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Portable console Anbernic RG350 will allow you to play games from game consoles that are now considered "retro", since the 8-bit Famicom (we better known as Dandy) and ending with Sony Play Station. The console can run games with a dozen different consoles: Gameboy Advansed (including older Gameboy and Gameboy color), Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, NEOGEO and a variety of arcade machines and computers. And all this stuff you can play with analog buttons, joysticks sticks, shift and other attributes of this gaming console. Get it for the New Year I am literally lost for society for a few days, remembering his childhood and playing games from different gaming systems. Now, 3 weeks later, I'm done with all you wanted (or not?) and now with a cool head can...

For the cost of about $200 (during the discounts), you get: smart phone — slider with frameless design and Super AMOLED screen flagship Snapdragon 855, 8 GB of RAM and storage in a quarter of a terabyte! It's all about the smartphone lenovo Z5 Pro GT, which has fallen in price since the release 2 times now and actually sold at the price of the public sector. Such a substantial discount due to the fact that the model is not produced on the international market, and in China have a low demand. Now Z5 Pro GT sell for low, low price, trying to at least partially recoup the cost of production. But do not hurry to rejoice: in the absence of official international firmware and krivorukost programmers Lenovo overall, the smartphone has flawed firmware and many...

Today I continue the theme of the thermometer\hygrometer and talk about Inkbird IBS-IBS Inkbird TH1 and-TH1 Plus. These thermo hygrometers are very similar, but have some fundamental differences. They measure temperature, humidity, and transmit the readings via bluetooth to your smartphone, where you can watch the testimony online in a special application, and view the change history for a certain period of time (hour, day, week, year). Statistics are collected online and is in the form of visual graphs, it is also possible to configure alerts if you go beyond a certain temperature and humidity. Both models support connection of an external (wired) sensors, and the plus version is equipped with an LCD screen. Read more

Sometimes I cook steaks. In principle, I know right, these steaks are prepared from beef, but everything else is just grilled meat. But more to my liking pork. So, for frying steaks I have a grill pan that I bought a few years ago in "METRO" and since then regularly use it. And steaks grilled on a whim, intuitively knowing when to flip the meat and stop the cooking process. And here, on the occasion I grabbed a kitchen thermometer Inkbird IHT-1P to determine the temperature of preparing products with quick response. Read more

Tronsmart Element T6 Max is not just a portable speaker, and a portable audio system, combined in the form factor of the barrel. Inside the manufacturer has placed 4 audio dynamics, 8 passive speakers and a powerful subwoofer. Total maximum power output of the system reaches 60W, the sound processing is a proprietary algorithm SoundPulse, there is a built-in equalizer with preset settings Deep Bass, 3D, or Balanced. As a control, we offer a modern touch panel and connection device provides NFC module. Read more

Hello! Today in a small review of the budget column, not sparkling gentility, but compares favorably with more expensive and illustrious "family" – it has a FM receiver. Indeed, despite the cost and quality of most Bluetooth speakers can not boast the presence of a radio on Board. Seemingly obvious option, but the producers somehow ignore it, than narrow the functionality of the devices. In column T2 that omission corrected. Bonus go flashlight, water resistance level is IPX5 and not commonly used microUSB. Read more

The American company iRobot needs no introduction. Robot vacuum cleaners produced by this company are of high quality. Robot vacuum cleaners produced by this manufacturer have the most revolutionary set of features and technologies they need to program and control, thanks to the intelligent self-AWARE they choose the best routes and modes of cleaning. Most high-tech in the line is the iRobot Roomba S9+. This model is dedicated to the Read more

Beelink GT-Pro King is the real king of the world TV boxes, it combines the 3 main entertainment components: video, audio and games. For moviegoers in consoles, has technology Advanced Video Engine Gen10, which performs video decoding codec H265 and VP9, with support for HDR, Dolby Vision, Advanced HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG and PRIME HDR and all this of course in 4K\60 fps. For lovers of quality music and music fans — multichannel sound with DTS and Dolby licenses, and a dedicated DAC ESS9108. For gamers — all the power 6 core processor with a graphics accelerator Mali-G52MP6 that allows you to play on the big screen everything that your heart desires. Read more

I Ordered two devices is completely unknown we have a brand KuWfi. I bribed? First, the price. With the functionality claimed by the manufacturer, the equipment cost very low. Second, opportunity. The equipment allows to solve the problem of "last mile" and also to act as a router, repeater, access point and bridge, and all this at the same time. And thirdly, it was urgent to solve the problem of forwarding the local network and Internet in the garage at a distance of about one kilometer. Problem solved, now let's talk about what you can do with the gadget with photos and screenshots. Read more

Today I'll tell you about the universal thermometer\hygrometer INKBIRD the ITH-20R, to which you can connect external sensors, connected with the head unit on a radio frequency of 433 Mhz. There can be connected up to 3 sensors, each of which can optionally connect to the external probe. With these capabilities, the device can be used as indoor and outdoor air (external sensors are protected from the rain). And even in liquids (with probe), for example in a pool or aquarium. All readings are displayed on the screen and switch the touch of a button. Read more

Hello! the second stage of the sale on JD. At 19:00 GMT today on the page the link of the post will open the category of goods that can be bought for 0,99$.It will be products from Saami and some other famous companies you can use promo codes for 10$, 20$ and 50$. Products available only 10 units, so will need to be nimble. And will count with the possibility of obtaining coupon 10$-5$, which can be used on all items on the page from the category of things to buy. Read more

Car air compressor is a good thing and sometimes necessary. Plus he's in the car will not be in General, and the compressor Baseus, in particular, thanks to its compact size and space is not much. the Feature of this compressor is that it is automatic and when a certain tire pressure will turn off itself. In addition, the compressor has two preset cars and SUV or CAR and SUV. All you need to do to the owner is to plug the gadget into the cigarette lighter and the wheel, select vehicle type and start the compressor. Read more

My acquaintance with the brand Xiaomi began with the purchase of a very popular at the time headphone Xiaomi Piston 2 (by the way, the second caps so far in my use). Then there was the Piston 3 (liked them less than a second) and Xiaomi Hybrid, which was disappointing. I Soon ceased to follow the production of Xiaomi earphones. But the need for cheap TWS and more than three hundred pages of discussion on one popular forum, forced to pay attention to Redmi AirDots. Quick impression about the product. Redmi AirDots interesting headphones which have some not very nice features, but still totally worth the price. A great choice for those who need inexpensive headphones TWS, and who not to buy cats strange nonam. Read more

What is the laptop for the average user? It's reading the news over a morning Cup of coffee, this vidosic on YouTube at lunchtime, it's a favorite show in the trip for work or pleasure. Cartoons for child, what would your parents get some rest. And it assistant in the school for student and working tool for an office employee. For each is "it" — his own. But one thing unites them all in common — to perform most daily tasks don't require a mega powerful CPU or gaming Read more

Unfortunately, are addicted to the harmful habit of Smoking. Eerily tired and occasionally looked to the side adapted for the evaporation. However, the complexity of the process in the form of batteries, rewinding of coils, fleece, and also a certain pretentiousness in appearance somehow pushed away from the transition to hovering. apparently I'm not alone and progress in the field of soaring reached the POD systems, it greatly simplifies the process. just compact appearance, easy operation and inspired to try an electronic cigarette MOTI. Read more