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News of Sevastopol Here you will find fresh, independent news about events in the city, and can also leave your comments.

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All professions are needed, all professions are important! The motto 06 February in Palace of children and youth creativity with the support of the Department of education of the city of Sevastopol hosted the finals of season VI in the game-travel "On the road with tales of the" club team games "Smiley".

27 Dec 15:00 in the Exhibition hall on the 1st floor of building Antique exhibition of the State Museum-reserve "Chersonese" will be held the solemn opening of the highly anticipated exhibition of the Department of underwater archaeology entitled "Where the waves of Pontus, the noise..".

Supported by the State Museum-reserve "Chersonese" project of the Autonomous nonprofit organization "center for the study of the problems of disabled people "Society for all" became the winner of the competition of presidential grants for the development of civil society.

Regional public organization "Development of Sevastopol parks "Seiteki" became the winner of the competition of presidential grants and has received support in the amount of about 1.4 million rubles for the project "Improvement of the estate allotment No. 9 of Chora of Chersonesos".

On 20 November to the world day legal assistance to children for school students Gagarin district in the Cultural and information center hosted a themed hour "You have the right to know!". In the cognitive-game form students received the necessary knowledge on the basics of legal knowledge.

10 November 2017 marks 110 years since the birth of Alexander V. Buryachenko, hereditary fisherman, participant of the great Patriotic war, first Deputy head of the Sevastopol management of ocean fisheries, the founder of the National Museum of the history of the development of the fishing industry in the Azov-black sea basin.

8 November 2017 given the start of the traditional regional competition "the Most classy class". The Director of studies on educational work, teachers-organizers and class teachers of all educational institutions gathered in Sevastopol Palace of children and youth creativity on instructional and methodological meeting on the competition.

Russian movement of students, turns 2 years. In honor of the birthday of the youth organization on the area of the Sevastopol Palace of children and youth creativity held a competition for the best dance flash mob "Children of Sevastopol – Russia's future" which was attended by teams of primary organizations RDS all schools in the city.

From 1 November 2017 to 30 April 2018 guys can come on excursion to the Museum of Chersonesos reserve the whole class and for them the cost of the tour ticket is 6 times lower than the cost of the adult ticket and 3 times lower than the cost of tickets for students from other regions

14 Oct 2017 on the territory of the Museum-reserve "Chersonese" guests and residents of Sevastopol will be able to explore the images of the new banknotes with denomination of 200 and 2000 rubles, and signs of their authenticity. The event is organized by the Department for Sevastopol of the southern main branch of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

4 October marked 85 years since the formation of armies of civil defence of EMERCOM of Russia. During this time the system passed a serious way of formation and development, becoming an integral part of government measures to ensure the security of the country and its population, the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations.

On 3 October in the Palace of children and youth creativity hosted the traditional regional gathering of leaders of student self-government, which involved the chairmen of the councils of students, members of Parliament, students, representatives of media centres and teachers-mentors from 52 educational institutions of the city.

27 September 2017 in Sevastopol Palace of children and youth creativity has taken place theatrical opening of the sixth season of the game-travel "On the road with tales of the" club team games "Smiley" Sevastopol regional branch of the Russian movement of students.

From 21 to 24 September in Sevastopol took place the II international festival of brass music "Sevastopol waltz" dedicated to the memory of the composer of the chief military-orchestral service of Armed forces of Russia and artistic Director of the ensemble of song and dance. A. V. Alexandrov, Lieutenant-General Valery Khalilov.

From 20 August to 10 September, in accordance with paragraph 52 of the Rules of fishery for Azovo-black sea fishery pool (hereinafter – the Rules), forbidden Amateur and sports fishery in the Black sea of all types of mullets – singila, Loban, sharp-nosed – due to their mass spawning