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A champion has been crowned at the PokerNews Cup at the Finix Casino in Bulgaria. Sarah Herring talks to Panagiotis Panagiotidis about his victory and his penalty earlier in the tournament. Panagiotis PanagiotidisGreece€18,450*$20,603* Rosen SimeonovBulgaria€14,526*$16,221* Konstantin AykovBulgaria€12,878*$14,381* Achilleas NomidisGreece€8,056*$8,996* Dimitrios MichailidisGreece€5,250$5,863 Loukas KioutsoukisGreece€4,170$4,657 Spyridon MichailidisGreece€3,180$3,551 Marian IvanovBulgaria€2,350$2,624 Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

Highly respected Tournament Director Thomas Lamatsch talks to Sarah Herring about his 25 years of experience in the poker industry. He gives tips about how to develop a schedule and structure as well as how to make adjustments post-events to continue to grow and get better. For more on PokerNews Cup: For more on Thomas Lamatsch: Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

Every year PokerNews has a WSOP staff predictions article that comes out before the series start. While at the PokerNews Cup in Kulata Sarah Herring and Live Reporting Manager Yori Epskamp debate several key issues. Who will win Player of the Year? Which WSOP Main Event Final Tablist will get closest the FT again? Which Main Event Champ will add another bracelet to their collection? Which country doesn't already have a bracelet and will get one? And many more!!! WSOP Staff Predictions part one: WSOP Staff Predictions part two:

They are down to just 8 players in the 13th iteration of the PokerNews Cup for the first time at the Finix Casino in Bulgaria. Sarah Herring gives some background on each player and what stack they bring into the final day. 1 Marian Ivanov 2 Rosen Simeonov 3 Loukas Kioutsoukis 4 Konstantin Aykov 5 Spyridon Michailidis 6 Panagiotis Panagiotidis 7 Dimitrios Michailidis 8 Achilleas Nomidis Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

Sarah Herring talks to Jaxon Glatzer about Day 2 of the PokerNews Cup. All of the players starting the day are in the money and there is talk that the players might want to play to a winner today! These players are nothing if not passionate and we've already heard and seen some wild disruptions and explosions of emotions. Thomas Lamatsch has his work cut out for him! To follow all the action check out: Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

Sarah Herring talks to EPT champ and WSOP runner-up Sotirios Koutoupas from the PokerNews Cup in Kulata. Sotirios Koutoupas shares, "I enjoy the game, that is it!" He always has a smile on his face...even when he is buying his 5th bullet or bubbling the High Roller. He is always smiles. Sotirios Koutoupas only plays poker part-time which is impressive for a guy with his results. He tells Herring what his other business is and how he keeps his attitude. To follow Sotirios Koutoupas in the Main Event check out; Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

Alla Kovkrak has a lot of poker experience. She has been a dealer for years and has been working hard in the hopes of one day becoming a Tournament Director. For the PokerNews Cup Alla is having her first go on the floor staff under the guidance of highly respected tournament director and poker consultant Thomas Lamatsch. Alla shares with Sarah Herring in this interview about her experience coming up in the poker world and how she is able to use her femininity to her advantage to calm down situations. For more on this event and to see the live coverage check out: Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

Sarah Herring explores the experience from some of the PokerNews team at the PokerNews Cup Kulata on Day 1c of the Main Event. Johan Hallegard talks about the incredible value to be able to qualify for a €100K Guarantee for only €60. And Yori Epskamp, who is playing in Day 1c give some insight into the field and the feel at the table. For more from the fun filled event including a look at Yori's sick hero call check out the blog: Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

Just minutes away from the Hotel & Casino Finix where the PokerNews Cup Kulata is being held is some of the best outdoor bathing in the world. Marikostinovo village, known for its healing mud and hot mineral springs is only a few kilometers from the Greek border and the Finix Hotel. In the village now there is a wonderful 4* hotel – Mantar. The water in the indoor pool is 50:50 mineral and tap water and the temperature is about 37°C.l, There is an outdoor pool working in the winter as well, with 100 % mineral water as hot as 39 – 40°C and an Olympic size swimming pool open in the summer. Sarah Herring goes before play kicks off in the PokerNews Cup one morning to check out the Mantar Hotel. Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

The 2019 PokerNews Cup €1,100 High Roller has crowned its champion here in Finix Casino. Dimitrios Michailidis emerged victorious in an 89-entry field. Michailidis defeated Marios Tzakos in heads-up, which lasted more than three hours. This was not Michailidis' biggest score, but he tells Sarah Herring that the trophy means more than the money. 1 Dimitrios Michailidis Greece €23,025 $25,724* 2 Marios Tzakos Greece €21,525 $24,048* 3 Marcel Galustov Bulgaria €9,990 $11,175 4 Polykarpos Stryvakis Greece €7,970 $8,915 5 Loukas Kioutsoukis Greece €6,120 $6,846 6 Dimitrios Dimitros Greece €4,410 $4,933 To see more check out: Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V...

Day 1b of the PokerNew Cup Main Event is under way at the Finix Casino and Sarah Herring speak to Jaxon Glatzer about what makes this event so unique. Glatzer shares that everyone starting Day 2 will already be in the money. He explains how that is possible and what is going on in the High Roller. For more on Main Event: High Roller: Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

One of the best parts of being at the Finix Hotel Casino in Kulata, Bulgaria is that you are only steps away from the Greecian border. Sarah Herring hops on a guided day tour to Thessaloniki, Greece. Sarah explores: Port of Thessaloniki Church of Agios Dimitrios Crypt of Agios Demetrios White Tower of Thessaloniki Rotunda Aristotelous Square To check out more on the PokerNews Cup be sure to check out: And to book your own tour go to: Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

Play along! Do you know what comedian Ludo is talking about? Answer below if you know! Ludo Geilich answers rapid fire questions brutally honestly like: What's the worst place to play live poker? Who is the worst person to play live poker with? Where is the BEST place to play poker? Why would he NOT invite Keanu Reeves to a poker game? Ludo does NOT hold back! For a recap on all the action from the 2019 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT click below: Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte

Matt Berkey, co-founder of Solve For Why Academy opens up about some Instagram posts that sparked questions last week. In the Instagram Posts Berkey showcased some behind the scenes images of a documentary he is working on which included Vanessa Selbst, Maria Ho and Maria Konnikova. Berkey reveals many previously unknown details about the project and where it will be released. Berkey also talks about his relationship with a production company that helped Solve For Why create some very unique content last summer and some of the pitfalls of content creation. To check out some of their content from the WSOP last year check out this video featuring Aunty Chardonnay: Finally Berkey talks...

Poker Player Manig Loeser wins his first large field main event tournament for $676,890. Loeser defeated a field of 922 to walk away with the EPT Main Event. The final table lasted over 12 hours, with the 5 handed play lasting a whopping 8 1/2 hours! It all came down to Manig Loeser and Huang Wei heads up. With some back and forths it was finally Loeser who came away the winner of the tournament! For the full recap of the final table and full tournament head to PokerNews in the link below: Podelitsya: Facebook Twitter V Kontakte