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In November 2017, the man filed for a loan of half a million rubles in one of the local branches of well-known microfinance organization. Man intentionally indicated false information about themselves and reinforced the deception by fake certificates of income and documents to the guarantee. The loan is obtained, and give it not going. Now he has under court order to pay 530 thousand rubles. the Message In Lipetsk accountant fraud received a loan of half a million rubles appeared first on Lipetsk.

Recall that yesterday, as soon as it became aware of the missing child about 20 volunteers of the movement "the Search for missing children — Lipetsk" was looking for him all night. Volunteers scoured the road from school No. 17, which was last seen Stepan, to his house on the street Young Naturalists. Stepan didn't come home from school. The parents called the police at half past five, when we called all the relatives and friends of Stepan. the Message In Lipetsk 9-year-old child did not want to go home and walk around the city all night appeared first on Lipetsk.

Meanwhile, the residents themselves told GOROD48 that I know well who shit in their entrance and painted walls with curses. According to them, is the former wife of one of the tenants takes revenge man for the breakup. She wrote paint on the walls of the entrance of the threats and insults, ruined mailboxes, scattered around the floors rotten fish and even broke the thermometer. Only to catch her red-handed failed. the Message in Lipetsk In the entrance of the house in Stakhanov the walls are painted with insults appeared first on Lipetsk.

With the trouble called the police 40-year-old man who told me that from his house, an unknown attacker stole the car "DAEWOO Nexia". After inspecting the crime scene, and after checking the CCTV footage, the staff of the OP № 6 UMVD Russia on the city of Lipetsk has established the alleged hijacker. They were unemployed earlier judged 28-the summer inhabitant of the regional center who has just decided to go on another car. the Message In Lipetsk 28-year-old man with a criminal past wanted to feast on someone else's car for a ride appeared first on Lipetsk.

As found by the inspectors of the regional traffic police, the driver of the car "VAZ-2115", a woman of 38 years to avoid a collision with a car turning right, left on a strip of oncoming traffic where a "VAZ" has faced with "Volkswagen" under control of 26-the summer driver. The woman-the driver "the fifteenth" received various injuries and were hospitalized. the Message In the Lipetsk region 38-year-old female driver swerved to the oncoming traffic to avoid a collision with one car, and crashed into another appeared first on Lipetsk.

Previously known that the driver of the car "Mercedes" clearly exceeded the speed, cut in front of an unidentified car. Leaving from collision, the driver lost control of the car, and Mercedes crashed into a pole. Moreover, the impact literally tore the engine of the German machine and rejected on 20 metres. And the driver escaped with only a fright. He was rescued by the worked pillows of safety and a miracle. the Message In Lipetsk the driver of "Mercedes" lucky to be alive after colliding with the post lighting appeared first on Lipetsk.

From the court materials it became known that on 21 March 2003, three teenagers came to visit 56-year-old neighbor, who lived with her elderly mother in the town of Dirt. They decided to steal from them valuable things. Rebuffed, scored the women to death, causing at least 23 strikes with fists and feet, as well as a hammer and a frying pan. Both the pensioner died. Stealing from them 30 thousand rubles, the teenagers disappeared. For a long time. But not forever. Revenge is done. the Message Gryazinskiy killers caught up with karma 15 years later appeared first on Lipetsk.

From the materials of the criminal case it is known that in may last year the defendant in a trading floor of shop "Pyaterochka-3671" Avenue of Chestnut tried to take without payment a basket of food totaling 971 rubles. Stopped him by a security guard. The defendant attacked him and bit off part of his ear, and then threw stolen and fled the scene. the Message In Lipetsk the robber for assault on a security guard who caught him with the stolen goods in the store, got 5 years in prison appeared first on Lipetsk.

History of fraud is as follows. Woman in 2011 bought on the Internet food Supplement that was supposed to save her from chronic disease. The seller wonder drug was in touch with her by phone. Supplements have not helped. The seller said that the drug was defective, and offered to return the money and receive a large compensation for the inconvenience. But for this it was necessary to transfer the seller the money. In just 7 years, the pensioner was sent to a stranger 900 000. the Message In the Lipetsk region 60-year-old woman 7 years waiting for non-existent compensation and gave it to fraudsters 900 000 of their savings appeared first on Lipetsk.

Tragedy on the road occurred on August 12 last year. The driver of "GAZelle" while driving in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, has not coped with management and the car crashed into a pole on the street of Metallurgists. From the shot ignited the cabin. The perpetrator of the accident and 44-year-old passenger managed to get out of the car came to the rescue people, and one passenger could not get it. He burned in the car. the Message In Lipetsk condemned the driver of the burned "GAZelle", which killed the passenger appeared first on Lipetsk.

According to investigators, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors "of the Group of companies SU-5" Mikhail Zakharov together with Sergey Fine — the General Director of the construction organization JSC "Exstrimal" disposed of the property and funds of the society of real estate investors. He was involved in the embezzlement of funds of the organization. Recall that the victims on this criminal case has already been recognized more than 1,700 people. the Message In Lipetsk escaped from the investigation in an unknown direction Deputy of the regional Council Mikhail Zakharov appeared first on Lipetsk.

As he told the police, he easily succumbed to cheating, because cheaters somewhere knew that he was entitled to compensation "for the caused harm to health in connection with the use of adulterated food products with harmful substances". They told him that the payment of several hundred thousand rubles, he will be able to, if they fulfill a number of prerequisites. One of them was a cash transfer of 80 000 rubles. The man sent them away, after which he stopped to chat. the Message In Lipetsk 71-year-old pensioner promised on the phone huge compensation for adulteration and... took the last appeared first on Lipetsk.

In June last year a woman bought one of the Yelets provision due to Turkey for 9 days. Cost her the pleasure of 332 500 roubles. However, a couple of weeks she called and said that the trip is canceled, and the money he allegedly left the operator for tourism, OOO "polar Tour" which stopped its work. Then elchanka went with a suit in the city court and recover the money for the ticket, compensation for moral damages of 50,000 rubles, a fine and the services of a lawyer. the Message In the Lipetsk region the woman sued the Agency over half a million rubles for the spoiled holiday in Turkey appeared first on Lipetsk.

It Occurred on the morning of 15 December 2017, when a man came into the shop, took from the counter a bag of Apple ring "Krakow" on the stick "Vienna" and "Ministerial", two sticks of sausage "Belikova", six pieces of cheese "Vkusnoteevo Kalacheevskiy", ten tubes of toothpaste "Rustle", four AXE body spray. Total items totaling 4 057 rubles. I wanted to leave, but the cashier stopped him. the Message In Usman Lipetsk region the thief-the loser was not worthy of pity and sentenced for attempted theft appeared first on Lipetsk.

We will Remind that on December 20 last year to fraud committed by an organized group of persons in especially large size criminal case was initiated against management of the credit cooperative. Fraudulent organization operated not only in Lipetsk but also in other cities of Russia. The amount of damage caused to investors is a few hundred million rubles. the Message In Lipetsk arrested in absentia escaped with the money of depositors in an unknown direction of the Director of credit co-operative appeared first on Lipetsk.