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Magnetic storms and health

The effect of the geomagnetic environment on health

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The Arrival of spring in a special way affects the positivity and the mood of each of us. The onset of spring always makes people happy, especially this spring weather, which can be seen in April. On the street appears the first heat, and the remnants of the March snow quickly into the streams. All around quickly covered with greenery and first flowers, and the trees green buds swell. Just [...]

Magnetic storms are fluctuations in the geomagnetic field. The cause of magnetic storms are outbreaks on the surface of the Sun. These flashes, in fact, are extremely powerful explosions occurring near the clusters on the disk spots. The energy that is released during such explosions, the average is 10 000 000 times the energy released during the eruption. Approximately [...]

March – the first month of spring is a wonderful time when we can observe a General revival. In March it starts to smell in the spring. Begin to fly the birds, the warmth of spring nature awakens, the first grass and flowers... We are all waiting for spring, tired of cold and grey winter days. Still, March is not quite spring. In the beginning of the month [...]

By the end of winter, our bodies become especially vulnerable. During the winter period, available to us mainly products that are not too rich in vitamins and biologically active substances. In addition to beriberi, for the body in winter, affected by the lack of sunlight, low temperatures, constant fluctuations in atmospheric pressure and humidity and other adverse climatic factors. Therefore, in order to avoid negative [...]

How quickly time flew! Left behind another year. Last year was a lot of different events – both joyful and sad. Someone this year has brought many achievements, and for whom it became a test of strength. How many things will fit in these 366 days and how much I would like to do! The [...]

An Integral part of everyday modern life have long been predictions of magnetic storms. The heading "Forecast of magnetic storms" is present in many Newspapers and magazines, websites and other media. In particular, on our site are forecasts of magnetic storms a month and forecast the geomagnetic situation for 3 days. Such forecasts are often used in many spheres of human life, and very [...]

Comes December – the final stage in 2016. We have fluffy snow, a garland of bright and fun holidays, the chiming clock and the gifts under the tree. But first we have to go through the dark and cloudy month of the year with its ever-increasing cold. Duration of daylight in December, approaching its minimum value, and 22 December (Winter Solstice) [...]

Geomagnetic conditions for 3 days this graph shows the average forecast value of the global geomagnetic index, Cu. The KP-index describes geomagnetic situation on a global scale. The forecast covers the geomagnetic situation for 3 days. Every day there are eight values of the index at every three hours (midnight to 3 a.m. three nights to six hours [...]

Periods of increased geomagnetic activity – not the most pleasant time for many weather-sensitive people. Unreasonable at first glance, the deterioration of General health very often the result of intense geomagnetic environment. However, many scientists and doctors say that a serious dependence on magnetic storms suffers only 10% of the world population, regardless of region. Others often "suffer" [...]

October is a time when people are often in all the aggravation of problem areas, both physical and mental. The biggest splash of exacerbations of chronic diseases, according to statistics, falls to the middle of autumn. Even healthy people experience so-called "stress transition", not to mention those who suffer from serious diseases. The climate [...]

Long-term monitoring of solar activity proves the impact of these processes on the health of the population and social phenomena occurring in society as well as appliances, electronics, and communication devices. When in areas of dark sunspots outbreaks in Space are ejected plasma streams, which at high speed rushing to the side of the Earth. Upon reaching [...]

Why headache when magnetic storms? "A terrible headache! Perhaps, again, these magnetic storms!" About that statement you often hear from the mouth as the older person and the younger generation, as well as from physicians. Today, many are talking about magnetic storms, but few can explain what are magnetic storms. In the center of our planet [...]

The Month of March, transitional season. This period is not yet spring, and not winter. And this means instability. The instability of weather, physical, mental, social. And our mental and physical health varies following the weather... For the first half of the spring is very changeable weather and, as a result, the exacerbation of many chronic diseases. There are a number of causes of exacerbation [...]

The diversity of information about the world around us, people receive through the senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell, and vestibular apparatus). To person main news channels are sight and hearing. Good or not, but people can't perceive very many natural processes and phenomena that really exist and influence [...]