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26.01.2019 — 7:00 the Crisis in Venezuela is once again brought to the information subpoena question about why and why the Russian government and parastatal companies invest money and give loans to some countries. Many journalists and experts have rushed gladly to calculate projected financial losses of the Russian side, forgetting how about the fact that Caracas had not yet fallen (and not the fact that the Pro-American usurper wins), and that Russia is far away [...] the Message How much money Russia will lose in Venezuela appeared first on world news ALPOL.

26.01.2019 — 5:30 Polish Army is preparing to expand its military presence directly at the Belarusian border. The intent of the military leadership, in the village of Biala Podlaska (40 km from Brest) will house units of the 1st tank brigade, which in turn will be included in a new generated of the 18th mechanized division of the Polish land forces. Until 2000 in biała Podlaska was the 61st combat training aviation regiment. Since then it has remained a military airfield with one of the most [...] Post Poland is preparing for a big war (PHOTOS) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

25.01.2019 — 6:00 System civilizational conflict in Ukraine, tearing her between the West and Russia, led to public and religious confrontation, the violence in the country and the outbreak of civil war. Ukraine's future is highly uncertain and depends on many factors both inside of Ukraine and abroad. Considering such scenarios, it is necessary to fix today's conditions governing this process, namely the alignment of political and public forces in Ukraine and the position of the Russian and Western elites, according to which [...] the Message That is waiting for Ukraine appeared first on world news ALPOL.

25.01.2019 — 4:30 When essentially the answer is nothing, then the West begins flowery play of words... of the Russian defense Ministry at a briefing on Wednesday, January 23, for the first time showed a foreign military attache upgraded rocket 9M729. modernizirovannaya_raketa_9m729.jpg"content"> the Missile does not violate the INF Treaty because it cannot be made a sufficient amount of fuel. The maximum range of a missile 9M729 decreased by 10 [...] the Message showed Russian missile, and the West reacted unexpectedly (PHOTO, VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

25.01.2019 — 2:41 my Brother in spirit and weapons, Andrey Savelyev (call sign "Vandal") — in the period of the Slav epic to the youngest (just turned 16) militia soldier — I did this back in 2014, the year promise to write a book about the Russian citizens of Ukraine who rebelled against exterminate all Russian regime in Kiev. The book "War at 16" published by a wonderful publishing house "Book world". Highly recommend. "Vandal" is an active participant in the most intense [...] the Message Donbass: "Vandal" — the Builder of the Empire (VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

24.01.2019 — 15:01 In the Network published a new photo of the heavy shock UAV "Hunter". The apparatus is prepared for the first flight. The new images allow us to consider the device from all sides. "Hunter" is made on a "flying wing", has tricycle landing gear, unified with the su-57, turbojet engine, the apparatus is widely used stealth technology. The first flying prototype of the "Hunter" assembled at the Novosibirsk aircraft plant, its roll-out from [...] the Message In the Network has pictures of the heavy UAV "Hunter" (PHOTOS) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

24.01.2019 — 5:00 Certainly, anyone who had to live in the ' 90s, remembers such a household term, like "new Russian". It's sort of a fashionable businessman, who at the time managed to fit in a new stream of change, and found a way to earn a little. "From rags to riches" — all that can be said about such people. The whole post-Soviet space could boast their new members of the lower elite, which resulted in a grotesque anecdotes about the dominant [...] the Message of the Savages released, or new Ukrainian in the square appeared first on news world ALPOL.

23.01.2019 — 5:30 the Ukrainian side continues to speculate on the question of the implementation of the project "Northern stream — 2". Kiev tries to convince Western governments that Russia had thus hoisted the "gas needle" of Europe. Despite this, EU member States do not wish to withdraw natural gas from our country. Kiev fears that Ukraine's gas transportation system will not be useful neither Russia nor Europe. For this reason, regularly held meetings which discuss the [...] the post Russia puts forward an ultimatum to Ukraine on gas transit appeared first on world news ALPOL.

23.01.2019 — 4:00 Potential enemies and those who can prevent the victory of Petro Poroshenko in the upcoming March elections, gradually aktiviziruyutsya. The fight became not only the main competitors of the current guarantor — Yulia Tymoshenko, Vladimir Zelenskiy, Yuriy Boyko and others —but also the "secondary" personality. For example, from behind the scenes came wanted at home on several articles of the Criminal code of Georgia ex-President Mikhail Saakashvili. During his career he has worked as a Chairman [...] the Message "down with Poroshenko and his gang!" Saakashvili takes revenge on his enemy appeared first on world news ALPOL.

22.01.2019 — 6:00 the old Lady kissed the hand of Petro Poroshenko, is still the President of Ukraine, during a religious run media Thomas in the regional centers of the nation. Mixed it with the priest. That is not surprising, because three weeks in a row, Peter A. pretty spore is the prayer, "sanctify" temples STSU and, apparently, will soon become "soborovanie" wounded "heroes" ATO by the anointing of these "Holy oil" in the form of hemp oil [...] Post Ukraine: Degradation of the choice the ancient nation (PHOTOS) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

22.01.2019 — 4:30 On the topic of Ukraine say constantly. Sometimes it seems that the country historically prone to such processes, because if we turn to the events of the past century, the Square was actually created from the pieces. The territory of the Ukrainian SSR was formed from the provinces and counties, inherited from the Russian Empire. Then the country joined the Carpathians, Przemysl, notorious Crimean region. Well, in 1991 it appeared that Ukraine, which is now, only without the Crimea. [...][Newline] "Russia will depart Kiev and the South-East of Ukraine", — weather policy appeared first on world news ALPOL.

22.01.2019 — 3:00 In Ukraine, as you know, in March presidential elections. The list of candidates gained cyclopean dimensions, and it is easy to find politicians, journalists, comedians, doctors, farmers, and other idle people who have that lying around an extra two and a half million hryvnia (about 7 million) to the "entrance fee in the race." Of course, the vast majority of candidates that do not run so far, not even warm, but the impending massive fraud and record-dirty race claiming [...] Post Secret of the success of Poroshenko in the elections will send a brigade of fighters-Nazis appeared first on world news ALPOL.

21.01.2019 — 8:28 Reputation of the Minister of defence of great Britain and hardliner toward Russia Gavin Williamson hung in the balance: his toilet was found a roll of toilet paper with the face of the Russian leader and offensive inscription, writes the British Daily Mail, citing sources. The article says that the present Minister, who is famous for his extravagant behavior, presented [...] the post Shame on the Minister of defence of Britain: in his toilet discovered Putin appeared first on news world ALPOL.

21.01.2019 — 5:30 Petro Poroshenko and Pavlo Klimkin to continue to engage in populist polemic, eclipsing his previous "achievements" in this field. Built by Maidan leaders pseudo-state is becoming a parody of itself. Poroshenko, however, is not tired to denounce the new agreement with Russia and a "final goodbye". While "Saint Peter" visits the cities and villages with the "Tomos-tour", Paul [...] the Message Poroshenko was afraid to break the agreement with Russia on Kerch Strait appeared first on world news ALPOL.

21.01.2019 — 3:30 the Mysterious cave-temple stands on the banks of the don a few years ago and is still unexplored. Academic scientists and local officials have not shown any interest to her. Historian Nikolay Sapelkin descended into the cave to find out what the historical value is this building and what is now the state. Unique footage demonstrates for the first time. Dmitry Peretolchin Source: the post Psychohistory: mysterious caves of Zoroastrians on the banks of the don (VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.