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Lose skin is one of the most common symptoms of allergies. This disease has a variety of manifestations – nasal congestion, cough, watery eyes, itching. But the surest outward sign that you have allergies is appearing on the skin red spots. They appear on any area of the body and may vary in appearance. Allergic erythema may

Usually beginners, and especially those who train at home, build your exercise program on the basis of the strength exercises and exercises from the cardio system. Undoubtedly, their use is great for the cardiovascular system, build muscle, increase strength and endurance. In pursuit of the relief body, many forget about another important element of training is stretching. Stretching perfectly

Hypnosis translated from Greek means "sleep". The hypnotic state is a transient state of consciousness of the subject of hypnosis, characterized by increased susceptibility to suggestion. Trance can a person under the influence of the hypnotist or self-hypnosis. In the hypnotized state the person is much easier to subordinate his own will, however this can not be done, if you try to hypnotize someone against his wishes, by force. With

Statistics: how many smokers on the planet now? The number of nicotine dependent people on earth is increasing rapidly. Over the last fifty years the number of people addicted to tobacco, has doubled. According to official statistics, in 2015 the number of Smoking people on the planet reached 1 billion, and in 2016, finally it passed and amounted to 1.3 billion

Threats, which hides the alcohol, known to many. Uncontrolled intake of alcohol causes changes in behavior (insomnia, condition of oppression, nesobrannosti, or excessive irritability, aggression), causes problems with memory and coordination, reduces efficiency. Alcohol addiction leads to health deterioration and the development of many diseases: the death of brain cells (atrophy), hepatitis, weakened immune system, changes in blood pressure, gastrointestinal disease, heart, obesity

Allergic officially recognized as one of the most common autoimmune diseases. According to statistics from any forms of Allergy suffers every third inhabitant of our planet. The disease is insidious, takes many forms and manifestations, occurs with different symptoms depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. That's why scientists still have not managed to create a drug capable of permanently ridding

Skin rash allergic nature – the phenomenon is very unpleasant. They are response of the immune system to the penetration of the allergen and can appear as a rash, redness, small blisters, spots of various sizes. Skin Allergy may appear on different parts of the body and deliver a lot of inconvenience, primarily because of severe itching and unpleasant appearance. All at once

Allergy Treatment and its withdrawal symptoms usually done with antihistamines in the form of tablets, sprays, gels, or drops. Injections administered rarely. To the injectable form is resorted to as a preventive measure or when the disease worsened. Usually, doctors prescribe in this case, the RUz – an antihistamine, which when applied correctly can prevent the development of allergic reactions several

Dandruff is one of the most common cosmetic problems. Although the threat to health it has to deliver tangible discomfort maybe – unpleasant to be a distributor of white scales, the owner of the unhealthy hair and constantly resisting the urge to scratch itchy skin. Causes of dandruff dandruff and flakiness caused by failure in the course of cell renewal of the scalp. The owner of healthy skin dead skin cells

The term "dandruff" has Latin roots and literally means "bran". The resemblance between them really is. But in medicine, dandruff is a syndrome of accelerated exfoliation of the particles of the skin on the head quite a long time in the separated look like scales. It is believed that dandruff is a mild manifestation of a disease such as seborrheic dermatitis. Dandruff brings a lot of inconvenience,

Slim waist and flat stomach is the dream of all girls. Isn't it time to begin to translate it into reality? You'd be surprised, but this will require not as much as it seems at first glance. Besides, training can be easily arranged from the comfort of home. In this article we have collected some of the most effective exercises for the press, which

Today, we again raise the urgent now the subject of weight loss and products to facilitate this. Many are interested in this question: "does the consumption of walnuts to lose weight, because it is well known that they are not only extremely useful but also very high in calories?". This is what makes people wonder – how foods high in calories can facilitate and speed up the process of weight loss? What

Questions weight loss is one of the most frequently raised topics. Most often on how fast and effective weight loss call girls. And about half of the queries are devoted to the remedy, which is known to everyone, who has ever tried to lose weight – lemon-ginger water. What this means and whether this wonderful drink as good as they say?

Modern society puts relentless demands on standards of beauty – only some 60-80 years ago was in Vogue curvy. But the entry into the new century was marked by the fairer sex a radical change in appearance – in Vogue a healthy thinness, and girls athletic appearance on the cover of gloss have become role models among women all over the world. Slim

For those who prefer home workouts, we will tell you about one interesting technique, internationally recognized athletes and is considered one of the most effective — it's called p90x. How effective home workout? This question haunts many young athletes. Of course, visiting the fitness many advantages: there is always a coach or more experienced athlete who