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Review fit designer from the company Sluban. In Russia such as work. Found like the official website of this company and designer Series a lot, but the choice of which is scarce. Godson, it was agreed. to by the designer. Well, very much he loves to Tinker with LEGO-like designers. a Few months ago JD was bought the most worthwhile designers from their presence. ibid successfully bought several sets for$ 100 with a coupon 40$ off 100$ purchase. it is a Pity that the range Read more

On the Basis of appearance, the clothes would be easier to call down jacket, but the filler is not pure fluff and so-called "cotton pen". Accordingly, it is clothing for a fairly mild winter, with temperatures down to minus 15-20. Selected "jacket" at Tao for a very long time. With the growth of 198 cm and weight 120 kg, Asian size 6XL is fine. The jacket a large warm pockets, hood normal size, and there are no problems with vapour permeability. In the end, my purchase I'm very pleased. Direct link to this product Read more

I will Not hold the intrigue, these shoes perfectly reflect the light and so under certain conditions they glow brightly in the dark. As always, sneakers from Li-Ning has turned light and comfortable. For my Russian size 46 fit perfectly. Direct link to this product Read more

Hi, today my review is about bag-backpack, Chinese manufacturer. The bag is cool. Modern, stylish. Quality materials and tailoring. A lot of offices and a good length of the straps + gift keychain and in addition fashionable bag. Bag is interesting because it can be transformed with the classic "bags in hand" in a full backpack. Here I wanted this. Let's try it. Packaging equipment In the package was a homemade box. The product is in turn housed in a fabric pouch, a very decent and fit for further use as a bag for changing shoes, for example. Bag during transport is not damaged, no crumpled creases. Inside the bag was crammed PTS a lot of paper. Thanks to the seller or to the carrier. Read more

Hi Everyone. Today share impressions of gift to her beloved man in honor of the new year. All the preparation and attention on the eve of the new year focused on fulfilling the desires of younger members of family. Therefore, the gifts of the beloved are increasingly commonplace. And this time is no exception. The benefit of pre-Christmas craziness, I received an offer for cooperation from the Chinese store. Sincerely delighted, but the form before her husband filed, I wanted to give him a gift and get Read more

Overview of the 4-antenna router-repeater with great features (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Frequency:2.4 GHz, 5GHz) or how I organized Wi-fi large alien(!) apartment. My story will be useful to those lacking wireless access in some remote corner of the apartment or private home. Read more

This charger is sold by the manufacturer on and, but Ali has several offers from different stores for the same and a lower price of $44.90 that it is cheaper for the Russians. Key features of the device — 4 slots, able to simultaneously charge the Li-ion current up to 3.0 A (12A in total) and a USB output that turns the charger in the powerbank. Read more

Hi All. Today I will continue a series of reviews dedicated to the smart clock from the company Microwear. In this review, I want to talk about the latest creation of the company Microwear H5. One of the advantages of this model is the radio module with support of networks 4G. Read more

A Year and 4 months ago, the company Saomi released a robot vacuum. This robot vacuum cleaner for their time of existence managed to gain great popularity not only among fans but also those who is not familiar with the products of this Chinese giant. And all because with their functions a vacuum cleaner is really gorgeous, and in comparison with competitors, for the price, cleans really very, very good. Times so good I went selling the first model, let's run the series the second model, he decided the company Saami and released to the market Roborock version 2. A detailed review of the inside, as clear, and what is the difference between the first and second robot — I will try to explain further. Read more

Hi All. In today's review I want to tell you about such common things as buttons. They are mainly used as the securing element clothing, alternative decor element. Much less the buttons used as a talisman or mascot. the First matching buttons dated from the age of about 5000 years ago. They were made of stone and had a curved shape. At the same time with the buttons used a variety of straps, lacings, pins, bone and other materials. Read more

B1 Bluetooth headset separate headphones and carrying case with built-in battery for charging on the go. The decision now popular format from the brand Aermoo. The pros and cons of the model as a whole, and especially wireless headsets Aermoo B1. Read more

The New year is a family holiday. All the houses are illuminated with colorful lights. Everyone decorates their homes holiday decorating inside and out. I was no exception and decided to decorate the window in the hall with a garland "Led curtain". To hang this beauty, both indoors and outside. The instructions written that it easily tolerates the cold. Read more

Hi All. Again today we will review crash test cell, and a fatal ending. The phone is protected not only according to the IP68 standard, but according to military standard MIL-STD-810G. As you know usually protected smartphones are larger, but there is still a 6" screen. Is it worth buying this smartphone? Let's deal. Read more

The Fourth Saber figure in my collection. Actually, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia it's not anime, but an interactive graphic novel, but the style is still familiar to all fans of Japanese animation. the Original Japanese figure has long been a rarity. Chinese replicas are also not very common. The workmanship has not brought surprises. There are small schools, but from a distance, the composition looks good. the Link to the product is distorted by the engine resource – here video — Read more

That the Chinese are fake Chinese, I have heard, but earlier with such things did not face. Next, let's talk about what brings the search for rare items at a low price. Well, of course, about the jacket. the Link to the product is distorted by the engine resource – here video — Read more