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Eye-Witnesses say that the car "infiniti" on the go, at a decent speed broke and fell off the wheel. The driver lost control, the car crashed into a center median, bounced off it, crashed into a passing Volkswagen. The driver of "infiniti" with injuries of different severity in the ambulance was taken to the hospital. the Message In Lipetsk the driver "infiniti" lucky to be alive after the car came off the wheel, she demolished a fence and crashed into a Volkswagen appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to the press service of the regional state traffic Inspectorate, the driver of the car "Lada Priora", moved from the intersection of aviation and Cosmonauts in the direction of the hospital for infectious diseases. In front of him with a strip of counter movement abruptly turned the car "fast" in the direction of the hospital complex. The collision happened. "Priora" crashed into the side of the emergency medical service carriage, which is also very "hooked" another medical car. Suffered the driver and the passenger "Frets". the Message in Lipetsk In the collision of the car with the ambulance, injuring two people appeared first on Lipetsk.

Statistics show that mortality rates decline, which can not but rejoice. Again this year decreased the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers. The third decreased the number of accidents involving pedestrians. 70 of these road traffic accidents for three months, 11 people were killed and 60 were injured. Including twenty-six per cent less than recorded road accidents caused by pedestrian participants of traffic. the Message In the Lipetsk region for the three months were killed on the roads, 29 people appeared first on Lipetsk.

As eyewitnesses of the accident, the driver of the car "VAZ-2107" did not reduce speed before pedestrian crossing and was hit, not had time to cross the roadway, the man is 57-years. Moreover, the victim fell on the hood of the car, smashed the windshield of his weight, but did not fall, and travelled on the bonnet for several meters, until the car stopped. The man remained is live, though received in the accident an open head injury, SGM, open fractures of the clavicle and legs. On "fast" the victim was taken directly to intensive care. the Message In Lipetsk on Mira Avenue the driver of "VAZ" has brought down 57-the summer pedestrian appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to witnesses and the driver of the car, the boy jumped into the road from behind parked cars. He didn't see him racing the car, and the driver of a foreign car "Kia" only at the last moment hit the brakes because of a pedestrian on the roadway away from the "Zebra" he did not expect to see. He was a hit at the baby. With injuries of varying severity was taken to hospital on passing transport. the Message In Lipetsk Prospekt 60 let SSSR student popped up under the wheels of a car appeared first on Lipetsk.

During the next RAID they revealed the fact of illegal trade, and wanted it to stop as usual, but faced with a clear lack of understanding of its public mission from the stop of the population. The police had to call to reason with the couple illegally sold on the street, sneakers and leather shoes. This product merchants and threw a reviewer. the Message In the village Helinet Lipetsk region, street vendors shoes reviewer threw their goods appeared first on Lipetsk.

Pensioner told guards that a strange man with a knife attacked her in the yard on the street Krupskaya and threatened him with a knife, stole a bottle of alcohol-containing liquid, which she bought for the occasion. A strange man wanted money, but was only vodka. The signs described the injured guards quickly detained anywhere unemployed earlier judged 50-the summer man who destroyed the loot, using it inside. the Message In Yelets of the Lipetsk region, the recidivist thief with a knife took alcohol from the pensioner appeared first on Lipetsk.

In early February, the guy with three friends came to the rink in Levoberezhny district of Lipetsk. He did not go skating, was left on the bench to look after the bag 28-year-old friend. In the bag he found 15 550 rubles and decided to steal them. Took the money, threw the bag and walked away from the rink. The girl, seeing that her bag was missing, called the police. How not to like the guy, but he had to recognize the theft, for which he is now in jail. the Message In Lipetsk for stealing money from the personal belongings of friends at the rink guy is going to jail appeared first on Lipetsk.

Swindler and the robber was a 32-year-old resident of Nizhny Novgorod, which already had a criminal record for fraud. She was robbed in Lipetsk 85-the summer pensioner, having pulled out at it from hands a jar of money. The old woman at the request of a pseudo social worker, which brought her the payment, took out a jar of money to exchange five thousandth dollar bill. And here nerves at the con passed. The Bank was 26 thousand rubles. the Message In Lipetsk guards detained the swindler, represented the sotsrabotniyets appeared first on Lipetsk.

From the court records it is known that the man often was in a state of intoxication in the apartment of the house on the Left Bank, where he lived with his mother. The woman is actively didn't like. She did not give him a peaceful life. What my son reacted to threats. Once he put the plug to the neck of a woman with the words: "I'll kill you!". And the next time and even attacked with a knife. Life together has become intolerable. And the man went to the colony. the Message In Lipetsk for death threats his mother convict has received 1,5 years of a colony appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Woman said that on her home phone rang a strange man and said he was from the police. He then reported that the granddaughter of a pensioner is in police custody for committing a serious crime. And if no help, then sit down for long. Urgent need of 300 thousand rubles for salvation. The pensioner was only 100. The man agreed and said that he would personally come by and get that done. The granddaughter into any trouble did not fall. the Message In Lipetsk telephone swindler has deceived the 80-year-old pensioner on 100 thousand rubles appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to the investigation is known, the accused, being in an alcohol intoxication, looking for someone to fight on the street Levashovka of Leo Tolstoy. Ahead of him was a random male passerby, which he thrice struck in the neck with a knife. Interrupted artery. 53-year-old man died from massive blood loss. The body of the victim of a drunken felon was found by the locals and the murderer have detained without delay with a bloody knife. the Message In Leo Tolstoy Lipetsk region the drunk 23-year-old felon was stabbed for the sake of bravado passerby appeared first on Lipetsk.

Their Scam, the girl scored in the following way. Registered a new account in social networks and posted on their page the announcement of the surrender of the apartment. If anything, she was the tenant of this apartment. The announcement responded to a couple. They transferred the girl into her account of 5 thousand rubles. To enter in the apartment and could not because the girl ceased to respond to calls. Gone. Had to look to the police. And fraud found. the Message In Lipetsk, 23-year-old girl was engaged in fraud in the social network appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to employees of regional traffic police, the culprit triple of the accident was 19-year-old driver of the car "Ford". He has not coped with management on slippery road and crashed into parked on the side of the car "Renault" under control of 47-the summer man. Then faced with "Nissan". As a result of impact collision suffered 47-the summer driver "Renault", which was given medical assistance. the Message in Lipetsk In the triple collision injured one person appeared first on Lipetsk.

Elderly woman told the guards that on her home landline phone rang a strange man and told about the trouble that happened to her relative. He became a culprit, to answer for which he will have the full rigour of the law. To avoid punishment committed money. Here it is necessary urgently to transfer to a specific account. The pensioner did all she asked is unknown. Transferred 190 thousand rubles. And then it turned out that relative to any accident did not fall. the Message Lipetsk pensioner telephone Scam cheated of 200 thousand rubles appeared first on Lipetsk.