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19.12.2018 — 2:00 Around the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF) continue vigorous movement of all stakeholders. The weekend brought another batch of news about this. First, it became known that the Pentagon did not respond to treatment (Yes, plural, because the appeals were two) of the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu proposed to discuss the existing differences in terms of compliance with this agreement. Second, [...] the Message of the United States: why Russia is not taking us seriously? appeared first on world news ALPOL.

18.12.2018 — 6:00 2018, Ukraine was on the 111th position in the world ranking of prosperity index, despite the fact that even in 2013 occupied 64-e a place. At the moment Ukraine is the most impoverished country in Europe and one of the poorest countries in the world. This is a logical outcome of the five-year rule of the Maidan regime and its minions are the Facts — an obstinate thing, and they are. If at the beginning of the current era of independence, the economy of the USSR was [...] Post Ukraine: the Perspective of the most poor state in Europe appeared first on world news ALPOL.

18.12.2018 — 4:30 For reasons of Petro Poroshenko, Russia has concentrated near the Ukrainian border a great army, which supposedly now ready to move in the direction of Kiev. He argues that once the Armed forces leave the border area, will be immediately lifted martial law. However, the mythical "little green men" and the technique is likely to haunt Poroshenko for a long time. During the press conference the Ukrainian President, the oligarch said that the military contingent, which [...] the Message Poroshenko nightmare people "green men" appeared first on world news ALPOL.

18.12.2018 — 3:00 be warned Immediately: first read this material will be fun and enjoyable, because you will think that this is not about us. And then it gets worse, because he's still about us, too. So, the deputies chose the nicest and relatively young (28 years old) generation, famous for his incredible ignorance. Talking about member of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, a call for the establishment of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Sit it will start [...] the Message "the Germans dropped an atomic bomb on us": who now rules in the US appeared first on world news ALPOL.

17.12.2018 — 5:24 on Saturday in the St. Sophia Cathedral in Ukraine was unity Council, where the country's President Petro Poroshenko made a real spectacle. Despite the fact that, according to the Constitution of the state, the Church and politics are two different incarnation, he headed a meeting of the clergy, turning a great event in Piarco. Poroshenko sat down right in the center of the table with the primates of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and began again to criticize Russia. He said that this day is forever [...] the Message "who are you? Judas!": Poroshenko mixed with dirt after the Council of dissenters appeared first on world news ALPOL.

17.12.2018 — 3:44 Today in Moscow, the Orthodox Christians supported the Movement "Forty Sorokov", which held a consistent rally "One faith, one story, brothers forever" in support of the only believers of the canonical Church in the Ukraine and the Supreme authority of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. In Moscow held a series of pickets with participation of activists of the Movement — at the U.S. Embassy, the Embassy of Ukraine, [...] the Message of the Orthodox protested at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in support of the believers in Ukraine (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

16.12.2018 — 22:43 APU, Five soldiers were injured during the attempts of two reconnaissance groups to infiltrate into positions of armed forces of the DNI. This was at the briefing said the head of the press service of the militia DND Daniel Bessonov. This information caused a negative reaction in the Ukrainian media and among opposition bloggers, who accused Poroshenko of the excessive interest in the PR activities around a "Thomas" to the detriment of what is happening [...] the post Intelligence APU lost five men trying to infiltrate into the position of DNI appeared first on world news ALPOL.

16.12.2018 — 7:30 While politicians, experts and the military are arguing about will take place or once again be a bluff "full-scale offensive APU for final Stripping beyond the control of the Kiev regime territories" — residents of the Republic of Donetsk was more worried about the social situation and first results of the work of the new government. According to regular surveys conducted indirect interviews by the Agency socio-political model "veys-new Russia", the first month of the new government as a whole [...] the post First evaluation of the new DNI authorities — survey results appeared first on world news ALPOL.

16.12.2018 — 6:00 When the Manager of the most famous, influential and an excellent "think tank" of the United States declares that the world order based on American hegemony, is dying and there's no saving him, then his position is worth considering. If the head of the same analytical center, who was famous for drawing up strategies for the CIA and the state Department, said that the success of Vladimir Putin in Crimea was "dramatic failures" of the new world [...] the Message the Head of "factory of American power": we have to defeat Russia appeared first on world news ALPOL.

16.12.2018 — 4:00 to for many years to spoil relations with "brotherly" Ukrainian people, it is necessary to "save" him from the hated regime. I say to those who still struggled to move troops, no matter Russian or Republic of Donbass, on the Kiev. Not have any illusions, but the current government is the flesh and blood of Ukrainian, but because to deal with it should the people of Ukraine. Someone will say that nationalistic and Russophobic regime [...] the Message Invalid NOT-Russia appeared first on world news ALPOL.

15.12.2018 — 8:00 In recent days, in connection with the blatant violation of poroshenkos regime all international norms, as well as articles of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine regulating the relations of Church and state, experts and politicians the question is often asked (not always wearing rhetorical): is he not afraid of the consequences? After all, any competent lawyer can prove a whole bunch of criminal offenses, of which the smallest abuse of power and official authority. I must say that the actions of Poroshenko [...] Post Brave Poroshenko. Worse for him, so it is more dangerous to others appeared first on world news ALPOL.

15.12.2018 — 6:00 First news. "New York times" reports that in the US, a new religion. Or rather, remodeled old — paganism. The author, a Catholic, is very much holding back, lists of banal facts. First: there is a dramatic drop in the number of Christians in the most Christian country in the developed West (it's true: in just 14 years, the percentage of the Christian population in the United States fell from 83 to 72 percent, according to other estimates — up to 69%). Second: [...] the Message of the New religion of the United States: why are Americans more and more like Putin's Russia appeared first on world news ALPOL.

15.12.2018 — 5:00 "Leopard 2A4/A5" the Polish army is equipped with very sensitive to temperature and humidity control systems fire, so they will winter in tents. The Polish army in 3.3 million zlotys (more than 800 thousand dollars) in urgent buys tents for tanks "Leopard". They are designed for the 1st tank brigade in the settlement of Wesoła, which, as we know, will soon become part of formed the 18th mechanized division, called "iron". [...] the Message afraid of mud Tanks: armored vehicles of the NATO problems in the Russian direction (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

14.12.2018 — 5:21, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is ready to go on the offensive, right up to Russian borders. In order not to lose the "cushy job", he needs to crank out any provocation. And obviously "dirty game" Poroshenko has already begun. His first attempt to aggravate the situation in the Kerch Strait has not brought the expected results. After the Declaration of martial law for 60 days he had to take it back. The result has been declared [...] the Message is a Dangerous game: in Moscow, warned of the occurrence of APU to exit to the borders of Russia appeared first on world news ALPOL.

14.12.2018 — 4:00 PM In Marrakech representatives of 164 States have approved global Pact on immigration and asylum. The UN Secretary General, antónio Guterres, called the document historic. He noted that the agreement will help put an end to the immigration chaos in the world. This conference was conceived by its instigators as a model of world unity and harmony, a symbol of the victory of global humanism, the beginnings of a Renaissance of the United Nations, which is trying to prove its effectiveness. But in reality, all ended again squabbles [...] the Message of the UN tried to restrain the 250-million-strong "army of chaos". USA vs appeared first on world news ALPOL.