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According to employees of regional traffic police, 31-year-old driver of the minibus "Volkswagen" collided on the unregulated pedestrian crossing with a "GAZelle" under control of 29-year-old man, just at the time when "the Zebra", a pensioner. From the blow in a collision of the minibus "GAZel" knocked on the 72-year-old woman who was injured and was hospitalized. the Message In Yelets in Lipetsk region, two of the minibus was not allowed to cross the road without injury 72-year-old pensioner appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Tragedy happened in August of this year, after a joint drinking of the accused with his 37-year-old neighbor. They peacefully broke up, after drinking all that was. But arriving home, the man found in the pockets of your cell phone. Thought bad about the recent companion. Went to investigate. And severely beat a 37-year-old man a makeshift pickaxe, which brought and used for pressing the concrete from brick. The man died in the hospital. Post In the village of Dobrinka, Lipetsk region, a drunk 44-year-old convict killed his neighbor with a pick for missing his cell phone appeared first on Lipetsk.

At the trial it became known that the girl in February of this year, came into the house, located at Generala Ivlieva and Composer Kasyanov, where he lived a lonely pensioners. There she and her accomplice went to the apartments and was presented the employee of the SSA. While one crook distracted the attention of the owners, the second committed the theft. Thieves prey on trust for two of the day was about 230 thousand rubles. the Message Lipetsk Gypsy was sentenced to three years probation for fraud in Nizhny Novgorod appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to the press service of the regional GU Ministry of emergency situations on liquidation of the fire sent two fire Department with two machines are special equipment. To their arrival, the van was already waning. Under the rubble rescuers found the corpse of a man who could not be identified by local residents. Probably homeless basking in a trailer fire, fell asleep and burned along with abandoned housing. the Message In the village Vyšné Big Lipetsk region in the fire derelict construction trailer burned to the homeless appeared first on Lipetsk.

Judging by the custody order on the roads, the man, a local villager, in all probability, returned by the way of the guests home, was drunk, moving staggering. His dark colored clothing was no Flannery. The driver of the unidentified car did not notice it on the road and was hit at speed. Saw that hit and killed, scared and fled the scene. Being wanted. the Message at Lipetsk in the night grazinski track an unknown driver of the car killed a pedestrian appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Investigation found that a young man came to visit her 36-year-old former girlfriend, who, as it turned out, there was a 52-year-old roommate. Set the table, and sat down to drink alcoholic beverages. Roommate was kindled Shakespeare's passion — a jealous guest to his woman. Pulled the gun and shot him in the head from a homemade device, a charged cartridge construction with metal balls. the Message In Lipetsk 52-year-old jealous man shot and killed a former boyfriend of his beloved appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to employees of regional Gosavtoinspektsii fatal accident happened immediately after the collision of cars "Renault Duster", "Hover" and "Opel". 30-year-old driver of "Opel" came out of the car to put the emergency sign, and this time, it ran "Hover". From the received traumas the driver of Opel died at the scene of the accident. In the accident suffered eight people, three of whom refused hospitalization. the Message In Lipetsk, Lebedyansky on the bridge was killed in the accident 30-year-old driver of "Opel" appeared first on Lipetsk.

Found that 27-year-old engineer from Brazil was in the Lipetsk business trip, and used the same taxi driver he drove to work and from work to the hotel. And once again, taking advantage of the carelessness of the aliens pulled out of his backpack, wallet and documents. Money in the amount of 16 thousand rubles took, and the documents burned. On them and he got burned. He now faces up to 5 years in prison. the Message In Lipetsk taxi driver robbed of his regular customer from Brazil, hankering to 16 thousand rubles appeared first on Lipetsk.

As found by the staff of the regional state traffic Inspectorate, the driver of the KIA Rio, a man of 44 years is not noticed on a poorly lit road walking along the roadside in a passing direction of the lone man and knocked him on speed. From the received traumas it has died on a scene before arrival of emergency medical services. The guy's clothes were not reflective of the courses are required for movement along the track in the dark. the Message at Lipetsk on the road "Eastern bypass" the driver of a foreign car knocked down 29-year-old boy appeared first on Lipetsk.

From the materials of criminal case it became known that the man decided to use the fart when he noticed what's in store for him no one is watching. He hid under a jacket thirty toothbrushes and escaped, as he thought, unnoticed. The amount of damage amounted to 3 299 rubles. To help out with brushes, something the man was selling them on the street to passersby for 50 cents apiece. What took it. the Message In Lipetsk the man stole from the store 30 toothbrushes and sell them on the street for 50 rubles thing appeared first on Lipetsk.

A Burned-out car belonged to the chief of security of one of the local businesses. Immediately find the arsonist failed, but the lead is still there when the arsonist figured out on city surveillance cameras. It was them 31-the summer man who when applying for a job does not pass the security check. For that he took revenge on the head of the security service of the enterprise. the Message In Dankov, Lipetsk region 31-year-old man out of revenge set fire to the car of the chief of security appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to eyewitnesses of the accident, the driver of the car "VAZ — 2107" with the overtaking maneuver lost control, took out the car on a strip of oncoming traffic where it crashed into "Toyota", "Hyundai" and two "Reno". To avoid collision with cars in front of him, applied the emergency brake the driver of the other "Vase", but still crashed in "Ford". In the end, suffered 8-the summer child in domestic passenger car. the Message In Lipetsk the driver of VAZ "seven" tripled massive accident on the street Studenovskaya appeared first on Lipetsk.

Oleg Korolev, Lipetsk residents reminded of your statement that supervised area for twenty-six years. Twenty years he worked as a head of administration of Lipetsk region, for six years was Chairman of the regional Council of deputies. It's time to give way to young. "My generation had to save Lipetsk oblast and the country in the difficult nineties, and with this we did successfully," — said Oleg Korolev in his statement. It's time to give way to youth. the Message In the Lipetsk region Governor Oleg Korolev has officially announced his retirement appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to the press service of the regional state traffic Inspectorate, the driver of the car "VAZ-21099", a young man of 21 years has not coped with management when overtaking maneuver, the car passed into the oncoming lane where she collided head-on with the "Lada Largus" under control of 47-the summer driver. Blow was such force that the boy died immediately, the car turned into a pile of scrap metal, and in addition, also caught fire. The driver of "Largus" was hospitalized. the Message In the Lipetsk region was killed in a head-on collision of two cars a young guy appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to the press service of the regional traffic police, the man standing at the bus stop, suddenly decided to cross the road in the wrong place and went over the guardrail. He did it like once in a while, when the driver of the bus EN route 9T entered service pocket. The bus crushed a man to the road fence. Broke his leg. The man was hospitalized. the Message In Lipetsk the driver of a passenger bus crushed a pedestrian to the road fence and broke his leg appeared first on Lipetsk.