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5 Oct 2018 Anastasia Barashkova will participate in the gala dinner "friends of the Rusfond" In the last few years, the involvement of the Russian stars to social and charity projects as well. The ranks of the charity figures from the world of show business joined model, actress and TV presenter Anastasia Barashkova. As the Ambassador to the "Rusfond" live "Megapolis FM", she revealed the problems of children with cancer [… the Message Actress and TV presenter Anastasia Barashkova engaged in charity, together with the Rusfond appeared first on .

Famous Russian singer Tatyana Kotova and large-scale dance movement Zumba launched a unique collaboration, the result of which was the compelling track "Come with me." This is a significant and fundamental event in cross-cultural communication between Russia and other countries of the world happened the other day, but have already embraced the Internet thousands of videos dancing to the track singer. Song included in the album Zumba “Zin76” and sold [… Post Dance track Tatiana Kotova made dance the whole world appeared first on .

Fairy tale character from Russia created a furor among foreigners In Russia ended the world championship on football. Foreigners who are not afraid to come to our country, remained in wild delight. The foreign press were full of enthusiastic articles. Suffered a culture shock -the Russians were very friendly and nice. No sooner had the inhabitants of other countries to move away from hospitality in the harsh Russian in Russia, [… the Message of the Famous Russian Baba Yaga noticed in Monaco and in France appeared first on .

What kind of music do prefer to listen to the passengers of taxis in the capital? Of course, musical tastes are different, but we decided to find out whether the service music accompaniment in taxes? What kind of music often listen to in the visit the residents and guests of the capital? We asked these and other questions of commercial Director of the company "Mostaksi", Natalia Marinich. Please tell me what kind of music I like to listen to customers "Mostaksi"? [… the Message That I like to listen to passengers on the trips! Statistics is divided Mostaksi appeared first on .

Director Dmitry Bikbaev presented the first production of his theatre on 26 July, a new theatrical group "Theatre-Studio "15" under the guidance of Director Dmitry Bikbaeva presented a theatrical Moscow premiere of her debut — drama "Leningrad 42/59" based on the play by Alexei Arbuzov's "My poor Marat". The event took place on the main stage of the Cultural Center named after I. M. Astakhov, the artistic Director of which is also Bikbaev. [… the Message has opened In Moscow new theatre appeared first on .

In a magnificent Palace of the "Emperor Hall" hosted the red carpet for Russian designers and brands, organized by the glossy house #BLOGGMAGAZINE. The event also hosted the second annual award of "RUSSIAN DESIGNERS AWARDS by 2018 GLYANETS", which was awarded the glossy clips of more than thirty representatives of light industry. The audience was conquered by the screening of a popular brand "MALINA FASHION". He was awarded the [… the post Day Russian Designer from #BLOGGMAGAZINE by Skakovskaya appeared first on .

On 15 July took place the first day of shooting the video for the song "Waterfalls," written by the artist. The Director and screenwriter of the clip promise to surprise all unique locations, and the picture is bright and unusual image of the actor, which for many will seem outrageous. One location was QatarElements multimedia Museum, which was built specifically for the World Cup in Gorky Park. The Museum was made in the form of a cube and constructed on a pontoon right [… Post MALAY will open the viewer "Waterfalls" Qatar appeared first on .

26 July will be the official premiere of Dmitry Bikbaeva "Leningrad 42/59" on the stage of Cultural Center. I. M. Astakhov. Performance is put on motives of the play of Alexei Arbuzov's "My poor Marat". Among the guests will be present folk artists. Heartfelt and touching, live, real, and penetrating horror, without embellishment and flirting a performance created by young creative units, because it is so important to [… Post on July 26 premiere of the dramatic performance "Leningrad 42/59" appeared first on .

21 July on the beach of Malibu will host a Fitness Festival. Pirogovskoye reservoir. You will have: Tuning Art Museum exhibition of machinery, ZUBRINOV TEAM power show, tasting of sports nutrition from 5lb open ring from the club DRUMMER, 3 times champion in kickboxing Alexander Lipovoy, shows and contests from Red Bull, SteelBrothers Team workshops from the international workout team, lectures on nutrition, the [… the Message 21 of July on the beach of Malibu will host a Fitness Festival. Pirogovskoye reservoir. appeared first on .

In the "Golden triangle" of St. Petersburg – where the main sights of the city and its most famous restaurants and shops – an island of luxury and fashion is a "Passage". He is the pearl of Nevsky prospect, it is always crowded, and between the Windows, multilingual speech buyers. It was there that he opened a special boutique of fashionable clothes from Israeli designer [… the post fashion Boutique from Israeli designer Michal Negrin appeared first on .

MALAY Just released their debut track "WE NO" non-trivial lyrical pop with a strong and deep vocals. It is the author's message of love – an appeal to the feelings and emotions that the singer experienced during first love. On the Remix version of the team worked on the "Astero". They collaborate with artists such as Basta, IOWA, Hands Up, Yulianna Karaulova, Alekseev, Marcel, Shawn Mendes etc. Pavlo Shevchuk (songwriter/arranger/producer of My Michelle, Uma Thurman, Zemfira, Mumiy Troll and Grisha [… Post MALAY — a new name in your playlist! appeared first on .

With a sinking heart, follow our football team to "the 2018 world Cup"? Celebrating the victories and defeats bitterly along with thousands of fans from all over the world on Nikolskaya street? Especially for all partaker of the main sport event of the year, from Friday to Saturday, after the speech, headlining "the Main stage", all guests of the "INVASION" 2018 will have to wait for a real "cynopterus": open [… Post cheer for us and see the Russian movie "the INVASION" 2018! appeared first on .