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Hi All. Today I want to talk about quite interesting device. We will focus on the automobile salon mirror, with the function of DVR and Navigator. This unit was bought for use in a private car, but unfortunately, it was slightly too small and mount on my regular mirror, it is impossible, in this connection, the mirror was presented and will be used on the car of the father. In this regard, immediately apologize that the review will not be photos with fixed rear view camera and mirror, as the closest exit of the Parking lot, is slated for mid-April. Photos will be added to the review later (in the spring) when the car will leave winter Park. Read more

Some time ago in my hands got the kit allows to build a simple oscilloscope under the name DSO138. All anything, but he was severely limited by the frequency of the measured signal. Not to say that the monitored device is much steeper, but he stated bandwidth to 4 MHz. let's See what it is and how it works :) Read more

Often in the reviews where the rating capacity of the battery is done via USB testers, and commentaries, you can find objections to this technique. some time he used the tester J7 and the results of measurements of battery capacity are often baffled. On the same battery would sometimes get a totally different value. This was especially true of old batteries. the Most correct method is the measurement of the battery capacity on the discharge current 0.2 C with the help of electronic load. a Couple of months ago I was EBD electronic load-USB from the manufacturer ZKE, specializing in such topics. since that time time as a result of the operating and monitoring device has come to some conclusions and held separate experiments. I invite Anyone interested to...

Cardholders for 4-7 cards with office bills and housing of 2 mm thickness aluminium. Help keep card fraud, with portable POS terminals. A field experiment showed usable, but also found after the fact was a completely free method of addressing this issue. Read more

Another little-known company from China has decided to surprise vapers with my invention. Especially felts, felts for destiny, or because of any other motives of this form of the invention resembles the silhouette of a penguin, dressed in armor of stainless steel. But let's not rush ahead. All in good time... Read more

Three Years ago, when I was looking at lots on eBay, came across the Sharp Aquos Crystal smartphone, which had a space, at that time, design. His "trick" was a screen with very small frames, due to which it seemed to be some device from the future. Very long thought of buying it, but stopped its firmware and unknown piezodynamic. Two years later, when I already forget about him, the company Xiaomi released the Mi smartphone Mix, thereby stolichnov my memories and the desire to acquire something similar. To pay that kind of money for the Chinese, with many nuances, did not want to, so I had to wait until to Wake up manufacturers third tier, and will not begin to "rivet" something. After some time my desires began to be realized, the first models with a low...

Hello! found charger Ultra Power UP610 power of 200 Watts, capable of charge and discharge 7 types of batteries. it is Focused not only work with batteries for RC models, but also with the batteries of the cars. Stakeholders are invited under kat. Read more

To transport laptop I have a classic bag with a shoulder strap to carry it short enough for the eyes, but long Hiking trips this solution is not very convenient, hands hard, if the bag hang on the shoulder, then a narrow strap cut shoulder laptop when walking beats on foot. In order to get rid of the inconvenience of carrying your laptop or a game console was chosen the same backpack company Tigernu model T-B3032. the Packaging mildly surprised — in the transport Read more

Good time of day. Today in the review I want to show protected IPX4 Bluetooth speaker Loskii LW-Hott, with functions of FM and Hands Free. In the review we find out whether the stated degree of protection IPX4 reality and take a look inside the world of this device. In this review, there are referral program links. to See the current cost Loskii LW-Hott I Bought a wireless IPX4 Bluetooth speaker Loskii LW-Hott. Order placed on the website of Banggood and paid 08.11.2017 G. Column at the time Read more

Good time of day! Today in the review we will consider the budget TV box Mini X96 SoC Amlogic S905W. Conduct a demolition, find out the difference S905W SoC Amlogic SoC from Amlogic S905X and compare the results of synthetic tests X96 Mini with the "people's TV box Mini M8SII on Amlogic SoC S905X". The review will be present referral program links. TV box Mini X96 is sold in two versions — 1Gb RAM 8Gb ROM and 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. The cost of the TV Boxing X96 Mini (the version with 2GB RAM and 16GB Read more

Someone buys straps handmade for $50, someone anime doll love, and I'm partial to weird electronic stuff and tin cans:) This pendant/earrings supercapacitors, made by hand Slovak guy named Peter Mishenko (aka Bobricius), I discovered by chance when wandered on the page of the Creator on the TINDIE site. Read more

I already did a review about the oscilloscope designer. This review is more about the finished product, and quite rich. Some nuances will pay a little more attention, some less. But I'll try to make it as informative as possible. And be sure to check how accurately it measures. the Device is quite interesting, worth to read about him. A review about it for some reason was not. It is necessary to close the gap. Read more

Hello! Once I confess in the leather case I'm an Amateur, but more recently, craft it fascinates me. Watching clips on YouTube, my enthusiasm only increased. Of course the first steps you can do and the minimum amount of the tool from the nearest hardware store. But I managed to get my hands on the review, a set of special tool. Read more

Edifier Company is widely known in our region thanks to high-quality acoustic systems for the PC. However, the range of products much wider. I have long wanted to get acquainted with headphones from this manufacturer, and finally had the chance. I must say, headphones is like, is great for listening to popular music and viewing movie. Read more

LEDs Ring flash RF-550D Macro LED. For a long time to look in the direction of light flashes for macro photography, but confidence in the fact need it or not, I was not. The price range of these devices is large enough, and for obvious reasons, expensive to buy great desire was not, especially because personally, I didn't even have full confidence in its necessity, after all, to illuminate the subject of photography is always possible with the help of a lantern. In General, the purchase decided. Read more