — they do not have even a few minutes brushing your teeth before starting your day. Brushing your teeth good with less time and sometimes become the cause of serious dental problems. Now BABAHU, offices brand, claims to be the solution to the problem of pain and is a revolutionary electric toothbrush - BABAHU X1, the world's first automatic toothbrush. Read more

Homtom S99 is an affordable entry — level smartphone, the main feature of which is the impressive battery capacity of 6200 mAh. This smartphone does not look huge brick, and a modern screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 allows you to comfortably use it with one hand. The model is equipped with a solid amount of built-in RAM and works on Android 8 support Project Treble. And indeed, on paper the device looks almost perfect. But it is only on paper, because the miser numbers can tell You about the real state of Affairs and I can. Camera think are worthy and if not demand much from him, he can become a good assistant in daily life. But be aware of its shortcomings also need, then that would not bite your elbows. Read more

Greetings to all visitors of the site! Today in the review of another gadget from the sector of Bluetooth receivers – transmitters (hereafter GRT), which came into my hands. the Former three devices was nameless, only the name of the models. Today we will talk about the gadget from the manufacturer UGREEN. On the products of this company met with positive reviews and for example monitored BRT can and my two cents to add to his credit. In short, the AptX is declared and the device quality. For more details, I invite under kat. Read more

Today on my review will be quite an interesting device. Which combines features — like bluetooth receiver and transmitter. what it may need. Option (1): Receiver you Have a phone (player, laptop). It stores music. You want to listen to it through wireless headphones (or wireless column). But the problem is — that you do not have any wireless headphones or speakers. Option (2): Transmitter You want to output sound from speakers (computer, TV, player), on wireless headphones. Headphones (or column) at this time you have. But the radio (or other device) is not equipped with built-in bluetooth module for audio transmission. the Hybrid BW-BR3 will help to solve two of the above tasks. Read more

The Company DIGMA is not new in the industry of automotive accessories and electronics. In its Arsenal a huge list of different devices, such as Parking systems, car amplifiers, car speakers, inverters, pre-chargers, recorders, and of course radar detectors. The company is well established in the market and constantly updates the range of products. So, just recently released a new signature radar detector DIGMA SafeDrive Read more

I was quite skeptical about lotions such as light sensor, rain sensor and other Parking sensors and reversing camera. But good to get used quickly, it is nice that the light turns itself on, do not think in which position the transfer lever to control the speed of the wipers. Convenient to Park, knowing that there is an electronic "meeseeks", which will be able to see the column — hunter bumpers. The same is the case with the pressure monitoring system in the tires, at first glance, the first thing is not necessary, but with an eye on the normal price of rubber and prices, modern TPMS, it's easier to install it than to get on a couple of wheels the Inner world, finished and the installation of more Read more