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The Court found that the tragedy occurred on June 29 at night after a joint feast. Deciding to punish the offenders, a drunk guest went outside, picked up a fragment of a metal pipe, went back into the house and began to strike the pipe is already asleep on the couch comrades. In the end, one of them, a 43-year-old local resident, died from his injuries and a second man with a head injury and broken ribs, was hospitalized and survived. Post In the village of a House in Lipetsk region-convict with a checkered past killed one and injured another of his companion appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Prosecutor's office of the Lipetsk region reported that the woman in July stole from my friend's smartphone. Found in the application "mobile Bank", it has translated into accounts of his two friends 3700 rubles from someone else's account, and later asked those who sent the money, give it to her how mistakenly she has been sent. The crime is quickly uncovered. Given at the court of 2 years imprisonment in a correctional colony of strict regime. But the woman gave birth to a child and the punishment was deferred until the achievement of her youngest child 2019 born 14 years of age. the Message In Lipeck the birth of a child saved the mother of many children from two years of penal colony appeared first on Lipetsk.

Eyewitnesses of the accident told in social networks that the truck driver made a reckless maneuver, in which a truck loaded with pigs overturned on a passenger minibus "Ford" " pressed against the bump. Suffered by the perpetrator of the accident and pigs. The man was hospitalized. Animals left to wait for the tow truck. Passengers in the van were transferred to another bus. the Message In the Lipetsk region the truck with pigs overturned on a passing passenger van appeared first on Lipetsk.

As told by witnesses of the accident in open sources, the female driver of the car "VAZ" of retirement age, lost control of the vehicle and, after the oncoming lane left at the stop. Well, not at speed and there were no people nearby. The car was buried in the bench stop and stalled. The car was a cat to carry. She fell seat to the floor. The animal suffered. the Message In Lipetsk the woman-the driver of "VAZ" crashed into a public transport stop, injured cat appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Investigation found that the local native spent Dabrowska area vacation. There she met her former 28-year-old boy. Decided to recall the old days in the motorboat trip on the river Voronezh. However, while walking the former lovers had a fight. The guy, wanting revenge threw his girlfriend broke up the boat to maximum speed and crashed into the shore. The passenger hit his back and broke his spine. the Message In the Lipetsk region a love story with an ex-boyfriend over for girls a spinal fracture appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Court found that the defendant lived on pension of mother of his family, he had not. In April of this year he came home drunk. His resentment was aroused by her mother's illness, suffering encopresis (fecal incontinence). He began shouting at her. In response, the woman blamed the son in his illness. Coming out of himself, the man struck a 70-year-old woman at least 29 punches to the head and torso, and then with a file, have brutally assaulted the elderly woman, breaking her sore bowels. A pensioner has died in hospital. the Message In Yelets Lipetsk region the drunk 43-year-old man tore the intestines of a sick 70 year old mother with a file appeared first on Lipetsk.

Man and his companion had decided from the Heater Zadonsky district to drive in Moscow on his "VAZ-21093". At the gas station near the village of Stanovoe the traffic police checked the documents of the driver and determined that they were fake. Their numbers coincide with the numbers previously lost rights, but is framed by a completely different person. Fallen into the hands of inspectors, "Linden" was clearly printed on your home printer. The man admitted that "law" was given to him mother-in-law. the Message In Kamenka, Lipetsk region the man turned out to be easier to buy a driver's license than to get them legally appeared first on Lipetsk.

In a spacious room on the second floor of a residential building, equipped with a production Department, investigators found ingredients used to manufacture different types of surrogate alcohol. And withdrew 853 liters of unmarked alcoholic products, as well as bottles and labels for spirits "elite category" — brandy and whiskey. For the sale of counterfeits in the yard were equipped shop. the Message In Lipetsk at the experimental station covered underground shop on spill of "elite alcohol" appeared first on Lipetsk.

Established by the court that on 4 July this year, during a feast with alcohol between the landlady and her boyfriend had a quarrel. The woman complained to her friend that works as a salesman at a kiosk, while her partner sits at home and drinks away her salary. At these words she suddenly grabbed a kitchen knife from the table and struck the man in the liver. He's been hospitalized. Doctors assessed the injury as causing serious bodily injury. the Message In Lipetsk 56-year-old woman stabbed her drunk and unemployed roommate appeared first on Lipetsk.

The press-service of the regional EMERCOM said that the elimination of the fire sent a fire brigade fire station No. 7. To their arrival, the car was all on fire, to save her failed. The eyewitness of the incident was reported on social networks that the engine compartment of the car caught fire while driving. The driver stopped the car, tried to fill the engine with a fire extinguisher, but the battery exploded and went to the pillar of flame, and the fire quickly engulfed the entire car. the Message In Lipetsk near the Bank on may day were burned "Ford Focus" appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to employees of regional traffic police, the driver of the car "Audi" has not sustained a safe distance and crashed into a stopped at a traffic light "VAZ-2109", which from blow has faced with "Ford". After collision the car "Audi" flew into the oncoming lane. However, the disaster happened. Bruises and abrasions were passenger "VAZ". She was given medical assistance at the scene of the accident. the Message In Lipetsk on the ring Pipe plant faced "Ford", "Audi" and "VAZ-2109" appeared first on Lipetsk.

However, according to the staff of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs, accountant of the enterprise in the course of inventory of pharmacy has discovered embezzlement, and then guilty of it. It turned out that April this year the accused, working in a pharmacy on the street Nedelina, stole from the cash register about 88 thousand rubles. To cover up the embezzlement, she issued bogus expenditures and credit cash order to move the money from the cash register pharmacy. The fact of misappropriation of money was set. the Message In Lipetsk 49-year-old employee of the pharmacy, stole cash from 88 000 appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Investigation found that in may of this year, the inspector on Affairs of minors together with other officers visited a large family of lipchanka, consisting on the preventive account. Police found a mother and her boyfriend drunk, dirty young children were without their control, the house had no food. When an employee of Eden has declared to mother about the need to place children in rehabilitation center, the woman swung her shovel and began to threaten the use of violence. the Message In the Voronezh region of large lipchanka attacked an employee of the Eden with a shovel appeared first on Lipetsk.

Fire in Crystal militiamen qualified as HOOLIGANISM committed by group of persons by prior conspiracy or by an organized group. We will remind, two on a motorcycle "Kawasaki" caught up with the car of the Novel Crystal Gryazinskiy on the highway and shot him three times from a traumatic gun. The lawyer answered them with shots from his traumatic weapons and went after the motorcyclists in pursuit, which led eventually to death. the Message In Lipetsk died in the hospital "bully", the gunman in the Novel Crystal appeared first on Lipetsk.

Recall that the Related deemed responsible for the two robberies. In one of them he stole the woman's phone. Another woman on the street — 2 000 rubles. In addition to looting Vasneva was charged with fighting with a fatal outcome. According to the indictment, the evening of 10 November 2016 Vasnev drunk in the house on street 3-I Elevatorskaya severely beat 55-year-old companion. Two years later he died. The jury acquitted Related and provided an opportunity for rehabilitation. the Message In Gryazi in Lipetsk region to the robber Fedor Vasneva was given three years "strogacha" appeared first on Lipetsk.