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According to employees of regional traffic police, the young driver of the car "Lada Kalina" drove through the night highway at high speed and did not notice the appearance of men at the crosswalk. He was a hit. Hitting the front bumper, hood and windshield of the pedestrian was thrown 15 metres. He lost consciousness, but survived. With an open leg fracture and a traumatic brain injury he was hospitalized. the Message In Lipetsk on the pedestrian on "Zebra" threw a punch machine on 15 meters, but he survived appeared first on Lipetsk.

Recall that the confrontation between residents and builders lasted for two months. It then faced the interests of the residents of Gogol, Perov, Uliana Gromova, lanes Balakirev and Yablochkina with the interests of the Builder. In may, outraged by the digging of the trench the men stood in front of a truck carrying earth from the site, and between social activists and a kind group of young people started cursing and butting. the message In the Lipetsk residents of several streets against the construction of two skyscrapers in the alley Yablochkina appeared first on Lipetsk.

Deceived him, an unknown man, who introduced himself as an employee of the organization on realization of fuels and lubricants from Lipetsk. He suggested Penza businessman to buy diesel fuel at the price of 33 rubles per liter. The deal drawn up. After a week in Penza came to the truck. Seeing her, the businessman has transferred to the seller in Lipetsk 976 000. Only it turned out that the money went to the impostor, and the real owner of the tanker have not received a penny. the Message Lipetsk Clever swindler deceived the Directors of the company in Penza almost on one million roubles appeared first on Lipetsk.

Devil pulled the man by the arm 13 October last year. The day he met his friend and took the phone from him to call. Went to talk to the street, and just at this moment on cell phone received an SMS about the balance credit card attached to the room. There were 254 000. The man could not resist the temptation to get rich quickly and using the mobile app did some transfers to my account. He just stole 180 000. It is clear that the theft was discovered, and soon traces it back to the thief. But it is all the money already spent. For now this will do. the Message In Lipetsk the man could not resist not to steal a friend's 180, 000 appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Investigation established that on the night of 1 on 2 may, all three were in a bar on the territory of right-Bank district of Lipetsk. 20-year-old student stood up for the old man that stuck thugs. Then they switched to the student, assaulted him, beat him and demanded the car boys, $ 350 000, or money — 150 000 rubles. Then stuffed in the trunk and tried to withdraw from the city, but were detained by police. the Message In Lipetsk the extortionists kept the student in the trunk of a car appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Fine he was sentenced for theft, the amount of damages which amounted to 4 926 rubles. A man robbed a country house, knocking on the door with his foot. Stole the motor and copper tubing for the freon from the refrigerator, 20 aluminum table spoons and forks, 3 aluminium pots, a 15-metre copper wire, coil tube, washing machine. With all this good man fled the scene of the crime. The thief was able to quickly install and find, in the theft he confessed. the Message In the Lipetsk region unemployed man hunted for theft of country houses appeared first on Lipetsk.

For the arrival of the Prosecutor's staff mother after a few days of drunkenness was still in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. The children were left to themselves, the living room was unsanitary, there was no food. All five children had to take out threatening their lives and health situation, and placed temporarily in the children's Department of the district hospital. the Message In the village Irinovka Lipetsk region have large alcoholic mother can take care of five children appeared first on Lipetsk.

Recall that the defendants, acting within the organized group, opened the company's offices in Moscow, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Smolensk, Yaroslavl, Tver, Kaliningrad, Penza, Ryazan, Bryansk, Orel, Ulan-Ude and Krasnoyarsk. In the period from 2011 to 2015 they are in these offices, signed contracts on behalf of the company with 1108 citizens who contributed to the settlement accounts of the organization over 103 million rubles, which disappeared afterwards. the Message In Lipetsk the organizers and participants of the financial pyramid to stand trial appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to UMVD the Russian Federation across the Lipetsk region, on suspicion of theft was arrested repeatedly judged for Commission of thefts, robberies and hooliganism 36-year-old man. He admitted that he was driving from Lipetsk to dobrinskiy rayon by taxi to his ex-wife. Money to pay for a trip he lacked. The taxi driver carry on refused. Then he pushed out from the salon and went on himself. the Message In the Lipetsk region 36-the summer thief-the recidivist on the way to ex-wife robbed a taxi driver, depriving him of a car appeared first on Lipetsk.

As long as the investigating authorities know that one of the drivers of the enterprise came from the route and went to issue a ticket. Seeing the bus driver, 66-year-old employee of the columns decided that the car needed inspection and stepped into the "GROOVE" with the tools. When the bus driver came back, he didn't see the mechanic under the car and drove off. Working pensioner was dragged several meters, died on the scene from his injuries. the Message In Lipetsk, Dovatora route "Lasik" crushed 66-year-old employee of a convoy appeared first on Lipetsk.

In June last year, the drunk, the accused thought that someone had stolen a can of gasoline. Drunk he grabbed on the street suspiciously, the man, tied him to the pipe and five in the evening until 2am beat his prisoner, asking about the canister. Broke three ribs, has caused harm to health of average weight. Canister morning found. The man realized his guilt. Offset the 5 thousand rubles a beating, fed and watered the victim. Men made up. Information In berëzovka, Lipetsk region villager eight hours tortured attached to the tube men, where did the can of gasoline appeared first on Lipetsk.

In the first case, a 51-year-old resident of the regional center purchased for the payment for the sale of household appliances washing machine for 15,000 rubles, but their purchases did not wait. In the second case, a resident of the Lipetsk region, Mud bought through Craigslist camera for 40 000 rubles. And also a Deposit. And also from an unknown seller, whose phone number shortly after sending the money has stopped responding. the Message In the Lipetsk region online fraud is just as easy to find their victims appeared first on Lipetsk.

Meanwhile, the investigation established that the evening of 25 December last year the accused, decently drunk and take a walk on new year's cooperative, came to a stop of public transport to go home. And began to scold dirty words people. Noticed the police and called the guy to order. The remark from the representative of government and law, the young man responded aggressively: tore the epaulet of a uniform jacket of a police officer and struck him two blows with the fist. the Message In Gryazi in Lipetsk region the drunk 21-the summer peasant from the City attacked the police, who called him to order appeared first on Lipetsk.

From the court records it is known that a drunk man decided to ride the city at night by car. But because the machines had no, money for a cab was not found, he stole someone else's car. Very soon smashed it in the accident, left and calmed down. Next time in the same position he was severely beaten and robbed his friend, who is in debt is not allowed. Robbed him of 10 500 rubles. And again calmed down. Just here already "excited" law enforcement and called upon man to answer for what he did. the Message In Lipeck 30-year-old drunken man was longing for adventure, who then pulled a prison sentence appeared first on Lipetsk.

In November 2017, the man filed for a loan of half a million rubles in one of the local branches of well-known microfinance organization. Man intentionally indicated false information about themselves and reinforced the deception by fake certificates of income and documents to the guarantee. The loan is obtained, and give it not going. Now he has under court order to pay 530 thousand rubles. the Message In Lipetsk accountant fraud received a loan of half a million rubles appeared first on Lipetsk.