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On 13 October in the State Kremlin Palace has passed a solo concert of Natasha Koroleva "Magic L", organized by the Agency for MS Production. Last year the singer celebrated 25-letie creative activity, and her show was Packed to the Kremlin. But even this largest platform was unable to accommodate all the fans of Natasha, and of their numerous requests the singer has announced a concert encore. [… Post Natasha Koroleva has devoted a concert to the memory of grandma appeared first on .

On 11 October held a national premiere of the film "Holiday planner". Secular Prime Minister and discussion of the film by Directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakash, with the participation of Ksenia Sobchak held in the cinema pioneer. In hire the Comedy "Holiday planner" from the Directors of "1+1" will be 1 January 2018. The company is a pioneer and Capella Film released in the Russian hire "Holiday planner" — a Comedy by Eric Toledano [… Post 1 January 2018 will be released Comedy "the Holiday planner" appeared first on .

On 11 October, the club held a Glastonberry music festival — solo concert STORY, dedicated to the presentation of the debut album "You smoke." Group STORY is a duet popular radio leading Russian Matryoshka radio station Radio London Nicholas Croatina and Yulia Nikolina. To congratulate the musicians came their relatives, friends and colleagues, as well as journalists gossip Internet portals and TV channels. Leading [… the inquiry Group STORY — solo concert, as it was first appeared on .

16 Oct singer, actress and presenter Anna Kalashnikov invites his friends and colleagues to the presentation of the video "No makeup", as well as a presentation of their concert. A new restaurant on Novy Arbat with a luxurious interior and elegant design of the "Music Point" ("Match point") will open this evening the doors of numerous star guests and representatives of the press in the heart of the capital. Among [… Post Announcement. Anna Kalashnikov will present the video "No makeup" appeared first on .

On 18 October, the Art-platform Cultural Center. I. M. Astakhov invites Muscovites to take in contemporary visual art and be part of the events new format — art laboratory ART WE GO. The peculiarity of the art laboratory WE GO ART that you will not remain a mere observer. The desire of every one present can participate in a public art collaboration with renowned artist, to be at [… Post Announcement. 18 Oct. Art lab: WE GO ART invites appeared first on .

Last Friday In Itunes and Google Play appeared, perhaps the most welcome novelty, about which many have heard, but will now be able plenty to enjoy. This is the debut single released singer Andrey Yankin "I love you so much". A song that is familiar to everyone — love, as corny as it may sound... that feeling you get when the grow wings when the [… post by Andrey Yankin released his debut single "I love you" appeared first on .

On October 28 in Crocus City Hall will host a large solo concert of Eva Polna. A successful solo career and the incredible popularity of the Duo "Guests from the future" did the Eva Polna one of the most popular performers. Creativity eve is a stylish and relevant music combined with beautiful and sensual poetry. Even the most demanding audience with a sympathy as to [… Post Announcement. On October 28 in Crocus City Hall the concert of Eva Polna appeared first on .

Singer, performer known and loved by millions of viewers of songs in the pop and chanson genre, winner of "the Chanson of year" and probably one of the most enigmatic singers of the Russian pop music Rada Rai special for our publication. Why have You decided to connect his life with music? It just became obvious. Since childhood I had a love for music. Since my childhood [… Post Rada Rai: "I knew that I would become a singer. It was ordained" appeared first on .

Group STORY — now known as the popular radio Duo of Russian-speaking radio station "Radio London Matryoshka" — Nicholas Croatina and Yulia Nikolina. It is worth noting that Nicholas and Julia is not new to the Russian show business, behind more than ten years of radio work. Many will remember Julia for NRJ, and Nicholas — "Retro FM". Song composer and [… Message 11 Oct group STORY club "Glastonberry" and MusicBox Gold TV invite to a concert presentation! appeared first on .

October 7, shopping complex, auto parts, service and tuning", Menusave" will pass become already traditional, the Second Cup", Menusave" Pole Dance Exotic! In addition to the bright and hot dances extraordinarily beautiful girls are waiting for you: — incendiary lead Alik Vetrov, contests, prizes and well!! — performances by young and very talented performers! Invite everyone! Organizer and main partner of the event [… the Message a Second Cup", Menusave" — Exotic Pole Dance appeared first on .

Are You between 18 and 25, have vocal talent, good looks and unique charisma, but rolled up on casting, but without achieving any result? We do not have another "star Factory". Come to the audition, give your best song for "CHEERS" and get your CHANCE. Individual approach to each artist allows you to find the best application for the project within [… the post auditions for singers in Moscow, Derbenevskaya appeared first on .

Jeanne Shanali, author of children's songs and fairy tales — was born in Moscow. Great-grandfather was a thespian and master of artistic expression. Since the early years Shanali Jeanne began to write her first poems on the themes of childhood, nature and animals. In the school years Joan was a soloist in the choir "Star" with whom he has recorded children's songs "I [… Post Jeanne Shanali believe in fairy tales! appeared first on .

I miss you, my beloved Italy. At the tanned faces of passers-by, homemade pasta, the endless string of Italian phrases and Tuscany... Tuscany is behind the word hidden in green cypresses, the sun and "people smelling of garlic," they are the Italians. The beginning of our route through Tuscany to Florence. Florence is a city living in the rhythm of grace and [… the Message Longing for Tuscany. The trip to Italy. appeared first on .

Eugene was always surprised by the fact that the era of rock-n-roll and jazz almost forgotten. No longer sounds of Elvis Presley, silent Frank Sinatra... When he hears the sounds of electric guitar interwoven with inimitable saxophone, the legs themselves are dancing. Of course it is not necessary to forget that time does not stand still, so rock-n-roll in its pure form is unlikely someone will interest and [… the Message Eugene Postood (PUSTOHOD) — the secret of success appeared first on .

On 23 November in Crocus City Hall hosted the Fifth Real prize of the Russian Music Box 2017 . According to the tradition, before the ceremony all the stars and the Award participants were on the red carpet, as they say "to see and be seen". It is the "show yourself" this time I decided Olga Buzova, which is gaining great popularity not only [… the Message of the Fifth the Real prize of the Russian Music Box 2017. The red carpet appeared first on .