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"the Shawshank redemption" for many, many years stands proudly in first place in the main online top movies IMdB. But at first it is hardly noticed... See also: Best movies by Stephen king, in the opinion of Stephen king 7 great facts about the movie "Gentlemen of fortune" facts about the movie "ACE Ventura", which unearthed our Bloodhound facts about the movie "a Nightmare on elm street", which will not let you sleep 20 the most interesting science fiction films of Europe Find all references to the works of Stephen king on one picture

We have adopted the tactics of "Men in black" and has collected the most yellow news from the world of biology, and then checked them with the help of renowned virologist Karin Melling. The results exceeded our wildest expectations. A large part of the newspaper ducks turned out to be true! See also: Why are the Russians so reluctant to smile? "But why!" — scientists explain Vladimir Surdin, "the Internet space is not afraid of no control!" the Test. Find out how much you annoy others it Turns out that ants do not like to work, scientists have found

The Galaxy Smartphones and Galaxy Note10 Note10+ got lots of functions that extend the capabilities as new users and loyal fans of the series Note. These settings will help to optimize the smartphone in accordance with the individual needs and preferences of the owner. See also: whether weapons from video games kill real people? Our Soviet Tesla! The extraordinary life of Leon theremin — inventor, a millionaire, a spy, a convict and genius the biggest work of Banksy are going to be auctioned for millions of dollars (photo)

Exactly 42 years ago there was the launch of "Voyager-1", during this time, the automatic probe managed to escape from humanity farthest. Instead, he gave us a lot of mysteries that the universe would never have shared myself. See also: the Colonization of Venus and other ambitious space projects of the USSR Scientists estimate how many people need to send on a spaceship to the mission to check the nearest exoplanet is successful And if you jump in a falling Elevator — can you help? Answer physics What do the letters YKK on the zip?

Nice to think that for every Hitler there is a bunker, and each of Stalin break paralysis. In other words, it's nice to think that justice exists and prevails. Although in reality it is neither. The proof of this decadent thesis-driven history of the Board of the African dictator IDI Amin. See also: How to throw a knife: 4 simple secrets, forcing the blade to pierce the target 6 life hacks for the car, which are not told in schools That looked like Kim Kardashian's 20 years ago! Night thin noses: the story of mass murder of one Rwandan tribe others

Richard Wagner did not know that in a hundred years, his "ride of the Valkyries" all will be associated exclusively with helicopters over Vietnam. Chuck berry have long forgotten about the song when she suddenly became famous in "pulp fiction." And that's not all! See also: the Story of a song: "Sunny" Boney M. 10 songs of Russian chanson, which everyone should know Russian 5 songs that'll prove to you that Chuck berry was great! the Story of a song: the same circus March the top 8 songs about the main thing — Putin!

In the test, summarizes the issues, at different times, sounded in transfer "What? Where? When?". Pick one answer and find out who you friends are or black box. See also: "three-second Rule" and 9 unwritten psychological laws of behavior behind the wheel And if you jump in a falling Elevator — can you help? Answer physics they'll Put you in jail the second Siamese twin if one of them commits a crime? the Three logical puzzles based on real events What is happening on the computer screen of the presenter of the program "What? Where? When?"

Sometimes it seems like women speak some alien language. Once we learned what the cuticle, and remember that 20 den is the density of tights, not the abbreviation "Denis, 20 centimeters", then they invented a thousand new incomprehensible words. See also: Words not in the Russian language, although they would be very useful (issue 2) Update Russian language: 25 new words, which we do not have enough "Immunity", "zodiac", "molecule" and 16 clever words that actually mean utter nonsense

Of the USSR of the 30's- the era of reckless creative enthusiasm. You came to the party Committee with drawings of the airship on eggplant-powered, taking on Board or 1,200 workers, or 4,000 peasants — would get money, fame, vodka and Komsomol. As the inventor of the Express "ball roll". See also: Why GAZ-21 "Volga" is not plagiarism. Our mini-investigation, Our Soviet Tesla! The extraordinary life of Leon theremin — inventor, a millionaire, a spy, a convict and genius the Soviet copies of Western goods, 47 examples of blatant "copy-paste" 5 fashion trends that were born in the USSR and sold around the world

"what a beautiful sky in these dreary end-of-summer days when the Russian pilots perform in this aerobatics propeller!" — wrote Tiutchev (like). See also: In the Swiss aerobatic team mixed festivals and performed elsewhere the Pilot flew almost 700 miles to do in the sky huge words "I'm bored" and draw obscene figure 360-degree camera in the cockpit of a fighter jet (panoramic VIDEO) the Russian pilot-the fan did spin at 100 rpm — and set a world record! That's how it was (VIDEO)

Needless to say, that people enthusiastically responded to this anti-aesthetic suggestion? See also: Architectural mistakes that led to terrible consequences Eiffel tower and 8 the most popular monuments of architecture, which initially was considered ugly the Realtor from the USA posted a photo of the most ridiculous and ugly flats the Couple had decorated the apartment for rent in the style of the TV series "Chernobyl" and in the area where it was removed (15 photos) the Tweet of the day: she showed his house and his sister's house, and they are as different

Russian language is still very young being at the linguistic standards. It's only been a thousand years since he branched off from a common tree of the East Slavic languages; six hundred just as he delimited with Ukrainian and Belarusian; only three hundred years of steady literary use. See also: Test: whether Papera to copinot europki? How well do you know Russian language? the 7 words that you are likely to use incorrectly Update Russian language: 25 new words, which we do not have enough 12 of the most fashionable women's curses that you need to know

He need to prevent women from putting on the front seat in public transport bags. See also: Student created chairs to combat manfredina the St. Petersburg activists carried out the action in the subway against those taking pictures of girls under skirts St. Petersburg feminist pours water men set foot on the subway. Documentary video attached Three scientists-trolls published in feminist scientific journal just fixed Chapter of Mein Kampf In Japan has released a dynamics in the form of pumped-up man's hands

Sometimes have the feeling that disease, too, is fashion. When something relevant was the plague, then it was replaced by consumption, and now there are new trends. Autism, for example. Everyone is talking about autism. Months spend, discuss... And where is that autism used to be? Maybe not at all no autism, just the people with fat rage? See also: the League of extraordinary idiots. The most amazing brains in the world caventou Unlucky geniuses who died before the glory just a little bit I normal? 33 questions about yourself that you'd be ashamed to ask the psychologist

Imagine that you are stuck in an Elevator for 72 hours. It would seem that extreme? Now imagine that instead of the Elevator — hot tank, and a face smashed shrapnel! See also: the Operation X. the First tank battle in the history of the red army: T-26 flamethrower against the Italian tankettes Tank battle of Prokhorovka: what happened there Boda hat barn: the story of the world's first sea battle between ironclads what it looked Like: a German submarine of the First world inside and outside Like worn soldiers of the First world war (video)