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From the case materials it is known that on June 29 the accused had caught 40-year-old stepson lying on the floor of the house in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. Between men the conflict occurred. Previously convicted the son's wife is constantly humiliated, insulted and beaten by the defendant, could not resist it and in that time, cursed her stepfather rough obscene words. In a fit of excitement, the accused strangled the drunk stepson. the Message In Lipetsk 59-year-old man strangled his 40-year-old stepson appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to reports employees of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs, the driver of the car "Toyota RAV-4" at the overtaking maneuver was not convinced of its safety, took out the car on a strip of oncoming traffic where she is at full speed in a head-on collision with "VAZ-2106". From severe impact collision, both cars turned into scrap metal, and people riding in them were killed. The driver "the six" and his four passengers, going to work, died at the scene. The driver of a foreign car — in intensive care. the Message in the Lipetsk region In a head-on collision of VAZ "six" with the SUV killed five migrants appeared first on Lipetsk.

On the Morning of 5 September, about eight o'clock in the street Frunze regional center, the driver "Renault" I brought down on the "Zebra" 38-year-old cyclist, which injuries had to be hospitalized. And in the evening of the same day, again, about eight on Gorky street in Dankov the driver, again, Renault was hit outside the crosswalk 38-year-old woman. She also learned some serious injuries and was hospitalized. the Message In the Lipetsk region for the past day were injured in different road accident the man and the woman 1980 year of birth appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Woman placed a free ad for selling their home on one of the popular sites. She called the woman who called his name, said that this kind of home she needs, is asked not to sell to anyone, promised to send payment. The pensioner believed her and did everything she asked to get her money: not only has reported information on current accounts in different banks, but she gave them their money, they came to the ATM, supposedly for quick cash transactions. So she was left without funds in their accounts. the Message In Lipetsk if you sell the house the pensioner was deceived by online scammers to 87 thousand rubles appeared first on Lipetsk.

One of the versions the death of a man voluntary withdrawal from life. Traces of violent death on his body there. The investigation checks of all circumstances of death of the person, the day before visited the police Department for disorderly conduct (brewed welding machine steel door neighbors). The guards haven't noticed any unusual behavior. He assured them that it will no longer brew door neighbors and they let him go. the Message In Lipetsk was found dead man, brew door neighbors appeared first on Lipetsk.

After unknown attackers August 15, broke the window of the apartment on the first floor of the house and threw the Molotov cocktail, the residents decided to organize night duty. And it has borne fruit. In ambush near the house at night when trying to re-fire caught 19-year-old boy in a mask and gloves, as well as firebombs. His motives are investigated by the police. the Message In Lipetsk alert residents of an apartment building on Shevchenko detained the instigator of an apartment appeared first on Lipetsk.

As told guards the victim, drove up to her car, in which were two women and a male driver. He bought her apples for 500 rubles. Paid off a bill in 5000 rubles. For change she went home, took a tin can with savings, counted 4,500 rubles and gave it to the buyer. While he poured the apples, Confederate men had entered the house and stole a jar of 75 thousand rubles, the loss of which the lady found immediately on the departure of the buyer. the Message In Light of the Lipetsk region, apples from the garden turned into a 90-year-old pensioner with a loss of 75 thousand rubles appeared first on Lipetsk.

Recall that the evening of 14 August in a kindergarten in the street Matrosova in the Mud husband did not return from work educator Catherine Kedrinos found in one of the premises of garden of the body of his wife and guard. Both died from stab wounds. In the suicide note, Valeria Forstman it was about suicide because of unrequited love. It seems that the security guard first killed his love and then himself. the Message In Gryazi in Lipetsk region 29-year-old kindergarten security guard has killed his beloved and then himself beside her appeared first on Lipetsk.

We will Remind that on August 9, on the track "Duncan – Efremov" near the border Lipetsk and Tula regions resident of the Moscow region Evgeny Makarov stayed with parents in the Dankov district, stopped the van "Isuzu". Threatening the driver with a hunting rifle, Makarov made the last out of the car. The driver tried to flee, but was stopped by a shot to the leg. The assailant took the money the driver, the truck and the goods, then tried to flee with stolen property in an abandoned village. the Message In the Lipetsk region have detained in the deserted village of one of the kidnappers of the van "Red and White" appeared first on Lipetsk.

Chaos in Bratovshhina a man on January 15, when he really wanted to drink, and money for it was not. Then he came to the house of 68-year-old single pensioner and when he opened the door, hit him over the head with a stick and demanded money. The pensioner gave him all his savings – 42 thousand rubles. The robber and left, being sure that the pensioner about it will not tell anyone. However, he was soon arrested. the Message In Bratovshhina Lipetsk region of rural thief was beaten and robbed lone pensioner appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to employees of regional traffic police, the two 18-year-old boys from Ephraim went to Lipetsk to go to University by car "VAZ-2110". A young driver, has not sustained a safe distance, lost control and the car flew at full speed under the trailer of a truck "MAZ". The boys died instantly. The roof of the "dozens" literally demolished. Injuries and the driver of the truck. the Message at Lipetsk in a terrible accident killed two 18-year-old guys, going to go to University appeared first on Lipetsk.

Their daring robbery of a rural store a man made day, openly and in state, which of course, intoxication. Directly from the counter he grabbed a bottle of vodka "the Russian ballad" wine and drink "Magic nectar". And not listening to the cry of the seller, happy fled in an unknown direction. However, he found it quickly. He was no, because all the stolen alcohol in the amount of 375 rubles, they were drunk. the Message In the Lipetsk region has robbed the village shop alcoholic received from the court to 300 hours of compulsory work appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to employees of regional GU Ministry of emergency situations who participated in liquidation of consequences of accident on the opposite lane at high speed a forehead in a forehead has faced the car "VAZ-2110" and "great Ox". Domestic passenger car shock torn to pieces, along with the driver, who immediately died. Chinese car rejected on a roadside where it is ignited. The injured driver managed to get out of the car. He was taken to the intensive care unit. the Message In the Lipetsk region the driver of VAZ "ten" broke in the accident along with the car appeared first on Lipetsk.

Nicholas that day did not work, from the blowholes, just walking with his wife and young daughter in the Lower Park Chaplygin. He noticed how three drunken men argued among themselves, then one of them jumped off the bridge over the river Stanovaya Ryasa. The man began to sink. Nicholas rushed to save him, rose literally from the bottom, pulled ashore. Was given first aid and, when he regained consciousness, gave the doctors. the Message In Chaplygin, Lipetsk region lifeguard pulled from the water drowning drunken man appeared first on Lipetsk.

Recall that in the night of the 24th of January for medical care in the emergency Department of the Yelets city hospital №2 in a poor condition with signs of poisoning turned 20-year-old visitor to one of the city's cafes. He tried to empty the stomach with an enema. There was a fight with the doctors, which is connected to the three friends of the patient waiting in the emergency room. Anesthesiologists beat for an enema. the Message In Yelets Lipetsk region young rowdy who beat the doctors got off with fines and the corrective work appeared first on Lipetsk.