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Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus announced heroes of the family adventure Comedy "the Dogs under cover": Garik voted Rottweiler max — a brave police officer and a super-macho, gentle and humble border collie Daisy to speak with the voice of Christina. The film will be released may 31. DOGS UNDERCOVER / SHOW DOGS 31.05.2018 family Comedy / adventure / action / 6+ USA, UK, 2018 From the Director of comedies "the Beverly Hillbillies", "the Smurfs", "Scooby-Doo" and screenwriter of "Madagascar [… Message Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus announced heroes of the family adventure Comedy "the dogs under the cover" appeared first on .

What happens when there are two passionate, bright person, each of which is multi-faceted, talented and interesting? And if they still have longtime friends? Sometimes a burst of inspiration, and highly creative collaboration — like it happened with actor, Director and composer Alexey Vorobyov and most known nutritionist, endocrinologist of Russia Natalia Zubareva... Fresh spring hit [… Post Alexey Vorobyov was happy with Natalia Zubareva, and starred directly in 6 Hollywood movies appeared first on .

Ceremony of the VI annual ceremony Top Hit Music Awards was held on 11 April 2018 in Moscow club Arena Yota. The winners were determined by the results of calculations of the rotations of more than five hundred Russian-speaking radio stations in the world and hits on the YouTube channel of Russia. The Director of the ceremony, Anita Tsoy called Top Hit Music Awards "award of impartial figures." Despite the fact that the tickets are [… Post "Time and Glass", "Mushrooms", Tree and Loboda became victors Top Hit Music Awards appeared first on .

In the weekly events of the "Star runway" show took place at the successful Russian designer in the territory of the Korston Club Hotel: king of style Gennady Gorbachev presented a men's collection "King of the streets" in the sport-glam style, smart casual and street-style. The show was the song Alexander steward, who also appeared on the podium in Luka from the designer. The revolutionary collection has recently away from the podium [… Post Brutal opened the show pre-party concert Alexey Chumakov appeared first on .

Alejandro Irizarry, 29 years old, Puerto Rican musician representing the United States of America. Participant of the festival "White nights" in St. Petersburg told us about the beginning of his musical career and future plans. Hello Alejandro, please tell our readers about how it happened that the whole world to know such a talented musician? I started music when I was 4 years old. And already [… Post Alejandro Irizarry: Never compare yourself with others... appeared first on .

The Premiere took place at the presentation of the debut album "World without borders", which took place in February in the restaurant "Cloud". Then the song managed to listen only to a close circle of friends, colleagues and family. Almost every song that was presented at the presentation, was accompanied by show-ballet "Stay Magical". On the track "Call me" I decided not to distract the audience with choreography, and leave [… the post Miela Singer presented the songs of Alla Pugacheva "Call me" appeared first on .

29 March 2018 at the State Kremlin Palace held a Grand gala concert devoted to the Jubilee of people's artist of Russia Vladimir Vinokur! Russian comedian, parodist, actor, singer, radio and TV presenter, teacher and producer, Director of the State theatre of parodies! Popular with the audience Vladimir Vinokur has acquired thanks to his genuine talent, incredible charisma and ability to win over the audience. Among his fans [… the post Vladimir Vinokur said of the 70-years anniversary concert in the Kremlin appeared first on .

In December 2017 was held the shooting of the video for the song "SMS" known and beloved Moscow popular singer Denis Varfolomeeva. The project was implemented with the support of the Production center of Sergei Branovitskiy "Energy" magazine and "Creative Stars" Fatima Omarovoj. Fatima is known not only as the CEO of this major edition of the show business, but also as the founder of the volunteer program "give [… Message Saranin Alex starred in the music video for the song "SMS" popular singer Denis Varfolomeeva appeared first on .

24 March Ifeel Bar when a full house was the first solo concert of Andrey Yankina. This evening, the artist came to congratulate his friends and fellow performers: Anna Kulikova, Yevgeny Holm (H2O), Maxim Klestov (ex-lead singer of Dream), Daria Shatalin and others. The event was supported by a Web of Media corporations and production center BRAVAMEDIA.RU International media online publication MOSKONEWS.COM, [… the post photo report. Recital Andrew Yankina in IFEEL BAR appeared first on .

Composer and guitarist Alex Davletshin has released a music video "the Road Tallinn-Riga" — a sentimental journey through the Baltic cities. The shooting of this clip nearly tore the Latvian police. "The shooting happened in places of extreme — says the musician. — There was unpleasant, but a funny story. We "buried" in one of the streets of the old town quadcopter. Started shooting at 7 am, started the Quad, and there goes a police [… Post Alex Davletshin missed out on the filming of the video the quadcopter appeared first on .

The successor of the creative traditions of the legendary "Pesnyary", a personal friend of Vladimir Mulyavin Leonid Bortkevich continues to work to restore and preserve the history of the legendary creative team. One of the first works of his new group "Golden apples" was the song "I can't help it" performed by soloist team Andrew Eronina and singer Olesya Oreshenkov. As the very name "Pesnyary" considered a national treasure of Belarus, and [… Post by Leonid Bortkevich rescues from oblivion the Soviet hits appeared first on .

16th international festival of cinematographic debuts "Spirit of fire" was opened in Khanty - Mansiysk on March 2, the film "Underground" (Subway, 1985) Luc Besson, in which the main role was played by Christopher Lambert, who became an honorary guest of the festival. As in previous years, the red carpet held at the main festival venue – the Concert-theatrical center "Ugra-classic". Guests at the event were producer Natalia mokritskaya, actor Egor [… the Message of the 16th international festival "Spirit of fire" was opened in Khanty-Mansiysk appeared first on .

On 27 February in Moscow hosted the 10th annual star award "BEST Couple of the Year 2018"! Magnificent, luxurious and majestic Triumph Event Hall met the brightest and most romantic couple of the show business. The entire evening is a wonderful leading Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Chernyshev responded with a stellar public. In the nomination "BEST Couple of the Year 2018" defeated Elena Volatile and Yuri Anashenkov. Your statues [… post Magazine MODA topical and Centre Health and Beauty Best presented: 10th annual award "Couple of the Year BEST 2018"! appeared first on .

Invited guests: Anton Zatsepin, Marina Cherkunova(group Total), Alain Vysotsky, the Group REVOLVER'S, Boronina, Anna, Lolita Voloshyna Alla Meunargiya, Mastank Rafal, Sergey grace, Pasha Rudenko, Vladimir Vince, Dmitry Nesterov, Leonid Panov, Group Vegas, Eugene Holm(TURBOMODA), Aphrodite, Emily, Yury Titov, Samoel Venue: Club Bandos, Metro station Prospekt Mira Olympic Avenue 16s1 Information and reserve tables: Call via Web Agent 8 (926) 077-44-47 guests Beginning at 21-00 22- Post Announcement. March 9, his birthday will celebrate Dmitry Krik. appeared first on .

Denis Ukhov known to many in the circle of show business as a PR Director and producer, so the song became for many a great surprise and made a great resonance among colleagues. The author of the song became a music producer and composer Alexey Streltsov, working with such artists as the winner of the new factory of Stars – Guzel Khasanova, Loboda, Sofia Rotaru, Meseda Bagautdinova, artists PTS Grigory Leps, Gabriella, Alexander Vorobyov, [… Message 26 Feb released debut track "Views" from Denis Ukhov. appeared first on .