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Arduino — brand hardware and software to build a simple automatic systems and robotics, focused on non-professional users. The software consists of free software (IDE) to write programs, compile them and programming equipment. The hardware part is a set of mounted printed circuit boards, sold as the official manufacturer and third party vendors. A fully open architecture system allows you to freely [...]

The Best entertainment of the Internet for you — for you with love! Are you interested in movies and music space? Like to play games? Or just doing the storing unusual pictures? It is great if people understand what he wants. It was then only need to go to the Internet network and to search for desired information. Things are different if you want something [...]

Anki — a program to help you remember different details (for example, words or expressions in a foreign language) easily, quickly and efficiently. To do this, the program tracks how well you remember each of the items and uses this information to produce an appropriate graphics display cards. Besides text, it can play audio, show images and TeX - insert in the cards. She may [...]

Gnome Pie launcher Linux is designed to quickly run different applications, open directories, control the player etc. Gnome Pie is called by the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A and the screen on top of other Windows icons located around the current position of the mouse cursor. When you click on the icon you open a particular program, the same icon can serve for different [...]

Logisim is an educational tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits. With its simple toolbar interface and simulation of circuits during their design, Logisim is simple enough to facilitate learning the basic concepts related to logic circuits. When the possibility of building large circuits from smaller subcircuits, and draw bundles of wires with a single mouse drag, Logisim can be used (and [...]

Brackets — free editor, open source for web developers. Brackets designed to work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These technologies are the basis of the editor, which makes it cross-platform i.e. operating system compatibility Mac, Windows and Linux. Brackets created and developed by Adobe Systems under the MIT license and maintained on GitHub. The application includes [...]

Klavaro — typing tutor for Linux — a program designed to teach typing. Key features: Internationality: ar bg bn ca cs da de el en_GB eo es eu fi fr gl hr hu it kk ky nb nl pa pl pt_BR ru sl sr sv te uk ur vi wo zh_CN (if you want to [...]

Wireshark — traffic analyzer, computer network, Ethernet, and some others. Has a graphical user interface. Wireshark has a graphical user interface. The program allows the user to view the entire passing network traffic in real time, translating the network card in promiscuous mode (promiscuous mode). The program is distributed under the free GNU GPL and used to generate graphical cross-platform interface [...]

As you know the nature sounds soothe and relax, helping to focus while working. Ambient Noise Player plays soothing and relaxing sounds of nature, the default (wind, rain, forest, sea, storm, night, cafe, fire). You can also download additional tracks sounds. To install the program you need to download the deb package anoise_0.0.29_all.deb and install it using the command: cd ~/Downloads/ sudo dpkg [...]

We Hasten to please fans of the Unity shell that Ubuntu Unity project will continue to develop in a new Ubuntu - Ubuntu Unity 18.04 Bionic Beaver. Despite the fact that desktop Unity was often criticized by users, but after the announcement of Canonical on the closure of the project, was that Unity there are many supporters who wished to continue development. Among the supporters of the Unity development and on its basis the distribution derived from Ubuntu, made by such well-known developers like Marco Trevisan - Ubuntu Unity, Martin Wimpress - founder of Ubuntu MATE and some others that took the initiative of creating a group of independent developers and have asked support from the community. gave Canonical consent to the use of trademarks Ubuntu...

Today I would like to tell you about how to uninstall the Unity shell after upgrading to Ubuntu 17.10. Why is it useful? As you know, Ubuntu 17.10 decided to abandon Unity and go to GNOME Shell. Unity itself will still be supported for some time, but any innovation it will not be because the development is minimized.

Until recently, there was a wonderful program in Linux as Systemback , which can be used to do backup, system restore and even reinstall the system from a backup created Systemback. But the Hungarian developer and Creator of Systemback abandoned further development of the program. And currently the user can install it in Ubuntu 16.04. Of course very sorry that it happened. In Linux there are other programs, though not as advanced as Systemback, but it successfully makes backups of the system and its recovery from the system, and to stick with downloaded live system. One such program is the TimeShift. TimeShift for Linux is a application that provides functionality similar to System Restore in Windows and Time Machine in Mac OS (Apple). TimeShift protects...

I don't usually write articles on configuring the system for distributions with short-term support, which is Ubuntu 17.10, but in this case I made an exception, because in Ubuntu 17. 10 there have been significant changes. Many users who previously used this system with the environment Unity, should now switch to the default Gnome Shell interface, but with a hint of Unity. okay, Ubuntu 17.10, is a complete working system is ready to use after installation, despite the fact that pozitsioniruetsya as the release with short term support at 9 months. You can surf the vast expanses of the Internet and download the necessary files, watch movies, listen to music, print in Libre Office and use the printer to upload from the camera images and edit them to view your...

Today, the release of Ubuntu 17.10 with code name Artful Aardvark("Tricky Aardvark", the African anteater). The first letter of the alphabet marked the transition to the GNOME desktop Shell. Yes, as planned, from the Unity shell abandoned.

As expected, today saw the release of Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) and derivatives: Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Xubuntu, Lubuntu and Lubuntu Next, Budgie, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, and Ubuntu Kylin. 17.10 Ubuntu will be supported for 9 months until July 2018 . If you need a system with long term support (LTS), it is recommended to use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with support until April 2021. Ubuntu 17.10 Ubuntu 17.10 effect of dynamic transparency panels (Images are clickable) Innovations in Ubuntu 17.10: 1. iso images of Ubuntu Desktop 32-bit now no longer available. But available for download the server version is a 32 - bit PC (i386) server. 2. Ubuntu Desktop is now using GNOME shell instead of Unity, but with a default extension for Unity - Ubuntu Dock. 3. Now the...