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Recall that the Related deemed responsible for the two robberies. In one of them he stole the woman's phone. Another woman on the street — 2 000 rubles. In addition to looting Vasneva was charged with fighting with a fatal outcome. According to the indictment, the evening of 10 November 2016 Vasnev drunk in the house on street 3-I Elevatorskaya severely beat 55-year-old companion. Two years later he died. The jury acquitted Related and provided an opportunity for rehabilitation. the Message In Gryazi in Lipetsk region to the robber Fedor Vasneva was given three years "strogacha" appeared first on Lipetsk.

It is Established that the defendant beat his young son the evening of October 5 last year. The man gave the family the scandal of innocent children playing and grabbed the belt. The child had bruises. Four days later, he again beat a child, when I felt from the children's room the smell of burnt matches. On the battered child brought to the attention of the police, the neighbors lonely men. the Message In the Lipetsk region the peasants raised the infant son with a belt and will now work on the landscaping appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to eyewitnesses of the accident, posted video from the scene on social networks, faced cars, Peugeot, Hyundai and Daewoo. Recording DVR, a passing car, it is clear that the driver of the Hyundai was driving on a main road, when it left from the minor roadway the car. From blow "the Frenchman" was thrown on the hood "Daewoo" and overturned on the right wing. Medical aid while no one needed. the Message In Yelets Lipetsk region at the crossroads there was a triple clash appeared first on Lipetsk.

As reported by the guards on the roads, a 46-year-old driver of the car "VAZ-21150" has not coped with management and crashed into oncoming "Volkswagen Sharan" under control of 33-the summer driver. From blow the car has rejected on the "Lada Granta". In the end, the culprit of the accident died at the scene. Injuries to 8-year-old girl and 33-the summer passenger "Volkswagen Sharan" and also 44-the summer passenger of the car "Lada Granta". the Message In the Lipetsk region have killed 46-the summer driver "VAZ" crashed into a foreign car appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to the press service of the regional GU Ministry of emergency situations on liquidation of the fire sent 6 fire brigades that fought the fire on the area of 300 square meters. Burned the roof and attic floor. The building of the XIX century. Have not been exploited. Before closing a few years ago it was located in eletskiy DEA. From electricity and gas to the building was disconnected. It is possible arson. the Message In Yelets Lipetsk region burned, abandoned nonresidential building nineteenth-century buildings appeared first on Lipetsk.

From the court records it is known that the defendant provided two citizens of Ukraine, who came to Russia to work and would not be issued officially as foreigners. Through mutual friends they found someone who did not renounce the fraud with fictitious registration. So the man in the beginning of may this year, fictitiously was put on record two Ukrainians. And the room itself, where "adopted" guests Lipsanen — emergency, it is not suitable for living. the Message In the Lipetsk region a man fictitiously prescribed two citizens of Ukraine and now will pay a fine appeared first on Lipetsk.

Recall that Mr. Mazur was in a relationship with Tatiana Kikunoi mother of four children. Chest girl she trusted to buy roommate while she was running errands. The man dropped the child in the bathroom on a tiled floor. The girl was dead. Fearing that he would be accused of murder, he decided to hide the child's death, and the corpse of the girl buried in the cemetery of cats and dogs. the Message In Lipetsk condemned killed by the negligence of the infant and zakapusi the corpse of the girl at the pet cemetery appeared first on Lipetsk.

The Court found guilty 42-year-old citizen of fraud upon receipt of payment, committed in especially large size. A resident of the city, knowing that program participants may be persons residing and working in rural areas, and that it is these conditions does not match, received a grant of 1 180 000 rubles for construction of residential houses in rural areas. the Message In the Lipetsk region of a clever 42-year-old man cheated to get the money for the construction of rural homes appeared first on Lipetsk.

As it turned out, the victim wasn't even supposed to be in the camp, even if he arrived on a visit to his grandmother, who worked there as a medical assistant. Strangers in the camp can not be, but she is still and games staged there. So, it was not ensured proper control over the child and from the leaders of the camp, and on the part of teachers and counselors. "If they performed their duties, the injury could have been avoided", — consider in office of public Prosecutor of the Lipetsk region. the Message In the Lipetsk region found guilty for the accident with the girl in the camp of "birch" appeared first on Lipetsk.

Recall that in September last year, the accused killed at home during a party 38-year-old neighbor and his 36-year-old wife. The man struck the guests with stab wounds to the chest and neck, damaging internal organs and caused them injuries to the head. After the murder, he dismembered the body, fragments Packed in plastic bags and hid in the cellar of his house. For him found him. the Message In Lipetsk brutal killer spouse on the street of Demyan Bedny the bodies of the victims dismembered and bring home could not...ran away appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to the press service of the regional traffic police, 57-year-old driver of the car "VAZ-2105" did not calculate the distance from going ahead in the same direction the woman on a Bicycle on a deserted rural street. Happened hitting the cyclist, who also was carrying a girl of 3 years. The woman received serious injuries and was hospitalized. The girl was in a child seat on the frame of the bike and was not injured. the Message In the village Guard Lipetsk region under wheels "VAZ" hit a 50-year-old cyclist and her 3-year-old passenger appeared first on Lipetsk.

From the court records it is known that the tragedy with the murder occurred the night of December 1, 2018 in a private house in the street Dostoevsky. In the apartment the defendant lived with his 49-year-old second cousin was an alcoholic and convict who is earlier repeatedly judged. Once the booze started on the evening of 30 November. It turned into a scandal and a fight. Alcoholic began to accuse his brother, the one that contains it for the money. He stabbed him in the collarbone. From loss of blood the morning he died. the Message In Lipetsk man was stabbed 49-year-old second cousin, prevented him to live a normal life appeared first on Lipetsk.

Recall that the co-op was located in the house №29 under the prospectus of Victory in Lipetsk. Its founder took the money 62 people from the Lipetsk region for a total sum over 12 million roubles. The cooperative leadership promised the victims high rates of interest on deposits. Some time money is regularly paid. And then the credit consumer co-operative suddenly stopped communicating, and the office of the cooperative was closed. The money is gone. the Message In Lipetsk victims of fraud and credit cooperative "the right decision" were 62 people appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to the press service of the regional traffic police, 38-year-old female driver of the car "Volvo" did not take into account speed and road conditions, violated the distance to the traffic ahead in same direction truck a Mercedes and crashed into him. From impact in a collision I suffered a lady driver and her 3-year-old son who was buckled in the car seat, which helped him avoid serious injuries. the Message In the Lipetsk region, the 3-year-old child survived a terrible accident due to the child seat appeared first on Lipetsk.

From the court records it is known that the inhabitant of the Lipetsk region took in the "Sovcombank" credit for 299 882 rubles. However, it appeared that the employee of Bank has introduced consumer confusion regarding the amounts of monthly payment and the total amount of the refund. Monthly payment of Lipcani was supposed to be 10 607,57 rubles, but in fact it was obliged to pay for the loan for 12 155,92 rubles a month. And this amount included services. the Message In the Lipetsk region "Sovcombank" fined for consumer fraud appeared first on Lipetsk.