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To begin To understand what the General means, under this terrible word "Redevelopment". The conversion or redevelopment-an analysis of concepts. Redevelopment of residential premises represents the change in its configuration, requires changes in the technical passport of the dwelling. According to the Rules and regulations under the re-planning of premises understand the transfer and disassembly of the partitions; and transferring the device doorways; the subdivision or consolidation of multi-room apartments (combining rooms or distinction); the device of additional kitchens and bathrooms; extension of the living space at the expense of auxiliary premises (storage rooms); the elimination of dark kitchens and entrances to the kitchen through the apartment...

Omsk, Kharkov D. 19/2 | 3 br., 71 sq. m., 1987, p., 5/9 brick, not angular, isolated room, C/node split, water heater, Total. PL. 71 sq. m. Kitchen 15 sq. m., With built-in furniture (wardrobes, bathroom, kitchen fully),Household appliances, PVC, Renovation, excellent condition!

*New! New bath! Omsk, a house with a bath for a day, rent a house with sauna in Omsk, a cabin with bath for a weekend stay in Omsk/ we Invite you to spend weekdays and weekends with the use of the Wellness complex "33 pleasures" Brand new quality bath, located in a green area of Omsk, will be a great holiday destination for families and friends.

Yaroslavl manufacturer of 3D printers entering the market of housing construction. The "AMT-Spetsavia" will create a subsidiary-real estate developer, who erected a village of individual houses with three-dimensional printing. This decision caused serious interest of potential buyers for such housing.

Crimean Authorities have gone on unprecedented measures on struggle against illegal construction. The head of the Peninsula Sergey Aksenov, by order, stopped all construction in 14 coastal areas of the Peninsula until January 1, 2018. Exceptions are made only in respect of those objects that build on budget money.

February 1, 2017, every citizen of Russia can get free use of a hectare of land in the far East. We will understand how to exercise this right, what you can do with this land: are there any limitations and pitfalls. Yakutia Yakutia. Photo: Lori Why the far East? The far East is rapidly emptying. Since the beginning of 1990-x years the population has decreased by more than 20 percent. The worst things in the Chukotka region, which for 25 years has lost two-thirds of the population, and in the Magadan region, where less than half of the population. Not much better situation on Sakhalin, Kamchatka and other areas. This region occupies more than a third of the territory of Russia, but while living there for less than 5% of the population and area of cultivated...

Manual for practical and meticulous consumers of housing and communal services of utility Bills have become a significant item of expenditure in the family budget. And every year the amount of increase. Of course, you can pay for them without looking. And you can start to count and save. Take a look at how real these savings.

Paranormal activity recorded in the Omsk regional Museum by surveillance cameras, and studied the finalist of "the battle of psychics" Anatoly Ledenev. The first report of the appearance of glowing objects appeared on December 23 last year, and since then a logical explanation of the phenomenon has not yet been found. Having been in the hall, where he was noticed unexplained activity, Ledenev said:

In the Federation Council a draft law on "garage Amnesty." This document effectively legalizes hundreds of thousands of garages across the country. Allow citizens to arrange for a place in garage-building cooperative with the presentation of several documents. The bill will make to the end of the year.

49/36/8, bricks., C/heating, 3-room+kitchen.. bath, garage, 6,5 SOT/his own., 1980 p. 35% wear. - Buy! ON THE NET SALE! - Fits under the PARENT CAPITAL! To buy a house in Omsk region inexpensively. property under the parent capital of Omsk. Houses for sale in Omsk. .

Cottage (manor) - class luxury apartments, 10 minutes ' drive from Omsk for holidays and special occasions: weddings, anniversaries, parties, corporate events, banquets, receptions.The first floor has two Banquet halls with a fireplace, can accommodate up to 100 people, 2 sleeping rooms, semi-suites, pool, sauna with rest room. On the second floor there are 3 two-room suites. The total number of 19 beds + 2 extra beds at the expense of the sofas.