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The London commercial court Judge justice Mals recognized the actions of the former co-owner of Bank "the trust" Ilya Yurov on management of the financial institution organization "fraudulent pyramid", was announced on Friday, July 29, with reference to the decision of the court. "All substantive arguments speak in favor of the Bank, the victim of large scale fraud", — the document says. As a result, said the judge, co-owner of Bank "the trust" Ilya Yurov has been enriched by tens of millions of dollars, and maybe more.

According to NBCH, almost 80% of citizens who are malicious defaulters for utilities, violations serve their credit obligations. the transfer of information to NBCH encourages debtors to fulfill obligations to utilities. In accordance with the adopted in 2014 amendments to the 218-FZ "On credit histories" [1], the right to transfer information in National Bureau of credit histories (NBCH) received the suppliers of utilities. As 01.07.2016 informed of their right to pass information about malicious defaulters for ZHKU have used more than 50 vendors from 10 regions of the Russian Federation, which transferred to the NCB for information about more than 6 thousand citizens, in respect of which there is not performed in a 10-day period a court decision on...

Arbitration court of the Rostov region on Thursday declared insolvent (bankrupt), Stella-Bank (Rostov-on-don), reported the correspondent of "Interfax", who was present at the meeting. The decision was taken during consideration of the application of the Bank of Russia branch for the Rostov region South Central Bank of Russia about a recognition the bankrupt of Stella-Bank. The court opened bankruptcy proceedings against the Bank for a period of one year and approved the bankruptcy Trustee [...]

The Bank of Russia has published the review of key performance indicators of MFIs for the year 2015: the issuing volume of microloans grew by 6.5%, mainly due to individuals. Small and medium business in the face of declining economic activity, on the contrary, has received funding from MFIs is almost 15% less. Experts believe that in 2016, this trend is not particularly going to change: the growth market with regard to pawnshops and credit cooperatives will continue, but it will also be mainly driven by the financing of physical persons.

The Supervisory Board of Vnesheconombank in March will consider converting short-term loan from the Central Bank for 500 billion rubles in subordinated loan for ten years in order to take into account its capital and to solve some of the problems of the Corporation. Vnesheconombank's Supervisory Board, appointed on 29 March to discuss the recapitalization of the Bank. The Board of the state Corporation headed by Sergey Gorikova proposes to consider the conversion of short-term loan of the Central Bank's long subordinated loan, to account for it in the capital of the Bank. That this issue will be a major on the Supervisory Board, has informed RBC a source close to VEB, and was confirmed by a source in the government.

Former Chairman of the Board of International Investment Bank (MI-Bank) Mikhail Kudryavtsev, filed a petition to the court on suspension of the decision on collecting from it in favour of the Bank 389,4 million roubles of losses, reports RAPSI with reference to the materials of the Arbitration court of the Moscow district.

From 29 March comes into force amendments to the law that limit the accrual of interest on microloans up to 4-fold amount of the loan. For example, a customer borrows from MFIs 4 000, in arrears, accrue to him can be 16 000, then the debt is "fixed" and not growing.

To the State Duma a bill on amendments to article 8 of the law “On microfinance activity and microfinance organizations”. The bill's key provisions – limitation of interest rate and maximum amount of the accrued interest and/or penalties on microloans. Thus parliamentarians plan to stifle the microfinance market in Russia.

The Regulator, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Moscow StarBank disconnected from the system "electronic Banking for urgent payments" (BESP). Now the Bank has no right to take money from their customers. let us Add that the banks that the Central Bank turns on BESP, often lose my license. In some cases disconnection from BESP is temporary due to technical reasons.

March 31 at the world trade Center will host the 2016 MFO RUSSIA FORUM is a professional forum for owners, Directors and management of microfinance organizations. the organizer of the forum SRO “World”, co - NAMMS. The forum expects about 400 participants.

The Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia has imposed on Tinkoff Bank and its officials face fines of 300 thousand and 12 thousand, respectively, for unfair competition on the Deposit market (an administrative offense under part 1 of article 14.33 of the administrative code). About this decision adopted on Monday, March 14, the Agency reported on Tuesday. As the reference of the FAS, the office appointed an officer of TCS Bank, the minimum possible for this administrative offense the fine, and could recover up to 20 thousand rubles. In turn, the penalty for legal persons could be assigned in the range from 100 thousand to 500 thousand rubles.

With March 29, come into force amendments to the law "About microfinance performance and microfinance organizations". Many things are changing. The activities of companies engaged in loans and investments from reception of citizens will be divided into micro-Finance company (IFC) and a micro-credit company (ICC). IFC will issue credits to natural persons in the amount of up to 1 000 000, IFC — 500 thousand [...]

The Bank of Russia from March 17, withdrew the license for banking operations from Moscow's National Corporate Bank (registration number 3422) and the Bank, "Catherine" (registration number 2167), and 1Banka (registration number 2896, Vladikavkaz). the Regulator notes that the decision about the revocation of the licences of credit organisations is accepted in connection with default of Federal laws regulating banking activities and Bank of Russia regulations. In the case of 1Bankom and the Bank, "Catherine", the Central Bank also took into account the presence of real threat to interests of creditors and depositors.

Aeroflot officially announced that it will be cancelled and the return tickets for the flights of "Transaero", the owners of which were going to make the first flights until 15 December 2015. it was Previously reported that passengers on flights of Transaero with departure date since 0:00 GMT 15 December anywhere on such tickets will not fly away, but you can get your money back. The fate of the earlier time segment tickets for flights to the two ends remained unclear. As can be seen from today's announcement, these tickets are also subject to complete cancellation

According to analysts Sberbank CIB Tom Levinson, Vladimir Pantyushin and Iskander Abdullaev, the last time the dollar traded in the range of 66-67 RUB Volatility pair dollar/ruble in October fell compared with the mid-September more than doubled. "This stability at near record value since, as in the fourth quarter of 2014 the regulator has let the ruble float freely," — said in their review.