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Magnetic storms and health

The effect of the geomagnetic environment on health

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2018 Calendar of holidays and weekends, the factory calendar 2018. The Russian government prepared and approved traditional regulation governing the shift in a manufacturing calendar days off. Production calendar 2018 weekends and holidays gives us the opportunity to learn, when in 2018 we plan to work and when to celebrate. Based on the rules of the Gregorian calendar, the year 2018 will not be a leap year, [...]

In October 2017, the state Duma has pleased us with a new legislative initiative. Deputies discussed the possibility of providing the climate for the citizens of compensatory time off at the time of strong magnetic storms. And the times when magnetic storms reach the index above G4, it is proposed to declare holidays. This legislative initiative belongs to the Parliament from LDPR Vasily Vlasov and due to the fact that, in accordance with statistics, just [...]

Came in October – the tenth month of the year, it rains and defoliation, gold mid-autumn. The trees are yellow, orange, red and brown colours, gradually dropping colorful dress which gave them the Sep. In the air spinning, slowly gliding down, or mottled moths, or fabulous feathers of the Firebird... And what beautiful bouquets out of autumn leaves! I want as [...]

Summer Ends. On the Ground walks September – a wonderful time of the young fall, the month of colorful leaves, night. How many books and paintings, poems and songs dedicated to the people of this beautiful and romantic season. In September, the day continues to wane, and the nights are getting longer and longer. In the morning there's fog, an increasing number of cloudy days. Low gray clouds all [...]

The End of summer... the Day markedly decreases – leaving the bright time of the year. Not so green as before, no longer the same freshness. Somehow every year with the onset of August is visited by sad thoughts about the imminent arrival of autumn. And this happens completely regardless of the weather. Why be sad? After all, there will be even as many as thirty summer hot days. And, although I [...]

Summer – a wonderful time. This is the time of holidays and vacations, warmth and fun, an abundance of cheap fruit and vegetables, trips to resorts, new friends and many other pleasant events. The only drawback of summer is its brevity. It is sad, but the first summer month – June – is coming to an end. Coming July for [...]

Most of the year we look forward to the onset of the warm season, and then, finally, comes the long-awaited summer, and at the same time it is heat... the Air is sticky and thick, and we melt under the scorching sun like an ice cream, and to escape from constant thirst becomes impossible. In those days, many remember the following lines of Pushkin: "Ah, summer red! Loved [...]

Summer is one of the most bright, beautiful and wonderful times of the year. And his first month – June – symbolizes the onset of the pores of the holiday, change of scenery, long warm days and bright evenings, a good time on vacation with loved ones and friends. In early June, the markets see the first fruits, greens and vegetables fresh harvest, many enterprising [...]

Well, that wait! Outside the window in full hosts spring, ahead of the may 2017 is the last month of spring, which means before the summer, there is very little. May is perhaps the most elegant and joyous month of the year. And not only because of the pleasant weather, but also because of the abundance of public holidays and festive events. How much good [...]

The Arrival of spring in a special way affects the positivity and the mood of each of us. The onset of spring always makes people happy, especially this spring weather, which can be seen in April. On the street appears the first heat, and the remnants of the March snow quickly into the streams. All around quickly covered with greenery and first flowers, and the trees green buds swell. Just [...]

Magnetic storms are fluctuations in the geomagnetic field. The cause of magnetic storms are outbreaks on the surface of the Sun. These flashes, in fact, are extremely powerful explosions occurring near the clusters on the disk spots. The energy that is released during such explosions, the average is 10 000 000 times the energy released during the eruption. Approximately [...]

March – the first month of spring is a wonderful time when we can observe a General revival. In March it starts to smell in the spring. Begin to fly the birds, the warmth of spring nature awakens, the first grass and flowers... We are all waiting for spring, tired of cold and grey winter days. Still, March is not quite spring. In the beginning of the month [...]

By the end of winter, our bodies become especially vulnerable. During the winter period, available to us mainly products that are not too rich in vitamins and biologically active substances. In addition to beriberi, for the body in winter, affected by the lack of sunlight, low temperatures, constant fluctuations in atmospheric pressure and humidity and other adverse climatic factors. Therefore, in order to avoid negative [...]

How quickly time flew! Left behind another year. Last year was a lot of different events – both joyful and sad. Someone this year has brought many achievements, and for whom it became a test of strength. How many things will fit in these 366 days and how much I would like to do! The [...]

An Integral part of everyday modern life have long been predictions of magnetic storms. The heading "Forecast of magnetic storms" is present in many Newspapers and magazines, websites and other media. In particular, on our site are forecasts of magnetic storms a month and forecast the geomagnetic situation for 3 days. Such forecasts are often used in many spheres of human life, and very [...]