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In 1790, the year Alexander Radishchev published the book "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow", which fearlessly denounced the vices of his time: despotism, corruption, poverty and lawlessness of the people. The free-thinking writer sentenced to death, which according to Royal mercy was replaced with a 10-year exile in Siberia. The film crew decided to repeat the route Radishcheva and see how people still live on the roadside of the Federal highway M10 "Russia". How things have changed Russian life for the last two hundred years? We began to live better? Richer?

Only a part of the region of North-Western Nigeria includes seven States, all of them relatively large. In General, this area is more than a fifth of the entire country, and it is home to a fifth of the population of Nigeria. Most are Muslims — representatives of the peoples of the Hausa and the Fulani.

Erebus — the southernmost active volcano of the Earth in Antarctica, part of the Pacific ring of fire. Scientists are monitoring the behavior of a volcano. To the lava, you can get quite close. On the edge of the crater there is a web camera, and it can be seen by any person in the world.

The Name of the Admiralty district directly points its important role in the history of the Russian Navy: here are the Admiralty, the country's oldest shipbuilding enterprise "Admiralty shipyards", Nicolas Orthodox naval Cathedral. It was reflected in the names of streets Big and Small Sea, galley.

Dinaric Alps, also called Dinars (Dynaride), called from the mountain Dinara, on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mountain is named for bivshego the Eastern slope of the ancient Illyrian tribe of dandarov mentioned in the writings of Greek historian and geographer gekata of Miletus in the VI century BC.

Photo Bieszczady national Park is the third largest in Poland, here is the highest part of the Polish sector of the Eastern Carpathians. The area of Bieszczady mountains is unique in many ways, but its main advantage is that here in the middle of industrial areas, preserved the pristine nature.

Occupying the large part of the Mediterranean, the Taurus mountains are the natural border between the littoral and the hinterland of Anatolia. Two main sights of the city of Adana is the capital of the eponymous mud. In the background is the mosque Sabanci-Merkez, built in the late XX century with the highest in Turkey dome. It contains nearly 30 thousand believers, and in size ranks third in the world. Before her Roman bridge Taskopru, until recently, it moved the car, now satisfied with the exhibition.

When the Ming Emperor Yongle (Zhu Di) in the XV century laid their Imperial city with the Forbidden city inside, he was sure that the Northern capital of China — its capital — is waiting for a great destiny. And he was right. In the photo the Forbidden city of Beijing, where they lived and where China was ruled by 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Natural treasures of the Malaysian state of Pulau Pinang reserve and luxury Teluk Bahang. The mountains almost meet the sea, and in between was a strip of dense humid forests. English key — this is the name for Penang during the British colonial rule: the British were anxious to establish full control over the passage of ships in the Malacca Straits.

On the Islands Trobrian time measured not by hours, but the intervals between rains, which can bring a crop, and drought. Since the discovery of the archipelago Trobrian changes have affected only some of the external aspects of life of the islanders. They live in the same villages such as Taliba on the island Kiriwina: boats on the sandy beach and tropical rainforest on the outskirts.

Today, the Turks call it Göbekli Tepe — Bellied hill. In the past Armenians called the same hill Portables, or Umbilical mountain. We can assume that the name is inherited from more ancient inhabitants of these places, in view of which all living things in their world were born here. In the photo the concentric circles of the sanctuary at Göbekli Tepe is perhaps mankind once know who was worshipped by the ancient builders, who taught a complex construction case those who were hunting with flint arrowheads.

Puebla is among the most mountainous States in Mexico. But among the variety of tops there are those that were created by human hands. All the buildings of the city of Canton built on the oldest technology: they are built of stone without mortar and held by its own gravity. Who built the city — is yet unknown for sure, but archaeologists working in the state of Puebla, suggest that it was the Olmecs.

The First building, laid the core of the future of Kaunas, was the castle, of which until today, remained for the most part only its glorious history. Photo Kaunas castle. Its architecture impresses with its incredible width of the walls at low altitude. Before us — the reconstruction is for the best, but able to give a General idea of the former "Kaunas stronghold".

Taimyr Dolgano-Nenets district is located in the far North, Eastern Siberia, entirely above the Arctic circle. In the same way as hundreds of years ago, the Nenets tundra on the Taimyr Peninsula, smashing the camp where the deer had enough food. For example, this camp is located in the lower reaches of the Yenisei river.

In accordance with the separate intergovernmental Treaty between the two countries in the territory of Chile continuation of the Los Glaciares is a national Park Bernardo O'higgins, which helps joint control over the protection of nature on this vast territory. The photo of the Perito Moreno glacier — ice valley between steep mountain slopes down to the lake. Someone from Argentinian poets have compared its appearance to the cake that has been under the rain.