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The Lamp under normal E27 base, which has 96 LEDs with a temperature of about 1300-1500 K and can mimic flickering fire. But in some modes there are problems with the PWM and to recommend it even at the price of 4.99 can only with some reservations. Read more

And the old woman is proruha, or how I tried to help someone to pick up daughter external battery. As I self-righteously decided that easy will be able to resolve this issue. And how did it end fail =) Or not over? Actually, TK zostalo that a teenage girl needs an external battery and you need to choose direct all devochkoy. That is to say, that pink was so not like at all and that worked well. Not just some shiny trinket was. And then caught my eyes Read more

The Kit enables the child out of brightly colored plastic parts yourself easily create with different elements of the infrastructure the highway arbitrary configuration and run it a self-propelled wagon. Read more

Today in the court of public opinion for two men's shirts with long sleeves, which are a Taobao shop sells one lot. Positioned the store, they like winter, cashmere and dense, i.e., for cool and cold weather — Winter men's new and cashmere thick long sleeved t-shirt men. In General is important. this is really interesting, I invite under kat. Read more

This review focuses on the AMUTORCH VG10 flashlight on the led XM-L2. the Flashlight provided for review by shop the Flashlight comes in a cardboard box with a sticker of manufacturer logo on the cover, on the end of the box a sticker with the characters, no marks on the model lamp no. Open. Carton padded with layer of foam, a flashlight, ZIP and lanyard were placed in the cutouts. Stacked on top of another layer of foam, but still, the box is clearly not in size... the instructions in Chinese... and even without the numbers... set Read more

I already quite long time I use a homemade capacitance meter and ESR of capacitors, collected under the scheme from the author GO to the forum ProRadio. Along the way, in my use there is another, no less popular meter FCL from the site cqham. Today in the review of the device, which has a higher stated accuracy as well as actually combining both of the above device. Attention, a lot of photos, little text, may be critical for users with expensive traffic. Read more

Every child who goes to school, is faced with the agony of choosing a school backpack. A huge number of brands, types and colors. To these torments of a choice did not arise from fans of the brand Xiaomi, the company has released a new frame school backpack with orthopedic back support. Read more

Often face problems laptops power. Our family has three of them (laptop). The cord fails, then the adapter aroundit. Recently my daughter problem. I can't find the cause. Loses power. The defect is periodic. Now it will be at least something to start from. Who cares, we go. Read more

The Last time I wrote some reviews of products of clothing and shoes from Chinese shops. And almost all of them were in fact so-so, only one of the last reviews of multistrada turtlenecks have been positive. And many wrote to me, saying do not look on the Chinese sites good quality clothing — there is not in principle! But I knew that there now has a part will talk about all of this. Read more

Hello! Today I want to talk about the sweater, ordered on Taobao through an intermediary Until recently, nothing on Taobao did not order and upon delivery the novelty of the moment made itself felt). Oddly enough, but the surprise was more positive connotation. Who are interested, I invite under kat. Read more

Shop CAFAGO announced a coupon code for a cool smart watch Xiaomi Huami Amazfit When you apply coupon CAZY66 poluchaetsya discount of $14.12, and the watch can be purchased for only $69.99. the Coupon is valid up to 31.03.2018 Description from: Xiaomi Huami Smart watch Smart Watch is capable of quickly and accurately track your activity by an on — off modules, GPS + GLONASS. The watch has 4 sport modes to meet different requirements exercises: Jogging in the open air, Read more

Hi All. Today will be a review of the multifunctional GameSir gamepad G4s. Which is perfect for gaming on Android devices and for PC. At this time, G4s probably the best game manipulator from the entire range of GameSir. Who cares, look under the cat. There's a lot. Read more

This tea was recommended to me by a friend of Chinese. I was confused by the gift wrapping, but the reviews were all positive so went ahead and booked. will continue to be typical for gift sets review and lots of photos of the packaging and a little photo of tea. However, I tried to brew tea in different ways, and of course will tell you about it. Direct link to this product Read more

Professional media players on Android or TV boxes, as they are called, are rather a niche product, after all, to appreciate them fully only in the presence of ligaments: a good TV + sound system. Their cost is quite high, so the purchase is justified only in the case if You have a goal to get the highest quality picture and good sound output. Egreat A5 can offer this, because the first device is a media player aimed to playback Ultra HD content and to understand, he is better than the usual "boxes" for $50, I suggest to familiarize with the main possibilities. Read more

My optical glasses fared quite well, no scratches on the lenses, no signs of wear on the rim. That's just heavy they are, after all, the lenses are glass. After a long use on perenesite remain red spots. Decided to make myself a new lightweight glasses. With titanium frames and plastic lenses. Measured my old frame and went to Zenni. To my surprise, did not come close in size. had to look at Tao. There is also the search proved difficult. After two exhausting nights were found store on Tmall with the glasses chosen specifically for owners of "big face". In summary, I am very pleased. The nose said — thank you))) Direct link to this product Read more