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What Russian does not like the painting "the Scream"? It is all so close to our soul: existential dread, despair, hopelessness. It's time to meet the Creator of the Scream Norwegian artist Edward Munch. See also: Children's drawings of the revolution (24 historically accurate picture) the Story of one photo: a resident of East Berlin running West through the window, 1961 Art Frahm is the artist who became famous for paintings of girls with falling panties Daring biography of Fyodor Chaliapin — Opera pearls, emerald drunkenness and diamond walking to the ladies

Accidentally become the owner of something valuable, and you do nothing for it then was not — crystal dream of the romantics. Find winter jacket $ 100 or buy on sale masterpiece for a song — no matter the scale of the gift, is important of fortune. See also: 6 maintenance of the car, which you can do by yourself How to bargain: 8 tricks not to overpay to get Rich at the flea market: what, how and when to buy at flea markets, anti-Soviet ruble and 9 coins with an unusual destiny

Nuclear confrontation between the USSR and the USA still excites the imagination. Today we'll descend below the ice sheet of Greenland, where the Americans have tried to place nuclear missile launch sites. See also: Burnt by the concrete: a fascinating story of Fort Drum Traumatic tank "Nicholas" and other novelties with exhibition of arms the aircraft Carrier from an iceberg, atomic tanks and other military equipment Titanic Vasily Zaitsev: the untold story of the legendary sniper "Lamantino" looking for mom: parse the parts of the main Russian aircraft carrier "Manatee"

Crumbling foundations. Nisprovergatelya idols. Cool getting ridiculous, need useless. Not to mention the fluctuations of fashion. No one sings under a guitar, not playing chess, not buying the press. But there is, oddly enough, in this changeable world of things and people that forgot to go out of fashion. They're all there, and their love and love. See also: 7 things we are terribly lacking in modern machines 37 things that don't man's gotta do 18 things about which it is better not to think 14 things that are forever gone from our lives

If you travel a lot and even saw the Palace of the Director of "Orkney" with the private spaceport, you can't be surprised. But the stalking give a chance for new experiences. Therefore, we will answer questions about the stalking, you might ask, if I wanted to. See also: Twitter User in the two pictures shown, what is astigmatism Night thin noses: the story of mass murder of one Rwandan tribe others the Blogger showed the illusion with the transformation of the tennis ball, and his was suspected of witchcraft. But it's not (video with exposure) the Photographer is taking pictures of an abandoned mental hospital from the inside. And that's what patients seen

Romantic nowadays to be easier than it seems. You don't have to be a rock star and beautiful to die in a car accident. Enough to dress in black and be disappointed in the reality. In short, we will teach you to be Viktor Tsoi. See also: What foreigners think about the music of Viktor Tsoi and "Kino" 20 best covers of Russian rock 6 facts about the secret album of "Civil defence" Egor Letov who didn't let anybody listen 100 of the most fair rules of the male wardrobe! Part 2: suit, trousers, jeans

Everything was in "Crocodile": and the priests, and sanctions, and show-off, and carelessness of the officials, and the mess in the middle East, and young fashion. Eat validol, Corvalol get drunk and watch the world never changes! Especially Russian. See also: As went the USSR: 75 photos of the legendary American photojournalist Foreign music in the splash screen of the Soviet TV looked Like an elite Soviet holiday in 1970-1980 As the Soviet children were explained the special effects of the films Idiocies from the past: 1978 (issue No. 9) 29 thin caricatures Miroslav Bartak

You'd be at the cottage! See also: Four-year-old boy shows the class on a toy car and parked like a Pro (video) the cat loved cardboard Danny DeVito and will not part with it (video) the defense Ministry showed video of the first experimental vaccination against COVID-19 "on volunteers" Designer of home-made rockets shown in the video, all their failures to launch Wallpaper series "the Office" remade with dogs in the lead roles (video) Video about how to make edible sand for a small child, became a viral the Man reached into the pond to get the dog, but he flatly turns to stop their games (video)

Life is full of downs and downs. See also: what would the flight of the rockets, whether they are transparent: computer animation Bird intercepted a rocket flying into the tank (video) Enthusiast shows you how to extract gold from the contacts from rocketry in the USSR (live) In the Chinese online store sold rocket for USD 6.7 million the Best photoshopped pics on Elon musk, celebrating the successful launch of Crew Dragon to ISS did you know mom Elon musk model and in his youth was a damn hot? Not the most successful attempt to launch into space the machine using 70 kg of dynamite (video)

To his most famous role, the actress has already acted in three dozen films and work as a model. See also: Photos of the actress from "Incredible adventures of Italians in Russia", made prior to her meeting with Mironov 15 photographs of the young Ornella Muti made long before the "taming of the shrew" 20 photographs of Barbara Brylska made long before the "twist of fate" 25 photos of Marina Vlady made prior to her meeting with Vysotsky 15 pictures of a young Cersei Lannister from "Game of thrones" The first photo shoot little-known Madonna in her apartment (and nearby) Rare photos of 19-year-old Catherine Deneuve

In its short life of Manfred von Richthofen managed to put an absolute record of the First world war, shooting down 80 enemy aircraft. And turned his squadron in "the Flying circus". See also: the Story of one picture: Churchill with a submachine gun in July 1940 what it looked Like: a German submarine of the First world inside and outside 29 colored photographs of Russian soldiers on the fronts of the First world war Creepy cartoons of the First world the Forgotten heroic deeds of the First world war, in which it is difficult to believe

It now seems that Elizabeth II was Queen always. But she had a life before the crown. See also: Mother-monarchy: why women make better rulers British famous on the Internet, because similar to both Elizabeth II and bill Clinton On a photo in an article about the Royal couple of the Netherlands saw Russian obscene trail Card. Than England is different from Britain, the United Kingdom and the British Isles? Boris First Flash: Russian adventurer, who became king of Andorra HBO released a satirical series about the British Royal family the Opening of the day: pizza "Margarita" was named in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy

One of the watching this video burn 1000 calories! See also: the Reaction of foreigners to Russian men of fun (video) In a pig-robot placed the camera and left at the mercy of two giant monitor lizards. Here is what the camera picked up (video) As well to get pictures and videos the Network has become a popular video in 1999, in which David Bowie predicted, what will be the Internet (video) the Winner of the Darwin award 2020 took off his triumph in the video the Blogger showed how to make a knife out of the sand in the microwave (video) As firefighters are taught to tame an out of control hose (video)

There was a pig-robot better days. See also: the Dog is trying to attract the attention of the owners to let her in the house (live) the Dog violently happy to get a pig for a visit (video) Photographer caught a unique moment: the eagle carries in its talons a pig Woman set up a camera in the bird feeder in the yard and every day to post funny pictures of parasites the cat half an hour I was home alone, and a hidden camera filmed him time (video) Fox stole the smartphone-enabled camera but then voluntarily surrendered (video) Night cameras filmed the coyote helps the badger cross the road in the gutter (video)

When forgot your set of keys. See also: Corgi clamoring to the hostess scratched his side (video) Video from the elephant, who stole the photographer's cap, scored 4.5 million views kotopes of the week: Richard the cat and the dog BIM looking for his people Gambar: a piece that should not exist (video) Video cat, which greedily absorbs food, watched 8 million times in two days kotopes of the week: Bartholomew and Sharon are waiting for their people The dog manages to find and bring the hostess a tiny piece of wood and repeats the trick for an encore (video)