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24.12.2018 — 4:00 If you want to describe what is happening in the Church field of Ukraine in the military, Willy-nilly will have to use the term "war". Not yet resulted in the artillery fire, but no less fierce. Yet this war can be called "vinarska-chistopianova". Because Fanar (in Istanbul) is the residence of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, and Net lane 5 (in Moscow) — the address of the residence of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill. Formally, the war was [...] Post Ukraine: first shots of the war Church (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

24.12.2018 — 2:00 News from the Donbass continue to keep the tension of all who are watching this topic, is for the people's Republic, not to mention their residents, which in the case of an APU is a real risk. When the authorities of the DPR sounded a provocation and attack the enemy (that was supposed to be December 14), many Donetsk residents even held a "disturbing suitcases". In the midst of war, in 2014 and early 2015. [...] the Message is Not vain words: provocation break appeared first on world news ALPOL.

23.12.2018 — 8:00 Kiev steals not only the parishes, but the name of the Church, simultaneously clearing the information space. The population is impoverished. Martial law, which expires in the country in a few days, this Saturday was compounded by the continued active offensive of the regime Poroshenko at the Church. In this case, however, it became clear that ordinary people the government has forgotten, dooming them to premature death and suffering. So, doctors who will do surgery for organ transplants, since January 1, [...] the Message According to the laws of war. The Ukrainian government went against the Constitution appeared first on world news ALPOL.

23.12.2018 — 6:00 At the end of November in his Twitter Donald trump has compared the methods of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller with the political persecution of the Communist era of McCarthyism. "While disgusting Fake News (false news. — Ed.) doing everything they can to not to report this to at least three main players report that a Gang of Angry Democrats Mueller roughly requires witnesses to lie about the facts to get mitigation. This is our [...] the Message of the American middle ages: the era of the new Inquisition appeared first on world news ALPOL.

23.12.2018 — 3:00 Theme of the Azov sea and the Kerch Strait continues to remain topical for Kiev, in connection with which there are cultivating ingenious new plans of victory over Russia. First, the new old idea shared by the Secretary of national security and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, announcing the intention to send warships to carry out the passage — or rather, attempted passage through the Kerch Strait. Naturally, two questions arose. First, [...] the Message "Show Russia": the U.S. Senate decided to help the Ukrainian Navy appeared first on world news ALPOL.

22.12.2018 — 7:00, the Russian Leadership will not talk to the current President of Ukraine, and that dialogue with the politician who would succeed him, possible. But in the remaining time before the Ukrainian elections may be the most tragic events in Kiev on orders from the West looking for an excuse for war. Russia should develop, finally, a political position and decide how to respond to provocation. These and many other topics were discussed by the Russian and Ukrainian politicians, experts and journalists during the press-conference "Ukrainian [...] the Message to Kiev is looking for an excuse for war. What will Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

22.12.2018 — 3:29 the Main news of late has been the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump and his intention to withdraw American troops from Syria. According to the American leader said that his country won LIH*, and U.S. military presence on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic will no longer be required. Presidential word, if it does not belong to the Ukrainian leader, often true. [...] the Message is Not so simple: what lies behind the withdrawal of US troops from Syria appeared first on world news ALPOL.

21.12.2018 — 6:00 the US Senate has prepared a resolution calling on the White house Donald trump to launch an international operation to ensure freedom of navigation in the Black sea and unhindered passage of vessels in the sea of Azov. The senators also propose to provide additional assistance to the Ukrainian military, especially in the field of safety at sea. As specified in the document, it is necessary to demonstrate the support of recognized international borders. The resolution "calls on the President to cooperate [...] the Message "Invitation to war": Why the US calls to carry out the operation in the Kerch Strait (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

21.12.2018 — 2:33 Warsaw intensive talks with Washington on the extension of the American military presence on its territory on a permanent basis. We are talking about the construction of a large military base, which is conventionally called the "Fort trump." It should be noted that the possibility of construction of a single large object, and placing US units in the existing garrisons of the Polish army. Among other things discussed the feasibility of using military installations in urban areas żagań [...] the post Fist of NATO to Russia's borders and Belarus, "Fort trump" actually exists (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

20.12.2018 — 8:20, an Armed group of "Forces of democratic Syria" (SDS), the backbone of which consists of Kurdish, strongly condemned yesterday's decision of the President of the United States Donald trump to withdraw American troops from Syria. The Kurds called the actions of the Americans "with a dagger in the back". We will remind, on December 19, the U.S. leader announced a "new phase" of the military campaign in Syria and the withdrawal of troops from the country. According to [...] the Message "a dagger in the back" — the Kurds furious over the withdrawal of US troops from Syria appeared first on world news ALPOL.

20.12.2018 — 6:31, Pentagon officials are negative to the plan of U.S. President Donald trump to completely withdraw American troops from Syria and tried to influence his decision, said on Wednesday the newspaper the New York Times. "Employees of the Pentagon on Wednesday morning tried to dissuade the President from this decision", — writes the edition. "They claimed that such a move would betray the Kurds, who [...] the post Pentagon tried to dissuade trump from the withdrawal of troops from Syria — The New York Times appeared first on world news ALPOL.

19.12.2018 — 12:05 strengthening the defense and protection of Russia from external threats is a key task facing the country. And the latest weapon that it will challenge those who are accustomed to militaristic rhetoric. About Vladimir Putin said Tuesday at an expanded meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of defense. "Vanguard" with the "Dagger" in the service of the Fatherland "Serious, ground-breaking steps have been made in the development [...] the Message "Peresvet", "vanguard" and "Dagger" in the service of the Fatherland (VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

19.12.2018 — 5:30 Main Department of internal Affairs across Petersburg and area has refused to the citizen of Ukraine Irina Vorontsova in temporary asylum in Russia. This "Russian Spring" told the St. Petersburg branch of the party "the Other Russia". "In mid-September, Irina, on the proposal of the General Directorate for migration, Ministry of interior (ex. FMS) has applied for temporary asylum. For three months with her had two interviews and handed a notice of refusal: that it has no [...] the Message is IMPORTANT: General of the Ministry of Petersburg dooms volunteer Donbass return to Ukraine (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

19.12.2018 — 4:00 In the absence of real achievements of Petro Poroshenko over and over again trying extremely doubtful victory to pass for a resounding triumph international. It happened today. At the suggestion of Ukraine, the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution on Ukraine's militarization of the Crimea and Sevastopol, as well as part of the Black and Azov seas. The document is traditionally expressed concern about Russia's actions on destabilization of the Crimea, supplies to the Peninsula of weapons, the holding of military exercises. Don't approve to support [...] the Message Mr. suramshi: How Poroshenko creates a "Peremogi" appeared first on world news ALPOL.

19.12.2018 — 2:00 Around the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF) continue vigorous movement of all stakeholders. The weekend brought another batch of news about this. First, it became known that the Pentagon did not respond to treatment (Yes, plural, because the appeals were two) of the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu proposed to discuss the existing differences in terms of compliance with this agreement. Second, [...] the Message of the United States: why Russia is not taking us seriously? appeared first on world news ALPOL.