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12.01.2019 — 21:20 What merits the Ukrainian President himself may laprimitiva, to name a few. But it turned out that he also "embroider". Beautiful words. In the first week of the new year, the head of the square summed up the interim result of his almost four years as President and was pleased with the work done. As written on his page in Facebook, then you and the provision of macro-financial stabilization, and Ukraine's withdrawal from the area at risk, and all this in spite of "armed aggression" against [...] Message Economic report in the form of "shirts": handmade from Poroshenko appeared first on world news ALPOL.

12.01.2019 — 14:37 What is a substitution story? Can you show one example. What you see in this old photograph? In the first public VK (with a huge audience of readers) this is a photo signed by both — "28 Dec, 1943 issued a decree SNK "the eviction Of the Kalmyks living in the Kalmyk ASSR". Cars with deported Kalmyks". Wow! And in the photo the truck this hour is not ZIS-150? Which was produced from 1947? Go to search and see what [...] the Message As a substitute for our history? (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

12.01.2019 — 6:00 In fact, "crazy", which includes the world — this is largely a natural process of accumulation of contradictions in the result of dialectical development of the economic (in the broad sense of the word), political and military components in each state. In the modern world have accumulated insurmountable, and sometimes deliberately ignored the political, economic and social problems. The societies happen the rapid transformation, are often poorly interpreted by political elites. In our time, as it did many times in human history, [...] the Message the World is going crazy — are experienced psychiatrists? appeared first on world news ALPOL.

12.01.2019 — 3:00 increasingly, it seems that in order to properly decrypt speech and messages of the Russian liberal opposition, need to be xenobiology, a specialist in extraterrestrial forms of intelligent life, writes, "Journalistic truth". Because obviously, what Dmitry Bykov, who revealed "the deep things of Satan" — a creature from another planet, not our compatriot, so the contents of his thoughts and statements contrary to the facts, common sense and national [...] the Message of the lawyer of the Hitler — revelations about the liberal Bykova (PHOTO, VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

11.01.2019 — 14:56 in the Afternoon on January 11 at Red market Makeyevka collapsed one of the covered shopping arcades: the design could not withstand the severity of snow. Witnesses reported at least several victims, information on victims at this moment no. The DNR rescuers apart the rubble, the emergency physicians work. "Russian Spring," follows the development of the situation. makeevka_rynok_ruhnula_krysha_3.jpg"content"> makeevka_rynok_ruhnula_krysha.jpg"content"> Source: Post URGENT: Collapsed shopping market in Donetsk, there are victims (PHOTOS, VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

Mobile app real estate Agency. Features choice the Main task of real estate agencies, regardless of location – is the timely provision of relevant information to consumers of their services. Basically, as the site for offers from real sellers and landlords who are using the sites and resources for ads. The disadvantage of this interaction is a delay in getting the latest options, because not [...] the Message Mobile-app real estate. Features choice appeared first on world news ALPOL.

11.01.2019 — 11:59 Civilian planes with passengers on Board, violated the air border of Russia, may be allowed to bring down. This is stated in the draft government resolution developed by the Ministry of defense. The document will allow to open fire on the aircraft-to the infringer, if there is a real danger that his intentional crash will lead to environmental catastrophe, mass death of people or destruction of strategic objects. This will allow that [...] the Russian defense Ministry asks permission to shoot down passenger planes that pose a threat (PHOTOS) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

11.01.2019 — 7:00 Deputy Director General of state Corporation "Ukroboronprom" Sergey Omelchenko live acknowledged that the infamous mortar "Hammer" similar to "pipe with a potato." But it continued to insist that the mortar is a high-tech weapon. In the Ukrainian TV, answering questions of a defector from Russia Matvey Ganapolsky, Omelchenko was forced to respond to a reasonable question from a viewer: [...] the Message of the Ukraine stood up for like the "tube potato" mortar "the Hammer" (VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

11.01.2019 — 5:00 Today, millions of former citizens trampled into the bloody mud of the Ukraine have experienced the shame, get rid of which only the disappearance of the said country or its complete transformation. After reading sent a screenshot a long time could not believe... I Admit, until today even the most vile statements and actions of Ukrainian authorities regarded as committed on the basis of let [...] Post Ukraine is ruled by feeble-minded: the Ministry of health gave a dying instructions for survival appeared first on world news ALPOL.

11.01.2019 — 2:00 Quite unexpected for the Ukrainian citizen data shared by the press service of "Ukrtransgaz": currently in underground storages of Ukraine remains only 13,377 billion cubic meters of gas. That is only 43% of the total. That is, if the selection goes comparable with the current pace, it is pumped into storage gas can is banal not to suffice until the end of the calendar winter. Forecasters predict that in the next few days in Central Russia, as well as [...] the Message of the Ukrainian economy and the state become "crystal" appeared first on world news ALPOL.

Market Analysis of 2-bedroom apartments in Vladivostok for December 2018, the Company "Stroyinvest" have carried out the analysis of sales of real estate of Vladivostok in December 2018. The object of research was selected as the sector offers one bedroom apartments in the primary and secondary markets. The relevance of this segment is due to the increased interest of both investors and potential buyers. Based on the results of the performed studies possible with sufficient [...] Post market Analysis of 2-bedroom apartments in Vladivostok for December 2018 appeared first on world news ALPOL.

10.01.2019 — 6:00 Many of my compatriots still do not understand the reasons arrogant attitude to the Russian representatives of our former "fraternal republics." I have the feeling that the memory of them was checked or their ideas about life in the Soviet Union they drew exclusively from the program "Time". With memory I'm right, and the real attitude of some of our "brothers" I can tell, based on my own experience. In the 70 years of the twentieth century, when the disintegration of the [...] the Message About brotherly hate our exes appeared first on world news ALPOL.

10.01.2019 — 4:00 Ukrainian main battle tanks T-84 "Oplot" entered service in 1999 and to this day they remain the most advanced armor APU. Over the years, the 51-ton tanks have shown themselves to be reliable enough that questioned their effectiveness. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine inherited significant manufacturing capacity, allows you to upgrade the tanks of the third generation T-80. At the time this machine is largely based on T-64 and on a number [...] the Message Untrusted "Oplot" T-84 threatens to destroy the Ukrainian tank-building appeared first on world news ALPOL.

09.01.2019 — 11:30 From 20 December in the Donbass began a real snowy winter. And if the December 31, all happy new year weather with fluffy snow, January 3, the situation changed: the day had the weekly rainfall. Further more, the temperature did not rise above zero, and snow continued to go. The icicles on some Houses in Donetsk reach two metres in length [...] Post Snow hell: Donbass sweeps, the roads are blocked, vehicles are left to struggle with the snow (PHOTO, VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

09.01.2019 — 3:00 the Phenomenon of "emigrante" is this state of Affairs when a potentially active part of the population does not participate in the life of the state, but on the contrary, most distanciruemsa from the rest of society, as if going into internal exile; closed in their own feelings, become a kind of underground subculture, underground virtual ban on Russian-language education, quoting the Russian-language cultural products, restrictions on the use of the Russian language (which is native for half of population of Ukraine) [...] the Message Turn around in anger: "Emigrant" as the new normality of Ukraine appeared first on world news ALPOL.