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Useful encyclopedia home - repair, design, interior

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Metal door production in Belarus is reliable and affordable, and this advantageously distinguishes them from other similar products. They are in no way inferior in quality to European counterparts, and low cost are possible thanks to lower taxes and transport costs.

Quality of power supply in our homes has always left much to be desired. On the other hand at present a large number of household appliances, whose parameters are very critical to the magnitude of the supply voltage that does not exclude the possibility of their failure.

Decorative plaster composition bases may contain water or synthetic resin. Coverage of chemical bases – usually epoxy resins or polyurethanes are now practically not used, as when heated they start to secrete toxic compounds.

A Drill is a drilling tool that uses electromagnetic or pneumatic principle of forming a blow. Electromagnetic shock is provided by two solenoid coils which in turn provide reciprocating motion of the core.

Plants in the house always affect a person's positive and uplifting. Especially the presence of plants important when you have no opportunity to spend time in nature. Today we want to offer you an idea of a mobile mini-garden, which you can equip on your balcony or on the windowsill.

If you compare the living room with the other rooms in the house, then perhaps she will to lead the amount of time spent in it. And this is not surprising. Guests we meet it in the living room, quiet or incendiary family night spend there.

Sofas - the most popular piece of furniture in every home. Put them in the living room and in the nursery, hallway and even the kitchen. On this basis, there is a need for timely care for the upholstery, which can stain and odor.

When the housing arrangement, in each of the interior play an important role as wall lamps, often called "bra". When buying any lighting device, the main thing to remember is not only how it will look on the background of the interior, but that bra is still an important instrument for more light in the house.

Nature is an integral part of human life. Walk in the woods, the Park or the garden soothes, refines, elevates mood, gives new forces. Therefore, even with urban apartments, people tend to buy cottage or house in the country with land for a garden.

Standard flower pots sold in stores, are sometimes dull and unattractive. And flower pots that attract attention are much more expensive. Therefore, the best option is to buy a cheap standard flower pot and decorate it with your own hands.

Dry Creek is a very beautiful landscape building, which was once very popular in Japanese gardens. In modern landscaping, dry creeks is used more often, creating them where there are opportunities to create a real Creek running through it with water.

Problem: what if the ceiling tiles "walk" and, despite all efforts plasterers, ceiling even you can not? the Decision: in addition to the traditional "crude" way of leveling the ceiling (that is, painting and painting) you can use the so-called "dry" method. For example, to make false ceilings without equalization solutions.

This apartment of a young couple with a three year old child. The object I got with the finished layout, walls and partially finished. With the exception of suspended ceilings and locations of doors in the lobby, in General, I think that is a good example of how to make two-bedrooms 75 sq.m. a three-pointer.

Desire to add apartment a few meters to the living area through the balcony — it is clear and understandable. The only question is its implementation. In the Internet information space, the request most often is: "Help to choose the right PVC Windows for warm loggia glazing". This is a mistake.

A Useful tip - get the most space out of small areas. There is a perception that, in order to have any fresh ideas, we need constraints such as time, space, resources. Small kitchen — excellent range for the search and realization of new ideas.