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The US Imposed sanctions against several Russian companies are destroying the hope for implementation of U.S.-Russian relations, told RIA Novosti the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Eugene Serebrennikov. "Despite repeated proposals of Russia on joint action to combat terrorism, one answer after another. These sanctions — another answer that we offer in Washington. This leads, of course, to break the hopes for normalization of relations", — said the Senator. "The normal [...] Read more ➦ US Sanctions destroy the hope for normalization of relations with Russia — Senator

25.03.2017, Kiev, Olga Kozachenko Armed forces, Scandal, Ukraine In Kiev recognized: Balakliya showed that the new Ukrainian army there is no Disaster with the Ukrainian military warehouses in Kharkiv region, where he continued to explode munitions, showed that the chaos in the APU continues. It on a press-conferences in Kiev, reports the correspondent of "Politnavigator", said the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan [...] Read more ➦ In Kiev recognized: Balakliya showed that the new Ukrainian army did not exist

In the center of Kiev shooting occurred, which resulted in the wounded man a Man wounded in a shooting in the centre of the Ukrainian capital. The shooting occurred at one of the restaurants on the street Omelanovych-Pavlenko. The victim was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg, according to TV channel Hromadske. Police detained two participants of the conflict. Source: Read more ➦ In the center of Kiev shooting occurred, which resulted in the wounded man

World cash collections of tales Walt Disney "beauty and the beast" has exceeded $ 540 million. Such a result pattern managed to achieve in just a week of hire. Thus, the project is fully paid off and began to bring their creators a substantial profit. Half of this amount "beauty and the beast" earned at home. Outside North America the film was very successful in China, where [...] Read more ➦ Cash charges "beauty and the beast" has exceeded 500 million

Julia Samoylova Photo: Producer center of Igor Matvienko / TASS Ukrainian Authorities proposed a solution to the problem with the participation of Russia at "Eurovision". Deputy Prime Minister of the country believe that it is enough to choose the artist who has no problems with the law of Ukraine Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko said that the country is ready to accept all the countries participating in the Eurovision song contest, including representatives from Russia, but [...] Read more ➦ Ukraine called the condition of Russia's participation in "Eurovision"

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said about a possible referendum on whether to continue talks on the country's accession to the EU. Relations between Turkey and the EU have become aggravated after the authorities of Germany and the Netherlands have banned the statements of the Turkish Ministers to the voters of Turkish origin ahead of a referendum on a package of amendments to the Constitution, which will be held in Turkey on April 16. "After the referendum of 16 April, we can go the way of the referendum on the continuation of negotiations on accession to the EU," [...] Read more ➦ Turkey can change his mind to join the EU

Ukraine is ready to accept the representative of the Eurovision song contest 2017 from Russia, but only such that do not violate Ukrainian legislation. This was stated by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko. "Russia itself may find a way out of this situation, offering the participant or the participant who has no problems with Ukrainian legislation. And in this case, this problem will be very quickly resolved," he said. He also accused Russia of "the great chain of provocations and actions aimed [...] Read more ➦ Ukraine called the condition of Russia's participation in "Eurovision" (VIDEO)

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine and the European Union has always combined devotion to the common values. "The success of the European Union — commitment to common values, freedom, democracy, the rule of law and most importantly respect for human dignity. This is what became the basis of peace in Europe. This is what laid the foundations for economic prosperity. That's what has always United the EU and Ukraine", — said in the statement Poroshenko, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the signing of the [...] Read more ➦ Poroshenko said that has always United the Ukraine with the EU

Detained by police at night on arrival to Belarus from Poland Belarusian opposition, former presidential candidate Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu was hospitalized because of hypertensive crisis, reported on Saturday local media. Earlier it was reported that he is in a temporary detention center of the Leninski district police Department in Brest. Later it became known that Nyaklyaeu to a hospital in Brest. "The policy was admitted to the neurological Department with a hypertensive crisis", — told the BelaPAN news Agency. The report said that the hospital Nyaklyaeu called for human rights to the novel [...] Read more ➦ Belarusian opposition leader Neklyaev was hospitalized with hypertensive crisis

The Ukrainian energy Ministry has announced a ban on the supply of high-energy coal from Russia. In Kiev believe that Russia reexporter anthracite mined in the LC and the DNI, and intend to prevent it. However, Ukraine is heavily dependent on Russian fuel for power plants: the deficit will lead to an energy collapse in the country. Therefore anthracite will be imported from Australia, USA or South Africa: the high cost of transportation does not bother the Ukrainian politicians. Anthracite is a high quality form of coal, which [...] Read more ➦ Coal suicide: Ukraine rejects Russian anthracite

25.03.2017, Donetsk, Victoria Frolova's Armed forces, Donbass Fighting for DNR sniper from Serbia presented in Donetsk, the Legendary sniper from Serbia Dejan Beric, from the very first day helps the Donbass, presented in Donetsk his book "When the dead speak". In the Donbas the author is known by the call sign "Soundboard" and is very popular in Donetsk local residents. He was recognized for [...] Read more ➦ Fighting for DNR sniper from Serbia presented in Donetsk

In Moldova arrested are wanted for terrorism by the Russian Citizen of Russia, hiding from law enforcement authorities, who suspected him of being a terrorist, arrested on the territory of Moldova. The Russians tried to cross the border in the area of the checkpoint, Tudor, TV channel Publica. The detainee was in the field of view of the Moldovan law enforcement authorities. During interrogation it was revealed that he had previously been detained in Ukraine and [...] Read more ➦ In Moldova arrested are wanted for terrorism Russian

Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters the US has imposed new sanctions against eight Russian companies. Limitations not connected with the annexation of Crimea to Russia and foreign policy of Moscow, and was imposed due to the violation by the companies of American law, the US Government imposed sanctions against eight Russian companies, according to TASS with reference to the representative of the US administration. About this newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing the U.S. state Department. According to the source [...] Read more ➦ media reported about new sanctions of the USA against Russian companies

Command of the 28th separate mechanized brigade of the APU, located in the Odessa region, tried to hide the theft of property worth 67 million hryvnia. This was reported today the official representative of the defence Ministry of Lugansk people's Republic Colonel Andrey Marochko. "The commanders of military units of the APU continues to plunder weapons, military equipment and public property," he said. "It became known that the command of the 28th separate mechanized brigade in the unit VV009 in the settlement of the black sea [...] Read more ➦ Command of the 28th brigade of the armed forces tried to hide the theft of 67 million hryvnias

25.03.2017, Kiev, Olga Kozachenko Crime, Scandal, Ukraine Murder Boronenkov. While all the tracks lead only to Avakov, From the information that is known in the case of the murder of Kiev ex-Deputy of the state Duma of the defector Denis Boronenkov, so far confirmed only that the victim and the killer dealt with the internal Affairs of Ukraine, drew the attention of the famous Ukrainian lawyer Andriy Portnov. At its [...] Read more ➦ Murder Boronenkov. While all the tracks lead only to Avakov