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There are several instances from Chernobyl. See also: the popularity of the abandoned suburban summer camp "fairy Tale" was released outside of Russia the Photographer is taking pictures of an abandoned mental hospital from the inside. And that's what the patients seen the Story of one photo: abandoned factory closure, November 2016 the Pianist in the Tchaikovsky contest suddenly realized that he and the orchestra play different pieces. You should have seen his face (video) Fresh video from the fourth unit of the Chernobyl NPP Brazilian Chernobyl: radioactive contamination of Goiania in 1987

Dobromyslova now threatening thousands of likes and tons of reposts. See also: Video cat, which feeds a mouse to dinner, went viral the cat jumped on the field during a football match and won the highest rating of the commentator (video) Video how the girl judge stopped the match and took a selfie with Kaka, suddenly became viral the pseudo-police officer was arrested after he helped a real policeman to arrest the criminal How to behave during a police RAID in the club the Cat blew off the interview but it turned out better (video)

Writer no wonder so many of his novels devoted to the description of how reasonable, wise and good man unbeknownst to yourself and others becomes a monster. Stephen king himself spent fifteen years of his life in the mode of the monster. See also: the King of horror Stephen king: "The traditional television has its drawbacks. Main – there are all weaklings" Best movies by Stephen king, in the opinion of Stephen king Find all references to the works of Stephen king on one picture Tweet of the day: Stephen king wrote a very short and very scary story

"the Train goes no further. Please release the cars!" Exhibition in Frankfurt on the verge of extinction. In 2019 the number of participants was halved, and those who arrived faced with the discontent of the green lobby. Perhaps Frankfurt ripe fruit we admire for the last time... See also: What is the meaning of colored puddle under your car: a guide to six spots "three-second Rule" and 9 unwritten psychological laws of behavior behind the wheel Going to buy a used car? Print this table, and no one will be able to cheat

No other regime in human history, apparently not destroyed in such a short time so much of their population over the four years of Pol Pot exterminated in every seven Cambodians. See also: Communist North Korea once tripped and made a film about the monster the King of beasts: the history of the bloodthirsty African dictator Night thin noses: the story of mass murder of one Rwandan tribe others Who are the Indian untouchables, and if they touch Killed, ate — fame: the history of the famous Soviet Ogre

Military strategy of the Soviet Union and the United States predicted that the decisive battle in the third world will be the battle for orbit. The one who will take control of the planet orbit, will be invincible: his enemy will fall hail of thermonuclear strikes an unattainable height, irresistible and unpunished... Both powers even from 1950-ies began to develop technique and tactics for future space battles. See also: 8 accidentally lost nuclear bombs the Project "Ice worm": ice city with 600 nuclear missiles the First Soviet space weapons: such as the orbital cannon R-23M "Buckshot" As the Soviet Union and the United States almost blew up the moon

The Ancient people, as if deliberately did everything to confuse his descendants: I will erect a giant structure with a vague purpose, that is not the language ponapishut any stones, but sometimes you get stupid and die for no apparent reason. See also: Why the Aztecs invented the wheel? Could king Kong and Godzilla to exist in our world? the War and the ball: the story of an unusual match between soldiers of the warring armies, conquest Lost: what really happened to the missing ships "Erebus" and "Terror"

"the Shawshank redemption" for many, many years stands proudly in first place in the main online top movies IMdB. But at first it is hardly noticed... See also: Best movies by Stephen king, in the opinion of Stephen king 7 great facts about the movie "Gentlemen of fortune" facts about the movie "ACE Ventura", which unearthed our Bloodhound facts about the movie "a Nightmare on elm street", which will not let you sleep 20 the most interesting science fiction films of Europe Find all references to the works of Stephen king on one picture

We have adopted the tactics of "Men in black" and has collected the most yellow news from the world of biology, and then checked them with the help of renowned virologist Karin Melling. The results exceeded our wildest expectations. A large part of the newspaper ducks turned out to be true! See also: Why are the Russians so reluctant to smile? "But why!" — scientists explain Vladimir Surdin, "the Internet space is not afraid of no control!" the Test. Find out how much you annoy others it Turns out that ants do not like to work, scientists have found

The Galaxy Smartphones and Galaxy Note10 Note10+ got lots of functions that extend the capabilities as new users and loyal fans of the series Note. These settings will help to optimize the smartphone in accordance with the individual needs and preferences of the owner. See also: whether weapons from video games kill real people? Our Soviet Tesla! The extraordinary life of Leon theremin — inventor, a millionaire, a spy, a convict and genius the biggest work of Banksy are going to be auctioned for millions of dollars (photo)

Exactly 42 years ago there was the launch of "Voyager-1", during this time, the automatic probe managed to escape from humanity farthest. Instead, he gave us a lot of mysteries that the universe would never have shared myself. See also: the Colonization of Venus and other ambitious space projects of the USSR Scientists estimate how many people need to send on a spaceship to the mission to check the nearest exoplanet is successful And if you jump in a falling Elevator — can you help? Answer physics What do the letters YKK on the zip?

Nice to think that for every Hitler there is a bunker, and each of Stalin break paralysis. In other words, it's nice to think that justice exists and prevails. Although in reality it is neither. The proof of this decadent thesis-driven history of the Board of the African dictator IDI Amin. See also: How to throw a knife: 4 simple secrets, forcing the blade to pierce the target 6 life hacks for the car, which are not told in schools That looked like Kim Kardashian's 20 years ago! Night thin noses: the story of mass murder of one Rwandan tribe others

Richard Wagner did not know that in a hundred years, his "ride of the Valkyries" all will be associated exclusively with helicopters over Vietnam. Chuck berry have long forgotten about the song when she suddenly became famous in "pulp fiction." And that's not all! See also: the Story of a song: "Sunny" Boney M. 10 songs of Russian chanson, which everyone should know Russian 5 songs that'll prove to you that Chuck berry was great! the Story of a song: the same circus March the top 8 songs about the main thing — Putin!

In the test, summarizes the issues, at different times, sounded in transfer "What? Where? When?". Pick one answer and find out who you friends are or black box. See also: "three-second Rule" and 9 unwritten psychological laws of behavior behind the wheel And if you jump in a falling Elevator — can you help? Answer physics they'll Put you in jail the second Siamese twin if one of them commits a crime? the Three logical puzzles based on real events What is happening on the computer screen of the presenter of the program "What? Where? When?"

Sometimes it seems like women speak some alien language. Once we learned what the cuticle, and remember that 20 den is the density of tights, not the abbreviation "Denis, 20 centimeters", then they invented a thousand new incomprehensible words. See also: Words not in the Russian language, although they would be very useful (issue 2) Update Russian language: 25 new words, which we do not have enough "Immunity", "zodiac", "molecule" and 16 clever words that actually mean utter nonsense