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The Second round of MotoGP was held on the background of the scandal with the Michelin tyres. At once at the several pilots had problems with the tires and race control took the decision to conduct a mandatory pit stop in the middle of the race. Recall that trouble with tires Michelin arose during the test sessions, however, the French still could not deal with the problem. Best of all coped [...]

Stage in Bahrain again was dominated by pilots Mercedes, and ended with a second consecutive victory for Nico Rosberg. And when you consider last year's results, this is the fifth consecutive victory for the German. You can also note another unsuccessful qualification knock-out: it seems that in China the leaders of the championship will return to the format in 2015. After Rosberg crossed the finish line [...]

The First stage of the world touring car championship showed that this season we will have a serious fight for the championship title. The advantage of the Citroen does not look so overwhelming, and the debut of Volvo showed that the Swedes had prepared a great car. Also perfectly proved Lada and Honda. The first race was won by Robert Huff driving a Honda Civic, finished second to Sebastian Loeb [...]

Project "eco-friendly" racing series Formula-E was a success and the organizers decided to take the next step. As race support for electrical and formula will be the races of the new series Robocar. The main feature of the Robocar will be the use of unmanned vehicles, managed by the onboard computer. It is expected that on start there are ten teams of two cars each. The length of each camp will be one hour. [...]

Despite the mass Exodus of many of Chevrolet models from our market, some hot news will appear in Russia. Among them, the new generation Camaro. On the official website of the company appeared the picture of the car with the caption "Soon in Russia." On the question of whether the new product to be sold in us, the answer is given, but when it happens and how much it will cost model, [...]

Polestar has presented updated versions of the Volvo V60 and S60, which are now fitted with four-cylinder engines. Instead the 3.0-liter six-cylinder unit, the tuners used a 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Despite the fact that the cars have lost a liter of capacity and two cylinders, the turbocharged engine boasts 362 HP, which is 17 HP more than the 3.0-liter predecessor. Innovations can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h [...]

In the USA was submitted to high-performance Geiger Ford Mustang GT 820 having a lot of improvements compared to the conventional model. Catches aggressive body kit made of carbon fiber and 20-inch lightweight forged wheels with Michelin tyres. Optionally you can order a unique paint for the body. Under the hood is 5.0-liter V8 engine received several improvements, including a 2.9-liter supercharger. [...]

Model of the BMW Z5, "dressed" in a massive camouflage, noticed in Sweden, where the Germans were testing their new Roadster in winter conditions. He has the classic proportions of a Roadster. We see a long hood and a relatively short trunk with rear spoiler. The rest of the details difficult to make out, but also note the wide radiator grille and dual exhaust system. Recall that Z5 is based on the platform, [...]

Tesla has officially unveiled the long-awaited sedan Model 3, which will become the initial model in the family of electric models. Model 3 will go on sale late next year with a starting price of $ 35,000. According to CEO Elon musk, in the first 24 hours was done over 115000 pre-orders, and prospective buyers had to Deposit 1000 [...]

Independent designers have prepared a visualization of the new generation Nissan Micra. It is made with an eye to the Sway concept and spy photos hatchback. Most likely the real car will be very close to what we see in the image. It should be noted that Nissan Micra will be much nicer, the design will satisfy a wider audience of drivers. As expected, the Japanese will offer new product [...]

Tuner MR Racing after companies in the ABT and MTM presented a package of improvements for Audi RS3 Sportback, which will make the hatchback is noticeably more powerful. The package is offered in two stages. The first performance is increased to 448 HP (330 kW) and 482 lb-ft (653 Nm), while the second five-cylinder engine will produce not less than 535 HP [...]

On the Internet appeared a new portion of rumors about a budget model Tesla Model 3. According to the source, acceleration from zero to 96 km/h takes only about four seconds. It is also reported that the design novelties will be similar to fellow Model S and X will get a new front design. Height Model 3 will be higher S, but [...]

Jaguar plans to release the successor to the XK. This was reported by General Director of Jaguar Land Rover North America Joe Eberhardt. He said that the XK is no more sense, as the company already has a coupe and convertible F-Type. It is important that the successor would have amounted to not less than 125 thousand dollars, much could affect [...]

Bavarian company plans to formally present the model of the BMW X1 Plug-in Hybrid this year, and while testing it, slightly covered with camouflage. New spy photos on. Apparently, BMW X1 Plug-in Hybrid is virtually indistinguishable from the standard model. Probably, in the end we will see small changes and icons that speak that before us the hybrid. For performance BMW X1 [...]

From the Russian market goes the next model. This time it was once very popular Mitsubishi Lancer. The decision was not unexpected, since in recent years the interest has dropped significantly. If in 2008 the Japanese company sold about 62 thousand copies Lancer, last year they sold only 647 cars. Now some dealers still [...]