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Valve opened "Terrible summer sale" in the digital distribution network Steam. As it became known sale with hundreds and thousands of games on the discounts will last until June 22. a Cursory examination of proposals on the main sales page showed that discounts exhibited 4048 games. On winter sale at the discount window was more 6140 games. Anyway, the list of games on the summer sale can be much higher due to Lightning discounts", renewable every 12 hours, and also thanks to the Suggestions of the day." the List of games ranges from numerous small indie projects and early access games and finishing blockbusters, including Grand Theft Auto V and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A variety of discounts also vary in the range from 10% to 90%. Valve has...

Finally the game comes out on April 14. And this is the exact date, because the network released the official trailer for the game. And not another delaying release. Regarding the video, is the usual montage of scenes from the game in 60 fps. Graphics are smooth, not burdened by special effects. But some feel that the magic was gone, has not been of a dynamic feel. Perhaps because of high expectations and the oversaturation of the genre. Or the developers, show Grand Theft Auto V is finally in the new style. Look. Rockstar Games warns about 60 frames in a video, look at quite powerful devices. Facebook Twitter Vkontakte Google+

Google, known for its Easter eggs and gags. The same and this year everyone was expecting something extraordinary. This time it was an opportunity to play Pac-Man on the map. Present to you the exclusive video game. First, we play in the center of Kiev, the video shows some flaws developers. As for example the failure of the turns. However, we managed to find a more suitable site for the game. Facebook Twitter Vkontakte Google+

Rockstar Company presented to the public new screenshots of the game Grand Theft Auto 5. The developers claim that the presented screen shots reflect the quality of the project at the highest graphics settings, resolution screenshots – 4K. Facebook Twitter Vkontakte Google+

Very often the developers are trying to convey a certain atmosphere, to emphasize the objects or to give the effect of speed without large demands on the hardware. But this approach is not like all gamers, especially since not everybody understands it. This was addressed in the new The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. a Good example is the blurring of images in motion, which occurs quite often. While developers want to convey a sense of speed, the gamers try to pick up points and wipe the screen. After looking for this effect in the settings. But it will suffer and the effect of chromatic aberration, underscores contrasting colors with bluish and reddish glow on the edges of the shape. the Similar effect can be found in the videos of the last century that have been...

Designer Final Fantasy XV made all the characters are male so it's not sbantipolo players. "Honestly, a group consisting solely of men, much more comfortable for the players – If there was at least one girl, they would feel differently, it would affect their behavior. That they were as honest and sincere, we decided to make all the main characters of the same sex, " said Hajime TABATA in General, the presence of all the male characters I was quite disturbed by all fans of the series. It is not typical for the series. And the words of the designer in a certain way the situation is clear. Facebook Twitter Vkontakte Google+

Unlike the PC, where the graphics have only improved. Rockstar Games has released an update for the latest generation of consoles, where in addition to the new chips revealed a deterioration in the quality of graphics. Note that the better version 1.00 1.08 demonstrates the fine details and light. This is especially noticeable damage on the car. White sent a collective complaint to the company. Support said that the deterioration is not special. And is characterized by an error in the code. But Rockstar Games is trying to rectify the situation. And to distract offers to reinstall the game.☺ Facebook Twitter Vkontakte Google+

The office was able to experience a new game from the company This is a card online game World of Tanks: Generals. If you represented yourself to be a General in command of their own or while playing in tanks relied on the strategy - this is your game. You can spend as short attack and sklavopoula system blows. the Game gives you a choice of 220 game cards countries USA, Germany or the USSR. Which contain special receptions, vehicles and infantry. From other card, is characterized by its simplicity and features. Very similar to poker, where the role play cards and their use. Overall a good game, Oh well that do not need to register. After all, you can login using ID, for example if you play World of Tanks. Therefore, we...