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In this review, I suggest to get acquainted with the "bezrabotnym" AQUOS S2 from the world-famous electronics company — Sharp. The smartphone was a bit controversial, but quite interesting both outside and inside and this despite the fact that the Japanese "roots" is now part of China's Foxconn. It is worth noting also that since its release in August last year, the model quickly caught the fancy of buyers and for now continues to enjoy great popularity. Read more

Beginning. Perception of reality is different people are different, and if alone, choosing to concentrate on the main characteristics of the goods, other draws exclusively additional. Or the headphone segment, the supply-demand covers such pole as, focused solely on sound smug audiophile models, and branding, where the main thing — special design and unique chips. Tennmak TRIO is fresh and bright representative of in-ear headphones with the emphasis on beauty and glamour, Read more

Macaw is a young company that offers us a cheap but quality audiodacity, ready to compete with Xiaomi and Meizu. Many people know that the Chinese are not particularly bother in the design and manufacture of exclusive goods, just make copies and sometimes even better than the original. Macaw TX 80 is the Chinese being BeatsX, but much cheaper. Macaw TX 80 – have a comfortable neckband, which takes all the weight (31 grams) and distributes it around the neck. The detachable cable. Waterproof level IPX5 Nano from moisture and sweat. Read more

The Main reason I drew attention to the smartphone BENQ Z2 — low price at a sufficiently attractive characteristics. Yes, and the brand is not from the basement, and the SHARP. It is worth noting that in 2016, he bought a well-known company Foxconn, and now SHARP is its subsidiary. But it only won because Foxconn has a huge experience in the production of smartphones and various electronics. Capacities of the company are issued smartphones brands such as Apple, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei etc. ie there is not any conventional elevon made on the knee schoolboy, but a very serious brand with a full-time staff and unlimited production capacity. Read more

Hi Everyone. Today share their impressions from Dating with smart clock No.1 F6 Chinese manufacturer. Which promises that the main body stashed in moisture and dust protected case according to the IP68 standard. In fact, to call them may be smart, but their functionality is not as big as it was existing earlier models of this brand. This is the best option for those who are looking for good quality electronic watch with coloured dial, sports features and modes, built-in sensors, and most importantly, in a secure enclosure according to the IP68 standard. How to actually work in all these chips, and come the hours after immersion in water are shown below. Read more

Hello! In its activities, is almost always used network screwdrivers. Without any prejudice, just I was all arranged, and the latest from the acquired proved how tenacious that it seemed why did my friend. Naturally oily drawback of this tool is its connection to the socket and tail wiring. After brief use to put up, of course, possible, but in recent years more and more of the work falls on the worker. So I decided to Supplement my tool is overlooked. Read more

Models high-capacity battery will always cause some interest, because for many high autonomy in active use plays a crucial role when choosing a new smartphone. But Vernee X — model, in which paid attention to other modern trends. Smartphone equipped with a cool modern 6 inch screen with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels, quite powerful and energy efficient CPU Helio P23, and a large amount of RAM and internal memory (there are 2 versions of the 4Gb/6Gb and 64Gb/128Gb). Read more

Due to the use of a sufficiently large number of various gadgets (smartphones, tablets, smart watches, Bluetooth headsets and speakers) are constantly faced with the challenge of finding chargers for these gadgets, and it's not the most important thing. Sometimes, trivial, not enough outlets to connect all devices. In General, decided to buy, what to buy, charger. The main requirement of course is to support QC 3.0. Strongly with the choice not to bother. Took what was cheaper, and the manufacturer is more or less known. Read more

Today I want to introduce to the readers an overview of the generator arbitrary waveform JDS6600. the model generator is able to output information on the color TTF display of 2.4 inch, to provide a signal in two independent channels frequency up to 15 MHz sine, square, triangular shape and a frequency of up to 6MHz signal CMOS/TTL logic, pulse, and arbitrary waveforms with a scope from 0 to 20 Volts, has an input for measurement of frequency, period, duration, duty cycle. The device allows to change the phase of signal from 0 to 359.9 degrees in increments of 0.1 degrees, to shift the signal from -9,99 + 9,99 Volts (depending on signal amplitude). In memory of the generator 17 prescribed standard signals and has the ability to edit (create/draw) the...

Computer games industry has caused the rapid development of the games themselves and accessories for them. One of them is DJ headphones. In addition to the common standards to them as to any of highly specialized things, requirements will be different. Is soundproofing from the outside world, the availability and sensitivity of the microphone, the detailed sound, comfortable headband, shape and the realization of the cups, to avoid any discomfort during long hours of gaming sessions. Just stand out headphones for gamers connection to the audio path of your computer, via USB. today in the review Dodocool DA163 gaming headphone with USB connection port. Please see). Read more

Balanced intermediate version of ZTE — cheaper than the flagship Nubia expensive and more powerful Z17 Z17 Nubia mini. The processor is not the flagship 800 series, but above the average of the segment — Snapdragon 653. Inside drive, 64-GB eMMC 5.1 (but not UFS 2.1), and the amount of RAM in flagship almost 6 GB. despite the fact that black and gold are always a winning combination obtained at the output of balanced stylish smartphone. This review may add a little pain to the owners of "folk" models of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. Read more

I had a multimeter unit 830, purchased 20 years ago. In General, me it is largely organized and the readings are not confused, and compact. It would have lived longer, if in the heat of passion while you fuss with yet another scheme, I would not burn it. However, all that does not happen, all the better. the unit Multimeters long been on everyone's lips thanks to its reliability, range, accuracy, and completely loyal to price tags. Nostalgic for 830 mu, as a reliable workhorse, and pick up a couple of pieces of other multimeters, still glancing in the direction of the UNI-Ing. In the end were in the hands of unit UT890S+, simple, skilled, affordable, high quality, easy to use and useful in the household multimeter. Some interesting details, I invite under...

Welcome. it happened that almost all headphones that I happened to meet recently was from a new (to me) brands. This review was no exception. I have another newbie. Sometimes one gets the impression that the liners are meant to be similar to each other. fortunately, even though rare but there are instances which look like everyone else, have their own memorable style, and not falling into Bucuresti. the advantages of the subject does not end there. There are good removable wire, and sound quality. More information under the cut. Read more

Hello, dear friends. Today I want to tell you about the AP60 audio player hidizs ' (second revision). After the recent updates of mobile phone, the daughter was faced with the problem – the lack of a standard mini jack. All her favorite headphones to her turned out to be literally useless. The offer to use my old xDuoo x3 was received categorical refusal... earned the child a new player... and I was very interested to test the new device, compare the sound quality with the same xDuoo. Read more

Hello, dear friends. Today I want to tell you about a new Cubot x18 plus. New, it is certainly too loudly, rather it is a modernized version of the earlier model Cubot x18. What's new in it? Maybe with the exception of the design. First of all I want to say that GearBest took sale, and the price on this phone was around 76$ (which in my opinion is very reasonable). Now the cost of the smartphone is a bit large, and you have to expect that in the near future there will be price correction. Read more