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The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Simple in the recent past, the devices today have a connection with the world wide web, making our life more comfortable. In the home weather station that monitors temperature and humidity indoors and outside. It would be strange if it were not simultaneously clock, alarm clock, didn't know how to predict the weather. All in DIGOO DG-TH8788 is. From other stations it features a setup with a smartphone and Internet connection, where the station receives information for forecasting the weather for three days. To determine the temperature outside in the 30 metre radius of the station (i.e. "here and now") the station is equipped with external remote radio sensor. Read more

Not everyone is a fan of quality music is familiar with the company's products Simgot that is actually not surprising. The company was formed in 2014 in China, where we are development and production. On the CIS market came with several models of dynamic hybrid headphone category, Hi-Res, but this does not mean that the range of products the company is small. Today, model range of the company represented the majority of types of various headphones Read more

Chuwi has released a budget laptop with a screen size of 14.1", which is able to work up to 9 hours on internal battery. Chuwi HeroBook this laptop is entry level, so expect in terms of performance a lot of it is not worth it. Its main advantage in other: thin, light, quiet, very comfortable and capable for long periods of time without outlet. About such it is accepted to speak, the working stiff. It is ideal as a "typewriter" for working with texts and spreadsheets, specialized programs (e.g. accounting, database software for car diagnostic, etc), a good helper he is also a disciple or student. While its regular price is around $200. Read more

Manufacturers of cheap smartphones persistently continue to produce the same type of models among which the already and the devil himself a leg break. Most often, they have basic characteristics and the same type of design "like the Iphone". However, the demand for such smartphones is because they are cheaper than their famous counterparts, and most often buy them either as a first smartphone to a child (or Vice versa for parents) or undemanding users who need a smartphone only for calls and Internet. Not strange in this niche, too, comes a serious struggle and Homtom which year continues to stay afloat, offering a little more than others... and That's with Homtom H5 the situation is the same. On the one hand is the most that neither is a typical budget...

Today we check B200 from Brainwavz. The original version of the B200 was released in early 2017 along with B100 and B150. BUT the difference B200 from a budget brothers was to use two balanced armatures.In 2018 B200. Passed the technological phase, which was used in conjunction with B100 and B150. Standard production technology of the buildings had been replaced by a 3D printed device, very similar design and shape that was used for the successful B400. Fixed cables have also been the subject of the past, since the B200 is now equipped with detachable cables, equipped with MMCX. How does the current generation B200. Let's take a closer look! Read more