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There are many reasons due to which consumers prefer to install home ceilings. Someone has to taste the simplicity of their installation and the ability not to perform all work associated with the alignment base of the ceiling. Some people remain fascinated by their amazing appearance and virtually unlimited design possibilities. Someone has to taste their practicality and ease of care. Those are not Read more

There are several types of pools. They are distinguished depending on the type of design and purpose.The most popular, easy to install, the least expensive is prefabricated panel pool. Its modern design allows you to install this facility in the shortest possible time. Basic structure of prefabricated—panel-basin lies in its very name. It consists of different parts, which are installed in a prepared recess. The bottom of such recess Read more

One way to decorate walls and facades is the "beetle" — decorative plaster, widely used not only for its interesting appearance, but also their operational characteristics: — high moisture resistance; — long operational period; — the possibility of application on any type of surface; — the performance in any color; — the possibility of self-finishing, in the presence of even small Read more

In the design of any home it is important to consider not only the features of the interior decoration as well as the external finish of the building. The external finish requires a more careful selection of colors and materials, a detailed study of all the nuances. If internal facing various errors can be hidden, the exterior is not valid. Experienced professionals recommend to start external furnish of the house of Read more

The Modern market of devices for sewage is characterized by a varied assortment. Together with pipes of various configurations and sewer fittings in the process of installing a sewage system may be required and other devices, additional parts. For example, if you are the installation of storm sewer. It is about them we'll talk. Functional channels for the installation of storm sewer Works on construction of "stormwater drainage" begin with the purchase of a reliable functional channels. They are presented on Read more

What do you know about the Wallpaper? I think many will say that the Wallpapers come in several forms, such as paper, vinyl or water resistant. What Wallpaper is used to decorate the rooms. But that's not all, at the end of the knowledge about the Wallpaper. After all, there are numerous types of Wallpaper. But the choice of Wallpaper, is treated much more seriously. Because Poclain time, you Read more

Many are trying to make your apartment or house more comfortable, beautiful and convenient. Getting repair of the premises, are beginning to consider the designs and colors that are already finished works. And it's no secret that the growing popularity of multi-level ceilings. After all, they themselves look beautiful, and if their issue and led light, they become a real decoration. And this, in Read more

If you don't want to become almost a professional electrician and independently engage the electrics in the house or the cottage, but still electrical work easier and more convenient to do it yourself instead of waiting for an electrician and hope for his integrity. And after all the electrical equipment in the house needs repairs more often, even drywall construction or plumbing, rarely need it. Do not look, Read more

Basic concepts for even the most simple electrical work, you should know anyone who is going to change the wiring. Property location with elektroprovodka Important to know that the multi-pass cable running to your appliances, not one for the whole house. In each room is possible and even necessary to conduct multiple separate lines. This affects the security and uninterrupted power to electrical appliances. Read more

Any dwelling affected by time and periodically needs maintenance. For example, the original wiring has a limited lifespan. Earlier just wears out the housing grid, made of aluminum wires. In addition, the transaction, made a few decades ago, not for the number of electrical appliances and simply can not withstand the increased load. Therefore, when carrying out capital repairs of apartment is not worth it Read more