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12.12.2018 — 20:17 KP Vasilisa of Nikolaev drove through the Ukraine and saw with their own eyes — how to live here on the military situation. "Don't hurt women. While the" News feed frightened: "Ukrainian border guards are not allowed into the country, 100 people, 200, 300..." To the end of the first week of martial law banned the figure rose to 900. So on the train Moscow — Kyiv I was approached on shaky legs. Russian trains to Kiev [...] the Message the Impression of a Moscow journalist from a trip to Kyiv (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

12.12.2018 — 18:37 In a network there was a funny humorous text entitled as "the most precise forecast of a future war from Akahana Hajiyev". Especially recommend it for reading by the Ukrainian military. "In the view of Ukrainian invasion of Russia has to look like coming across the border Armada of Russian tanks, accompanied by a cloud of aircraft and missiles — a kind dvadtsyat friend of June (June 22 – approx. Russian Spring) modern design. But no, the invasion [...] Post a Moment of humor: a plan for the invasion of Russia to Ukraine appeared first on world news ALPOL.

12.12.2018 — 5:00 once again, for obvious reasons, the "opposition" has accused Russia of illegality of the Kerch bridge, which supposedly prevents the passage of the Ukrainian courts. A former adviser to President Vladimir Putin, Andrei Illarionov has stirred the Internet community a new discussion about "evil plans". The main character raise the topic supports the Kerch bridge, which allegedly does not meet the pre-agreed height parameters. For this reason, more than a hundred Ukrainian cargo ships [...] the Crimean bridge and the unfortunate Ukrainian Navy ships appeared first on world news ALPOL.

11.12.2018 — 6:00 Drama, which staged Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in the Kerch Strait, was it another attempt to stay in power. After the failure of this provocation the oligarch "squeeze" the maximum out of the situation. However, this time it is likely to face a debacle. After the Russian border guards detained Ukrainian sailors, entered the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, Poroshenko [...] And again Message fiasco: Poroshenko convulses for the presidency appeared first on world news ALPOL.

11.12.2018 — 2:30 the Command of the Navy of the United Kingdom is planning to implement the transfer of a significant part of its troops to the Baltic States. Joint exercises with the Estonian armed forces will be one of the most important items in the list of activities for the year 2019. The British military contingent is increasingly reminiscent of the Royal army of the thirteen years ' war. The Protestant army, weak and poor Spud bar and forced to engage in [...] the Message of the Kingdom to guard the Baltic: a large force of the enemy will arrive to the borders of Russia (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

10.12.2018 — 5:00 Words of Peter Poroshenko about the most powerful army on the continent seem to have been brainwashed more than half of Ukrainians. Even the local military began to talk about the unprecedented achievements of the Square. There is a new threat that is monkey with a grenade next to Russia will go on the most reckless steps. Eks-the representative of mission of Ukraine to NATO, major General Peter Garashchuk in the air [...] Post a New threat: Ukraine can go to the most reckless steps appeared first on world news ALPOL.

10.12.2018 — 3:00 PM In U.S.-China trade conflict in recent years strengthened the new trends that go beyond the immediate tariff of confrontation and protective trade and economic measures. As a result, it is possible to predict chances of success of negotiations, the U.S. and China to end the trade of conflict about what agreement was reached between trump and XI Jinping in Buenos Ayres, 30 November — 1 December. Speech of the Vice President of the United States Penny October 4 at guzikowski Institute and the U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty [...] the post China is ready to respond to the American challenge appeared first on world news ALPOL.

10.12.2018 — 1:30 very Very cunning insidious plan of the Russian generals... and What will be the Russian armored cars of the future? Still February 2017 Land forces commander Oleg Salyukov said about the systematic re-equipment of troops with modern tanks, which are designed in such a way that by 2020 the share of modern equipment in the tank forces reached 70%. At the same it he was not even on the tanks of a new generation of T-14 on the platform [...] the Message States senses the tanks with the "Gauges" appeared first on world news ALPOL.

10.12.2018 — 0:00 One of the sources of energy that can replace the exhaustible resources of oil and natural gas is right under our feet — heat of deep rock. People have learned to produce it back in the early 1960-ies, but further experimental petrothermal stations is not moving. Progress inhibit not only the high cost projects and technological complexity, but negative public opinion. The response of the disturbed subsoil In 2005, around Basel [...] the Message Environmentalists are in a panic: Europe is afraid of the heat of the earth (INFOGRAPHIC) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

09.12.2018 — 7:00 At the forum "Russia calling!" Vladimir Putin, answering a question from an American journalist about the timing of his tenure as President, he joked: "what's the hurry, I'm not going anywhere". Foreign journalists under one pretext or another is constantly asked by Russian President similar issues or discussing them on various forums. And this is no accident. Western politicians really interested in how the situation will develop in Russia after leaving [...] Post About the biggest disaster for Russia appeared first on world news ALPOL.

09.12.2018 — 5:30 Ukrainian propagandists from impotence continue to generate new myths and prophecies about the future of the Crimean bridge. Why do you think Ukrainian politicians and experts with enviable regularity to share an important opinion with regards to the fate of the Crimean bridge? Most likely, jealous and angry. In their country can't even finish Podilsky bridge in Kyiv. The famous bridge, which was supposed to pass in 2008 [...] the Message In the Ukraine predicted the Crimean bridge disaster appeared first on world news ALPOL.

09.12.2018 — 4:00 Ukrainian migrants are an important factor in the development of the Polish economy. On December 8, from Ukraine to Poland will begin to run through car route Kiev — Wroclaw, which is particularly popular among migrant workers. "Ukrzaliznitsya" directly linking this initiative with growing demand among migrant workers and in social networks have already nicknamed this car the insulting word "gestorven", hinting that it will travel not so much to go for a Cup [...] the Message "Gestorven" goes from Kiev to Poland appeared first on world news ALPOL.

08.12.2018 — 17:50 In Paris during the protests of the "yellow vests" French Fabrice Sorlin and Xavier Moreau unfurled the flag of the DNI. It is reported by Telegram-channel WarGonzo. "The protests in France actually are Donbass separatists. "Yellow jackets" revealed the real political platform of their protest," — ironically the authors of the channel. "Nationally conscious" Ukrainians were furious from the actions of the French. So, a number of Ukrainian propagandists have accused of organizing the protests of the Russian intelligence services [...] the Message During protests in Paris unfurled the flag of the DNI, "svidomye" Ukrainians rage (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

08.12.2018 — 8:00 United States of America has left us with 60 days for another attempt to prove that we are not camels. They said (and even made their subordinates in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to admit) that we have violated signed on 12 August 1987 INF Treaty — the Treaty for the prohibition of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (and the Russian Federation as its successor state) and by the United States to store, create, use land-based missiles of medium (1,000 to 5,500 [...] the Message of the US Ultimatum to Russia: why Americans are fleeing from us (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

08.12.2018 — 6:00 Remember the scene in the movie "AssA" when the ear of the boy Bananana policeman pulls the earring, into which is inserted a portrait of his beloved? Because it is not necessary. Now everyone who listens to Russian rap, react to ban the concerts about the same as while watching this episode — the government again prohibits to do what you like, writes The cancellation of a concert by rapper Husky in Krasnodar triggered a rally in the street, [...] the post withdrawal Syndrome: should deny performances by rap artists (PHOTOS) appeared first on world news ALPOL.