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Summary per week (17-23 October) of the military and social situation in the DNI of the posted by "the Mage". Last week, fighting was less, but the attacks increased. Most likely in reaction to heavy losses in the previous week. According to the Ukrainian volunteers, only in the regiment "Azov", which is long in number is already the battalion losses amounted to 55 people, 25 [...] Read more ➦ Summary from the DNR: big losses "Azov", the Ukrainian artillery blast and attempt to break the APU (PHOTOS, VIDEOS, MAPS)

Although many continue to think that in Russia the cost of the iPhone the highest in the world, in fact far from it. And refutation is not necessary to contact the analysts or experts — benefit data on prices for Apple free. If we consider the iPhone 7 with a capacity of 32 GB, the cheaper the device is, of course, you can buy in [...] Read more ➦ Where is the most expensive iPhone in the world?

Author: Ivan Grudtsyn NVIDIA likes from time to time to surprise not only their fans, but the writing fraternity, which sometimes until the last moment unaware of plans to "green" the release of the new GeForce. The official announcement of the Duo accelerators NVIDIA GTX Ti 1050/1050 gamers waited 25 October, but the corresponding page appeared on the portal [...] Read more ➦ NVIDIA introduced the GeForce GTX 1050/1050 Ti